Sunday 22 December 2019

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge 368 - and Prize A

Hi there and a warm welcome to the Christmas Snippets Playground. It's time to celebrate both the Christmas and New Year Holiday - plus, it's eight whole years on January 1st since I took the Snippets Playground over from the lovely Jules!

First of all I have to add a bit of a disclaimer. On Wednesday evening (having finished doing all the Christmas decorations luckily) just before bed, Dudley and I were playing chase around in our bedroom - a nightly ritual I confess - whilst Len was 'closing the house down for the night'. I managed to get my feet tangled up whilst avoiding the little fella who was frolicking around them, reached out for the bed and sort of missed. It wasn't quite a straight fall onto the floor but in the process I managed to do something to my left shoulder. Absolutely not Dudley's fault in any way - wrong place at wrong time, but you know what - he ran and hid in the bathroom when I squealed in pain/tried not to throw up. Poor little sausage, first thing had to be a one-armed cuddle to reassure him I was OK!

It's been extremely painful but thankfully there's already less pain and more mobility, added to which I'm right handed, phew. It did however impact on some of my plans for making samples and doing posts for the Grand Christmas Draw - not to mention other jobs around the house I had lined up as I've been pacing myself more slowly the past three days in the hope that things will improve better if I don't go being silly. Some of you may well have noticed I sort of disappeared from email and social media whilst it was so very sore. But, there is some improvement, thankfully, and I'll do my very best to stick to the plans for the publishing of prizes during the Grand Draw - although I may have to move some things around as I still have samples to make which would be better done after Christmas Day when there's more time. It will mess up the distribution and subjects of prizes a bit but we can live with that.

Plus, I managed to take a good few photos on Saturday (yesterday) when panic was setting in - and they're not all the quality I would like. The fact that it's been raining for days on end here and we have the lights on indoors most of the time isn't helping with photos I'm afraid. IS ANYONE IN THE UK BUILDING AN ARK YET? I know that Len will help with last minute 'necessary cleaning', flip the Christmas tablecloth over the dining table for me and also reach up as well as do any heavy lifting (thank goodness we're not having Emu as a Christmas roast!) - and the rest will have to wait, just so long as Christmas itself is saved. Enough of the excuses - positive thoughts only here from now on as it could have been a lot worse! And hopefully no long term damage, phew.

Warning - this is a really horrendously looooooooooong post as it sets out how the draw will work, in a lot of detail!

First of all, this is my snippets card for today:

I used:

- 6" x 6" square white card blank

- snippet of silver mirri card  trimmed to 5.75" x 5.75" for the first layer and a  snippet of white pearlescent card trimmed to 5.5" x 5.5" for the second layer. Both glued onto the card front

- a snippet of LOTV snowflake paper from the 'Frosty Christmas' paper pad, trimmed to 5" x 5" and set aside for the moment

- a further snippet of white pearlescent card - from which the two angels were die cut using an Impression Obsession 'Angels' set of dies

- then placed the angel die cuts onto the piece of snowflake backing paper and sort of juggled then about to work out where to place the next die I needed to use

- having done that, used the background die from the Tonic Studios 'Peace Strip' double die set to create a gap approximately an inch from the bottom of the piece of snowflake paper

- glued the two pieces of snowflake paper onto the card front, making sure the top and bottom straight edges were the same distance from the edge of the white layer as the side edges were. This was much easier than it sounds as Tonic Studios thoughtfully designed the background strip die to leave exactly a quarter of an inch gap

- backed a snippet of deep blue shimmery card with 'Stick'It' sheet and die cut the word 'Peace'. Gently placed it into white gap I'd created and snipped the ends off so they just finished where the sides of the silver panels ended and carefully rubbed over the sentiment using the back of my Teflon folder/scorer to make sure it adhered well

- finally, added the two die cut angels where I wonted them to go - finished!
It's only fair to say that this was much easier to make than to explain! I mentioned a Teflon folder/scorer. I got mine a while ago  and whilst not cheap I particularly love that it doesn't get the little nicks in that plastic ones seem to acquire over time. The one I have has quite a fat pointed end so I generally use another scorer for actually scoring fold lines in card. But, for folding and rubbing down your folds, as well as gently rubbing over die cuts as I did with the 'peace' sentiment strip die cut - it's brilliant!

