Sunday 15 March 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #372 - results

Crumbs, that week went fast! Possibly as I've been out and about a bit, making sure prescriptions and meds are up to date, a planned hair chop - and even ventured to our local Sainsbury's. Talk about pillaged shelves and panic buying. Much of it is pure greed with people then selling stuff on eBay at outrageous prices - apparently now including baby formula and nappies. It astounds me just how low people will stoop to make a profit at the expense of others in times like these.

Apparently many supermarkets look as if they've been ransacked. What really cut me up earlier today was reading that that some selfish p*g with a trolley filled with packets of dried pasta in a supermarket actually refused to allow an elderly lady to have just ONE of his precious packets. I hope he chokes on it. And a couple  were apparently observed in a local supermarket to us with one trolley apiece, grabbing what they could and yelling at customers to 'grab what you can, the Government won't help at all'. I despair.

Our local care homes are also descending on our supermarkets and stripping the place of what they can find, mostly toilet rolls - without much sharing either. Their commercial providers aren't delivering apparently. I care about the elderly, we're probably classed as almost there, not that anyone has actually bothered to check if we're OK, nor will they even if we keel over - but I do hate folk possibly cheating the elderly out of what we all owe our older generation. We never wanted our kids to feel beholden to us - but a bit of decency and kindness would be very acceptable. Our latest, via text, news this afternoon is that our local surgeries group will only be doing telephone consultations from now until this blows over, apart from real emergencies. Lord help us if we truly are an emergency is all I say, sigh.

Rant over!

Oh, and also posted off the prizes from the past two challenges (370 and 371) at last. Plus, we have better weather forecast for this coming week - with luck Spring is on the way!

Let's move straight into this fortnight's picks:
This is a well deserved *Gold Star* entry from Carol G. Plenty of snippets, a wonderful fold, House Mouse and brilliant colouring - top marks Carol. Do feel free to take your Gold Star badge from the side bar to display on your own blog.

I love this idea on the card Janis brought to share with us. Loads of lovely snippets used - a really cute kitty, and just look at what you can do with a small piece from a large heart shaped doily. Great idea!  

Interactive cards are really popular right now - and Marianne shared this really clever card with us - to see the 'interaction' do hop over to her blog. A great way to use up some lovely bright snippets as well!  
Heather wowed us with this really great snippets card, using snippets all from the same paper pack. I love how they co-ordinate so well - and paper piecing the mugs to tie the whole design together is a great idea! 
Every little scrap has a part to play eventually if you save them in your paper pad. I save mine like this: 
And here's the link to my post, way back in 2014 which explains why, and how I ended up with this solution. Six years later and it still works absolutely fine for me.

I just couldn't reduce my short list any further so we have an extra pick this week. Em made this absolutely beautiful card (the embroidered butterfly is snipped from a snippet) - and I adore the gold and white on black. The 'spirograph' twine pattern reminded me so much of some big 'pin art' pictures I made back in the 70's. A really lovely card Em!
One new Playmate this time:
Kelly of 'Sandcastle Stamper'
We had 48 entries in total, including Kelly's lovely card above.

Now for the prize draw, which is for a set of Clearly Besotted 'Chirpy Chicks' stamps with matching dies. Plus, a little Happy Easter stamp by 'Stamping All Day':

Well done Charlotte - someone else who doesn't seem to have had a win for ages (January 2019 I think) - wahoo! Please send me your address, with your full name at the top as well for speed, ease and, confirmation that you still would like the prize of course, and I'll post your prize once I hear from you. Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always.

Remember folks, there's still almost another week to run on Challenge #373 - you can find it HERE. The prize is a Paper Artsy ' Squiggly Mini 25' kitty stamp - and I have five of these to give away.

Dudley is doing great, if anything he's actually better than he ever was with his daily brush and combing sessions. He looks a bit resigned at first but is standing so much more patiently and is much less skittish about having his feet, tail and ears groomed. It's taken me weeks but it's so good to see him not only back to how he used to be but even better and much more accepting. A bit like 'Whatever you do Mama, it can't be as bad as the experience that nasty lady put me through'.

Sometimes he's still a bit 'off' about having his lovely plumed tail played with, but it still needs a daily brush and comb so there's no escaping. He tries to chase his tail to put me off and I've had to resort to sometimes tucking him under my left arm like a set of bagpipes - with his head to the back of me and his tail and rear end at the front. His rendition of 'Scotland the Brave' is coming along really well 😁

I hope you're all keeping well in the current situation - we're living in strange times for sure.

At least the hedgehogs are properly stirring - we had two of them at the feeding station earlier this week. One waiting patiently behind the other one for his turn to 'dig into dinner'. And they're both like little footballs as well - very healthy to say they're just woken from hibernating over the Winter months.

