Sunday 8 March 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #373

We've actually had sunshine here with no rain, for at least two days this past fortnight. Happy dancing here - especially from Dudley who hates going out in the rain and getting his paws wet!

Here's my snippets card for this fortnight:
I used:

- 5.5" x 4.25" white card blank, side opening

- snippet of SU's 'Dapper Denim' card stock, trimmed to an eighth of an inch all round smaller than the card front and glued it on top

- snippet of plain white card and a couple of floral snippets from a Me To You, Tatty Teddy (ancient!) 'Spring Chic' set of papers, probably one of the first paper pads I ever bought

- trimmed the white card to a little bit bigger than the card front so I could work with it more easily then stuck the couple of floral snippets on, with a diagonal line separating the two from one corner to another. They're the same design with the background colours different (one cream and one pink) so the difference is quite subtle

- trimmed the floral panel to an eighth of an inch all round smaller than the 'Dapper Denim' frame, and glued it on top

- the image was good fun to do. First I stamped the cat and sentiment onto a snippet of white card stock, using Memento 'Tuxedo Black' ink and a PaperArtsy 'Squiggly Mini 25' stamp 

- then coloured the cat using pink and turquoise Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils and Sansodor blending solution, matching as best I could to the floral paper background  

- trimmed the image down and popped it onto a slightly larger rectangle of 'Dapper Denim' before gluing it onto the card front - finished!

The stamp actually had a sweet little paw print just above the cat's head but I snipped that off as it looked a bit weird to me, even if it was meant to be a kitty thought bubble - and the little paw would be so cute stamped a few times onto the card's envelope or even elsewhere on the card front. The cat is a purrfect size for an ATC of course, and doesn't even need to be coloured - I just fancied using colours that aren't your usual kitty colours as the image is quite funky!

BTW, how I always know exactly what colour any plain SU snippets I'm using are 'cos I made up a swatch of all the SU card I have, many moons ago, and have added to it whenever I've bought new colours (albeit not bought any for ages now) 😀

And here's the prize for this fortnight:
It's not one but FIVE chances to win a Paper Artsy ' Squiggly Mini 25' stamp. I've got five of these brand new (not chopped apart as I did with mine, I leave that decision to the winners) cuties on offer as they aren't expensive, we have lots of cat lovers in the Playground and I'm quite conscious that I don't often have kitty themed snippets prizes. Plus it's a little celebration that Dudley is so much better. Ha - I raided his piggy bank 😀

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 21st March. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

It's a maximum of ONE entry, please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you want to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're only playing for fun - otherwise I don't add you to my little list.

Our news here:

I had to go to the hospital eye clinic during the week (long story) and for now am all in the clear on all fronts with eye issues, even a cataract alert isn't causing concern. Whoopee! Mind you, whilst I was waiting for the pupil dilation drops to work in the hospital waiting room, a man gave one single cough and it was like a bunch of meerkats on high Coronavirus alert!

Earlier in the week some eedjit strolled into one of the practices in - despite what seems to be daily text reminders from them not to do that. The waiting room cleared and the reception area was closed down and then sanitised - as well as the fleeing patients being tracked down and contacted.

We had our usual Sainsbury's delivery on Thursday and apparently they are already geared up to delivering to homes with Coronavirus/Covid-19, or those in self-isolation and potentially undiagnosed. Basically, 'unload groceries on the doorstep, ring the bell and then run'. It's not really funny I know but we do seem to be whipping up a real storm of fear, as well as panic buying, here in the UK.

Dudley is doing really well - his rash patches have cleared up and he's been so good when we needed (morning and evening) to swab the patches with saline solution, dab it dry and then apply and rub in the gel on several places - mostly on his tummy. He's such a happy little soul and just lies on his back on our bed to be administered to when we say the magic 'roly poly' words!

His latest thing is that the other evening Len was talking to me and purely said the name 'Arnie'. Arnie is his little doggie friend from over the way and Dudley began hopping about with anticipation, giving it a few woofs of excitement! Its obviously lodged somewhere in his memory that Arnie is his friend who has a go at 'hare boxing' when they meet and lots of waggy tails. 

And to finish with:
Len often relaxes on a sofa with his feet up in the evening to watch TV, and Dudley seems to know he's the most comfy spot to lie on and have a snooze! I took this really quickly the other evening, up until then he'd been totally asleep with his paw holding his favourite toy - but he did briefly open his sleepy eyes when I sneaked up with the camera. His dear little nose goes a bit brown in Winter, Bichons are the same I found years ago. And, there's a tale to his toy. 