So, here we have Prize A of the Christmas/New Year annual giveaway -
On offer for the next two weeks is an Impression Obsession 'Angels' die set plus a Tonic Studios 'Peace Strip' double die set.

Anyhow, as in recent years, this is what's going to be going on with the Snippets Playground over the Christmas and New Year (aka Holidays) festivities.

As usual, the Playground Mr Linky which is below will run for two weeks and closing time will be 11am on Saturday 4th January 2020 and this post you are looking at right now is where to add any entries - with a maximum of just one entry - over the fortnight. One entry means you're in the draw - and the more prizes you say you'd like to win in the comments in each 'additional prize' post does increase your winning chances of course. You have two weeks to play (if you want to of course!) as no doubt the Christmas and New Year festivities themselves will be busy for you. Some of you will be busier than others I know and, for those of you who do find some quiet time to craft, it's a chance for you to play along for some rather nice prizes too. It also means I can clear the Playground toy box out of Christmas themed prizes.

So that I don't swamp and confuse you with a load of prizes to choose from in this post, I'll be posting at intervals over the coming couple of weeks like I did last year and adding more prizes of varying sizes into the pot as we progress through the holiday. That, with luck, might be quite frequently!

If you see a prize you'd like to be in the 'pot' for then please leave a 'Yes please' (or similar) comment in the same post where I show you the prize. AND, don't be shy about wanting each prize as it appears - that way you'll have more chances of winning something. So for today's prize, leave a comment below. For me, that's going to be a lot less confusing than me having lots of little lists here and there - especially as there are so many prizes coming up!  It will mean that if you would like to be in with a chance of every prize, then you need to comment on each one as it comes up - and please don't leave it right until the end and nip through all the prize posts adding 'Yes please' to each in one fell swoop. Remember, they will show up serially on my dashboard if you do that so I will notice and wouldn't feel that it's in the true spirit of the Playground. So, if you want to play then do try to pop in over the festivities and a couple of days after New Year's Eve to see what's on offer :) Of course I'm well aware that people have family commitments and can't necessarily comment every day so I will be as reasonable as possible. I just don't want anyone swooping in at the last minute and saying yes to each prize in one visit.

Also, just saying here on this post 'count me in for all prizes that are offered' also doesn't count I'm afraid and will mean you don't go into the draw at all - other people are taking the time and trouble to check out the individual posts and prizes and leave comments so it wouldn't be fair to them. Again, this worked fine last year.

As I already said, there will only be the one Mr Linky for all entries - which is at the end of this post of course. I'll remind you where to go to link each time I post a new prize on the blog if you haven't already added your one card. Also, I'll use this Mr Linky as a basis for who entered a snippets make and goes into the draw.

I hope I've explained how the coming two weeks will work in the Playground? Please just say if it's left you confused and I hope it doesn't seem too draconian. My main priority is for everyone to play fair and hopefully be in with a chance of winning something they would like.

The Christmas and New Year Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 4th January 2020. There will be a new Mr Linky on Sunday 5th January 2020. The picks and also the results of the multiple raffle/prize draw will appear one week later on Sunday 12th January - with the proviso that I find the time to do it, otherwise me just might have to move the results slightly or even leave out the picks for once. But I'm a stubborn old mare and with luck will stick to the original plan.

