Monday 30 December 2019

Pixie's Snippets Playground - #368 - Prize I

Now this is where I think I dropped a bit of a boo-boo - for three reasons. First of all the prize on offer features reindeer, very soon after Saturday's offering of a reindeer stamp. Secondly, a lot of you actually declined the prize on Saturday, sigh, due to already having your own little herds of reindeer residing in your various places where you craft (that 'herd' cracked me up - thanks April, trust you to come up with that one!). Oh, and April also had the bright idea of us showing our snippets mountains so possibly, in a not too far off challenge I just might ask for that from you instead of an actual 'make' - evil snigger here. And thirdly, I actually bought three of the matching stamp and die sets to offer for this prize (plus my own for making a sample) so this place could end up with a herd as well if no-one wants to re-home them!

Here's my card, which I managed to whip up quickly yesterday, still bearing in mind your lovely comments about possibly not doing sample cards - which I might still use as a fall back:
I used:

- 5.5" x 4.25" white card blank, side opening

- selected a snippet of paper from those tucked into the back of the Dovecrafts Modern 'Back to Basics Christmas' set of papers, and spied a snippet of SU 'Real Red' card to one side of the desk waiting to be put into the snippets folder so I also used that - didn't trim the paper or card stock but used them at first to match the Pro markers I wanted to use to colour the image

- then stamped a reindeer from the Clearly Besotted 'Jingle Bells' set of stamps, using Memento 'Tuxedo Black' ink

- coloured with Pro markers and then die cut using the matching 'Jingle Bells' die

- at that point I could decide where the sentiment from the same set would go - stamped that using Memento 'Tuxedo Black' ink

- then trimmed the paper and red card so I had a little red border on one edge and stuck them together using a small tape runner

- then stuck the borders onto the card front, trimming off the overlap at top and bottom once they were adhered

- finally, glued the reindeer in place using a glue pen - finished!

There I was wishing we had some sunlight to take photos - we had it at last and my camera didn't like it much as the colours and the sentiment look rather bleached. Hey, ho!

And here's prize I in the Grand Draw:
It's Clearly Besotted's 'Jingle Bells' stamps and matching die - and there are three to be won!

I bought the stamps and matching dies a little while ago ready for the Grand Draw - and can't find the exact same ones on Clearly Besotted's website. Looks as if they've replaced them with a slighty different version which is still called 'Jingle Bells', same images but with additional sentiments - although no dies are available. Another time I'll play around more, using the other stamps in the set.

I'll do a massive draw session for all the prizes using the one Mr Linky - which is on the main snippets post HERE along with details of exactly how to join in - so you do need to have entered one snippets make over on that post during this fortnight to be in with a chance :) Maximum of one entry please - to keep things fair for those who may not have time to craft. Mr Linky closes at 11am on Saturday 4th January so you do need to have added a snippets make by then to be eligible for the draw.

Just leave a comment on this post if you would like the chance to win today's prize.

It's New Year's Eve tomorrow - we'll be having a quiet time and hoping that the idiots up the road don't let off a barrage of fireworks once again. Dudley grew out of his spell of wanting to sleep wearing his onesie at night but we'll keep one handy as it does seem to soothe him much like a thunder shirt.

He's such a funny little character. He has an evening ritual where he gallops up to his toy box on the landing around 9pm or thereafter and brings 'Stinky Monkey the Third' down for a good wash. Tonight he then galloped back up and brought down part of a deer antler we bought him ages ago. Chewed on that, raised an eyebrow at 'The Trial of Christine Keeler' on the TV - and galloped back up again. By this time Len was in the bathroom getting ready for bed so he didn't see that Dudley had been having a rummage in my waste bin in the craft room and had then brought down part of a torn up envelope for me to admire - and remove from him! Next thing I know, Len wanders down with a handful of pieces of the same envelopes asking what was going on. The little tinker had been laying a paper trail we reckon. Another one of those moments when you look at one another, then at the culprit, then at one another again and just give a wry smile - not a single word was needed!

