Sunday 22 March 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #374

I just looked back at my post for the challenge which closed on Saturday - so hard to believe what has happened in the space of just two weeks. It's like a war zone in all the shops around here apparently and people are racing round in a 'red mist of stock-piling madness'.

We can only hope that eventually they have no more space to store stuff. To date Morrisons supermarkets have  decided against specified early morning opening hours for those over 70 and NHS and care workers - because their staff are terrified of the rabid shoppers who will undoubtedly try to cheat their way in, still grab more than their allocation and then proceed to fight with the check out operator. Whatever next - this World has gone crazy.

True example that my friend witnessed on Friday - one guy with five huge pizzas was told he could only have three (still too many IMHO). His belligerent reply? 'They're all different flavours'. The mentality is from one extreme to the other - either people are helping where they can - or they're almost shouting from the lifeboats 'Haul the ladder up, I'm all right Jack'.

Rant over!
Here's my snippets card for this fortnight, a nice cheerful one to brighten things up a bit:
I used:

- 5.5" x 4.25" white card blank, side opening

- piece of diagonally striped paper from Lawn Fawn's 'Really Rainbow' paper pack, trimmed to teeny bit smaller all around than the card front and glued on top

- snippets of plain white card and a selection of stamps from MFT's 'Happy Hippos', stamped with Memento 'Tuxedo Black' ink using a Misti

- coloured the images with Pro markers, picking out colours from the striped paper background

- die cut the images and then worked out what size white back panel I could use and still have a good sized border of stripes 

- trimmed the white panel to size, leaving half an inch all round which would show the striped border

- worked out where to stamp the sentiment and did just that, using one of the many sentiments from the same set of stamps, the Misti and Memento 'Tuxedo Black' ink

- added the trimmed white card rectangle to the card front, using Collall All Purpose glue as I'd done with the striped background

- added the little die cut elements using a Zig glue pen

-  drew some fine black lines on either side of the 'tweety pie' bird to give him some movement

- finished off by adding three turquoise sequins, using Glossy Accents

My snippets this week are all white card (the main panel and also the stamped and die cut images) - but that still counts of course. I've had this stamp and die set for absolutely ages, since November 2017, unused. It's been waiting for a special occasion and on Wednesday (25th March) it will be exactly 10 years since I did my very first post on this blog. What a fun time it's been and I never realised how many wonderful friends I would make on my 10 year journey. Friendships that I treasure so much. In the current climate I don't expect to be venturing anywhere near a Post Office but wanted to still celebrate. When I bought my own 'Happy Hippos' I also bought a duplicate set for the toy box - cost me almost £35 at the time (gulp) and worthy of being a celebrations prize!

And here it is - the prize for this fortnight:
The MFT 'Happy Hippos' stamps and matching dies sets. There are so many stamps and dies to play with in so many ways - it's such a fun set and that's possibly why I've hoarded it for so long! Very likely not easily available now in shops. Given more time I'd have used some DI and a cloud template to make the white background into a pale blue cloudy sky - and perhaps had the big hippo floating aloft on his own with his balloons and just a little bird, with the same sentiment. Tons (no pun intended) of ways to use them!

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 4th April. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

It's a maximum of ONE entry, please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you want to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're only playing for fun - otherwise I don't add you to my little list.

No photo of Dudley this time but a slightly amusing tale, now that I know it ended well. Len came back from walking Dudley on Saturday (today as I was typing this) looking quite shaken - my first thought was that perhaps someone hadn't kept their prescribed 'social distance'. But nope - the palms of his hands were scraped - he didn't show me until he'd given them a good scrub and put some healing gel on. Other than that, and the loss of his dignity, everything else seems to be fine.

Apparently, just as he was picking up a Dudley 'calling card' he tripped and the inside out bag he was holding to collect the poop in meant that his hand inside that bag, and the other hand one, slid along the gravel where he (Dudley) had decided to leave his calling card. So, the 'icky still hot off the press poop' spread a bit like icing and poor Len was mortified. Thankfully, Dudley was the only witness and he didn't have his camera with him.

Once I knew Len was OK I then totally cracked up just thinking what a vision it must have been. Then my tears started and it was a full five minutes before I could gasp out what was tickling my 'amuse core' so much. Thank goodness you didn't do a 'face plant' was all I could gasp - before going back to holding my sides and wailing with laughter. Me evil, me very evil! But also very relieved I hasten to add as the outcome could have been a lot worse. The laughter was actually quite well received and Len joined in - because right now we need whatever laughter we can find. Dudley didn't get the joke needless to say :)

Hope you all manage to steer clear of Coronavirus/Covid-19, it's ramping up here in the South of England and we're in one of the country's hot spots in Hampshire.

