Sunday, 29 March 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #373 - results

First of all - did those of you who are affected remember that the clocks go forward at 2am Sunday 29th March? Ha, after writing this I only hope we remember to do the change - not that it matters much right now, we're not exactly 'clock watching' these days. We're hunkered down, with Dudley doing his best to keep us entertained - and he's doing a great job of it as well. He has one walk a day, as usual. But, many other people are doing the same within the vicinity of where we live - there's a pleasant green park and woodland walk nearby - and I think they might be borrowing dogs or helping neighbours with dogs needing up to three walkies per day. It's certainly quite crowded at times and Len isn't overly keen to rub shoulders. So the past couple of days it's been down to 'zoomies' round the garden - with Dudley doing the zooming :) And to prove me a liar - as I'm typing this Len is taking Dudley out for a quick walk!

It seems as if the supermarket stripped shelves and panic buying might have eased off a little from reports I've read about our local situation on Facebook, very likely as people have no more room to store all their booty!

Let's move straight into this fortnight's picks:

And first of all here's a *Gold Star* pick from someone who is an outstanding crafter - our very own Jenny L:
This pop-up box card is absolutely beautiful Jenny - and what a way to use lots of pretty snippets. Well worth of a Playground Gold Star and I think it's your third one - a hat trick! Breathtaking indeed.

Cat in bag
This really cute kitty card was made by Inkami - a great way to use up snippets and such a lovely make! The layout is so pleasing to the eye - and that's one cute kitty! And see how the polka dot paper doesn't overwhelm due to Inkami using colours picked from it for all the other elements.Ooh, I just remembered I never did finish my email to you - I'll be on the case ASAP chick! Hope you're keeping well.
I picked this card as it's so CAS and very striking - made by Linby. It's a perfect example of what one snippet with a curved edge already there can be used for (the skyline) to really pack a punch. Love it!  

I adore this card and learned a new technique along the way - to find out exactly how Janice made this card (especially those adorable little stampings on the HAPPY letters) - do hop over to her blog HERE. I think my peg stamps will be enjoying an outing very soon - see, it takes inspiration from you girls to get me under way!

And, ignoring my own 'three picks' rule, I just had to include this fourth card for your inspiration - made by Kath - it's so CAS and elegant. Another card showing you don't need loads of snippets for a lot of impact - and also so inspiring!

Wow, that was tough this time round - so many wonderful makes from all of you.
We had 48 entries for the challenge, which isn't bad at all considering many of us were almost in a state of shock and trying to cope with quite a lot of other things, before settling in for what may be a long haul. My apologies once again for tardiness in commenting - I'll catch up ASAP on the current challenge. We're quite upbeat here but somehow I'm finding it hard to settle for very long (in between the endless task of trying to find supermarket delivery slots) so both card making and commenting have slipped quite badly. Bad me.

Now for the prize draw, which is for five Paper Artsy 'Squiggly Mini 25' kitty stamps. I wrote the names on slips of paper rather than running the Random Number generator umpteen times as not everyone was playing for the stamps, plus the paper method means I don't get the same number popping up more than once - and capturing and editing the screen shot is all time consuming - so you'll have to trust me folks! 
And the winners are:
# 38 Kathy K
# 46 - April
# 1 - Chris
# 48 - Janis
# 37 - Kitty  
Well done everyone who won and commiserations to those who didn't. Please send me your address(es), with your full name at the top as well for speed, ease and also confirmation that you still would like the prize of course, and I'll package up your prize once I hear from you. Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always.

Message to Charlotte (Lady Joyful) - can you please let me have your address so I can at least package up your prize from two weeks ago (it's the Easter stamps and dies). 

I will post prizes as soon as I can legally take a trip to a post box. I do have both UK and some overseas stamps here plus a postal thickness gauge and some dinky little postal scales but it all hinges on 'essential travel' as our nearest post box is a car drive away from us. And I'm not venturing near the Post Office needless to say. My feeling is that we may well find the self-isolation measures becoming even stricter in the next couple of weeks. And our postal service is also beginning to look quite flaky so even snail mail might be limited to absolute essentials. But, you will all receive your prizes eventually - I promise!

Remember folks, there's still almost another week to run on Challenge #374 - you can find it HERE. The prize is a set very decent one as well - a set of  MFT 'Happy Hippos' stamps and matching dies.

I'm still trying to finish off my Rudolph Days entry - almost there but, as I already said earlier in this post, somehow I can't summon up much enthusiasm for crafting. And yet now, with the current lock down, it should be the perfect time!

Little Dudley is in for a surprise shock shortly. He is due for a trim and guess who is going to have a go? Gulp. Our dreadful experience with his last grooming is one big reason, and all dog groomers have had to close in any case. So, it's a good time to begin and I now have a trimmer to add to the big basket of assorted sprays, brushes, clippers, scissors and combs we've gathering over time in the 18 months since he joined our family. Our lovely Karen L sent me a long email full of advice as she home trims her dear little dog, who is remarkably similar to Dudley, and I've been watching videos avidly. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Who knows, some dog groomers could find they have less customers once this is all over.

