Friday 19 August 2011

Friday Feast - Sausage Beanbake

More years ago than I care to remember, newly married and so proud of our little Ford Anglia (the oldies like me might remember that the back windscreen slanted inwards!), we decided to go on a trip to London. The dinky little car did its best and we got there without breaking down but it was a very long journey. From Newcastle down into Central London (300 miles or so?) took us over eight hours. Things were complicated by the fact that we were meeting up with a cousin (Alex) at his studio in the heart of London and then going onto his place in Putney to stay for a long weekend. No Google maps, no online directions to print out, no mobile phones - and certainly no Sat Nav. We were doomed really. The eight hours got us to London (sheesh, I could have walked faster!) and then the fun began. We got to know the one way streets really well and the third time I squeaked in excitement 'Oooer, Wimpole Street, did you know the Barratts of Wimpole Street lived here?', as we went down that street yet again I was swiftly shut up by the anguished exclamation from my husband of 'B*gger the Barratts of Wimpole Street - it just means we're lost!!'. Of course, being a man, would he ask for directions? Not on your life! Eventually we did find the studio, collected Cousin Alex and off we went to his place in Putney.

While we were settling in, Alex whipped up a supper that I've never forgotten, a real cheats meal but to us it tasted like the food of the gods after that epic journey. I made this the other evening and it brought back a lot of memories:

Sausage Beanbake

Serves 2

6 or 8 sausages (I use Richmond Thick Pork sausages)
1 medium sized onion, chopped
1 teaspoon dried mustard powder
1 tablespoon soft brown sugar
2 tablespoons malt vinegar
One or one and a half cans baked beans
Branston Pickle

Set the oven to about 180 degrees.
Mix the mustard powder, sugar and vinegar together in the base of a shallow oven proof dish.
Add the chopped onion and the baked beans and mix well together with the other ingredients.
Cut a slit along one side of each sausage, not right to the ends though, and open out using a teaspoon to make a pouch.
Fill the pouch of each sausage with Branston Pickle.
Sit the sausages, pickle side up, on the bed of beans etc.
Ready to go into the oven

Bake for about 30 minutes until cooked.
Cooked and ready to eat

Serve with mashed potato. Tee, hee - I seem to recall that Alex used 'Smash' (de-hydrated potato)  which was very new on the market and seemed so clever at the time!

Things you can vary, ordinary ready made mustard would do instead of the powder but you might need a bit more depending on the variety, Len isn't too keen on sugar and as baked beans are quite sweet I usually leave that out (unless he isn't looking - ssshh!!) and any other pickle could be OK but I've never tried. I think the right amount is a teaspoon of pickle per sausage but we love Branston Pickle here!!

The cooking time I've given is a bit hit and miss - just check and leave a bit longer if necessary. The sausages obviously should be cooked and browning on top but don't worry if the onion still has a little bit of crunch to it.


PS There's a cute little button on my sidebar from The Crafty Elf - given to me 'cos that little elf won some Pro Marker nibs and has just HAD to invest in some Pro Markers now :) Isn't it fun helping folk to spend their money on new stash!
It's well worth hopping over to her blog - Christmas is coming (well almost) and she has some great ideas for Christmas wrapping etc. and I predict that more are to come :))



  1. Hello Di, really enjoyed reading your post this morning - I remember those times very well and I remember going up a one-way street the wrong way because it wasn't marked as such on my ancient road map ... I so hated city driving! The DH is away visiting his sister this weekend so I'm catering for one - might just try this (on a much smaller scale of course) because it looks quick and easy. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth x

  2. I'm hungry now! Sounds so yummy Di. So we wern't the only ones to buy pro markers thanks to you then! :-)
    A x

  3. I bet the Husband would like this recipe. He's a big fan of sausages AND he loves branston.

    If you find that Rubber Stampede stamp . . . I guess you'll be sending me the Crafty Elf button too!


    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  4. That recipe looks amazing Di and we do love sausages in our home!!! You couldn't imagine my surprise when I was reading your post and at the end it was about me! You're just a doll, thanks for the shout out! Looks like maybe I'm not the only one that BLAMES YOU for some new purchases - that's a good thing! ((hugs)) :D

  5. Yummy, but I think I'd leave out the sugar too! Pity we can't get decent British sausages over here!!


  6. Oh Di I know where of you speak about getting lost. I managed to get unbelievably lost in downtown Seattle last month and I had my printed MapQuest map and directions in hand. Heaven help us from detours.
    I enjoyed your story, I know how you treasure each memory of Alex. When we had a house full of kids to feed I made a dish very much like this, often, minus the pickle. I think I'll invite the kids and make it again. I'm sure they'll enjoy it and going down memory lane as well.

  7. Hello Di, tried the recipe, omitting the sugar and substituting the white part of spring onions as didn't have onions, cutting down the quantities to just enough for one, and it was delicious ... and I'm not the biggest fan of Branston Pickle!!! Elizabeth x

  8. So glad you enjoyed it Elizabeth! Di xx

  9. My Grandson love bean and sausage but not sure about the pickle, their Mum makes a beans and sausage casserole that they like but I don't as I like my sausage risp and burnt but may give this a go.
    We did not go on honeymoon when we got married but for the middle of the week we hired a car, a Ford Anglia and we ran about in it for a couple of days, then on the Sunday we took my Mum and Dad to Silverdale, nr Morecambe to see my Grandad and had an accident on the way back so Ford Anglia's were a bit of an expense for us.
    Love nostalger, not in card making but in memories.

    Kath x

  10. happy days.... my dad had a green ford anglia - he drove it to Spain mum and dad lived there for about 12 months, when the time came for them to come home the car had to be left there - another 1,000 or so miles was asking a bit too much for her to do!

  11. Re: Meat Loaf: Oh dear, Di, looks as though I've started a cookathon in your kitchen ... I'm sure The Boss will enjoy this one, it's tasty. I'm cooking up another treat for the EM, who will be wending his way home later today. I'll probably post today's dish next week ... as long as I remember to take a photo, of course :) Elizabeth x


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