Love from Parsnip, Dudley and of course me,


  1. I love the entertainment in your house Di!
    Yes please for this one

  2. Well, these little guys are super cute! I wouldn't mind adding them to my herd (which is actually rather lonely with only one other reindeer). So, yes, please.

  3. Hi Di, I have some catching up to do LOL. The good news is I found Mr Mojo and have entered some rather fetching ATC's into the playground linky so now I can relax an enjoy your wonderful posts. Sounds like Dudley is work and entertainment all rolled into one. Not sure the camera would be able to get a picture of my snippet mountain!! Yes please to be in the draw for these rather fetching reindeer. Hugz

  4. Not a word needed, but Dudley's antics did give me a chuckle! I love your cute card & my reindeer is nothing like this, so put my name in the draw, please.

  5. Lovely card Di!!!!! I love the die/stamp combo, you made me discover them with the little Duddleys, lol!!!! Yes for the prize please! Hugs, Brigitte

  6. While I do own quite a few reindeer stamps (although not even close to a herd yet) I don't have any like this adorable one so YES PLEASE to this prize pack!
    And please keep the Dudley stories coming because I can see him so clearly in my mind, going through his nightly routine. Whether it's your way of telling it (and it is, it is), or just that sweet puppy energy that comes through even on computer,it brings a huge smile to my face.
    Your card looks wonderful with the CAS design and that coordinated patterned paper.Let's the frisky reindeer take center stage.
    I recently organized my snippets by color, so would be up for showing off my own pile o' snippets anytime! I even have the smallest bits in smaller zip lock bags that I keep by my die cut machine. When I say "smallest bits", I mean teeny some have no business even being saved.
    I'll join you in hoping the fireworks don't get out of hand tomorrow and that poor Dudley can have a relatively peaceful New Years Eve. Happy 2020 to you Di!!

  7. Trust Dudley to keep you on your toes and amused!
    I will accept an reindeer should my name be drawn for one - this is such a cutie

  8. Hi Miss Di, Please send us your rain! We are due to have 10mm which won't put the fires out at all... I would love to find a home for this little cutie, I have plenty of digi reindeer stamps but only one rubber stamp set with them... Many thanks for all the work you put in... Have a wonderful week, Megan...

    P.S. Maybe Len and Dudley were doing a paper chase!

  9. Aww this little guy is a cutie, yes please to be in your draw x
    Sounds like there's never a dull moment with little Dudley! I 100% agree about the fireworks, wee Ruby's almost deaf now but she can still hear the loud ones and they scare her witless :(

  10. Just love this quirky reindeer. I do have a small 'herd' but this one would be a welcome addition so it is a 'yes please' from me. Love your ongoing tales of Dudley's antics.

  11. Cute, cute cute reindeer and yes please I'd love to add him to my very small selection of reindeer...he looks so adorable on your card Di.

  12. Who can resist this fun set, not me, so yes please. I do hope Dudley doesn't need his onesie. You do paint a picture, I can just see him scampering up and down, and "helping" you in your craft room xxx

  13. I would be very happy to re-home one of the herd Di, so a yes please for me, thank you. I do love CB stamps and dies, and your card is just so cute.
    Janice x

  14. So glad Dudley is completely back to his adorable self after his problems of a few weeks ago. Hope you are fully recovered from your fall now too. Yes please to this adorable prize, I'm sure my herd would shuffle up to make space for him!

  15. What a sweet card, Di! I adore the fun little reindeer set!! I actually have only a few reindeer in my stash, so I would be delighted to rehome one of these sets! Yes, please!

    Oh, wouldn't dare....really seriously have us share a photo of our own personal Mount Snippets??? YIKES!!!