Do remember that Wednesday 25th (all things being equal) will be the beginning of ScrappyMo's Rudolph Days Challenge for March!

I'm badly behind with commenting at the moment, it's taking hours to find a delivery slot for groceries and even then, you wait for up to two hours in a virtual queue - and can be unexpectedly thrown out. Thank goodness for windows on PCs etc. so you can flip from one to another!  I'll catch up ASAP with comments and just leave you with this rather sad thought, although it did prompt a wry smile from us both:
Image may contain: possible text that says 'All sporting events cancelled but live boxing can be seen at tesco morrisons aldi lidl sainburys and Asda'

Lots of love from us all - Parsnip, Dudley and of course me,


  1. Cute birthday card. Congratulations on your 1st decade. Quite a milestone and a big thank you for your Snippet's Playground.

    Funny story about Len. Of course it wouldn't be funny if it was us. Especially the part about the gravel scraping up the hand. The other hand with the icing can be washed. I'm sure he was grateful that Dudley didn't have his camera.

    Shame on all the people in the world that are hoarding supplies that some of us could use. We'd like to have some hand sanitizer. We had someone here in the USA that spent $17,000 on hand sanitizers and other stuff in the beginning when the virus was first mentioned. He wanted to make some money he said. Him and his brother rented a truck and went to all the stores and surrounding towns to their stores and wiped them out of the hand sanitizers. Ebay and Amazon finally shut them down. They ended up having to donate it. They had already made money on other stuff. I think all these people that are hoarding should NOT be able to return it when this is over. Hoo boy I could go on and on about those dirt bags but won't.

  2. I am also laughing at Len's unfortunate event!!! Thanks for the giggle Di!
    Loving your gorgeous card, and that is one amazing prize!
    We have seen some pretty nasty 'shopping' here too - I had started to stock up a bit a couple of weeks ago, so it'snot been to bad for me, and I have family and friends locally who will "shop and drop and run" for me - I am in isolation due to my old friend asthma and Shhhhhhhhhh, my age....
    Stay safe

  3. What a lovely card and prize Di, I'll certainly be saying yes please when I add my make this time. And congratulations on your forthcoming blog birthday.
    It's naughty to laugh at other's misfortunes - but the story of Len's poop-problem did raise a much needed smile. Because of "underlying conditions" (and a vomiting bug too) I've not been out all week so not witnesses the state of the shops at first hand, but earlier in the week Mark went to Morrisons at 8am and he said the shop was almost empty - of both customers and stock!
    From today onwards it's online shopping for us wrinklies. Thank goodness we are early birds - access to the websites is much quicker and easier at 5.30 am.

  4. Oh Di that is such a cute card and such a lovely set. Poor Len, but so glad you could both laugh in these tough times. It's not the virus making us miserable, it's those greedy selfish people. Take care xxx

  5. Sad and worrying times indeed but this card has certainly brightened my morning. Mother's Day too which will be strange for so many people but thank goodness for the internet, mobile phones and so on for keeping in touch. So pleased to hear that Len is none the worse for his little 'tumble' and great that he also saw the funny side - bet Dudley wondered what on earth all the hilarity was about, bless him.

  6. A lovely cute card Di and congratulations on your 10th anniversary. I would love a chance to win the prize please. I'll be posting my card on Wednesday.

    Your story of Len's little accident made us both laugh, and I'm glad he saw the funny side of it too!

    Take care
    Kath x

  7. Congratulations on your 10 years of blogging Di. I actually went back to take a look a your first posts and managed to find when you actually took over the challenge from Jules...1st January 2012. I started my blog in September 2013 so you are a bit ahead of me. I love the hippos, a very bright and pretty card, and a fabulous celebration prize. I have not made anything new for several weeks, have just not been feeling like it and with everything else going on can't seem to get my head around it, but will try to sort myself out a bit. We have just had our son staying for the last week too, a quick visit after skiing in Bulgaria. He has just today got back and now has to self isolate for two weeks, but at least he got home OK. I always feel a bit blue when he has visited and gone home. Anyway you and Len take care, the story about the slip with Dudley 'doodoos' really made me laugh, poor Len but luckily all OK. x

  8. Huge congratulations Di. I have completely missed my own 10yrs and also 6yrs for the butterfly challenge with all the chaos going on at the moment. Had to go to two different shops yesterday just to get basics to last a fortnight so that we don’t have to go out again. This virus has certainly brought out the worst in some people. Being in the 70+ age bracket I can remember rationing and ration books . ( in fact I still have my ration book preserved. ) How would they manage when confronted with the meagre rations we had to exist on but exist we did !
    Hugs Mrs A.

