Saturday, 5 March 2011

Never ending birthday card

I have a friend who is also into cardmaking and has followed me into making kenetic cards, easel cards and twisted easel cards. I've got few few more ideas up my sleeve and as it's her birthday next week I wanted to give her a new challenge to try out - wicked girl that I am! Luckily she's currently in Spain (hopefully sunning herself and going nowhere near a PC) and doesn't get home until late at night on the day before her birthday so I can post this early!

My first attempt at assembling a never ending card went into the bin, I made a real pigs ear of it - thankfully before I even got beyond the initial stage. This one worked fine though - much to my relief 'cos I hate to be beaten. The papers are all from a 'Celebrations' paper pad by Paper Cellar so they co-ordinated pretty well The sentiment is a SU one, 'The more candles the bigger the wishes'.



Wipso said...

Wow. That is seriously impressive Di. I can't imaging how you made it but what a clever design. Pat on the back for you.
A x

Di said...

Thanks Annie! I'm kinda banking on this one puzzling my friend too :) I want to be there to see her keep on folding it trying to work out how it's done. Evil grin :)) Di xx

moira said...

Oh please!!

Di said...

Ho, ho Moira! And ze next challenge I vill be setting for you in June to smuggle zee vino into zee 'otel :)) Di x

Karen said...

I thought the bugs looked familiar - nice bright and breezy card - well done on succeeding with the never ending card!!!

Di said...

Thanks Karen! I cracked it in the end :) Di x