He is known as 'Stinky Monkey the Fourth' and he's fairly new, since this infection flared up and we ditched or washed everything we could. But 'Stinky Monkey', and this is the fourth one we've sneakily substituted since he arrived with us, is very special - he's Dudley's most, most loved toy in the whole wide world. He is his comfort blanket and he sucks his face until it's deformed and quite gross to be honest, and has even chewed an ear off a couple of his predecessors.

It always chokes me up a bit to think that, when he came to us in September 2018, his 'luggage' was a starter pack of puppy food, a few favourite treats, a little tennis ball, his cuddly fleece puppy blanket - and 'Stinky Monkey the First'. He had lots of other stuff here to welcome him, including goodies from his Auntie SaRn - but it was the little bag he brought when he left his doggie parents with all his worldly possessions in that was so sad. He's made up for it since though!

Hope you all manage to steer clear of Coronavirus/Covid-19 and that you find time to come and play this week. I'm a little behind on commenting at the moment but will catch up ASAP.

Lots of love from us all - Parsnip, Dudley and of course me,


  1. Yay, first one to enter! Yes Please! Love this kitty cat and your card is soooooo cool! I am glad your eyes are ok and that Dudley is doing ok too. The photo is just adorable! Sorry I haven't been around much. Big hugs my friend - if that's allowed these days with the virus lurking! xxxxxxx

  2. So, so happy to hear that Dudley is doing so well! What an adorable little cuddler! Fritz lays on Steve's lap when he has the fleece blanket while he's in his recliner. For some reason, he doesn't want to do that if I pick up the blanket. Actually, just as well since he's a little too big for it to be comfortable for me for long. Adorable card--love how you matched the colors of the paper! Please leave me out of the drawing this time.

  3. The quirky cat is too cute, and pairs so well with your papers! Good that you're getting some sunshine and all's well health wise. It seems that coughing has become a cardinal sin worldwide, everyone is so suspicious. Playing for fun this round.

  4. What a fun stamp Di, I love the colours you've used for him. The patterned paper is really pretty, I'm sure I've still got a few snippets from this particular paper pad. I'd love to win this stamp, so please put my name into the draw.
    Glad everything is okay with your eye. It did make me smile when I read about the reaction to the man having a single cough! I need to pop out to the supermarket today to get a few bits and pieces - that's assuming there is anything left to buy on the shelves! Can't believe there is so much panic buying at the moment.
    Dudley looks SO cute snuggled up with Len and Stinky Monkey. xx

  5. Love your cat creation Di, such fun colours too, very funky indeed. Also glad you have the all clear, and nice to see a happy update on Dudley bless him xxx I won't play this time, just wanted to drop by :)

  6. Such a fantastic card and I would just die to have that kitty stamp :-D
    Thank you for this fun Challenge.
    I am so pleased to hear that Dudley the cutie is doing well. He and his little monkey are adorable. I wish I had him :-)
    IKE x

  7. Hi Di,
    Sad, isn’t it, re the coronavirus fiasco, I’m sure it’s a huge hype by media. I turn it off theses days because it’s as if there is nothing else happening in the world.
    Obsessiveness, self interest and protection accompanied by fear mongering is prevalent, not a packet of loo paper here last three times went to supermarket!!
    l think Aussie have worked out the way to protect yourself from infection is to wrap yourself up in loo paper!
    Thankfully I’m always stocked but just well as if desperate none to had.
    Two ladies were charged today for affray in supermarket today, over loo paper!
    If it weren’t so sad it’d be funny.
    Now your baby is so cute, hope there’s not a run on stinky monkeys like loo paper or you maybe in trouble. Very glad yes okay.
    Lovely snippets card but will say no thanks to the lovely set.
    Be back to play... later in week... all being well.

    Just some facts on this virus, you won’t find in headlines.
    There were 150 Aussie from the Diamond Princess cruise stuck in Japan, quarantined two weeks.
    One only 1 out of 150 died, who was in late 70s with pre-existing lung condition.
    Less than 1% mortality.
    Only ten 10 out of 150 caught it.
    Less than 7% contagion.
    Both these are way way lower than normal influenza we annually see.
    Way less than Spanish flu of 1918/19 where four times number killed in WW1 died.
    Relax folks and wash wash your hands.
    That’s the key, wash hands 20 to 30 secs and don’t touch your face, it has to get in through an opening, won’t pass through skin..