Love from Parsnip and Dudley - plus a couple of 'fist bumps' from me,


  1. Congrats to all the winners :-)
    Your talk about Dudley like a set of bagpipes had me in stitches. I could picture it in my mind hahahaha
    The way people are acting saddens me. My Island is not on shut down. All Tavernas etc. shut and places only doing take-aways. We even have Police patrolling to make sure no-one opens. :-(
    I hope you all keep safe.
    Many hugz
    IKE x

  2. Brilliant picks as always and who doesn't love House Mouse for a gold star!! Stay safe - there are certainly some unpleasant people around trying to take advantage of the situation rather than 'pulling together' which is what should be happening, hopefully they are in the minority. At least if we have to stay indoors most of us crafters should have ample supplies to keep us going for a while without having to strip the shelves of the craft shops.

  3. We too have had some crazy shoppers Down Under Di - I have not heard of anything like the examples you shared, but no doubt they are around somewhere, human nature being what it is!
    So good to hear Dudley is now settled and letting you groom him

  4. Congrats to all of the winners, and I completely agree with your rant! Unfortunately there are too many greedy opportunists out there willing to step on anyone to get what they want. This world has gone mad with the media hyping this situation constantly and people have lost common sense in the process. Hopefully this will soon pass and life can return to a move civilized state again. My wish is that you will both stay well, and give Dudley a little hug for me :)

  5. Congratulations to all the winners.

    Some people's true nature comes out in times of crisis. They want to make that money. I say those that purchase all this stuff shouldn't be allowed to return it once the crisis is over. They have no regard for who it's going to really affect. [Bunny]

  6. Congratulations to the lucky winners from me too.

    So sorry to hear about the furore at the supermarkets, much the same here though I DID manage to get one pack of loo rolls whilst I was in Aldi and some handwash which I confess I didn't so much NEED as .. I like the fragrance and they don't always have it ... in my defence I limited myself to two! I HOPE that this madness will run it's course (and soon) as people realise this is going to be with us a while and get fed up of scaling that spaghetti mountain just to get to bed every night!

    Like you, our local surgery is no longer offering face to face appointments unless urgent - I guess they're keeping themselves available in case they're needed at the front line. A relative in a care home won't be getting any visitors for 30 days as the care home has "closed its doors" to try to prevent the spread to its vulnerable residents. I'd love to think it's just being over hyped but the numbers keep going up.

    Looks like our vacation won't be going ahead thanks to Covid-19 too so we're pulling up the drawbridge and staying home too. I've heard alcohol is a great antiseptic so .... Cheers!


  7. Fabulous picks and congrats to Carol G for getting a gold star on her lovely card.

    Congrats also to Lady Joyful on her win.

    Stay sane and cheerful everyone.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  8. Congrats to Charlotte and GREAT PICKS!
    UGH! Totally agree with your rant :)

  9. Fabulous picks and a well deserved Gold Star for Carol G.

    I agree with your rant - there's a lot of panic buying and profiteering going on.

    Look after yourself!
    Kath x

  10. Well done to all! I agree Di that these are indeed such strange times we are living in. If everyone plays fair they we can get through. I despair the behavior of the small minority though. My Hb is going to be working from home from tomorrow and my darling daughter as a GP is being the amazing woman she always is. They hate the telephone consultations but for routine things which do not need an examination it is the only thing to do to decrease the risk to them. Stay safe, wash your hands and carry on crafting! Hugs xxx

  11. Thanks for the laugh--can just see you & Dudley! Happy as can be that he's recovered & even doing better! You sure do find out what people are really like when there's a crisis & that is what we're living with right now. People who think they can continue like nothing is wrong are hurting all of us & boy does stupidity & greed show up big time! On the other hand, my sweet neighbor who has 2 little kids & lives on just her hubby's income offered me anything I need from what she has. She doesn't want us going to the store. If only I could clone her--haha! Wonderful picks!

  12. Great post Di, congrats to the picks.
    Have you heard the latest???
    The Germans are getting really worried, they are now putting their towels on hospital beds.

    Kath x

  13. Hi, Di....Thank you so much for choosing my kitty card as one of your faves. I am honored! Congrats to the other faves and esp to Carol for her gorgeous card and to Lady Joyful on her win! Yay!! Well done to all!

    Oh, I am so grieved to hear tales of greed that are happening all over. It is so particularly reprehensible to be profiting from this crisis and to be taking needed supplies out of the hands of those that have little or nothing on hand...esp the elderly. That just makes my heart hurt.

    Take care, everyone. Be smart and stay well!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  14. Hi Miss Di the lovely Parsnip and cutie Dudley.
    I agree with everything you have said.
    Some people are so selfish.
    Love your wonderful picks and their super designs ae gorgeous.
    Congrates to them all.
    Will visit Carol to congratulate her.
    Hope all is well with you and yours.
    Didn't have Gout it's the old Arthritis playing me up, but thank you for your info it was very kind of you.
    Lots of crafty love and germ free hugs.
    Jenny L.