Maximum of one entry and please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Remember, there's the prize today and others will appear over the next two weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

Do say in this post if you want today's prize. And, as it worked so well throughout the year, I won't be splitting any of the prize bundles. As the fortnight progresses you'll become aware that at the end of all this I will have a LOT of packages to post!! The packaging let alone the postage is going to be a considerable task/cost for me in January after the draw results are published. This I don't mind at all - I love the Playground and each one of you is someone I consider to be a friend. So, do feel free to play along for a prize, even if you really only want part of it and then you can spread the love by gifting what you might not want to a friend at your end of the line - I don't mind if you do that, although I've tried to select the stuff in the bundles to compliment one another. And please also remember to link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw - and also I'd love you to be a follower of mine if you aren't already, that would be a lovely gesture.

Now, this is important girls, you can leap in throughout the whole giveaway and say 'yes please' to as many prizes as you like .... even if you haven't already made and entered your snippets make into Mr Linky at that point in time. Your 'yes please' will certainly be on the list for whatever prizes you would like to win when it comes to the grand draw, so long as you've entered into Mr Linky by the point at which it closes. At the end of this I'll be using today's Mr Linky to add all entrants names into the draw so please feel free to squeal with delight at as many prizes as you wish and say some 'yes pleases' on the way through the festive season - just remember to add just one snippets make into Mr Linky below to be in with a chance

Oh, and a few of the smaller prizes on offer will have three chances to win as I bought three of the same prizes. At the moment that means there's a good few chances to win a prize, so long as you follow the usual routine/rules.

Also, I think it's only fair that the way I do the draw is from A onwards, regardless of value or number of prizes for that day. This year I won't be using the Random number generator - we'll get Dudley to stick his paw into a dish with all the entry names/numbers on slips of paper instead. That means that if you win a prize your slip is then removed from the pot and least I'm not messing about re-running the random number generator if your number comes out again - and of course, as the draw goes on the remaining numbers will have slightly better odds of being winners and no-one will win twice. You'll have to trust me to be impartial, which I always am, but this way will work better for such a big prize draw, I'm sure you'll agree. And, as always, I will post to anywhere you may happen to live.

Please let me know if you have any problems linking, it's always easy for me to sort out so don't struggle on alone.

Sorry this is so wordy but I didn't want to leave any issue not covered!Do please ask if anything isn't clear.

Merry Christmas from Parsnip, Dudley and yours truly,


  1. Hi Di, oh my you are in the wars!! Sorry to hear about your fall. I hope you feel better soon. Good job you didn't squish Dudley on the way down bwahahhahhaaaahhaa. Oops, sorry, but my rabbit tried to kill me the other day by running between my feet as I was on my way with his food. He came from behind me, full speed and there was a seriously scary moment of feet and rabbit all intertwined. I am thinking he may not try that again for a while...... Anyway, thanks for this lovely fun celebration. I will be checking back often and yes, I would love to be included in the draw for these lovely dies. Have a wonderful christmas. Get well soon. Hugz

  2. Oh Di, poor you and poor Dudley!! Hope that shoulder is back to normal VERY soon!! Always seems to be something, right?!
    Your generosity knows no bounds!! Thanks so much for all the prizes you give away this time of year, and all year long, too! I would love to win these lovely dies (and so funny - I am in the middle of making my snippets card with I.O. dies - but I don't have these on offer). Merry Christmas!!! Becca

  3. Oh gosh, Di! Hope you recover soon from your fall.

    Gorgeous card, I still have a little left from this particular LOTV paper pad, I'm trying to make it last as long as possible. I'm a Yes Please for these lovely dies.

    Thanks for running the Grand Draw again this year, it's really generous of you. xx

  4. HI Di - First I want to say - HEAL FAST and SAFE! My goodness - taking a fall is terrible - I have been there and done that and sad to say it took me over one year to completely heal!! I hope that does not happen to you--- poor Dudley - sad pup wondering what on earth happened - by accidents do occur.

    So this will be my first time to enter this marvelous challenge - Pick me Dudley and I will be sure to put in a good word with Santa - hehe - just kidding pooch - I would never bribe to be a winner, yet I gladly say "YES PLEASE to these marvelous dies on this post- perfect for Christmas time."

