Sunday 13 June 2021

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #405 - Ruby's Memory

Our wee Ruby 2005-2020

Hello again - thanks for calling by! Every third challenge is dedicated to dear sweet Ruby's Memory, in aid of the centre who originally rescued her, and this is our fourth one.

It's actually working in terms of more time for me to play as I'm finally able to post on here more than once a week - hooray!

So, here's the prize for this challenge - kindly donated by our lovely Val. As it's finally Summer and 'tea party' season - I picked out a few tea party themed items to make up a bit of a bundle. I also added in a pretty floral stamp set from Viv, which she sent me literally months ago:

So here's what the prize is:

- Crafter's Companion stamp set called 'Hello Summer' - lots of great sentiments are included as well

- Crafter's Companion set of two dies called 'Summer Afternoon' to compliment the set of stamps

- a Waltzing Matilda 2" x 2" doily die called 'Tiny Doily'

- and the sweet set of two stamps by Creative Expressions called 'Apple Blossom Spray'

Huge thanks to Val and Viv for the prize goodies! It means I can send off another donation to the rescue centre. By the way, if anyone ever wishes, I can let you have copies of USPCA's acknowledgement emails.

I won't split the prize by the way. All of the 'afternoon tea' themed elements go so well together and the apple blossom stamp is a lovely addition. Do feel free to play along and then, at your end, share the prize if you wish.

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 26th June. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

It's a maximum of ONE entry, please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you want to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're only playing for fun - otherwise I don't add you to my little list. And I won't be splitting the prize of course.
Please also remember that I only allow a total of nine other challenges, which makes 10 in total, when you enter a snippets make into the Playground.

It's so hot here - Dudley spends a lot of time lying on cool tiled floors. I would love us to get a doggy paddling pool but something (as well as Len) tells me that Dudley won't be keen. I suppose he could surprise us though! We have a cottage break booked by the sea in Dorset a few months hence (already delayed from 2020). It depends how things go with COVID of course but I would love to know what he will make of the beach and sea. As I already said, he might not take to it - he's actually quite a complicated little guy and sometimes too intelligent for his own good. On the other hand, he might even dive into the waves and set off paddling like fury in the direction of France ☺

Years ago, in a previous life, when I had Bichon Frises, one of them called Benjie adored the water. If we took him down to the local park and gently meandering river he literally would take a totally carefree flying leap from the river bank for a swim! Sending all the ducks flying and his bestie Dougal, our other Bichon, standing safely on the river bank, looking on in admiration, but with absolutely no intention of joining in. After the first unexpected swim we learned to always keep doggy drying towels with us. But the sheer joy on Benjie's face made it all so worth it.

Lots of love from us all - Parsnip, Dudley and of course me, 


  1. Glad you’re getting more time to play, Di. Lovely bundle of prizes for Ruby’s Memory Challenge, I’ll be a Yes Please for the draw.
    A holiday in a cottage by the sea in Dorset sounds idyllic, something to look forward to. xx

  2. It's hot here too! Maddie lays under the AC vent :) Wonderful prize! I will just be playing for fun though!

  3. Weather is very hot also here in Italy. Finally it rain no more. Fingers crossed for your holiday to the sea!

  4. Lovely prize package, but please leave me out of the drawing this time. Glad you're able to do more with having Ruby's Memory challenges & hope the shoulder continues to improve. Fritz got very surprised the one time he went off the dock into a lake! Love your story about Benjie & Dougal! When we had a boy & a girl Schnauzer, the girl would wait on shore for the boy to swim & get the stick. As soon as he got to shore, she'd take the stick! Fun memories!

  5. We had a dull day today still very warm lovely prizes Di l am only playing for fun ....its nice that your getting more time to play l live by the sea so l know you will enjoy your time away take care xx

  6. A gorgeous photo Di and he looked super cute. Hugs, Carol S.xxxx

  7. How kind of Val to donate a prize Di and some lovely added on bits with a lovely combination of stamp and dies. I will just play for fun if I get a card in. Perhaps Dudley will enjoy a swim if you get to Dorset and thanks for the stories of your previous dogs, it shows how different they can be. x

  8. Hope you are all managing to stay cool (or at least not melt!) in this heat ... just uploaded my entry. Fab prizes but I'm just playing for fun this time around

    Stay well


  9. I hope you do get to go away, we certainly enjoyed our break and apart from masks it was nearly normal!
    I'm just playing for fun this time.

