Sunday 10 February 2013

Pixies Crafty Snippets Playground - Week 59

Gosh, this will have to be super fast today - need to get sorted out with stuff to take on my 'Sunday snow trek' after this is written on Saturday afternoon. Tons of you joined in again this week, with some SUPER makes to show. This is my speed of lightning snippets card for this week:
And a peek at the inside:
I used:

- 6" x 6" square white card stock

- snippets of 'milky/minky brown' paper (got this years ago from Craftwork Cards) plus some pearlescent pink card

- image is pre-coloured, by LOTV

- milky/minky brown ribbon

- little pearlescent pink butterflies - using SU's 'Beautiful Wings' embosslit folder (wow, I LOVE this!)

- tiny self-adhesive pearls

- and I even tickled up the inside a bit:)

OK, so who caught my eye this week - well, first of all I found this in the Playground earlier today:
Yeah right, VERY funny. When I said summick would be OK for the roof of the tree house after last week's post talking about thatched houses and little creatures on top of them - this is NOT what I meant, I meant tasteful!

Anyhow, least said about that the better. Here are some of the makes you brought this week which especially caught my eye - although every single one of you who plays should be included!

Annie (aka Wipso) joined in for the first time this week - using snippets of material to make quilts and bags for a very worthy cause, plus each one also has a little handmade stuffed toy - do hop over to Annie's blog to find out more. Most of you will also know Jo, Annie's sister, and they are working away like dingbats on these right now.
Maureen (aka Scrappy Mo) made this totally fabulous Christmas card - it's beautiful!
And Sarn made some adorable boxes for the mini eggs we'll all be eating before too long. Although I gather she was waving some around in the Playground during the week - almost got killed in the stampede :( Really clever idea and there's also a 'How-to' :)

I wish I could cover every one of you - but if you want to see more just go to last week's post and Mr Linky is there with little thumbnails for you to peruse and visit your playmates if you haven't had a chance to peek already. 

Next is the draw for those Penny Black Stickeroos - hang on while I go and look at the Random number site..............................................................still there? 

The first two goes with the Random number thingy came up as folk who didn't want the Stickeroos, but it was third time luck for:

Well done Shaz, if you drop me an email with your address they will be in the post to you this coming week - have fun!

And for this week's draw, I thought  little touch of Spring might be nice:
It's a big unmounted rubber set - to give you some idea the daffodils are almost life sized, the whole set is about 5" x 8". And I'll be truthful, it's a set I've had for a while, unopened, bought as a bargain and unlikely ever to be used by yours truly. So I certainly won't be offended if you say 'No thanks'. 

If you want to join in the Playground fun and frolics and be in with a chance of winning this set of stamps - the Playground is open all of this coming week but it will close on Saturday 16th February at noon, UK time and Mr Linky is below as usual. Just enter a snippets make into the Playground this week and I'll do a draw after the Playground closes next Saturday. But, as usual I am asking for a snippets make please, maximum of three entries and please say 'No thank you' in a comment if you DON'T want to be entered. 

And YAY - I worked out how to get rid of the annoying white boxes that appear round uploaded photos if you have a coloured background - whoop, whoop!! If anyone's interested just say the word and I'll do a post later in the week pointing you in the right direction.



  1. O. M. G. What amazing, fabulous stitchery from Annie/Wipso! Utterly beautiful, I'm gobsmacked by all that skilled work! After 2 years I am only halfway through a quilt for my daughter, so I know whereof I speak.

    Such gorgeous work from Maureen and Sarn, too, one of the best things about this challenge is seeing how other people use their snippets so creatively!

    love Mags 'Looking through my snippets' B x

  2. I love your snippets card, totally loving the brown shades and the pearlescent pink, great combo! Darling image too!

  3. Oh my gosh, your crd is gorgeous. Love this one. T
    he colours are wonderful adn that image is so sweet.
    Those batterflies are one of my fave dies...i forget to use it as I store it elsewhere...note to self...move itinto the die bin!

