Friday, 28 February 2014

Take just one sheet of card

Whilst poking round in a box here I found some sheets of beautifully embossed and foiled A4 card that had been included as a freebie with an order sometime last year. This is one of them,  I'd already been trimming and folding when I thought to take a photo so I kinda pushed the cut off piece against the left hand side of the folded 'card':
I'd measured and trimmed the card down to 8" x 8" and scored down the middle where you can see to make a DL sized card.

And this was the result end after I played a bit:
 I used:

 - the patterned piece of card I first showed, trimmed, scored and folded to DL size

- from the leftover piece of pale turquoise card I die cut a butterfly using a Joy! 'Vintage Flourishes 6003/0023' die and attached it just down its centre to the card

- the finishing touch was to cover the butterfly's body and a teeny touch on the tips of the antennae of the butterfly with a mixture of Stickles. TIP - if I can't find exactly the colour I want, I mix two (or more!) little dollops of Stickles on a small scrap of paper, stir it together and apply it with a very fine stiff bristled paint brush. To get the right mix here I used Stickles 'Turquoise' and 'Arctic Ice'

The card almost made itself due to the lovely design already printed and foiled on one end of the card - and I still have a snippet of the pale turquoise card left to play with :)

A quick reminder to make sure that if you're playing for the Playground 'Mr & Mrs die' - please do mark your third entry with a 3 or similar. OR do let me know in a comment. I won't be trawling through entries over the two weeks to cross check.

Can you tell, me been to dentist yesterday and am suffering like a donkey kicked my jaw - feel like the Grinch right now :) Grump, grump.

Plus - today is my friend Sue's funeral, never a happy occasion. She had only a few friends so I think it will be a quiet affair, will be glad when this week is over really :(



Amanda said...

Oh Di, what a week. Hope the tooth feels better, been to the dreaded dentist myself far to often recently, shouldn't complain though cos I avoided him for 27 years lol. Sorry to hear about your friend, even though she had few friends I bet she counted herself lucky to have a friend like you. Hugs, Amanda x

scrappymo! said...

Sue was a lucky giorl to have a friend like you. With the right friends, you do not need huge numbers! Quality vs...
Sorry about your poor jaw. Maybe a good stiff drink would help...or lying down with the heating pad across your jaw...
Hope you feel better soon.

You made an amazing card even you are feeling poorly. It is really pretty and I love the butterfly!

Greta said...

Thinking of you, Di. This is one stunning card--love it!

Sue said...

Awww sorry to hear your not feeling great Di:( will be thinking of you today but you will carry memories of her in your heart..fab card and sorry I forgot to mark my card with '3' but I promise I did do them lots of hugglesssssssssssssssssss Sue xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Di,
A lovely card again. I do hope your friend's funeral is more a celebration of her life and that the grief and sense of loss will not be too hard. Thinking of you. Pippa x

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

Hi Di
your card is stunning
wish you health
and I am in my mind with you
be strong
hugs Tamara

Hettie said...

Your friend may have only had a few friends but the ones she had were special - that means you!
Gorgeous card there. Well done.
Hope you are soon back to your cheery self!
PS I forgot to put my 3 on but you know don't you!

Sarn said...

Hello Di . . . as if you haven't got enough to contend with today, you have a dental probs on top. Poor thing.

Thinking of you Honey.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

PS: Nearly forgot to say about your card. I think it's lovely. Well done for using more VOS up!

Twiglet said...

Oh Di - what a time you are having. Sending you a big hug and postive WOYWW vibes. Pop over to Annie's blog and see my idea of a man's birthday card. x Jo

505whimsygirl said...

Hello Di,

What a rough week you've had. So sorry to hear of your friend's passing.

Your card is beautiful; I can see how easy the paper made it.

Big hugs to you (and Len).


Nicky said...

Sorry to hear of your tough week - but your card is lovely love the papers

Kathleen said...

Love what you have done with this paper, looks stunning.

Kath x

Sandra H said...

Hi Di, this is just adorable and perfect in every way so sorry to hear about your friend passing away take care xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I think my jaw suddenly developed sympathy pain for you. I'm sorry it was such a down day for you. I hope it rallies for you soon.

I like your card and that you showed how it came to be. Short 'n sweet!