I did smile when Karen ended her email with the reassurance of 'Don't expect him to look as if he's been to a grooming salon'. It was reassuring as this is a new venture - although I have cut hair in the past as you know from my little blurb on the RS side bar! To be honest, after his experience and the incompetent not even completed trim he had last time, I do wonder how much worse I could inflict on Dudley - and at least it will be done hygienically as well as with care and love.

However, there's no guarantee he mightn't end up looking like this if I go into full 'topiary mode' of course, snigger:
Image result for poodle images

Stay safe girls - and here's hoping the dire predictions of where this is heading in terms of numbers are somewhat mitigated by the protective measures being taken by the majority of people.

Love from Parsnip and Dudley - plus a couple of 'fist bumps' from me,


  1. Ooh I am so happy I am a winner, thank you! Gorgeous gold star and picks - congratulations everyone! It's good you are grooming Dudley yourself, I am sure he will be so much happier! No worries how long it takes to post the prizes, the most important thing is you stay safe my friend! Big hugs xxxxxxx

  2. Oh, your posts always make me smile. Glad to hear you are OK. I definitely think the ' Topiary ' look will do hahahahaha :-D Poor little guy. I am sure you will do just fine xoxo

  3. Oh, my goodness.....I am excited to be one of the lucky winners of the kitty stamp!! It was very iffy as to whether I could even get my entry in for that challenge...but so glad I persevered with posting it. THANK YOU for drawing my name!!

    Congratulations to Jenny with that totally spectacular exploding box card. What an amazing piece of art!!! I adore the beautiful flowers and touches of gold with the purple. Well-deserving of the Gold Star!!! Well done to the other Top Picks, too. I love seeing what everyone has created. Beautiful cards.

    Hooray for the other winners, also. So happy to see some of my cat-crazy friends on the list along with me. Thank you for being so generous, Di.

    LOL @ "Full Topiary Mode"....Bwahahaha... It will all be fine and Sweet Dudley will be adorable even with a beginner cutting his coat. (Oh, that's right. I have read your sidebar. No beginner, there!! Hehehe...) How nice of Karen to send you helpful tips!! We will expect a full report, complete with make sure Len has the camera ready. :)

    Take care and stay healthy. Follow all the precautions and quarantine measures. Stay away from the Post Office until the all clear is given. We do not want you getting sick!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  4. Oh Di I am sure you and Dudley will get along fine with the grooming!! It will be done with love and treats I am sure!
    Yes it is taking a bit of coming to terms with the isolating and then the total lock down we are experiencing - a bit skeery, but better than the virus inflicting even more damage....
    Stay safe

  5. Some great picks and congratulations to Jenny for the Gold Star - well deserved. Pleased to hear you are remaining mainly upbeat and good luck with chasing delivery slots for food - nightmare but hopefully the buying frenzy is calming somewhat. Good luck with the grooming but PLEASE don't give him a 'poodle cut' - Ha, Ha. Stay safe and well

  6. THANK YOU so much for picking me as one of your winners, will be e-mailing you directly after typing this!

    Don't you DARE do that to poor Duddeykins!!!!

    Long distance hugs!


  7. Thanks for choosing my card as one of your Top Picks and congratulations to the other winners too.

    I'm sharing Dudley's pain at the thought of a 'home trim' as Steve's going to have a go at cutting my hair!! My hair is curly and grows out instead of down so will need something done before hairdressers resume work. He's going to do 'little and often' rather than a full cut - which may be easier. Wish me luck!

    Take care
    Kath x

  8. Congrats everyone. Keep safe Di, Len and Dudley. Good luck with the trimming. Hugz

  9. Hi dear Di, sorry to have been absent yet again, we are nursing dear Bear and the Friday before last I wasn't sure we would be bringing him home from the vet...however the nasty suspicions turned out to be severe hip arthritis not the cancer the vet warned of. He is going to stay at ours for the foreseeable future to avoid stairs and now we cannot see our son who misses him so much. What a shock to us all. He is just about on 4 legs again but it is going to take time. Well done doing Dudley's least no one will be seeing anyone for a while if it is not the best...LOL. My son thinks he will shave his head as he obviously cannot get his hair cut. As he says no one will see him so why worry! I love your picks today and well done to the winners. Crafting is such a positive thing to distract us all. Martin went to Tesco on Monday as we really had little left and locally the shelves were bare and he restocked us with most things including loo paper! He said it was all carefully planned there with social distancing etc and was very impressed by the systems in place to keep everyone as safe as possible. My parents are in good spirits in isolation and thank goodness for video calls. My biggest worry is my darling GP daughter...she is on that front line. We owe so much to them and everyone keeping the country moving. Keep safe, huge virtual hugs and take care xxx

  10. Congrats to all the winners, gorgeous box from Jenny. It's nice to hear that your spirits are high given the abnormal situation we are all experiencing. Dudley will love the trim, especially as you're doing it. Although she's not always active there, I'll send Charlotte E. a message via Instagram about the prize. Keep smiling!