    Thanks for featuring my card! I'm honoured.
    Love Wipso's quilts...such a good cause too! I love that she puts the little toy inside the picket!

  4. PS Forgot to say that Sarn's was brilliant!!!

  5. Love your card, great colours and detail. Also such an interesting post. xx Flora

  6. Hi Di,
    Your card is gorgeous, love the image, butterflies, papers,....
    Have a nice day,
    hugs Tamara

  7. Adorable with a capital 'A'! X

  8. Oh wow. Featured on my very first week :-) Thanks Di. I had such fun in the playground this week...everyone plays so nicely...apart from the one who put chewing gum in my hair!
    So many gorgeous makes...and all out of snippets.
    Annie x

  9. WOW WOW WOW - I don't believe you made this card quickly. It looks like you took ages on it. It's BEAUTIFUL and I love it.

    Sarn xxx

  10. So much inspiration!! much needed as I am still plowing my way through my scraps!! Hugs Juls

  11. woo hoo!!!

    yes miss dont need to shout pick me pick me do I??

    Off to email you, I am!

    - ha third time and made it and nearly forgot to link them up you know..
    I thought of it, kind of, last minute like -also kind of typical for me - always squeaking in the gate last minute like.

    .. oh and just LOVE your LOTV card - is there something of a krafty go thing - think it has rubbed off from Julia.. :D

    Love the work by Annie and Maureen saw them both,
    THANK YOU , Di, (yes, sorry Miss am yelling bit, noise in the playground fighting over stuffed donkey or what? someone reckons it is PiƱata??
    love Shaz in Oz.x

  12. Love your card Miss! I cannot believe it was a quick one! No procraftination in that one then!
    Do I dare guess who put the donkey in the Playground?
    The Picks you have picked out are all gorgeous.

  13. Hi Di your card is so pretty the colours are gorgeous as is your image so beautifully presented on Babyminding duties later today so will be back sometime during the week have a good day x

  14. OMW, what gorgeous entries!! So many talented people!

    Love your card Di - one of my favourite colour combos as you can see from my card this week. Sorry I've been awol from the playground again - real school/work gets in the way!

  15. What a gorgeous card, Miss Di and what amazing entries from Annie, Maureen and Sarn too! If that is a pinata, bagsy I climb up there first and get the sweeties, lol!

  16. Your card is truly scrumptious Di - love what you have done on the inside. The spotlighted crafters did super jobs too - lovely crafty bags by Annie. Lynn x

  17. Hi Di

    A beautiful card .. . inside and out!

    Fabulous use of your snippets.

    Thankfully I at least managed a snippet make this week if nothing else!! LOL!!

    Have a good week.

    Love Jules xx

  18. I recognised that paper straight away. Brilliant card, love the image and a great layout.

    Kath x

  19. Ooo.... what a lovely make, can't believe it was quick though!! Will be back to play later in the week.

  20. Pink and brown always look so good together and the pink butterflies are lovely. Hope your trip went well and that you didn't get caught up in any nasty weather. We've seen none of the forecast snow up here, but I've come to realise that doesn't mean the rest of the country is as lucky. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  21. So many great creations on show this week. Sorry I did not get into the playground, but it was a self-imposed detention. I am over half way through cataloguing my stamps. Thanks for your visit today, Di, but don't you dare hang up your beater. Get yourself a Spodge Away Mat and get playing. Have fun. xx Maggie

  22. Here I am . . . not sure if the picture is working though . . .will check in a min . . . this picture malarkey is more complex than before and I think I chose a different option to usual! OOPS!

    Oh, and "no thank you" to the prize on offer honey.

    Sarn xxx

  23. What wonderful snippet projects this week! I just love the quilt and bag, and your card is lovely with those pretty butterflies and soft cocoa and pink colors!
    Please don't add me to the prize list - I already have more stamps than I can use :)

  24. Great pikkies ..... what's wrong with the Donkey ?????? He looks like the chap that takes/delivers my mail here in Greece LoL

  25. love the bag made by one of bloggers, you ever thought about that kind of thing\\\\1

  26. Just added my fastest card ever...Start to finish was less than an hour...A world record for me...usually I am like a snail!

