Saturday 23 June 2012

When is a stepper card not a stepper card?

Answer - when the result just looks a flipping mess :) I hated the result, it didn't want to stand to attention either. This doubt was confirmed by a shudder from the 'in-house critic' who, bless him, suggested chopping off the stepper bit from the right hand side rather than waste the image. Which I did, then added some Josy Rose nail heads and a flower:

Still not sure about that mahoosive flower so it might be changed for a fourth Josy Rose nail head - perhaps not, I tried to remove said flower and was in danger of totally wrecking the 'retrieved wrecked' version!

I used:

- a lot of wasted paper, card candi, sentiment - all of which went in the waste bin

- the card ended up approx. 6" x 5"

- backing paper from Wild Rose Studio's 'Butterfly Garden' paper pack (some of this luscious paper is in this coming month's Quick Cards Made Easy as a freebie, but only 6 of the 12 original designs are included, and this isn't one of them - still worth it though)

- plain green card from snippets folder

- decoupaged dress from the Docrafts 'Garden Party' set

- layered flower and glittery brad from my goodies

- arnica and bandage, for the head I was banging here on the desk, both from Boots the Chemist 

Have a great weekend everyone, whatever fun and frolics you have planned.

I'll be frantically doing the playground roll call this morning before trotting out this afternoon with a pal to a local village fayre, car boot sale there too (I love a good rummage!), plus dog show (happiest dog etc.), BBQ and other such fun things. And, the forecast is for decent weather :) Snort, my little pink (but of course) pac a mac will be coming along too though.

Edit - this is soooo funny, some of you saw (and commented on) a just begun post here which looked as if a demented octopus at the brandy bottle had been writing it. Truth is, my main laptop's screen died this afternoon and I've been trying to work using the base/keyboard and the craft room TV monitor. Totally impossible - I truly felt like the baby in 'Son of the Mask' with eyes hanging out on stalks revolving this way and that. In fact it was making me feel sick and dizzy so I'd just started a post, realised it was Mission Impossible, given up and run away to order a takeaway meal (most unlike us) and the garbage published itself when the whole caboodle decided to crash. Right now I'm working on the pink baby laptop/notebook instead and hoping it's gonna be OK to do the roll call on today. Only sayin' :) No need to send 'the men in little white coats' just yet! 

I'll try to do the roll call on this much more friendly and healthy little cutie this morning before heading out this afternoon. But it's a much slower process, it's not as nippy as the main laptop and the screen is small so it's harder to have a good nose at your snippets makes. Sigh, why does it always happen to me. Of course, when my in-house IT support pronounced the screen totally defunct and said I should outline my criteria for a new one, he was less than impressed when I asked which full sized laptops come in the colour pink! Men just don't understand :(



  1. LOL, what a story, glad you finally retrieved something. The dress looks fabulous, a wonderful card

  2. I love the finished card and would never have known of its former life either. I have made one stepper card and I think it will probably be my last as I think the longest bit should be the decoupage or colouring not cutting bits to fit the card base lol. Have a great day, I hope i managed to squeeze into the playground just as you were locking the gates. Hugs, Amanda x

  3. Well it looks good as a normal card, even if it was a lot of trouble to make. Your story about your last post did make me giggle. I have been playing hooky this week (just so busy!) and so missed my chance to play in the playground. I'll make it up to the playmates next week! Hope your computer woes are solved soon. I think one of the Dells comes in pink!

  4. It was well worth retrieving. The end result is just gorgeous Di. And as for the drunken post I saw last night!!!! No excuses now. :-)
    A x

  5. Oh you make me laugh! I particularly liked imagining a drunk demented octopus. BTW Great card, love the dress. And what is wrong with asking for pink laptop!! Have a fabulous weekend.
    Caz x

  6. That dress is beautiful! And I totally agree that a laptop can be decided on according to colour - after all, they can all get on blogger and emails, and what more do we need?!!? M x

  7. Beautiful card even if it did nearly cost you your sanity!


  8. Love the card Di, the dress is very pretty and looks fantastic.

    As for the post last night, is that the best you could come up with, IT issues-likely tail ;)

    Have a lovely day, enjoy your jolly with your friend.

    Big hugs xx

  9. I love the finished card Di, you'd never have known it had been 'salvaged'! Tracy xxx

  10. I LOVE that dress, pity it too sooo much effort to make though!

  11. I'm a very Hoppy Bunny, Might have known I'd get the blame though. That dress is super just like one wot my Mum had in the 50's for my cousins wedding. Have a carrot on me!!! Hugs Mrs A.

  12. Who shut the gates on me then! Just checked the opening/closing hours and see that wot I read(cos I didn't have me glasses on at the time) wos not 12 Moon. Now I did think this wos a bit of an odd way of saying midnight but then I thought you might have been down at Stonehenge amongst the revellers!! So I will be nice and early for sunday now. Ok gotta go and start digging under the fence.
    Hugs Hoppy.

  13. Oh dear Di... I've had to rush over to this post because I spotted a wicked little tiramisu lurking in the last one! I think your stepper card looks absolutely fantastic in its made over state and what an amazing frock - I need one! Sorry to hear of the technical difficulties and hope the new screen arrives soon pink or not! Vicky x

  14. Well I think you have rescued this wonderfully. Fabulous dress and a great card considering. I have loads of those sort of flowers and always worry when I put one on a card.
    My Mum also had a dress very much this style but hers was black and had white sort of patches on it, my Grandad (Dad's Dad) said to her
    "What on earth are you wearing Florrie, it looks like you have fish and chip papers blown on to the dress". She loved that dress and didn't speak to him for weeks lol.

    Kath x

  15. Very pretty card there Di and if you ever fancy making a full size 10 version fabric one, I would love it for a dance!!

  16. I'm sorry I missed the demented octopus on brandy post. I've been tempted to throw gobbledygook up there do see if anyone is paying attention. I never thought they might question my mental health (I guess I assumed y'all would know I was nuts). The dress is lovely. You'd never know from looking at it that it was fiddly too. The flower is the perfect color, but maybe a bit too big. If it won't come off though, then it is PERFECT! We all know how that goes.


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