Monday 1 April 2013

Glue and sticky stuff alert

Until the other day I'd never even heard of 'Poliflora' - but whilst browsing the web I picked up that it's a plant derivative which is widely used in the production of adhesive. In simple terms I think it's a natural form of cellulose or similar which in turn provides the 'elasticity' in glue. And, due to the dreadful weather everywhere round the World seems to been having, crops are bad and there's a predicted shortage. Even that didn't faze me, until I delved even deeper - due to the shortage, adhesive is set to double or even treble in price. Mama mia!

Poliflora is used in adhesives used by us crafters! Take a look - I just grabbed a few glue based items I use regularly and all of these are dependant on Poliflora:
DST, glues, tape runners, ATG gun tapes, double sided adhesive sheets, sticky pads - and even Stickeroos are reliant on adhesives which have poliflora as an additive in the glue making process.

Sheesh! I'm gonna stock up for sure - you might well want to do the same if prices are set to double or treble. I've found a long list of adhesives and brands which use Poliflora - just go HERE to check it out and make your own mind up.

Sigh - I thought it was bad enough with Kanban going to the wall, but this is much more serious :(



  1. Of course, I meant the Poliflora, but, for some reason, I could not leave a comment here earlier. Glad the talc worked so well. I have a huge baby powder in front of my desk at all times. It is also brilliant if you get a little sticky bit somewhere you cannot get it off. A little powder rubbed in deals with the problem. Thank you for your lovely comments. xx Maggie

  2. Yikes! That is going to affect my scrapbooking and painting!! Better stock up! And Coffee!
    Thanks for the tip off!

  3. I guess you've turned the comments back on! This was too funny, Di, but you really could have caused entire stock markets to collapse all over the world, thereby collapsing the entire world economy!! I mean, when you think about it, doesn't glue hold just about EVERYTHING together in one form or another!

    Was there drinking involved here? This is diabolical and I'm so proud to call you my friend.

    But I may as well point out the obvious (as I'm sure my playmates have already done!): you know we are all going to remember this forever and throw it right in your face if you try and discipline any of us on the Playground for some little infraction. NO ONE will ever be able to top this!!

    And, finally, since I totally missed it the first time round, where is your subscriber button? Hmmm? xxoo Darnell

  4. LOL! I may have to stock up on adhesives just because. Actually I learned it is a bad thing to stock up on some adhesives--they lose their will to live when they age. I had a good laugh at your April Fool's post. I just read an article on cat gender reassignment surgery for transgender cats which made me thing, "Oh, boy, what is this world coming to?" Then I got wise and checked the date of the post. Yep, April 1st.


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