    I certainly hope to scoot over here again each day, as I am making note on my computer - visit Di for the next two weeks - she has great things in store!! Yippee -

    So Signing off with a very Merry Christmas and Happy 2020 New Year - and I wish above all else that you be in good health and prosper - blessings, Gail USA - the Great State of Michigan - A Winter Water Wonderland.

  5. Sending wishes for a speedy recovery of your shoulder injury. The rain has surely been unrelenting in many areas with flooding too. Hoping you don't become too stressed over preparations for Christmas. Blessings to you and Merry Christmas.

  6. Oh what a scare! So glad it wasn't worse & can just imagine how awful poor Dudley felt with mom being hurt. Hoping you continue to improve, but remember--don't be foolish. We can wait for the holiday draws--no one would mind, Ms Di! Your card is beautiful--love the angels in white! I do love angels & don't have many, so please include me in the draw. Wishing you, Len & Dudley a very Merry Christmas--& a break in the rain! Warm hugs, Greta

  7. Oh, Di this makes me sad to hear about your fall and sore shoulder but thank goodness you didn't tear anything (or at least I hope you didn't). Poor Dudley too, so frightened when he saw you fall and cry out! I know how easy it is to have an accident when you're chasing a pup around the house because I have done that when our dog Toby was little. He lives with my parents now because I have three kiddos to chase around the house.
    Yes please to this wonderful prize pack, and what an amazing card you made with it! I had to read the instructions twice just to figure out how you managed to make that sentiment design!

  8. Sending gentle hugs. You are such a star for doing this draw anyway and I will certainly be popping in for some moments of calm. Yes, I'm building an ark! There is so much mud on our plot you can only imagine and it's only by luck that I haven't gone over Scooby Doo style. So far cats, ducks, chickens, horses, goats and sheep on the ark- not all mine, lol. Wishing you well and a speedy recovery. X

  9. Sorry to hear about your sore shoulder Di, hope you manage to rest it over the next few days, easier said than done though at this time of year! I hurt mine about 6 months ago (torn tendons) and its still not right .... On the bright side, its got me out of a few jobs in work and I've had to delegate the chore of window cleaning at home ;). Hope Dudley got over the shock of it all too!
    Best of luck with your draw, it sounds like a nightmare to organise! You're so generous to do this all again XXX

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your mishap - just the wrong time of year for anything like that to happen. As if there is ever a right time!!! Do take care and I hope you recover quickly. I'm in awe of your organisational skills and generosity with the big draw and will be back later with a card. Hugs

  11. Oh, no! I am so sorry to hear about your fall. I am still suffering the effects of the one I took in May. Hope your recovery is swift and complete. What a time to be having a mishap....and poor Dudley!! I know how easy it is to accidentally trip on a pet. (I have a sneaking suspicion that my cats do it to me on purpose sometimes!!! lol..)

    Beautiful the wonderful angels and the blue snowflake background. Love how you did that sentiment. Truly gorgeous!! Yes, please to the prize package! I don't have any angel dies at all. I would love and be so grateful to add these magnificent ones to my Christmas stash! Thank you for your amazing kindness and generosity!!

    Get well soon and have a Merry Christmas!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  12. Card posted - can I say 'yes please' for prize A

  13. Sorry to hear about your sore shoulder, sending you gentle hugs. Do take care and I hope you recover quickly.
    Thank you for your giveaway - you're so generous to do this again.
    Yes please to this beautiful prize pack- what an amazing card you made with it!
    Merry christmas to you, Len and Dudley, Majda

  14. Sending lots of love for speedy recovery, you poor thing. Thought you'd been quiet, but assumed you were just busy!

    Lovely festive make with gorgeous prize.

    You are so generous throughout the year, and even more so when doing the festive draw.

    Good luck everyone.