    L x

  10. Your postponed getaway sounds like a lot of fun, especially in the hot weather! That's a generous prize donation, but I'm playing just for fun this week. Take care!

  11. I'm in, please. If I get a card put together.

    Cute story about the flying Benje. I can see him now. [Bunny]

  12. Great post and stories, Di! Glad you are feeling better and you have your break to look forward to, fingers crossed! It will be fun to see what Dudley makes of the ocean! I think your heat has headed our way; will be over 100 by Thursday. I hope it cools off by you soon. Hugs, Darnell

  13. Have posted my card - for obvious reasons I'm playing for fun this time!! Another lovely Dudley story - enjoy your holiday when it arrives

  14. A Fabulous prize Di and I love the stories about the dogs and the water.
    Faith x

  15. It is way hot here in South Florida, too. In the 90's every day and of course, so humid. And now the rainy season has begun - we need it! Glad you get to play in the craft room a bit more. It's our happy place, right?! :-)
    The prize this go is so very generous of both you & Val - than you for the chance (yes, please!!). ;-) Have a beautiful day & kisses to Dudley.

  16. Yes please to this pretty prize package! With our hot summer weather starting up (supposed to be over 100 degrees F today) I'll take mine iced! Poor Dudley with his fur coat in the summer. We used to have a little fan by Toby's favorite spot to nap and it would ruffle his fur all day. I'm sure it helped, but we also had a/c, so that was probably the most impact.

  17. I do hope Dudley makes it to the beach - I'm sure he'd love a swim!
    We used to have a flat coated retriever that could sense water from hundreds of metres away - she would suddenly just set off at pace and come back covered in pond weed!
    Helen x

    PS - I'm playing just for fun this time :0)

  18. Hi Di, hope you get your lovely seaside break. Enjoy. I look forward to hearing about Dudley versus the sea. Yes, please include me in the draw. A wonderful prize full of things I love. Take care. Hugz

  19. What sweet prizes this time. I adore Tea Parties. Count me in!

  20. Yes, please to the prize this time. Kudos on your generosity to the memory of Ruby. Have a wonderful vacation with Dudley. Cyber hugs to you.

  21. A kind hello, thank you, and yes, please on this lovely prize. I hope this finds you all well. Thanks for sharing the big pic of Ruby again. Precious, darling, etc....don't even come close to describe her. I get it....pure love. Thanks for the FUN challenge.
    Be blessed,
    Karen L

  22. Hi Di, Its been a few challenges since I popped in but it's flat out here :) I would love to receive the prize for Ruby's Memory challenge this time around - thank you. Just had my first jab and it's horrible. Next one in September
    Stay safe & well - Cheers Maursxxx

  23. Yes for the prize Di! Temperature in Slovenia goes high.... so I must stay in shadow and create...

  24. Yes please for the lovely prize draw. We are still under strict lockdown, so spending time here to make card, colouring images etc.

    Wishing everyone stay safe wherever you are.

  25. Wonderful prizes from Val & Viv, thank you both, and you too Di, USPCA will certainly appreciate your donation xx. (I'm playing just for fun)
    Your holiday sounds lovely, such a beautiful part of the world, can't wait to hear how Dudley gets on! When Ruby set foot on the beach, her head would go down and she'd rub and roll herself in the sand, and we'd just have to wait till she was good and ready to actually go for a walk! And no way was she getting her paws wet in the sea, she'd run a mile if a wave came near her LOL!!