    Thanks for Sharing, God bless, hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  8. That's a fun stamp- so it is a 'yes please' this time from me. My card has been posted. Pleased to hear you are OK and that Dudley is recovering well - he looks so comfy in the latest photo.

  9. Oh goodness me this is adorable. Off to do some creating with me snippets. Hugs Mrs A.

  10. Hi Di, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog yesterday. Dudley looks so cute and relaxed. Glad you have a never ending supply of stinky monkeys LOL. Love your card and that little cat stamp so please add me to the draw. Will add a card soon. Hugz

  11. A fabulous card Di and I would love a change to win the cute cat prize. I'm a cat person and (close your ears Dudley) but I prefer cats to dogs! Mind you, Dudley is so cute!

    It's good to hear your eyes are okay Di and I'm also getting tired of the Coronavirus media hype, but on a more positive note we don't get the Brexit scaremongering!

    Kath x

  12. Darling card! I won't be in for the prize this week because I'm a dog person as you know! But I'll still enter to spread the word!
    Glad your eye is OK! I didn't know Corona was there too!...I LOVE Stinky!! Maddie had a little Care Bear she LOVED but I could only find one more and she went through both ;(... but she has a new string thing she likes

  13. This PA cat is very cute Di and love the flowery background paper which goes beautifully with your pink and blue cat. Sorry not to get a card in last time but have been doing more CAS type cards lately and those don't lend themselves to using up your snippets. I will try to do better this time. If I do get a card in then I am a 'yes please' for the cute cat. I am glad that your eye is doing OK and that Dudley's rash is better too, and love that sweet photo of him cuddling up to Len, and of course with stinky monkey mark 4. I hope that stinky monkeys continue to be available, if I am assuming correctly that each one is a carbon copy of the last and not a x

  14. So glad to see this adorable cat on your card, Di. Fabulous background paper! Great to hear that you are better as is our sweet, cuddly Dudley. I'm playing for the prize this week. How could any cat lover turn that down? lol

  15. Awww what a cute kitty. I'm going to say no on the stamp. I haven't entered yet, but hope too soon. I love your card and that cat has some kitty attitude! Freckles thinks she is a beauty! I am so glad your eye is on the mend and yes, it's the same here with the fear of the virus. A lady coughed in the prescription line at Walmart and the lady in front of her started yelling at her. I guess toilet paper is what everyone sees as a necessity to get through this. Some stores are rationing it. No hand sanitizer to be found for miles. It's crazy. I guess it's better to be safe than sorry. My hubby is still recovering from pneumonia. A repeat is not what we want while he is trying to rebuild his immune system. Dudley is so cute. We had a Doxie that carried a baby and sucked on it's tummy. You are right by naming it Stinky brought back fond memories! Dudley is truly a sweet baby, look how comfy he is cuddling with his daddy. A heads up. I spent the morning putting dies in order....I must say your ladies over-did themselves. I'm hoping to post a photo of the albums I needed to store them all. I intended to take a photo of all of them while they lay on the table to sort....note I said intended. The thought went into one side of my brain, rattled around a bit and immediately fell into the black hole of lost thoughts. Anyway, I'm off to the grocery store before I forget that was on my to do list for today! Love and thank you for the inspiration.

  16. Aww Di how adorable is your card and image love the colours used too! that stamp is such a cutie nice to hear that Dudley is getting much better he's such a cutie too! take care enjoy your week ahead and clean hands is a must to keep healthy only playing for fun xx

  17. Glad to hear both you and Dudley are doing well! That's a great photo, it's amazing how comfy dogs always look when they're snoozing!
    Love your sweet kitty card, love the colours you chose.
    (playing just for fun this week)

  18. Awwww, I saw Dudley's photo on Facebook, cuddling up with Stinky Monkey and Len and just love how relaxed and trusting he is with your family. When our Toby was adopted by our daughter, he came with a small bag of dry kibble and his paperwork...that's all. Poor little guy traveled from 2 states over in a bare crate. Of course, we've made up for it since then and he gets nothing but the best!
    Yes please to this sweet and charming little kitty stamp. Love the buttons on kitty's front and the adorable card design you made. That diagonal patterned background, and matching image and paper colors are just wonderful.