  15. Oh gosh Di I am sorry to hear about that untimely fall. Owwwch, please take it easy and get better really soon. Sending lots of hugs xxx
    Wow this is such a gorgeous card and I love the prize so a big YES PLEASE to this one. Thank you Di for your huge generosity both for the wonderful prizes and the time you devote here. I so appreciate it as well as your lovely blogging friendship.
    The sun has peeped back today finally, goodness me the A3 yesterday as we drove to the south coast was so flooded, such a nightmare.
    Again please take it easy, hugs and love and have a very merry Christmas time xxxx

  16. Ooh no Di l feel for you l hope it's not too long before your better nothing worse at this time of the year or any part of the year but l think with Christmas we do tend to do more especially with decorations and the tree take plenty of pain killers that's what they are for...So lovely is your card Di just love the layout and the dies used l am only playing for fun Di sending lots of love and hugs for Dudley too take care and a rest xxx

  17. Oh, I'm so very sorry to hear about your fall, Di!! Such scary moment! It seems that isn't a good period for you (but not too much, as the shoulder didn't break and you didn't fall under Dudley :) )
    I wish you a very speedy recovery and wish that the New Year will be full of health and peace for you and hubby, for Dudley and for your whole family!
    I want say a BIG thank you for all your efforts in all the challenges around the years and for this festive super giveaway party! :) You are really a so generous and amazing kind lady!!
    Your card is very sweet and delicate, wow!!! A delight for the eyes, you built an angelic peaceful scene, such great design!! The snowflakes paper is just perfect to give a fabulous sweet feel to the amazing angels and the mirri makes the card so festive!!! Wonderful!
    Love so very much the two angels and the sentiment, so I would love being in Dudley's draw for prize A :) (Love so much this idea, I can image Dudley's nose sniffing all the slips of paper and put his paws on them! ) :D How fun!
    I haven't still entered a card, because I'm late on my Christmas errands (I still have to send a lot of Christmas greetings :( and also to buy some gifts for my family members...!!! Eeeeek! :( Poor me! Hope to make all in time!)
    I will manage to write a post and playing in the playground surely, as soon as I will have a bit of time!

    I wish you and family (Dudley and Parsnip too, obviously!! ) a sweet, peaceful and joyous Christmas!!
    Big Hugs, take care and have a very a speedy recovery!! Cuddles to Dudley!

  18. Oh Di what a horrid thing to happen, but as you say just an accident and nothing to do with Dudley who obviously felt bad to hear you cry out, bless him. I hope it continues to heal quickly. Thank you for running your prize draw again this year and your angels and the clever idea of the peace die making a break in the background to place it into really finishes the card beautifully and the angels are extremely pretty, so I am a 'yes please' for this prize and will I think, now things have quietened down, actually get my card in this time having missed the last couple of challenges. Thank you for your generosity, and also the time you put in to make this challenge work throughout the year, and especially now at Christmas when you have lots of other things to do, so just wishing you, Len and Dudley, and not forgetting Parsnip, a very Happy Christmas and the best of everything in the new year. x

  19. Oh dear, shoulders do so much movement for you and I hope you are on the mend. I know that is so painful and probably scared Dudley so bad. It's good you were able to give him a cuddle. Your card is outstanding. Those white angels in the snow are awesome and I love the font on the Peace. Please take care of yourself and have Len help as much as he can. I'm sending healing thoughts for you and warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season.

  20. Ouch, what an awful thing to happen and so painful too. Like you say it was just an awful accident that happened in a split second but I'm sure Dudley will want to give you lots of love and licks to make you feel better. It really is so good of you to do another bumper christmas challenge but please don't overdo things if you're in pain. Your card is beautiful and those dies are fabulous but it's a 'no thanks' to this prize A.

    Merry christmas to you and all the Playmates and sending lots of love for a speedy recovery xx

  21. WOW WOW WOW! You are sooooo generous and I am sooo sorry about your shoulder... I'm sure Dudley cuddles help you heal faster. I will not be in the drawing for today's prize, I have similar dies and don't want to take more from someone else... but I'm sure I will be in many other prizes!