  26. Entered my work. Yes please for the prizes draw.
    Hugs and cuddles to Dudley

  27. Dearest Di, Haha!!
    Now you did have me chuckling with you puppy tales, I wonder if Dudley will be a water baby, I hope so, and pray you’ll be abl3 to find out soon in Dorset, that things will quieten nicely down.
    Well, it’s cold here, for us, we even almost made it to freezing last night.😉😜😂😂😂 It’s rarely below 0c here about -.1C at very most with tiny bit of trust, advantage of being near the sea and northern part of NSW. But believe I still dont do any cold even shared snow in Oz oh it’s this week as the mountains west of us had snow and family went up there.
    We do have a mountain range called the Snowy mountains and yes, it snows lots there. The snow gums look amazing against snow, if your google them you’ll see what I mean.
    Now that is one amazingly generous prize for such a very dear little puppy, every time I see Ruby’s photo I smile if I ever owned a dog I’d have one like that, thought about it once then decided I have enough trouble looking after me and getting in a pickle or really unwell with a little cutie to care for too would be bridge too far for me.
    I’ll say no thanks to generous prize not cos I don’t like cis I do but I’ve way too many unused items already to justify it. I need to get moving especially on Christmas cards saw Mrs A’s today and felt super guilty! Way behind. One more birthday card then doing Christmas for a month. I think! 😆😁✔️
    Thanks for Sharing, 🙏❤️🙏❤️God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  28. Yes Please to this prize pack Di. I thought I had left a comment, but it looks like the hot weather here has sizzled my brain just a bit! Although we have a/c now, we only got it installed after our kids moved away and had their own homes, which annoyed them greatly, haha! Our Toby has his summer haircut and is napping on the couch, cool as a cucumber right now. Hope things cool down a little bit for you before you go away to the shore, but I wonder if Dudley would like a little doggie pool after all? We had no idea that Toby could even swim until we took him on vacation and he waded into a shallow pond that the grandkids were splashing around in. The next thing we knew, there he was dog paddling! So you never know.

  29. Adorable prize package, Di, and so wonderful to raise awareness for our beloved rescues -- big fan! Your story of your former bishon is adorable, what a guy! I too will be interested to see how Dudley fares -- if it's still as hot, he may just love the water and ability to cool down

  30. Love to be in the prize draw.

    In the Netherlands it was hot. Sinds yesterday it cooled down. Got no problems with the heat I love it.

  31. I bet Dudley's feeling a bit cooler now! Just between you, me and a few hundred close friends, we clicked the heating on for an hour on Saturday night. It was only 20C in the living room, and having got acclimatised to the 28C we'd been having earlier in the week it felt uncomfortably chilly - my fingers were turning white!
    Yes please to the lovely prize. I'm always surprised how few tea themed goodies I've got considering what a tea lover I am.

  32. Hi Miss Di, seems like an age since I last found time to play in the playground, fingers crossed that you get your seaside holiday and that Dudley has a good time. Our recently returned PM is currently in quarantine after going to the UK, glad that the rules still apply... we had snow here last week, about 3inches thick, it snowed all day, then the rain came and it was gone... have a wonderful week... Megan

  33. Apologies, playing just for fun this time.. Megan

  34. Yes, please, Di to the lovely prize. I especially like the apple blossom stamp. It's a pleasure to be at the playground.

  35. Yes please to the prize Di - I can't say no to a tea party and a hearty thanks to Val and Viv for their generosity! I do hope you get to have your holiday. I certainly hope to go somewhere this summer! Being originally from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and living in land-locked Luxembourg, I miss the sea dreadfully! Hugs, Kate

  36. Such an awesome prize Di! I am a great Tea/ coffee lover! So YES for the prize.
    Sending hugs!

  37. Di, it's always fun to read your stories! I regognize so many things about Dudley, because our Tom behaves in the same way!
    Well, I am joining Ruby's challenge now and the prize you are giving is simply wonderful. So yes: I would like to be in the draw!
    Stay safe,
    Hugs, Lia xx

  38. I'll pass on the prize, thank you. I'm just playing for fun. Hope you really get to enjoy your trip - can't wait to see what your pup does with the water. Enjoy.

  39. yes, it's so hot here too, uf, a heat wave and our Emma is lying on cool tiled floors too. we prepared a little pool for her besides ours but she is not interested in it, she drinks from it instead.
    Wonderful prize, wow! yes for the prize please.
    have a great weekend and crafty hugs xx

  40. I'm glad to hear the new format is working well and allowing you to post more often. I really hope you get to have your holiday at the beach, and that Dudley gets a taste of the ocean. Hugs to you all.


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