Sunday 2 September 2012

Pixie's Crafty Snippets Challenge - 36

'Eggsactly' as I feared - so sorry but yesterday wasn't a brilliant day all round. Thankfully the back problem is improving but other events conspired against me, not even a chance of making a snippets card :(

So, I'm really sorry but there's no roll call this week.

A quick rundown of events, there are dirty dealings afoot whilst I'm away on 'teacher training' - I managed to get my hands on some plans from the local planning department, submitted for a tree house in the playground:

Yeah, right - I admit it's rather splendid, and I suppose the chikkin coop could be located in a corner underneath :)

Why do I think that Victoria started the idea for the tree house rolling - I might be wrong but it sure has taken off and seems to be a bit of a fait accompli.

So my sweet friends, apologies again - I know most of you do hop to and fro between blogs commenting during the week anyhow and that's so important. It's good to encourage one another, ahem, even if it does also include cooking up evil little plans.

I'm adding Mr Linky as usual, for this coming week. I make no firm promises but if at all possible I'll do a roll call next weekend - it depends on how busy this 'teacher training' course is and whether I get much free time. I'll certainly find time to visit you though.

Have a great week, keep using those snippets - the playground is open all week and will close on Saturday 8th September at noon, UK time. I'll be watching from afar :)

Mr Linky is below as usual.


The only conditions to playing nicely in the Snippet Playground are that your card (or anything else you wish to bring here to show) must be made by using up snippets (card, paper, lace and ribbon are all fine), and a link back to here in your own blog posting will mean that you'll be included in the Weekly Roll Call. Oh, and no nipping or hair pulling of course :)


  1. Famous at last!!! Hugs Mrs A.
    And howd you get a bad back in the first place anyhow!!!!

  2. Thanks for the visit Di. I'm getting in to play early this week since you gave me a reminder. I hope your 'teacher training' isn't too strenuous and you get some time for fun this week. That's some treehouse!

  3. Wow, that's some tree house. Looks like there will be room for all. Plenty of room for a fab craft room. Will Harriet and Margo have a penthouse coop? Boy when you girls make plans, they are royal! Not wanting to spread rumors, but the talk around the playground is...table dancing might have caused the back injury...mind you, it's just rumor! I hope you feel better very soon...the playground isn't fun without you!

  4. WOW . . . that is SOME Chikkin Coup (Ahem, I mean TREE HOUSE, of course).

    And who's idea was it to keep Rudolph in there? For goodness sake Victoria, what's Father Christmas gonna do without him?

    Great egg cosy & card Mrs A.

    Right . . . I'm off to find my hammer and join the construction crew . . .

    Hope you feel better soon Miss Di. xxx

  5. Hope your back feels better soon Di. Wow that is one impressive treehouse, cant wait to see the chickin coop plans now. Hugs, Amanda x

  6. Sorry to hear about your back Di, bad backs are NO fun at all and certainly something you could do without :(

    Mega smart treehouse there, where is the lion lookout? Will we have to wear swimming caps in the pool? Can l be on egg collecting please? Eggciting, Eggciting!

    Fingers crossed you have a better week, rest up a little and don't worry about the playground, I'm sure Swampy won't have moved it by your back on your feet lol

    Big hugs xx

  7. Ooooooo the plans look even better than I imagined! THough I think there should also be a slide into the swimming pool... for hoomins and chikkens if they want to slide as well. Re: Rudolph, I only meant that Sam could make a card with her new Rudolph stamp showing him in a treehouse! Though according to the Night Before Christmas, Rudolph is not one of the twelve reindeer. Innit.
    Get better soon, Di, the playground isn't the same without you and your table dancing!

  8. Hope you feel better soon, Di, you poor thing. If you sit right at the back in the training you might be able to grab a few winks (not that I ever do that you understand!!!) The plans for the playground look amazing, and we will have to get you a nice sun lounger that you can lie on whilst keeping an eye on the girls. Mrs A's knitting is fabulous. Maybe you could get her to knit you a hat for playground duty in the winter x

  9. Poor you, Di - hope the back eases soon and that the 'teacher training' goes well. Wow! such plans - love the treehouse - somewhere to hide for a while away from other goings-on! Love Mrs A's clucky cosy. Hope everyone has a good time in the playground this week. I'll be away from Wednesday, so not sure how much I'll pop in - away for ten days, but will have internet access so I imagine I'll still visit to see how everyone is getting on and how the new construction work is going! x

  10. Sorry to hear about your back Di. I did try to warn you about stamping your foot in the corner too much and look what it has done. The Treehouse is now under way and you have a bad back!!
    As for table dancing....I am ashamed of you. YOU a teacher no less! Do you want some horse liniment?

  11. Tee hee!!

    Everyone cracks me up .. .. and all this laughing must be making your back worse Di!!

    Hope it improves soon.

    Love the plans for the playground .. .. .. that is one treehouse come chicken run!! LOL!!!

    Fabby egg cosy Mrs A. Love it!

    Have a good week everyone. Off to get my overalls on and fill up the flasks ready to "muck in" with the construction work.

    Love Jules xx

  12. So who's the lousy snitch what told teacher about the plans on file at the PD, emm? It's lucky for us that she's away so we can have it all done by the time she gets back. In her secret heart she will love it, but she better not step in any chicken poop or on any nails. I'm bringing an extra broom and bin (and, of course, refreshing beverages).


    Di, sorry to hear about your back problem and hope you have relief soon! Don't worry about the roll call, we understand how it goes. Good luck with the course!!

  13. Awww Sweetie so sorry to hear about your back. I'd loan you my back brace but I'm afraid it's in use ATM. No Fun is it. Hope you get to relax and recuperate during your 'teacher training'. You and I can hand out cakes and lemon aid whilst the other construct that amazing tree house.

    Fab egg cosy Mrs. A. Love it!
    Love & Hugs

  14. Sorry to hear you are not well Di. Did you get that bad back carrying all the timber into the playground for that fantastic chicken coop (oops) I mean tree house? Take it easy. Lynn (A) xx

  15. Oh Di - I am so sorry your back is still poorly - I am having physio on mine (still) but at least it is easing. Very hunky physio as well - shame I could be his grandmother!!! I don't have a clue about the chicken coup/tree house - think I need to read further back into your blog - seeing as I am a newbie that is.

    Hugs to you Sue P xxx

    When I used to work with Engineers they used to say I needed a rub down with a blue brick and some goose grease when my back was playing up!!!

  16. Hi Di, sorry to hear about your back, hope you are on the mend soon. Have finally posted some more wedding pics for you to have a nose at

  17. Love the tree house, hope there is a lift or escalator!
    Don't you knock yourself up as I am sure the Teacher training will be just what you need.
    Have a gud'un.

    Kath x

  18. Great plans for the playground! Sorry to hear about your back, take care, nothing worse that back pain.

  19. Morning Di, So sorry to hear of your sore Back l know all about them! don't be overdoing thing as you know you must rest otherwise you'll entaganised the pain even more, take care xxx

  20. Oi . . . Mrs A . . . where'dya want this plank put? I can't figure it out? xxx

  21. I hope your back is improving to better today - in the circumstances I suggest you don't try to erect the treehouse yourself - leave it to Mrs A and Sandra - they seem keen to give it a go :)) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  22. I am going to go to your newer posts and see how your trip is going. Hope all is well!!

    (No need for you to read my post for today. Really. I know you're busy and it doesn't say anything about you or anything. You know you can count on me to keep things outra, er, orderly.)

    Teacher's Pet


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