  22. So sorry to hear of your accident with Dudley. I can imagine how mortified he was, but hope you recover very soon, and don't worry about getting everything done, you are more important.
    Well done on your eight year of running this lovely and generous challenge for us, its about the only one I enter, so I will be back I hope (my memory being my main problem :) )

    Love your card and yes please I'd like a chance to win the prize.

    Merry Christmas Di, I hope it'll be peaceful and pain free for you xxx

  23. Oh my goodness Di that's just awful for you, it's amazing how these things happen, and poor wee Dudley, he would have got such a fright too. Pleased though that you'er improving.
    Your card is stunning, a beautifully elegant Christmas card, take care of yourself Kate x x

  24. So sorry to read about your fall Di and poor Dudley must have thought he was to blame. I hope it eases for you so you can enjoy the Christmas period. Thank you also for your hard work during the year and especially this grand prize offering at the end of the year. You work so hard at it and are so generous and I'm sure everyone will understand if you can't make samples.
    Your card is lovely in the blue and white and fabulous angels, but as I already have similar I will abstain from this draw (if thats the right word!). I think my card will have to appear some time after the big day now.
    Merry Christmas to you, Len, Dudley and Parsnip xx

  25. I'm sorry to hear of your accident and hope you make a quick recovery.

    This is a lovely card and 'yes please' for a chance to win this fabulous prize.

    Kath x

  26. Will message you when I have stopped meeting myself coming back - whoever decided it was a good idea to go bowling for a week before Christmas wants HIS head testing....
    Hope shoulder ain't giving too much bovver.... if all else fails there's always Gin.
    Yes please. (And to the dies as well....MWAH)
    Happy Christmas! xx

  27. Have just brought the latest batch of 🐧 over. They are playing nicely together with the 🦆 on the pond. They have had 🐟 fingers for tea.
    Am just playing for fun for prize A. Hugs me

  28. Oh no, Di, I'm so glad you're okay, and Dudley as well. Sounds like it could have been much worse. I hope you'll feel well enough so that it doesn't interfere with your Christmas celebrations. Thank you for the awesome giveaway! I'm a "no, thanks" for this one as I already have something similar. I'll be back to join your challenge at some point! I've got my snippets card already made and will just need to find some time to write up a blog post! Feel better!

  29. Merry Christmas Di. I love angels. Yours are perfect on that blue snowy background. I may not get to play this round as we are going to our son's for a week to celebrate with his family. I am so sorry you had a mishap and shoulder injury. Been there, done that. Not fun. One bit of warning, as much as pain will allow, do some stretching of the shoulder so you will not have limitations on range of motion. I ended up with weeks of therapy. Wish you quick healing.

  30. Oh, Di, so sorry to hear about your shoulder. Hope it mends quickly.
    I feel slightly guilty about taking part in this event, since I've been largely absent all year from the Playground. However, I hope to snatch a few minutes over the holidays to slip off to the craft area and make something for the the first time in ages. So, please put my name in the hat for prize A.
    Wishing you, Len and Dudley a lovely Christmas.

  31. Ouch!! So sorry to hear about your mishap and I really hope the injury to your shoulder heals without complications. We older folks (and I say this with affection!) seem to have more of them every year...sigh. I stopped chasing our Toby around the house several years back because I just know I'd end up on the floor at some point or other. I now power- walk after him for our game of chase..much safer, and he still loves it!

    Yes please to this prize package with the gorgeous dies.

    Thank you for your generous giveaways throughout the year, and for sharing your beautiful cards and talents with us. Will have to take a closer look again at your card to see how you got that unique effect with the sentiment die.

  32. I too wish you to heal quickly. Sorry you were hurt having such fun. Your prize A is wonderful and yes, but me in. I love your card...the colors and composition. TFS and a hug.

