Thursday, 6 September 2012

Santa Fe at last

Do marathon journey - check. Stay over in Albuquerque - check. Collect hire car - check. Drive to Santa Fe whilst marvelling at the wide open spaces - check. Book into very nice place - check. Decide that plastic/polystyrene cups just will not do for early morning tea (yup, I brought tea bags) - so drive to Walmart for a general nosey around and some shopping - check. Return to hotel.

Go for mooch around Santa Fe and end up at La Fonda on the Plaza to eat, plenty of country music, dancing, good food and drink.
 Oh yesssss, it feels as if we've finally arrived here - let the holiday begin :)



Annie said...

Wahoo....sounds like things are going well. Have a great holiday.
A x

Bernie said...

Enjoy! Hope all goes well.

scrappymo! said...

Oh hiney! Santa Fe!!!

I think you should check out Michaels and also Hobby Lobby.

Not sure how long you are there for but if you sign up with Michaels emails online, you will get a 40 % off one item coupon and this week I got a 50% off as well when I went thru the till.

Have buckets of fun!!!

Planetsusie said...

Yeeha - sounds like you are enjoying yourselves. Hope you have your cowboy boots.

Hugs to you Sue P xxx

Better leave the bucking broncos alone because of your back!!!

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

So glad you feel the holiday has now started. Have a drink for me! Don't bring back any Tequila worms.

Sarn xxx

Lynne said...

Sounds fab. Have a wonderful time.
Lynne xxx

Sandra H said...

Oh sounds like heaven di!! enjoy and make the most of it xx

Kathleen said...

Ok, I've got you sussed, you're really still at home and posting picures of postcards, as I don't see you or Len on any of them. Must have done a lot of research though.
I'm only jealous.

Kath x

Anne said...

Wow have a great time!! Am very envious. Anne x#122

Darnell J Knauss said...

Phewie!! Thank God! I have been to Sante Fe twice and LOVED it there. I hope the rest of your trip is fantabulous!!

~Tammy~ said...

Yay for you!!!!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Have the best time there - Santa Fe is some place out of films, sounds so exciting!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you feel like your holiday has started at last :)

Hope you took a nosey down the ice cream aisle in WalMart, that's certainly where you'd find me!

Your photo looks like a movie set. Great sky!

Take care xx

Elizabeth said...

I've checked and that all sounds simply fantastic. Sounds like you are having a great time now that your back on terra firma and I hope you continue to have a wonderful time over there. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

MaryH said...

Don'tcha just love those wide open spaces? Enjoy all the different foods too. That's my thing when we go traveling. Should be lots of art stuff to see also. Have a great time.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

cant believe, Di you find time to blog and have a trip well done you!! great share too you make me chuckle :D Shaz in oz.x

505whimsygirl said...

Di, glad you enjoyed La Fonda. See you soon..... hugs, kay

Planetsusie said...

Hi there Di - you are still making me giggle all those miles away - it looks lovely over there.

Take care

Hugs Sue P xxxx

Samantha Elliott said...

You lucky Bunny! And there was me thinking you had gone to Spain! Not quite ey!

Victoria said...

Happy holiday wishes winging their way across the pond!