  11. Thank you for choosing my card Di, I'm so pleased you liked it!
    Congratulations to the other ladies and of course to the winners of the prizes.
    Janice x

  12. Dear, Dudley. I am praying for you and your mum.

    Congratulations to all the winners and the Top picks. [Bunny]

  13. Oh Di! Thank you so much! I'm sure Dudley will love being groomed by his mum! Beautiful picks - the lovely box card is particularly inspirational, as I need to make one for Toby's 50th Birthday on Thursday. It will be cat-themed, naturally!
    Love to you all, April xx

  14. No way! you are going to try and groom Dudley? Good lucK! I tried with Maddie and she was a choppy mess :)... I'm surprised groomers are considered essential!

  15. Hi Miss Di, the lovely Parnip and cutie Dudley.

    Thank you so much for my Gold Star award I am really chuffed to have got another one to add to my collection.

    Congrats to the winners and also congrats to the other picks they all look very wonderful and fab use of snippets as well.

    My Son grooms his dogs and has done so for some time so ggod luck with your efferts.
    I hope all goes well.
    You did make me laugh so with the photo of the poodle can't imagine cutie Dudley looking like that.

    Sure have had some laughs around blogland today that's for sure and well needed too.

    Lots of crafty love and virtual hugs. Jenny L.

  16. thanks for picking my skyline card to showcase. Well done to the others too. I do hope you get on ok with grooming Dudley. I did try with my dog when I had him but he was too fiesty!

  17. these are gorgeous!
    congrats to all!

  18. Great picks Di including that wonderful pop up box card from Jenny, and the four others are worthy choices, and congratulations to the five winners of the kitty stamps. Hope Dudley's hair cut goes well. What can be so different about cutting dog hair to cutting human hair, well apart from the fact that a dog will probably squirm about a bit Take care. x

  19. Congrats to all the winners and showcased girls - especially Jenny for achieving a gold star.

    Waving from a safe distance to you all,
    Sarn xxx

  20. Beautiful picks all so creative congrats all and congratulations to your 5 winners enjoy your prize ...looking at the dog in your post Di keep away from your scissors Dudley could also end up looking like that lol hopefully you will get him to the groomers soon take care xx

  21. Great picks, Di. Congrats to all winners. And I hope both you and Dudley emerged unscathed from the trim xoxo

  22. Congratulations to the winners and top picks. Wow, there are some beautiful projects there as always. It seems that this stay at home isolation is bringing out a burst of creativity in many crafters..but it's done the opposite with me. Isn't it just the way things go? When you have an entire chocolate cake to eat,all by yourself, you don't want a piece. It's only when there's one lonely slice left on the cake plate that you suddenly crave cake all day long, haha!

    Best of luck to you (and Len and Dudley) on your second career as a dog groomer! A wiggly dog combined with trimmers isn't for the faint-hearted but your love and patience will go a long way toward success. Just remember that even if you accidentally slip into topiary trim territory, it's only hair and will all grow back. I mean your hair as well as Dudley's as you will possibly pull out some of your own in frustration. Just will all go fine (attitude is everything!). Hugs to you all!

  23. Woohoo! I see my name! It's been quite a while since I won here so I am super excited and especially because it's a kitty stamp! Yay! I'll be emailing your shortly! Congrats to all of the lucky winners and to all the picks as well! I enjoy seeing how people are using all of their snippets! Very inspirational! I haven't gotten around to enter the current challenge but hope to do so soon - my mojo seems to be taking a holiday at the moment! Hope you'll share photos of Dudley's new look, hopefully not the topiary look shown here, haha! Thank you, Di! Please stay safe and healthy!

  24. Congrats to all the winners! Looking forward to new photos of sweet Dudley (if you're wiling to share them with us and if he's willing to be photographed.) lol

  25. Congratulation to the Gold Star, Top Picks and winners! Hope Dudley's grooming went well. If it didn't, as long as you haven't got any full length mirrors, I'm sure Dudley will be pleased with his new fur cut. ;-) xx

  26. Congrats to the winners and all the fabulous picks. Hope Dudley's 'hair cut' went well.... maybe you've just got yourself a new job! xx

  27. Congrats to all the winners, lovely love projects for inspiration. Glad Dudley is keeping you entertained. Lots of hugs Emmax

  28. Well done to the winners and all the gorgeous picks. I've just popped into the playground to hand around a tray of freshly baked sausage rolls.....


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