  9. This is a cute card in these sad times. I love the hippos celebrating. Poor Len, but I'm glad he wasn't hurt in that fall. It is funny after the fact! Our stores are starting to open early for the senior citizens but it's still scary to be out with other people. We do have home delivery or store pick up where we order online, then go to the store and they load your groceries in your car. We will see how the seniors act at the store.

  10. Holy Crap!!! Funny story about Len and Dudley, but I am glad he avoided getting hurt and avoided the Dudley stuff as well. That could have been very unpleasant on a number of fronts. Another Holy Crap! - I'm first. The reason being, I was trying to get this card finished yesterday and be last last challenge, but it didn't happen so I'm first this challenge!! Awesome. Love your card and would love to be in the draw for the hippo's. So cute.

    We are keeping well in this surreal world and I am feeling inspired to use weird colours, hence blue bunnies with red coffee cups in black and white forest on gold backgrounds. You should have seen the gold and hot raspberry Snowman card the other day LOL. Keep well, stay safe. HUGZ

  11. I love your bright colors and these DARLING HIPPOS! I am definitely playing along this week!
    I was just at our Trader Joes this morning and they are only letting in 10 people at a time and have a line out the front... limit 2 of any one item :( I hate this...this has basically put me out of a job... I'm a personal trainer and fitness instructor... so unemployed right now ;(
    Thanks for the Len story for a smile!

  12. Huge congrats on your 10 Years of blogging and your card certainly lit up my day. I love those adorable hippos and super cheery colours... It's a big 'yes please' from me to go in the draw for that amazing prize when I get my card made and linked up.
    I did have to stifle a chuckle at the thought of Len's mishap, but just as long as he hasn't hurt anything except his pride.

    As for the outside world... I really can't understand the mentality of some people.... but they say what goes around comes around, so maybe?! xx

  13. Haha DI you are so funny! I love your live boxing match. It's very weird how people are behaving - it's like they have had a virus attack their brain!
    Glad to hear you are well and having a good laugh. CarolG

  14. Hi Di, love your little card, just so cute.
    Pleased that Len and Dudley suffered no harm.
    Your story about the man with the pizzas is so funny...well it would be if the whole situation wasn't so serious. You just couldn't make up the stupidity.
    It's the selfishness that I find totally appalling. It's been noticed that people from all over the uk are coming up to the Scottish Highland in their camper vans to isolate themselves. About 30 of them arrived in the car park at Ben Nevis and the Ranger had to get them to move out, your not allowed to camp there overnight at any time let along to ride out this virus. Totally flouting the don't travel directive unless necessary. Our Scottish Government are furious about it, as we are so rural up here and that would put extra strain on our hospitals and shops here.

    Anyway, you keep yourself safe, Kate x

  15. How adorable is this card, love the rainbow pattern paper, it is cheerful.
    Oh my, ten years of blogging, congratulations!!
    Yes please for the prize. I love this stamp set by MFT.

  16. I love your adorable card with those hippos and little birdie! Such fun colors and paper! I'm sorry, I cannot stop giggling over the Len & Dudley mishap! It reminded me of the time I was visiting a friend many years ago. We we were sitting in her yard on a beautiful warm summer day when I decided to lie back putting my head right smack dab into a big pile hidden in the tall grass. Her dog was good at hiding his business! LOL Of course I had long hair then below my shoulders! It was the most disgusting thing ever and we both peed ourselves laughing while I was crying and laughing at the same time trying to figure out how to clean myself up! I'm so glad Len did not have the face plant! I can't even imagine!! That was truly an unforgettable moment in time for me LOL Have I ever laid on the lawn again since then? I think you know the answer to that! :)
    I will say yes please to the draw this time. Hopefully this crisis will soon be over and we can go back to civilized grocery and toilet paper shopping again! Stay well, keep laughing, and have a great week ahead!

