Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Mia goes to Kindergarten

I sent this to Kai - our DIL - when little Mia, our three year old grand daughter, went to kindergarten in Germany a while back. Kai recently posted it on their 'family-only' blog...................it still tickles me :))



Wipso said...

Love the cartoon and just wanted to say thanks for the link....your name is in the draw :-)
A x

Karen said...

Love it - it's a bit like the one where the child says "How long do I have to go, I've been going for two weeks now!" - the innocence of children...! :-)

Di said...

Yup, or even on day tow 'WHAT?! You mean I have to go again' :)) Di x

Di said...

OOps, I mean day tWO - finger trouble. Di x