Thursday 13 September 2012

Snippets Playground - anyone for driving lessons?

I took this piccie when we went to Taos the other day and thought it would be great for driving lessons in the playground. Of course it will have the engine removed so you'll just have to sit in it, peer over or through the steering wheel and go 'Vroom, vroom':
And perhaps a pink re-spray?

Edit: I'm over-ruled and totally agree that the blue is best.............err, maybe with pink seat covers???



  1. S'alright . . . we have some pink paint to hand.

    Also . . . now we are a FREE SCHOOL, I'm sure you're allowed to teach us how to drive!

    Sarn xxx

  2. What a gorgeous old truck! Ilove pink but that car is a classic colour!

    Soiunds like you are still having fun!


  3. You can't paint it pink - it's beautiful in classic blue!

  4. Vroom Vroom - do we get Pink jackets to go with the pink car?! Zo xx

  5. Love old trucks. This would be compatible with pink, unless you really want to change the color!!! (Pink & blue....hmmm?)I can do Vroom, Vroom...

  6. I always said I'd have an old turquoise truck by the time I was fifty -- well, that didn't happen. I just admire them from afar...


  7. Lol..........l bagged going first!! not to keen on the colour though! x

  8. I love the colour! Will there be a whole in the floor so we can walk it along, lol?

  9. Hope there isn't a slot for money?
    Kath x

  10. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog...Glad you put Len to good use. My DH hates going through the till at craft stores...he is always sure they are going to ask questions...hahaha

    Sure enough, the second or third time I sent him through, they asked what he was going to make with his item!!!
    Poor DH!

    Craft supplies are so epensive that if I can seave 40%, I am thrilled. This week my local scrapbook store put 3 whole walls plus an island full of newish stock on for 7o% off. I bought for myself and little Miss C. Then I went back again with my neighbour and sent her shopping as she waters my garden when we are at the lake and I tend to buy her gift cards throughout the summer at that store.
    This time I just said pick out 40 bucks worth and she got so much more value for the money.

    Safe journey home!

  11. Cool car, is it in SU Pool Party?

    Enjoy your time before you come back to our building site :)

    Big hugs xx

  12. You are the best! Always thinking of the playground and what fun we could have. That truck is the perfect color - sorry, I know how fond you are of your pink. How about pink seat covers?

    Thanks for coming by to see me and for your kind wishes re my bum back. I'm so happy for you that yours got well before your trip and has held up the whole time. Now I hope it stays that way for the trip home. Have a safe trip and see you soon!!

  13. Baggsie first dibs at this. Having done a car maintenance course AND owning dungarees, I think I am qualified to both play and drive this!! I also have the claxton horn on my lovely Volvo car!! Honest Miss! Just like the one in Waltons!!

  14. And a pink carnation in a pink vase on the dashboard too. hugs Mrs A.


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