  17. Adorable card, and fab prize, Di....I'd love to be in the draw :) I can imagine what Dudley was thinking, as Len was sliding through the poo....good thing dogs can't talk!!! Things with Covid 19 are ramping up in Canada, too....and it's bringing out the worst in so many people....the hoarding, the lack of respect to rules and regulations regarding isolating and social distancing, and much more. Just when you want to go in a corner and cry at how far humanity has sunk....some beautiful soul does something amazing to renew all hope <3 Congrats on the decade, and thanks for the fun challenge....and here's to another decade with all the playground peeps, and more!!! Stay safe!!

  18. Hi Miss Di, Congratulations on 10 years of running Snippets Playground! (with no expulsion of any class mates ;-) ... Poor Len, I bet he is glad that Dudley hasn't got a camera with him. Our supermarkets are the same, though even with my parents trying out the seniors hours the usual items wanted are unavailable at either of our local supermarkets. I hope to get myself along this fortnight to play along, please count me in for the prize if I make it.. Have a wonderful week.. Megan

  19. Hello, my friend. I pray that you are doing well and staying healthy. Things are crazy here in Las Vegas as well. Pretty much the same all across the U.S. for the most part. We are doing well, taking the precautions we are able, and then trusting God for the rest. It's definitely stressful and a new experience to say the least. I pray for EVERYONE out there, and only want God's will for each person. Please let me know if there's anything specific you need to me to pray about for you, my friend.

    I will be entering this challenge in the morning with a card I created for my niece using some sweet pastel snippets. I look forward to playing along. I only own one stamp set from My Favorite Things, and this is ADORABLE so I will definitely play along for the prize. But as always, I'm happy to pay for the shipping. You are such a doll to continue these FUN challenges. We all need to use up those snippets!

    Stay well, and keep in touch.
    Karen Letchworth

  20. I'm back with my entry now, and also to say congratulations on your 10th anniversary - I was so busy laughing about Len's mishap yesterday that I forgot to mention it.

  21. Cute card, Di. So glad Len's ok, but thanks for the giggle. I'll be joining the challenge later this week with an all white creation, but as always, I'm playing for fun xoxo

  22. Your card is delightful! Thanks for keeping this challenge going.

    It is so disheartening to see the selfishness going on in the world. I have also had so much help from my neighbors, and that fills me with joy. Stay well

    (Oh, I would love to be entered for the prize, thanks!)

  23. Hi Di. Popped over to see how things were. Oh boy what a chuckle . ..
    Poor Len.. as I've a forte in doing face plants with accompanying black eyes t'would have occurred to me!
    Shunning card.. brilliant work. Just finished card today for challenge.
    No thanks though love prize as I've one similar.
    I only just realised Rudolph day almost here just hour ago.
    Yes greedy folk here too but generous ones too. I've found a little local supermarket those people mostly haven't found so some good supplies. Mind you I go only onceca week. Told by Dr to be good so isolating. .. out once a week. Strange really.
    Praying for Italy.
    800 today. 😥😥

    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless you and all you love, and keep you well in these troubles times. In God we trust.
    Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  24. Oh my goodness--I had to laugh out loud at the end of your post, Di! Just what I needed at this terrifying time. Obviously, Fritz & I are going to the long hair look, but hubby doesn't have that issue--haha! Your card is totally delightful & the striped paper background is perfect! We're fortunate to be in a less populated area in general & our neighborhood especially. Even so, it's so discouraging to see people totally ignoring the guidelines putting all of us at more risk & prolonging the pandemic. I honestly think I'd resign if I was still working since our country refused to do what was needed before this happened. Not enough masks & gowns for nurses & doctors?! Heaven forbid we listen to the scientists/experts. Money guides everything & now see where that took us! OK--my rant is over. Wishing all of you good health, little joys (no more accidents, though!) & peace. Such a blessing to have blog friends like you!

  25. Sorry--forgot to say just playing for fun.

  26. deliciously pretty card. Im taking life one day at a time at the moment. Take care. Hugs Emmax

  27. Hi Di! I love your cute card and the prize! I'd love a chance to win the prize please. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful projects and funny stories. We've been in quarantine for 7 days in Salta, Argentina. Take care.
    Blessings and hugs!

    Adry - Scrapbooking Engineering

  28. Congratulations on your 10th Blogging Anniversary tomorrow. Your card is adorable Di, I'll be a Yes Please for my name to go into the hat. I'd love to win this set.