    For a few years, I tried sorting them as to color and keeping them in big ziplok bags in a big drawer of my desk. But I have too too too too many. I kept putting the overflow in other boxes or bags lined up against the lower shelves of my craftroom. I had to get all that put away so I could put the tree up in here. So I now have those in a large flat plastic tub shoved under my desk...along with another very big tub that also has scraps plus tons of backgrounds I have made and other supplies I have grouped together for quick card makes. Ack! lol...

    Thank you for another fun giveaway! Take care of yourself!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  16. A lovely card Di and this is such a cute reindeer. As I love CB stamps and dies I already have this set, so please don't include me for today's prize.

    Kath x

  17. Well, I'd LOVE to add this prize to my own "herd"

    Happy New Year to you all


  18. Such a lovely card Di, I love the die and stamp combo.
    Yes, for the prize please!
    Hugs, mAJDA

  19. Ha ha! I think my snippets are one of the few things in my craft room that are organised. They are all in clear plastic boxes by colour and easily reachable in a cupboard behind my desk. A lovely design for your card Di and this is such a cute reindeer I can't resist saying Yes please for this draw x

  20. I'm always amused with Dudley's antics and behavior, so thanks for sharing life's moments with your precious little furball :) I have plenty of deer in my "herd" but none quite so whimsical as this one, so you can include my name in the draw. I just love the cute little card you made with this stamp and die set! Adorable!

  21. I am saying YES PLEASE to this cute reindeer and die cut - I could not resist--- well the suggestion of a herd of reindeer was enticing - well there you go - you got me on "herd" and also that you have 3 sets so I thought, why not take one off her hands - [if I am a winner] hehe -

    on the other side of the world we are snow-less here in the great state of Michigan - namely the Winter Water Wonderland State of the USA - and I am doing that happy dance - don't get me wrong - I do love snow - I just do not enjoy very cold, freezing winters, that brings piles of snow -- snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are thumbs up in my book- yet we had none this year.

    -- as for Dudley - he has a mischievous side that is adventurous - and possibly he was wanting to do some crafting of his own?? What do I know - thanks for offering a cute reindeer leaping prize - love to have Stamp sets that also have die cut. Blessings

  22. I love your card and I LOVE this reindeer! YES PLEASE to this prize!

  23. These are sooo cute and I say yes (again!)
    Lia xx

  24. Cute reindeer. He needs to come home with me to keep my only reindeer company and I can start a herd of my own.

  25. I think I'd need a wide angle lens for a picture of my snippets mountain! Having said that I've just bought a concertina file to attempt some organisation. At the moment I have several boxes, a folder which often falls out of a cupboard spewing contents and always a little pile on my desk. Resolution 1. It seems lots of people want to give this cute little reindeer a loving home but I don't think I'd make enough use of it. Your card is very sweet. x

  26. Di your card and reindeer are adorable count me out for the prize although so cute l am just commenting xx

  27. I already have a little herd of reindeer in my craft room but I'm sure they'd be happy to welcome one more so please put my name in for the draw!

    Love the idea of us photographing our mountains of snippets for a challenge!! I'm hoping there will be lots of people with far worse mountains than mine and it will make me feel better!

    Dudley is so much like William (my previous and much-missed English Cocker) - he was constantly laying paper trails if he could get into my craft room!! His worst crime in that department was shredding my first ever (and quite successful) galaxy background - I was more than a little ticked off!

  28. Oh Di! He is so cute. This reindeer herder has to say yes!! Some rather tiny snippets went to bin bag heaven today...this is because I got a new crafty desk from Ikea yesterday and organisational manoeuvres are underway. Like Alison, a wide angled lens will be necessary for the panoramic view that is Snippet Mountain.
    I really hate New Year fireworks. Somebody was setting them off at about 11.30pm on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day. I would love it if the powers that be could get a grip on this menace!

  29. Forgot to say that I love your card - love the background paper and the matching colours on the reindeer.

  30. I actually would love to have a heard of reindeer, so yes please the prize. I only have one reindeer stamp in my collection! I hope you don't have too many fireworks. My cats run and hide when they go off.

