Sunday, 7 October 2018

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #335 - results

What a week! Hard to believe that Dudley has been here for 11 days or so. It's been tiring (little sleep for about three nights but he's settling down beautifully and sleeps right through the night now). It's also been utterly amazing! He is the most delightful, happy and funny little pup. On Friday it was his first outing since we brought him home - to see our vet for a second innoculation, some first outing! He hopped happily into his pet carry bag for the journey and never even murmured when the lovely lady vet checked him over, gave him a jab and also clipped a teensy bit off the ends of his claws. And, apart from being a bit sleepier than usual, it didn't seem to affect him later on. One more visit in two weeks time - and of course he has utterly enchanted everyone who meets him

Anyhow, let's get straight on with the fortnightly 'picks' and first of all we have a *Gold Star* - this is absolutely stunning with SO much careful detail:
I can't begin to think how many hours of planning and work Donna put into making this amazing card. The personalisation is so perfect, you really must go and read about it on Donna's blog post!

Do please take your Gold Star from the RH side bar Donna - and thank you for such a fun entry!

And here's the rest of our fortnightly picks:

Nicky hopped in waving this glass, and another one, decorated using leftover snippets of vinyl! She was slightly hesitant as to whether they counted as snippets - they most certainly do and such a clever idea as well!

Heidi had been making Christmas cards, using square and circular snippets to create backgrounds - so colourful and such fun - as well as great use of snippets!

And just look at this for a fabulous way to use up snippets! Kathy A made this great card using loads of snippet strips! There's a link over on Kathy's blog but to be honest I think her own photos in the blog post provide a good guide - a lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon playing with strips of paper I think.

These all used snippets in ingenious ways that might inspire you girls to try for yourself - which is one of the aims of the Playground of course.

We had one new Playmate joining us this time:
A huge welcome to the Snippets Playground Marg - hope to see you again soon!

So that was one new Playmate this time round - and we had a total of 49 entries. Bit of a drop but totally fine by me, given the lack of time I've had to comment. In fact, as I type this I haven't even managed to comment on any entries for the current challenge - but Len is home (rain stopped play at archery) so I hope to get some peace to play catch up after I finish this post.

Now it's prize draw time, and our two winners of an MFT 'WISH' die are:

Two lovely winners - I'm sure it's a first win for Pippa and also that Karen hasn't won in the normal draw for about a year. Well done ladies!

Do please send me your addresses, with full name at the top as well so I can copy and paste or just write straight from the email onto the envelope - for speed and ease. I don't keep addresses of previous winners, even if they might be in my private address list - if that makes sense! It's also confirmation that you still would like the prize of course, not that I doubt it really! I'll post your prize once I hear from you. Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always.

Remember folks, there's still almost another week to run on Challenge #336 - just check back a bit and you'll easily find it. The prize is a set of dies as well as a single die, two lovely items making up one prize, kindly donated by Viv.

And, here's a photo of Dudley to finish off with:

Lying on my glass cutting mat on the desk is one of his favourite places - which certainly puts paid to crafting. He woke up just before I took this photo, hence the 'bad hair day' look! We're working on the tear staining as well during his brushing/grooming sessions with me - which he generally loves ........... until you take a pad to wipe near his eyes of course! He was also weighed at the vets and has put on half a kilogram in weight since he arrived here, so he now weighs 2.35kg which is just right apparently. Hooray!

And my shoulder is almost back to normal again - double hooray!

Hope you all have a lovely week ahead, and little Parsnip and Dudley (woof!) send their love too!


LesleyG said...

OH my, he looks adorable! Hope he's getting along with Parsnip ;) and so pleased your shoulder is better, but don't go overdoing it! Take care xxx

ionabunny said...

Congrats too the lucky winners. Dudley is adorable. Hugz

Megan J said...

Hi Di, a super set of top picks this fortnight and little Dudley is looking quite cute, even if he just woke up... have a wonderful week... Megan

Greta said...

Oh my gosh--he is just adorable & so glad to hear the good report! Give Dudley an extra cuddle from me!

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Awwww.... Dudley is the most adorable puppy!! :) Such sweet face, he just melts my heart! And seems that he has a very good character!
Big congrats to all the top picks and to the two lucky winners! So glad to see another interesting way to use scrap stripes, Kathy A has made a fab work!

Kathyk said...

Congrats to all of the winners/featured and big hugs to Dudley who, frankly, looks cute enough to eat!


Sue - said...

Lovely picks Di and gorgeous photo.

Karen said...

What a lovely surprise on an earlyish (early for me) Sunday morning lol! Oh my goodness Di he is so cute, cute, cute!! Just so adorable. It's so much fun when they are this age and you bond so much with them, take time to enjoy it!! Will email my details later huni, but thank you anyways that die is going to be very useful xx

Andrea J said...

Just loving that doggy. With regards to the tear staining we have always had white cats and the breeder advises just warm water on a cotton pad ( not one with any additives, of course). Do you brush his teeth? We start with the kittens as soon as we get them, no complaints. A biscuit treat afterwards is greatly anticipated!