    Reading about Len's little mishap did make me laugh, although I'm sure Len wasn't laughing at the time!

    Hope you both are keeping well (and Dudley and Parsnip of course!). Everything seems so strange with the current situation. At least it's bringing out the best in most people, just the small minority who are doing their best to spoil things for others. It's lovely to see the occasional family walking up the street on their daily walk, looking for rainbows in people's windows. xx

  29. Lovely bright card and a super stamp/die set so it's a 'Yes Please'. Just visited the virtual Playground with my card. Had an 'outing' this morning - putting the bins out, furthest I've been for a week!!

  30. Hi Di your card is gorgeous. I love those cute hippos. I am here just for fun this time. I hope you stay safe a well and get all the supplies that you need. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  31. Yes... it is a touch time to be alive. I just keep reminding myself... this, too, will pass! And, to keep me sane am spending as much time as I can in my craft room. So, please count me in on the chance to win this sweet stamp/die set. And your card is a delight.

  32. Hello Di!
    I hope you are doing very well.
    Specially,I hope you and your country are safe from Covid-19.
    Your card is super cute!! I love the stamp set!!!
    Please count me in on the chance to win.
    Thank you so much for great challenge.

  33. such a cute card and huge congratulations on your blog birthday, wow ...
    Thank you for your funny story, we all need a bit of smile in these times :)).
    here is also everything closed, we have home schooling, working from home etc but we are healthy and all together at home. it is not so bad in our shops now, at least the situation is more calm now but we had some crowds earlier, uf.
    yes for the lovely prize, please.
    Take care and crafty hugs xx

  34. Happy anniversary today, Di! Wow! Ten years!
    Great card from you!
    This time I have used lots of snippets on my Christmas card. Sometimes I wonder if I can get a tiny die cut out of those mini snippets!
    Yes, please I would like to take part in the draw.

    Take care this Corona times!
    Liv xx

  35. Oooh how cute truly one cute card to life the load of what's going on just so adorable... the supermarkets Di are just rammed all the time l haven't needed to go out too much but it can be so worrying especially for the elderly and also for those who cannot afford to stock up ...please keep safe love to you Len and Dudley ...only playing for fun xx

  36. Totally stunning card Di l just love your stamps so cute they are so nice to see the challenges still going as l am sure there are a lot of frightened people out there with the Coronavirus upon us please please please stay safe lots of love to you all and l am only playing for fun take care xx

  37. Congratulation on your first 10 years of blogging Di. It's my first 10 years later on the year. 2010 was obviously a good year. I love your gorgeous card, I'm just playing along for fun again this time.

    Keep safe and well
    Sue xx

  38. Gorgeous card. Congratulation on your 10 years of blogging. Yes please for the prize.
    Hugs, Chantal S

  39. Fancy it being ten years! It is around a year since I visited, mainly because I couldn't find time to visit other entries which wasn't fair play. But we are on the twelfth day of lock-down in Spain so I have rather more free time than usual!
    I do love your hippo card and I have to say you make a much better job of fitting your stamped images to the dies than I do! I'd love to be in with a chance of winning this set for my great-grandsons' cards, even though I know it could be many weeks before you can post them anywhere.
    I did laugh at the tale (tail) of Dudley. Poor Len. I bet he was glad there weren't many folk around.
    Stay safe and enjoy your crafting. Kate xx

  40. My goodness, I've managed to land here right on your actual anniversary. Congratulations.
    The hoarding and other dumb things people are doing are sad, for sure, although your meme about fistfights at Aldi's made me laugh. (I actually went to Aldi's on Sunday and it was quite tame. The checkout clerk said it was the first normal day in two weeks.)
    Yes please on the prize.

  41. Feels good to be playing along with your challenge again, but I am just playing for fun this time.
    Your card is really sweet. Those are really cute images!
    Will try to pop about visiting the other entries so tada for now!

  42. A super cute card Di and love the bright stripey paper. Crazy times at the moment and we don't know how long it's going to last. On a brighter note, it's a good job no-one else saw Len, otherwise it would have been embarrassing! My hubby had a similar fall into a muddy puddle when it was really wet and had to strip off to his underpants when he came home. Congrats on your 10 years and I will be playing just for fun this time thank you x

  43. I love those adorable critters you used, Di, and that striped paper is fabulous! Sorry to be laughing at poor hubby but you tell the story so incredibly well that I have a perfect mental picture. I'm playing just for fun this week.