  31. Love all the "herd" herd is only 6. Yes, please. I need more and this is a cutie. tfs your Dudley story. Make me smile.

  32. I would happily "re-home" this darling reindeer, Di, and the one on the Saturday post. I adore your card! I warned you I might be one of those who posted comments all on the same day but I'm still on my Christmas travels and have just now managed to wrest some WiFi time away from the grandkids for the next hour so I'm sitting down to visit now. :-D Happy New Year to you and yours.

  33. A darling card! The reindeer just looks so happy dashing through the air. I'd love to win this set! Thanks for the chance and have a beautiful day (I'm trying to see past the dreary So. Florida weather myself).

  34. Such fun beautiful card with that cute reindeer! Absolutely lovable, and easy to transform in a horse masking the ants, I think! :D So count also me in the draw.
    If the challenges will need a photo of snippets I will have to make some, as one isn't enough to show all them! :D
    Dudley seems in need of your attention, or he is becoming mischievous :D but it's so fun reading about his evening plays! Hope that there weren't fireworks in your zone, in my zone and in all the world!! I hate fireworks, as dogs, cats and all the animals do!

    Hugs and cuddles :D And Happy New Year Eve!

  35. No-one does cute like Clearly Besotted and this little reindeer is a cutie - although I do think his dash through the snow is more of a lollop! Your card has show-cased him nicely Di and I'm loving that paper you used as a background. I really don't need another reindeer though so I won't enter the draw for this prize thank you.

    Fingers crossed for no fireworks for you. We've already heard distant ones and Eva was alert but not too bothered.

    I love that Dudley brings you things! And laying a paper trail too - he obviously considers it his duty to entertain you and Len!

    Vicky xx

  36. Adorable stamp/diecut set! I like your choice of colors.
    Please enter me for this prize!

  37. I have three or four reindeer that would love to mentor this little guy. So yes... plea) se. And... a big NO Please!! to taking a photo of our scrap pile... or in my case.... scrap piles! (My sweet hubby often refers to my craft table as my "crap table "!

  38. Super card Di, using this adorable reindeer. As much as I would like to give him a home, I think my herd is probably big enough, so I'll pass on the the draw for this prize. xx

  39. Such a beautiful card. Love the cute and fun image.
    Yes for the prize please.
    Valerija xx

  40. Oops - I'm a day late here. Fabulous card Di, he's such an adorable reindeer but again it's a 'no thanks' from me xx

  41. Well I love reindeer, the more the merrier! This is a cute set - I'm a YES, PLEASE! Your card is adorable! Oh, I forgot about the fireworks - I hope no one sets them off here - we're having freezing rain so that might keep them indoors! The cats are terrified of fireworks! Thank you and Happy New Year!

  42. This wee reindeer is totally adorable!
    As for snippets mountain...mine is more like a mountain range...snippets of card sorted into separate colours...special card finishes the same...then snippets of patterned papers with their pads...
    Helen x

    PS - I'm a 'yes please' for the prize

  43. Aww this one is a cutie, yes please Di. I hope the fireworks didn't bother Dudley too much. We watched the displays for miles around from our daughter's balcony, it was magical but I agree not for the poor pups. The neighbour's dog was doing potty! Hugs xxx

  44. These reindeer are so darn cute that I want to scoop them up and give them big sloppy kisses! YES PLEASE to this set, unless my mom wins one and then I know she'd share with me, lol.

  45. Cute reindeer looks so adorable on your card Di. YES please to this set :-)
    Hugs, Majda

  46. Such a cute card. And this stamp and die set is just super cute. Yes for the win, pretty please.

  47. Fun little deer and a great card Di!
    Late visiting so leave me out of this one! x

  48. I love CAS and this is such a cute reindeer.
    Yes for the prize, please.

  49. Love your stories of Dudley's antics!!! This is such a sweet card, and so I will say yes please to the prize 😊
    Susan Sudbury