  33. Healing wishes from the state of of good weather right now, but we will soon have freezing rain, snow and below zero temps! Happy holidays to you all....your card is beautiful! I too would like to be included in this draw. Thank you for always putting on a great challenge with awesome prizes! Hugz! Pam

  34. So sorry to hear about the fall, just what you don't need at any time but especially at the busiest time of the year. Hope you recover quickly!
    I have family over to stay so I don't think I'll get my card uploaded until next weekend (it's already made and photographed as I knew I wouldn't get chance for that!) but yes please to the prize

  35. What a fright for both you and Dudley - and no doubt Len too! Get well quickly, and do enjoy Christmas :)
    I will say yes please to this prize - it is fabulous

  36. Oh no Di, so sorry to hear you’ve had a fall. I hope you are soon on the mend and able to enjoy Christmas.
    Thank you so much for running the draw again this year, it’s so kind and very generous of you. Gorgeous card and yes please, I would love to be entered into the draw for the dies.
    I will upload my card soon.
    Take care.
    Janice x

  37. You do put yourself under pressure Di! lovely card and dies but passing on the draw for this first one. Thanks.Carole xx

  38. Just back from some winter sun and playing catch up. So sorry to read about your fall, I do hope you are beginning to feel better. I'm going to try for a card as I have been super organised before I went away and not a lot to do now.

  39. Hi Di, well, of course I still am not able to get my card uploaded in that very last step! Bugger!!! lol Here is my link if you would be so kind as to add it for me. And of course, many, many thanks!
    Hope you all have a wonderful and joyous Christmas (with no aches & pains or mishaps!). hugs, Becca

  40. Hello Di, got here at last only to find you've been in the wars again. It's so hard to be careful when you have the cutest, most adorable, puppy who loves a game of chase. I quite understand but I hope you are recovered enough by now to have a wonderful day tomorrow. Lovely card, as usual - the white images look beautiful against the pretty patterned paper. Merry Christmas to you, Len and Dudley too. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  41. Gracious Di, that fall must have been a bit scary - but as you say it could've been a lot worse. I do hope you recover really quickly and have a lovely Christmas.
    Your angel card is fabulous - I love the white silhouettes against the pretty snowflake background. I'm not going to go into this first draw though but will certainly be popping in to see your beautiful samples over the festive period :) Thank you so much for laying on this generous draw extravaganza and giving up your time.
    Vicky xx

  42. So sorry to hear about your fall and your injured shoulder - hopefully it is getting better quickly.

    I'd love to go in the draw for the beautiful angels! Thank you!

  43. Di, I sure hope your shoulder improves as quickly as possible! Hoping to play in this challenge before it's over, not for a prize, tho, just to participate. And wanting to wish you a Happy Christmas! xoxo

  44. Hope you are feeling better by now - MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all


  45. Oh dear dear Di, we really are our worst enemies! Feeling for you with shoulder woes, it can make it hard to sleep too. But well done in persevering. You deserve a medal. Praying you're spoilt for Christmas.
    Am puddling here, our Christmas day is over and I am home again. Good to be so. Tired but happy.
    Yes please to this offering, love the collection. You'll see on my Snippets card I've used the stamp I sent you.. if you need another idea.
    God send healing blessings your way, dear Di. Thanks so much for all your hard yakka over ten wonderful years!!
    Prayer hugs Shaz in Oz.x

  46. OH poor you! I so hope you are on the mend now! I have added my card today, Yay! I do not need to be entered for prize A though thank you! Hugs my friend and be careful! Happy Christmas! xxxxxxx

  47. Yes please Di would love the prize posting card as soon as its made, Thanks for doing this and hope you are feeling better after your fall,

    Lilian b

  48. Would love the prize Di, Card will posted weekend

    Lilian B

  49. Poor you and poor Dudley! Our cats like to just stop suddenly on the stairs in front of you which can get a bit fraught! I hope you feel much better soon! Your Christmas draw is so generous and wonderful - thank you, and yes please to lovely prize. Hugs, April xx

  50. Yes, please for a chance to win. I just love the angels. I don't use enough angels in my Christmas cards. I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this comment.

