Thursday, 17 March 2011

I wish.....if only......

If only I could say I made this lovely card - but I didn't :(

It arrived yesterday from Dawny P, along with the LOTV Romeo Teddy stamp that I recently won in her candy give away. Isn't it just like a breath of Spring - evwn prettier in real life than this photo shows. My photography set-up leaves a lot to be desired.....if you want a better look, nip over to Dawny's blog here. Be warned, there's lots there to look at so you might be some time :)



  1. Lovely card from Dawn for you - well done! I've left something for you on my blog to enjoy!

  2. This is a very soft and pretty card - love it.

    Wendy -x-

  3. Yes, it's so gentle. I love it and it's yet another thing on my desk to inspire me. Before long - no room to craft :) Di x


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