  19. Hi Di your card is gorgeous. If you look carefully through the window for my card you can see that we have used the same paper. I am here just for fun this time. Stay safe and well. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  20. Dudley is the cutest little furry fellow! So happy he is doing well now!
    Your card is great, Di!
    This time I only want to play and let others get the chance to win the prize.
    I wish you a nice time!
    Hugs, Liv

  21. Gorgeous card, Di, and of course Dudley is as adorable as ever! xoxo

  22. Oh boy, Sir Dudley can melt anyone's heart with that look!! Precious as can be. So happy to know he's doing well. And hope all is well with your eyes! Just had my exam a couple weeks ago (I knew I needed a stronger prescription for very close up) & got a clean bill of health. Whew! Now that Coronavirus is really ticking me off! We were going to plan a trip to Italy ... not anymore! So glad we were procrastinating and didn't book a thing! But now, I can't get the hubby to even drive around Florida's coasts (where we live!). *sigh* Your card is so cute - I love the whimsical kitty! And would love to play for him. Tried adding my link, epic failure, so if you would be so kind to add it for me, here is the link:
    Thanks, Di!! :-)

  23. Ohh wow, what a fun and cute image and card. I love it! Yes for the prize please.
    Valerija xx

  24. Sweet card - love the colours you chose!
    Cute Dudley picture too!
    Helen x

    PS - I'm playing just for fun (and snippet mountain reduction!) this time.

  25. I'm so glad to see Dudley and Stinky Monkey looking so healthy and relaxed. And your cat card is fun! I do agree that the cat print atop his head is a little too funky for me, too. But, although I am a total dog person, I do make cat cards for my many cat-loving friends, so count me in for this draw!

  26. Happy to hear that Dudley is doing well. He just looks sooooo cute!

    Lovely card and it is definitely a YES PLEASE from me for the prize.

    Hugs from Finland,

  27. That's such a cute kitty card and I wonder what Dudley thinks of you using cats instead of dogs on your cards? LOL J/k - he looks perfectly content with his beloved favorite toy and I could just hug him he's so adorable! Glad he's doing better and hopefully your eye issues are in the past! I'm playing just for fun this time, but thanks for another fun playground to come and share!

  28. You reminded me that I have this stamp - no idea when it last saw ink though......
    Great card though Di.
    Love Dudley to bits - stick him in the post please. x
    Just for fun for me this time please!

  29. That is one fun and quirky card. Great prize.

    AWWWWW I want that gorgeous dog of yours, even if he will be make me sneeze! I want cuddles with Duddles!

    Funny Elbow Hugs from Sarn xxx

  30. What a wonderful stamp Di - I will say yes please.
    Love your ongoing photos and tales of Sir Dudley the Handsome!!

  31. Hi lovely Di..I'm whizzing in to say hi! Just playing for fun this fortnight but I do always like to join in the high jinks here when I can. Your card is super cute and Billy agrees. Glad to hear your eye is OK and sweet Dudley too. Poor Bear is still in the wars but better than he was plus my Hb has kidney stones so Sunday we were in hospital all day with scans etc etc. It was strangely quiet in A/E I think everyone is avoiding the big C!! LOL. I'm in full prep mode again this time for B'Ham NEC next week, frantic but all fun. Take care. Hugs hugs xxx

  32. Oh I love your card - it reminds me of a model Cheshire Cat ornament my gran bought me when I was a little girl. I'd love to be in the running for the stamp!
    Gentle elbow bumps to you all!

  33. Back with my snipperty snippet card. Yes please to going in the draw . I have washed my hands Miss till my knuckles are raw. Hugs Mrs A.

  34. Fabulous card and what a super kitty stamp.... but will just be playing for fun when I pop back later with my entry.
    Love the photo of Dudley - he is sooooo adorable and I'm glad to hear he's better now xx

  35. Oh YES please Di, count me in - I love that cheeky cat!
    I know you've had too much rain, but we are in a declared drought here and were very pleased to get 11 mm a couple of days ago. They are now calling it a green drought because there was rain but not enough to have an effect.
    Say hello to your fur babies and Len of course. CarolG

  36. Such a fantastic card and stamp Di. I know I only normally play for fun but I do love the stamp and I'm sure I could find a little corner for it should I happen to be lucky enough to win it.

    Sue xx

  37. Such a sweet card and your DP goes beautifully with the image. I'm just playing for fun so that someone who is a true cat fan gets the stamp.
    hugs to Dudley x

  38. Stranger visiting here! Yes please to the prize!

  39. Hello, Di! Your cute kitty card caught my eye! I love how you coloured him!
    I haven't been blogging for over a week due to lack of mojo, but you've inspired me to use my snippets! I want to be in the running so I'm definitely a YES for the prize! I haven't been so lucky here for awhile so maybe this will be my time! I'll be back tomorrow (hopefully) to join your playground! Thank you for the awesome prize! Stay healthy!