  51. First of all, I apologize for being late to the party! I'm having so much to learn with a new pc, new operating system and new editing software. Whew! My brain is on overload right now, but I'm sorry to learn about your accident and hopefully you didn't do more than bruise your shoulder. Poor thing, you've had your share of the ailments this year already, now this? I'm sure Dudley was frightened when you went down, but hopefully you're on the mend now and doing OK. Oh my what a peaceful and serene card you've made! I love the white angels on that pretty snowflake background, so I'm going to have to say YES PLEASE to this prize draw and go do some serious reading to catch up on what I've been missing! I hope your Christmas was wonderful and filled with joy!

  52. Here is my card, at last. Hope all is well and you had a great Christmas. x

  53. Oh Di, I'm so sorry to hear about your fall. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    I love your beautiful and elegant card.

  54. Though I linked up my card to the challenge, I got enough time to read through the post today! Sorry to know you got hurt, I wish you are feeling better by now! Please take care!

    And thank you for being so generous and offering a lot of prizes! I'm starting to comment on each of them, but not really interested in all the prizes, just a couple of them :) Hope that is not an issue in consecutive comments! And for today's prize, please do not count me in.

  55. Such a beautiful card! (though I might be a bit partial since blue is my favorite color!) You are so generous with us and I know I've said it before, but this is probably my favorite challenge to play along with even without the prizes! I love the incentive to use up my scraps, 'cause I always seem to be creating more. Hope you are feeling better soon. Will pass on this prize, thank you, but have entered my comments for a few of the others so far. Thank You!

  56. So sorry to hear about your fall and your injured shoulder. Hope you are feeling better by now. Your card is absolutely beautiful Di! Love your angels.
    Yes for the prize please.
    Thank you for your generousity.
    Valerija xx

  57. I thought I'd commented but... it is been a very busy few weeks so I'll do so again!
    First, so sorry about your fall. How frightening that must have been... for you and Dudley! Glad that you are slowly recovering, but do take care. YOU are more important that any prizes, Di. Actually, you are the most amazing gift to your many, many followers. The prizes are just extra perks. So, please take care and feel better soon.
    (I feel a little hypocritical saying this after noting that the prizes are just perks... but I do so like an occasional perk. So please put my name in the draw for this prize as I'd love to CASE your card.)

  58. Oh, Di, I hope that you heal up quickly!!!! Poor little Dudley, thinking the glad you gave a one arm cuddle for reassurance! <3 I'd love to be in the draw for this beautiful prize!!!! Happy New Year!
    Susan Sudbury

  59. I've officially entered a card. Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2020.

  60. I like silhouettes on cards and these angels are so beautiful. I like to say Yes to the prize!
    Lia xx

  61. Hope you're on the mend Di & managed to have a wonderful Christmas!?
    Lovely card - love blue & white for Christmas!
    Helen x

    PS - I'm a 'yes please' for the draw.

  62. Sorry to read about your little mishap Di, not a nice thing to happen just on Christmas, poor Dudley sure got a fright too - lucky you have hubby to help out. Really lovely angel card, the soft blue PP makes a lovely background for die cuts and love how you used the shadow word die to open the space across the card... gorgeous. Now do hope you are on the mend - I'm a bit late and catching up, hugs Robyn yes please

  63. I thought I had commented here but can't find it. Love the angel's on that blue background. Of course, playing to win.

  64. You are so incredibly generous, Di! While I will be linking up on New Year's Day, I'll still be entering just for fun xoxo

  65. I'm so sorry to hear about your tangle with Dudley, Di, and am wishing you the best. The card is so beautifully done. I happen to have those angel dies and the peace die so I'll skip this prize. I am entering a card, though. Hugs (but extremely gentle ones.)

  66. So sorry about your fall and I wish you a speedy recovery and take a lot of rest.
    this card represents such a Christmas spirit, so beautiful.
    Yes for the prize, please.
    crafty hugs xx