Tuesday 11 September 2012

Northwards to Taos

Today we set out and drove up to Taos, a lovely town. A bit like Santa Fe, centred round a main Plaza but on a much smaller scale. We mooched round at a leisurely pace looking round galleries and lovely shops - as well as visiting the Kit Carson museum, which is in the house where he lived for many years. I then dragged Len round looking for the location of Kit Carson's grave - and we found it eventually.

Here are some photos of the day:
On the road to Taos, this is North of Santa Fe, towards where Kay lives - and the scenery is amazing.
The courtyard at Kit Carson's house - the round oven was used to do most of the cooking in hot weather. And before anyone asks, nope - we aren't having one in the playground!
On the way back we stopped and sat at a lovely viewpoint, that's the Rio Grande which the road runs alongside for miles on end. I was quite happy sitting on a rock looking at the scenery until Len wickedly remarked that we were in 'rattlesnake territory' - I was back in the car before you could say 'knife'!
The rock formation to the left of the picture is known as Camel Rock, just like a camel sitting down :)

I'll skip Tuesdays Tale for this week -but it's a good 'un when I do get round to it.



  1. OMG Len was a smart man. I used to live in rattlesnake country! My family live there still. My Dad was bitten on the arm and nearly died when he was 10 years old. He had the white mark on his arm all his life, It never tanned there!

    My uncle was an avid wildflower photographer. He hiked all over the Okanagan, setting up his tripod and taking fabulous pictures. Sometimes friends would hike along with him, bringing a picnic lunch to share. One day they were all sitting on some rock outcroppings when they heard a rattling noise under one lady. They could see there was a snake coiled underneath. 2 men stood on top of the rock, on each side of her, and lifted her, really quickly, straight up into the air.
    Whew! She was safe then.
    I hate snakes! Be careful

  2. Lovely photo's Di, the weather looks fab!

    Not bothered by snakes and when on our honeymoon in Scotland was very close to an Adder and hubby was panicking but l guess a Rattlesnake is a whole different thing! Keep safe!

    Take care xx

  3. You can certainly leave the rattlesnakes there Di but I bet a few cacti would keep a few of them in order in that playground :-) Thanks for sharing your snaps.
    A x

  4. Second to Santa Fe as favorite place. Incredible card shop there and fabric shop.

  5. I am enjoying your trip Di - thanks for sharing your adventures! x Jo

  6. Some beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. I'm with you on the 'S' word...don't even like seeing those warning signs that some areas have posted out that way. Just looking at the sign, gives me the shakes & I scuttle back to the car. Your photographer did a swell job of capturing the views.

  7. Loving your photos, makes me wish I could get back down to that beautiful part of the country. Last time we did I drove Jim mad because I just had to get close ups of flowers, cacti etc. He kept yelling at me to watch for snakes, lucky me I didn't see any. My Mom and Grandma made the most delicious breads in ovens like that when I was little. Grandma churned butter too. Yummy memories.

  8. Hello Di

    What stunning photos, please be careful but enjoy your holiday.


  9. Stunning photo's Di, Thank you for sharing them x

  10. Can't we have just a little one over in the corner? We have space!!!!
    dun know about snakes where you are but we got em here in Hampshire you know. Got caught short on one of our bike rides and The Doc said 'go in that old broken down shed over in that field.I will keep watch for passers by' Right!!! Well he wasn't watching for said grass snake in the shed was he that I spotted not a foot away whilst marking me territory. Never moved so fast in me life. With or without knickers. Hugs Mrs A.

  11. Brilliant photo's Di, didn't realise that there was cement in Kit Carson's Day, this is not only an adventure for you and Len but a learning curve for us all. My first thoughts though were, why did he have an igloo and a car port in his back yard?
    Just to let you know that while you are off enjoying yourself I have been to the hospital and had a biopsy taken from my tongue, not as bad as I thought it would be but Family were gutted as they thought it may make me speechless for a while and it didn't. Hospital are not worried though and I don't have to go back for 8/10 weeks, they said if they were worried I would be back next week.
    Just done my GD spot for LCI and what a marathon that was and just spent 2.5 hours commenting, don't know how you do it every week, you are a star.

    Kath x

  12. Hi Di,

    Glad you and Len had a nice time in Taos. So that means Sandia Peak must be Tuesday....


  13. Great photos Di. I am with you on the Rattlers. I saw a pair basking in the sun once and was changed out of my shorts and sandals into trousers and shoes and back in the car before Alan could say "don't panic!!!
    No worries about my asking you for one of those ovens. I am not keen on BBQs as I prefer my dinner without midges!
    Enjoy the rest of your hols and tomorrow!! Hint Hint HB!


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