Sandra H said...

Great picks again Di and many congratulations to the winners enjoy your win..Oooooh such a little darling he's gorgeous so pleased your all sleeping again and your shoulder is on the mend sending lots of love x

Carol L said...

Congrats to Karen and Pippa and I must say I'm blown away by the snippet makes this time around! Well done everyone!

Sarn said...

Waving hello to the newbie. Sending congratulations to the winners and those showcased.

Snuggles to Dudley and Parsnip!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Di said...

Hi Andrea! So kind of you to add advice, it's a long time since I brought up a puppy (Bichon) and things have changed so much since then! The vet advised warm water on a cotton pad - or even cold tea! I'm just sticking to warm water as you say, the tea sounds like it would stain all the more. And yes, thanks about the teeth, you reminded me that was the one thing left on my list yet to get. All ordered now so the fun will ramp up even more :)

Di x

Viv said...

Just pass me 2 pieces of bread to make a butty with that lovely Dudley! He is so cute Di.
Great top picks this week too. xx

Linby said...

Great picks - so much work has gone into them all. Hello to Dudley - glass mat eh - probably nice and cool.

Brenda said...

Wow, so many beautiful picks this time Di! I am so loving that card Donna did and the lovely wine glass done with vinyl snippets. Glad to see there was a new playmate as well. Welcome to Marg! I am always impressed at what other's do with their snippets. That Dudley is just getting cuter and cuter! Glad his visit went well at the vets and that he handle the shots well. Kahlua just had her last shots for a while but has a spay appointment in Nov. Glad Dudley is settling in and sleeping through the night as well, that is always a huge plus! Give Parsnip and Dudley a hug from us! Hugs, Brenda

KathyA. said...

Congrats to the winners and welcome to Marg with her adorable foxy card. I was thrilled to see that my snippets heart was one of your picks. What an honor. And so glad to see that Dudley is settling in and growing. He is a cutie AND an attention sponge, right?

Pat said...

Congratulations to Pippa and Karen for winning the lovely prizes, and wonderful picks again Di, especially that gold star one by Donna. How cute does Dudley look sat on your desk, and glad to hear that he is being so good about going to the vet and having an injection, that's one thing he's passed with flying colours. x

Marg said...

Hiya Sarn,
Im waving back at you and Thank you for the lovely welcome, I appreciate every single bit of every one ;)
Warmest hellos
Marg ;) x

Marg said...

Hiya Brenda,
Thank you for the lovely welcome, I appreciate every single bit of every one ;)
Warmest hellos
Marg ;) x

Marg said...

Hiya KathyA,
Your snippets Heart is adorable!! Congratulations on being picked.
Thank you for the lovely welcome, I appreciate every single bit of every one ;)
Warmest hellos
Marg ;) x

Marg said...

Hiya Di,
Thank you for your lovely welcome & mention of my card with being a newbie to here, I appreciate you paying attention to me & my Foxy.. The guy (a dear friends son) loved the card too so that made it extra special. After all the years that Ive sent him a card for Birthday & then Christmas, this is the first card that hes actually commented on how nice it was!!
Dudley is so cute!! He reminds me so much of a white toy poodle that my parents used to own. But I must admit too, that Dudleys face is too cute for words!!
You will see me again, thank you again for such a fabulous, very warm welcome & mention, no other blog that Ive seen in my years of Blogging.
Marg ;) x

Di said...

What a lovely message Marg - thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to write it. Delighted to have you playing with us!


Di xx

Em Louise Fairley said...

Amazing cards and a gorgeous Dudley. What more could we want?
Em xoxo

Pippa said...

Thrilled to have been pulled out of the hat for a prize. Dudley looks adorable and that is coming from someone who likes cats! (Quick cover Dudley's eyes so he does not read this bit!!)

Liz said...

Great picks, Di and Donna's Gold Star card is a real masterpiece. Dudley gets more adorable every day! xx

Craftdee said...

Eeek! Thanks so much for my "Gold Star" Di, so glad you liked my card :-) It was a lot of work... but not work at all, as I really had fun getting all those details onto one li'l ol' card :-)) Dudley is looking gorgeous, hope Parsnip is not TOO jealous, Donna xx

Lia said...

YourDudley always makes me smile when I see him. Het is soo cute (even with bad hair!).
Gongrats to the winners!
Lia xx

Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

Hopefully the third time trying to comment here will be the charm! I’ve been having some odd problems with blogger with my comments vanishing.

Thanks so much for the shout out for my snippets card. I had fun making it and had no idea it would get noticed. Love all the entries this time,and it is always nice how you feature the new participants. Have a nice weekend.

ionabunny said...

Congrats to the lucky winners. Awwww, Dudley....... Hugz

Nicky said...

Wow thank you for picking my glass as one off your picks and Dudley is looking lovely and cuddling as ever.