  44. hi Di.
    I dont know why but your blog posts are dont showing in my feed...:(
    Congratulation on your 10 years of blogging !
    Wish you many more!
    oh love this stamp set that you used card!
    that stamp set is on my wish list!
    aI would love to be in draw for the prize.
    thank you!
    Poor Len, glad you could both laugh.
    take care,stay safe

  45. Oh....your post had me cringing and laughing all at the same time. I know all too well the awkward things that can happen in proximity to our animals. (Like last May when I was bent over double to see where one of my chickens was hiding under a plant shelf...and I toppled completely over landing on my head and totally messing up my shoulder and breaking my hand trying to catch myself!! I was so embarrassed and disgusted with myself for being so clumsy!! lol... My hand is about 90% recovered, but I am still trying to rehab that shoulder!! How is yours doing???)

    What an adorable card and generous gift to celebrate your 10th Blogoversary!! WOW!! I will play just for fun this time, even though that set is completely adorable with the little hippos. I'm not very good at scene building and I know others would completely flip for a chance at this great prize!!

    Congratulations on 10 years!! I have only been hanging out here for about half that time, but I just want to thank you for all the joy you have brought to us over the years. You are an amazing lady!! Sending love and hugs to you!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  46. In the current and troubling times humour is a life saver and I totally get the laughter (almost to hysteria) too as I had a similar incident in my troubled past, which took place after THE worst joke in the world! Glad it ended well though. I have to say that this pandemic appears to be bringing out the worst in some people and THE BEST in others, thankfully the best seems to be winning.

    Just uploaded my entry, gonna have to say NO THANKS to an entry in the his draw though as I already have these adorable MFT hippos!

    Stay well

    Happy Friday


  47. Well Happy anniversary/birthday on your TEN years of blogging, my goodness where does the time go anyways?? I LOVE your hippo card and those hippos bring back memories of my sister and hippos...funny story there...we (my sister and I have warped sense of humors lol), anyhow what a great stamp and die set and yes, yes please count me in for it is a fabulous set! As I have mentioned before it is quite crazy here in the states as well (Michigan), because we are now in the number 5 range of the virus, I have quit going to the grocery and am rationing our food at best, luckily I have always been an 'on sale' shopper so we are well set at the moment and are staying put for as long as our 'pet' food holds out. As for your Len and Dudley, I had a good laugh this morning with my coffee as I can quite imagine the mishap lol, glad he was not hurt but his pride and you are right, we HAVE to have some humor in all this craziness. Take care and enjoy your day!!

  48. Cutie and beautiful creation -- YES please for the prize from me.

    Also in Finland the Covid-19 -madness in stores is crazy. Everyone is hoarding toilet paper (this is soooo crazy 'cause the virus has nothing to do with consumption of toilet paper) and all those frozen items -- like pizzas. Almost everything / all places are shutting down and entrepreneurs have really difficult times. Staying at home and avoiding contacts are the key not to have an explotion when it comes to the number of people affected with the virus. And washing hands :)

    Have a wonderful 10-year-blogaversary!!


  49. Yes please to the prize. Congrats on 10 years of blogging. I love your stories of Dudley especially during this crazy time. It's a bright spot in my day!

  50. Adorable card! You are right about this pandemic!! Everyone is crazy here for toilet paper!! They are rationing all sorts of things. Last week no milk or eggs to be found. It’s crazy and scary all at the same time! I’m so thankful for my crafting time, as they have shut down my beauty salon. everyone stay safe out there!!
    Would love to be in on the draw! Thanks for keeping up the challenge.

  51. Congratulations on 10 years of blogging...The card is so cute...I am playing for the cute prizes...

  52. Cute card and love those adorable hippos. I remembered I had a hippo stamp so pulled it out for my card. I would love to win the prize.

  53. Congrats on 10 years, Di!! A wonderful milestone for sure. Your card is just darling. Love all the colors of the rainbow and those sweet, adorable critters, too. I'd love to play for this fun set. Here is my linky if you would be so kind to add it:
    And of course I tried, and failed. Just don't know why I can add it to all other identical linky's and not yours.
    Soooo happy Len was okay after his fall. The hospital is not the place to be right now for sure. And guess where I work?? In a supermarket!! haha But I only work one day a week and I have taken a leave of absence for a few weeks. And I did finally get a 24 pack of T.P. last time I worked. ;-) Stay well!