  27. Another sweet card, Di, and another fabulous Playground Snippets wrap up! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful highlights and no thank you on the draw.

    (You maybe shouldn't read my accompanying post for this week. I don't want to be charged with contributing to anyone's delinquency tendencies, which science has proven can't be contributed to anyway, you have them or you don't. So it's not my fault, Missus.)

  28. Fabulous snippets card!

    It's my first time entering your challenge, but I have a mountain of snippets so I think I will become a regular!

    Sarah x

  29. What a soft color combo on your card. (why do I never think to use this...I love it!) Always love your toppers. Inside decoration is such a pretty addition to the front lovely also. Was blown away by the quilting projects. (a passion in a previous craft life). Great work on these projects. Congrats to Sharon on her win. She will show us something marvelously made with her prize too. Thanks for the offer of the beautiful stamp set. I love flowers, would love to win this, thank you for the chance, BUT much as I would be delighted to win, I'm like Maggie, trying to sort/catalog & see what I have now! Pass my chance onto someone who will have time to use this pretty set to make a neat card for all of us to enjoy. TFS to all the Playground group. So good to see all of you here.

  30. Phew Miss! back again...

    ..just racing in for quick hi so you know here's me poor offering for this week - yup, some more upcycling - off now, lots to do, peoples to see, as they say...:

    .. and will be back for a play too (I hope), love Shaz in Oz.x

  31. Your card is toooooo cute and I love the sneak peek. I always like ideas for the inside. Very sweet, eye candy.

  32. Gorgeous card Di, love those soft colours :) I think I've about used up my leftover christmas red scraps! Cathy x

  33. So sweet... and I mean the card, not the straw figure *lol* ... though taste is a personal matter :)
    Just about making it for everything this week because of my absent "T" key :( But I will try to get round and see what everyone else has been 'snippeting'
    at PatchworkApples

  34. First off can I just say the Donkey isn't mine like wot some peepoles said it were. mine only had 3 legs.
    Second. I had nuffin to do with the chewig gum stuff cos I wos AWOL.
    Third. Yes pleasey to the stamp even though I havn't posted nuffin yet.
    Fourth. Dunno wot white rings you mean but yes pleasey to not having em.
    Fifth. I need a drinky poo.
    hugs Mrs A.

  35. I came here from Mary H's blog, because she mentioned snippets. She mentioned them quite a lot actually! So are we talking about off-cuts, scraps and left-overs? Not just small bits and pieces? 'Cos if so, I'm a BIG snippet-squirrel (as well as a LIMette) and I don't throw anything away. I have a rule that I won't cut into a piece of fresh paper to make a card, I'll only use scraps. So I guess I qualify? I'm going to attach one I made yesterday...

    Nice to "meet" you. I'm near Bristol by the way. In the woods. LOL
    Rosey x

  36. Here we go then. Me snippets (well they are now)entry. (Possesion is nine tenths of the law don't you know. ) Hugs Mrs A.

  37. Another one for the pot . Courtesy of Di and Sam. Hugs Mrs A.

  38. Yoo hoo girlies . . . it's Me! I'm back to play again . . . xxx

  39. Hi Di,

    I am new to the entering of cards on this site actually new to the whole thing. Brenda @ butlers abroad suggested I enter, so here goes, I have done it twice with 2 different cards, slightly different and entered twice, hope that is ok. Actually I made 4 cards from snippets but entering only 2 LOL I just hope I had done whatever right, coz I am scating on thin ice and it is summer LOL


  40. One last card...just scraped under the wire!
    Had a busy week trying to help out my married daughter with the kids appointments etc...and seeing off eldest daughter who is now enroute to Monaco...again...sigh!

  41. Forgot to say no thanks to the stamp...I am about to start back to cataloguing mine...mary H is doind hers and it made me realize that i never finished mine...I have all the acrylic ones to do still...
    So no more stamps till I am caught up.

    Thanks for the kind offer though!


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