  15. Wow, Di! Thanks so much for choosing my card as one of your picks... and congrats to all the other winners too! xoxo

  16. Yes, I've heard these horror stories as well. The COVID-19 just reached our province on Sunday and a lot of the same is going on here in our stores. It's disgusting for someone to try to make a buck while people are scared for their lives. I've been talking to my parents each day, checking on them by phone as they live 2 hours away. They are in the vulnerable age group and I am worried. One of the COVID-infected persons is in their county. I keep hoping this will all pass soon due to the protective measures being taken by our governments. But on a happier note, congrats to all the winners and picks! All gorgeous makes! Dudley will keep your spirits up for sure, such a cutie. Glad he's doing better with the daily brushing. I hope you and yours stay safe and healthy, Di!

  17. I despair, too, at the greed that raises its ugly head at times like this. I can only hope there is a special place in hell for such greedy pigs. I don't know if this made your news but we had a man over here in one of the southern states who bought up I don't know how many gallons of hand sanitizer and other things and then put them up for sale on Amazon and Ebay and escalated prices. Amazon and Ebay blocked him. I can't remember how (might have done it himself) but his address got out and he has been vilified in his community and online. Turns out he has been doing things like this as his "business" for ten years. It was one "feel good" story to know that at least one guy got caught and is suffering now ... I hope it happens to all these thoughtless people!

    I also hope you are able to lay up supplies and then stay in. I'd rather have them say, "Oops, we overdid the caution," then the reverse. Kevin put his foot down and made me cancel my Portland retreat in April. I'll need to decide by middle of April about another one and then the first of June is Loll's retreat ... I thought this was going to be the funnest year with four retreats planned. Guess not, lol!

    Excellent picks for highlighting! Unbelievable talent and inspiration on display!! Hugs, Darnell ~ and an elbow bump from Nellie to Dudley!!

  18. Wonderful picks this week and the thought of Dudley as a set of bagpipes made me chuckle. As for the goings on at supermarkets..... well I guess these are the folks that will be moaning about how high their credit card bill is this month and also about how much weight they've put on! And when I think back to my childhood and my Mom having to make a bit of food feed a family of five I wonder what the human race is coming to. Gosh aren't I showing my age now! So to you and all the Playmates and their families, take care of yourselves xx

  19. It's at times of crisis you realise that there are two different types of people out there :/ It absolutely shocks me. I wonder if people feel more able to do this because we no longer live in smaller communities where everyone knows each other.

    What amazing winners this fortnight! There's always something to be learned here :)

    Dudley as bagpipes and Scotland the Brave made me cry laughing!

    Vicky xx

  20. OH such a sweet post! Thank you, Di, for feauturing my card and the others are so lovely! Congratulations to the winner! Oh you are so right - the world has gone crazy pants! It's so scary right now and I'm so worried for everyone that isn't being too careful. I'm so happy that Dud is doing better! Happy tail wags!

  21. Fabulous picks for the challenge, even though I have not been able to find time to enter much, I still come here and 'stalk' everyone's cards LOL. As for our world as it is now, it does seem people are showing their true colors. I even saw an interview with some " age) say they don't feel they need to quarantine being it is only affecting the 'elderly' got ME riled up. As for the hoarding it seems to be everywhere, it has taken me over 2 weeks to find toilet paper and when I finally did, I only took 2 rolls and left the rest for someone hopefully like me that just 'needs' it!! we did sneak out yesterday and bought stamps so we can mail our bills and then to the feed store and bought pet food as I am concerned about that, but just one of each for the kitties and dog...okay I will quit too, you take care and be safe!!

  22. So behind with my blog visiting this week! Super picks again, a really lovely set of cards. Congratulations to Charlotte on her win.

    Shops are still quite low on essentials here, hopefully people panic buying will realise that they're running out of space to store everything they've bought and then there will be enough for everyone else. However, there are a lot of really good people out there trying hard to help us all get through the current situation. The young mum over the road has given us their telephone numbers in case we need anything, but has assured us it's not because she thinks we are old. LOL! xx

  23. Congrats to the winner and top picks. Love Em's spirograph card. Very classy. Our shop has stock in our little village but the bread does sell out fast. Obviously the vultures haven't got this far. I am a bit of a hamster anyway so I always have a good supply of food and craft supplies in the house, being way out here in the countryside. I may have to venture to the town for chicken food in a couple of weeks, but the hens are keeping us in eggs, and I have plenty ingredients to make my own bread. My partner went shopping and bought two coconuts and a pack of mince meat. He got funny looks from people with full trolleys buying 30 loaves of bread. It's just wild. Why people, WHY??? Useful to know so many people are shallow, greedy and uncaring. I think crafty blogland is filled with a better class of human. They used to shoot privateers during the war didn't they??? If anyone needs bread I will be baking tomorrow LOL. Take care everyone. Be safe. Hugz


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