  54. Happy anniversary. Images are so adorable and yes for the prize, please.

  55. Hope you're safe & well!?
    Congratulaions on your 10th blogaversary!
    Your card is adorable Di...such a sweet set of stamps!
    Helen x

    PS - I'm a 'yes please' for the prize draw.

  56. Super cute and cheerful card Di - loving your pretty rainbow colours and loving the story...poor Len but then if we did ever run out of loo paper, there might be a few more people with poop on their hands - lighter note - it washes off. Have a wonderful week and stay safe, hugs Robyn

  57. This card is soooo adorable (aided by the fact those hippos are the cutest ever!!)!! I love the striped paper; it is just perfect for a cheery card like this! I'm definitely in for this prize, thanks so much!

  58. Congratulations on your 10 years of blogging. Thanks for sharing your story.
    Your card is amazing. I just love these cute hippos. Yes for the prize please. I have my fingers crossed.
    Valerija xx

  59. Just catching up here Di, many many congrats for 10 years of devoted playground fun, such an achievement. Thanks so much for all you have done, your kindness, generosity and for your kind sweet blogging friendship. I will link up to play and celebrate tomorrow but will just play for fun. Thanks again. More hugs xxx

  60. What a cute card that is Di! I would love to be entered into the draw please, thank you.
    I love you the way you tell your stories... they're always so funny but poor Len!
    Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary, a great achievement ;-)
    Janice x

  61. I love your little Hippo Bird-day card. It's nice to see a celebration and it's so very cheery with all the colors in the striped background. We have the same sporting event here too. I guess the prize must be toilet paper because everyone has gone goofy over the chance to win 4 rolls. Many of our stores are letting us Seniors shop before the store opens. This Senior has a problem showing up at 6 AM. I must say I do like the online shopping and delivery to my car. I just may be doing a lot of this in the future. I am happy that our NEWS folk are sharing so many uplifting clips. BTW Your card choices are beautiful. Lots of talent in this little group. I'm off to visit the winners blog pages now. Stay healthy, Enjoy Dudley's antics. Our fur babies sure make quarantine more fun. Off I go for now. I love your stop and die set but this week I'm only playing for fun.

  62. Yes, I'd love to be a winner of the prize. So cute those hippos. How did Dudley's grooming go? Hope you and he are happy. I bet he loved the attention. Hugs to you and Dudley.

  63. So glad Len was okay and it turned out he was not hurt to bad, 10 years Congratulations Di, Love to win the stamp and die set,

    Take care and stay safe

    Lilian B

  64. Wow, 10 years is something to marvel at Di! I know that I am not the only follower who looks forward to your every post and card share. The work that goes into your blog makes me hyperventilate just thinking about it. the card tutorials are always filled with helpful hints and tips, and your newsy bits bring sunshine into my home. Yes, even the tale of poor Len and his mishap with a doggie-do bag and a gravel path...ouch!!! Glad he's all right and that his body, if not his dignity, remain intact.

    I can just imagine Dudley watching the whole thing happen and then doing an eye-roll at the trouble humans get themselves into.

    Before I forget to say, YES PLEASE to this adorable prize offering! That little hippo hiding a present behind is back is such a cutie and I can't help trying to guess what the package holds!

  65. Di, this card is adorable! I hope you and your hubby are still in good health. Only short doggywalks now, I am afraid....
    And I say yes to the cute prize!!
    Lia xx

  66. Yes please DI, count me in. CarolG

  67. It's took me an age but I'm finally back with my card. Hope all is well with you xx

  68. What a wonderful prize this week Di - yes please for the draw! You've made a lovely little birthday party scene with these cute hippos and the snippet of paper you chose makes a perfect frame. Congratulations on a decade of blogging and I agree with you that our little corner of Blogland is to be treasured :) Reading this again a week or so after you posted has cheered me up because things have definitely improved at the supermarkets but your 'boxing' funny made me laugh nevertheless. Len's accident didn't make me laugh though - yuk! Stay safe, Vicky xx

  69. Congratulations on your blog anniversary.
    I would like to participate in your challenge.

    -xiss- Renate.

  70. Happy 10th anniversary to you, your card is so happy and festive! Wishing you all the best in the future of your blog and challenge. I hope Dudley's grooming session was successful and everyone escaped unscathed. Continue to be well and stay safe.


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