  40. Surprised myself to find time to visit....just playing for fun though .....lovely entries everyone and fab picks on the last challenge! xxx

  41. Good to hear you've had the all clear about the eye issues, sorry to hear you've come across the hysteria that I swear has been magnified by the media.

    Hubby's hitting Tesco's later - wonder if there will be anything to buy! He's not panic buying just regular grocery run (and no loo rolls) but ....... wonder how successful he'll be.

    Just uploaded my entry - YES PLEASE to the entry in the draw

    Happy Monday


  42. Yes please put me in the draw. I love dogs best, but my family all have cats and I do love their cats. Stay well, you and Dudley and your DH.

  43. Ah, I loved this photo on FB, Di, and it's so heartwarming to see it again today! We all need to be loved and hugged like that, especially lately. So glad he is doing well now! Thank you for sending the rain here! I so glad to hear you got some sunshine and an all-clear on the eyeball front! Love your fun card and matching paper! You are always so organized! Things are serious all over, especially for those of us who are in severe high risk. Not a good time to be a geezer! Speaking of geezers, the Mister is holding his own, slow but sure! Take care and be safe! Hugs, Darnell

  44. I've only used one snippet this time Di, so I hope it still counts! I would love to be entered into the draw please...I love your card.
    Janice x

  45. I'm loving the funky colour palette for this kooky cat Di and I've filed away your 'same background-subtle colour difference-cut on the diagonal' background for future reference - very effective!
    Lovely to hear your eyes have a clean bill of health and that Dudley is doing well too. It made me smile to hear that Dudley wagged when he heard his doggie pal's name mentioned. Dogs make very close friendships don't they! If I mention any of Eva's canine chums to her you'd think her hind quarters were going to come off - playing with them is her favourite thing in the whole world!
    Vicky xx

    PS I'm just playing for fun this week :)

  46. Hi Miss Di, and the lovely Parsnip, and also cutie Dudley.

    Just playing for fun this time arround.

    I love your wonderful card and that cat stamp is fantastic.
    You have coloured him in prefectly too.
    Love the flowered background and the colours.
    Excellent use of snippets as well.

    So glad Dudley is feeling more comfortable now with the cream.
    He really looks so cosy and cute in Len's crook of his arm.

    I do so hope all playmates and everyone are safe from this virus.
    Sending lots of love to all.

    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  47. Yes please Di, this is such a cute prize

  48. Hi Di, I'm so glad to hear that your eyes are feeling better. I am totally in love with the photo of Dudley and Stinky Monkey IV. How cute?? I love your cat card too and would love to be in the draw - thank you! Hope you and Len are both keeping ok in these weird times. Elbow bumps, April xx

  49. Hi Di, nearly missed posting my card for this challenge (and yes I'd love to win that cat stamp - we have four cats) -your card is adorable - love the colours..... Now this darn awful virus is bringing out the worst in some people - how crazy they be - loo paper for goodness sakes - bad luck for those of us who really need some - they implemented 7-8am supermarket shopping for the seniors in our community this week, so that helps "us"out a lot - people mostly being sensible with distancing socially and I'm not too putout as I love being home, at my desk and in the garden... Hope all is good for you over there in UK, take care hugs Robyn

  50. Hi, Di! So nice of you to try to pull me out of my mojo slump to join in this fortnight. I had no idea I hadn't posted anything on my blog this month at all! Oh, my....things have been a bit crazy, haven't they? I am still trying to recover from issues that have been happening around here...not to mention all the virus stuff!

    Well, that sweet kitty card you made caught my attention. I love the colors you used and the fun paper. I still didn't have the wherewithal to actually put together a card, and had to bring something out of my drafts file to post. I hope that still qualifies under the new rules as "new", since it hadn't been posted yet. If not, I understand. This is all I could manage this time around (and I think I have fallen asleep here at my computer two times just while trying to get this blog post up and the comments made!!), but hoping to be entered in for the kitty stamp. Yes, please!!

    Thanks for all the bright happiness you bring to our lives, Di. Stay well.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  51. Can't believe I missed the whole fortnight!!!! I really like that cat stamp too!! Never mind, I'm first in the next challenge. Hugz


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