Sunday 18 December 2022

No time to craft right now!

 Christmas decoration with red candles and foliage stock photo

I was a bit late putting the finishing touches to our Christmas decorations - and it also took me much longer than it used to!  So no snippets card from me today, but the results of Challenge #442 are now in the Snippets Playground.

Postal strike update - basically it halted my plans to post most of our/my UK Christmas cards this year. Our Christmas stamps order from Royal Mail still hasn't arrived - almost four weeks since ordering them. I'm typing this on Saturday and STILL no sign of them. So we're scuppered basically. I'm so very sorry as some are destined for a good few of you - and I was for a while, also angry at those who are holding us to ransom at such a time of the year. However, I've stopped fretting as we can't change it and am now in 'what the heck, let's have a mince pie and a glass of sherry' mode!

Dudley Pupdate: Dudley is absolutely thrilled to pieces with the revamped back garden  and races round doing happy 'zoomies' on the large expanse of 'no maintenance' grass we've had laid. He totally loves it so if you're in two minds - Dudley gives it a HUGE 'thumbs up' (or should that be a 'paws up')?! No more washing muddy paws from the garden is certainly making him all the more delighted!

He had such a busy day today, checking on me, very slowly working on the last of the Christmas decorations downstairs, in between racing upstairs to Len who was replacing a pair of TV speakers ..... and then coming back down again - for me to come and let him outside and to watch his garden zoomies! 

Right now, he's literally flat on his back snoozing underneath my desk. He's has a hard day for sure!

Try to enjoy the coming week - my darling Mum always said, if it isn't done in time then don't worry - we'll manage. I know, always easy to say! And Mum never followed her own advice as it happens!


  1. That’s an interesting report on his new grass from Dudley, he must be exhausted looking after you two 😂. I intend to enjoy every minute, I don’t miss the years of franticness! Xxx

  2. So glad His Lordship approves of the new garden - although it sounds like he won’t have to wipe his feet on the doormat as often!

    Well done for getting your Christmas decorations up. Still nothing up in our house!!!!

    Such a shame about your cards not reaching their destination on time, but you won’t be alone in that. I congratulate you on your stoic attitude! Xxxx

  3. Goodness you are keeping busy and lovely to hear how Dudley is getting on. I've given up on fretting about post getting to destinations - or not - as the case may be. I've had problems with some delayed mail but also received a couple of cards the day after they were posted, 2nd class too😉. A friend in Portishead says it is impossible to purchase stamps anywhere, even from the Post Office🙄.

  4. Isn't it funny how many sayings our mum's had that have suddenly started to make more sense!
    Well done on getting the decorations up - we put up less than half what we usually do, just not feeling it this year.
    So sorry that your (well in) advance order of Christmas stamps failed to arrive before the already brought forward last posting date, how disappointing for you but, as you say, no point worrying about something you are unable to change.
    Delighted that Dudders loves "his" new garden layout!
    Merry Christmas to you and your readers

  5. sorry about your postal strike, and I suppose that means cards won't arrive to you in a timely matter either. Don't fret, Christmas will just be extended this year and as you said, there's nothing you can to to change things, so just live in the moment and enjoy! I will send you my most heartfelt Christmas wishes right here and now and know that you'll be in my heart during the season. Hugs to all of you, including Dudley with his clean paws :)

  6. OH! you are good Di, haven't put our decorations up yet! Was going to yesterday, then decided after some housework, Nah!. Although my cards went start of December, where they have got there is a wonder in these times, I've had a couple of parcels replaced due to non-delivery, what times Ay? I'm glad Dudley has relaxed after his hard work!

  7. I'm the same at the moment Di, no time to craft. Just trying to finish wrapping and putting decorations up before this week starts as I like to concentrate on the food side in the run up to Christmas and we have everyone coming here on Christmas Eve so I have to get my skates on. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and that Dudley enjoys his Christmas dinner :) x

  8. Well done on getting your Christmas decorations up, ours are still in the attic! Lol As a child we never put up the decorations until after the 17th, my Mum’s birthday, and that tradition seems to have stuck. I posted my UK cards at the beginning of December, but as a birthday card I posted in November took two weeks to arrive, I’ve no idea if the Christmas cards I sent will arrive in time for Christmas. A recent news report showed dozens, if not thousands of crates of letters and parcels left outside our local sorting office with a fox climbing over them and apparently rats running around too. Goodness know what state the letters and parcels will be in if they ever reach their destinations. Rant over!

  9. I'm late as always in all have to do! Well done to you, instead! So glad for Dudley, the new grass is surely appreciated as well not having to go through the cleaning of the feet! Hugs and happy five to him! :)

  10. So nice to read you got your dec's up its so tiring at times, new grass sounds ideal we are the same with the postal strike l got lots of post in one go but my friend is still asking if l have rec'd her card as yet sent over 2 weeks back still no card, have a lovely Christmas and all the very best for 2023 xx

  11. Every day I promise myself some time crafting, but unless you count finishing touches to cards and presents, nothing done! The sherry sounds like a good idea, who knows if anything I've sent will arrive, maybe for Easter! L x

  12. Oh Di! I am still renovating my house, so no decoration jet. Hope we will finish till Christmas. Happy Holiday to you.

  13. It has certainly been a hard time for all us cardmakers but best to just put it aside and as you say Di get on with having a good Christmas and wishing you a really Happy New Year, and thank you to you and Sarn for all your hard work keeping this wonderful challenge going. x

  14. Lol a mud free garden sounds heavenly!! Mud and white dogs just don't go together!!
    Have a fantastic Christmas - your mum was so right, but it's definitely easier said than done xx

  15. I can only imagine how beautifully festive your house looks, Di! No matter how long it takes as long as you enjoy the results! I slightly changed the family room decorations thanks to having finally gotten rid of a piece of furniture that was too big for the area. It's going to be awhile before I take them down as it makes me so happy just walking in that room! Good for Dudley keeping track of everything & how great that the garden re-do worked out perfectly! Too bad about the strike, but your attitude makes the most sense. Maybe eventually you'll get my card & others that were sent. If not, know I was thinking of you this holiday season. Cheers!


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