Thursday 14 June 2012

Less is More - use a flourish

Another card whipped up super quick in between dashing about. It's for the current Less is More Challenge, which is one-layer and to use a flourish:
I used:

- 6" x 6" square white card stock

- swirl from Inkadinkado's 'Gem Stone Flourishes' set, stamped using SU Daffodil Delight

- sentiment by SU from the 'Sincere Salutations' set, stamped using SU Pumpkin Pie

- a few pumpkin coloured pearls just to liven it up a bit

And then, later on I trimmed it down (look away Mandi and Chrissie - this is no longer one layer):
I just added a backing of pumpkin coloured Core'dinations card - and think it gives it more 'oomph'. However, no way was I going to miss LIM if I could help it so the top version is my entry for this week.

No Friday Feast this week - there just hasn't been time I'm afraid. Unless you'd like me to take a photo of the bacon stottie cake sarnies? :)

Snigger, see below!

Quick edit as am on my knees with tiredness here - the trip 'oop North' was great. Apart from a delayed return flight, ain't that always the way though. Oh, and I actually headed off towards Edinburgh in the hire car when I wanted Newcastle Airport on the way home - who put a couple of extra roundabouts in huh, huh?!

OK, you want the dirt - I wore a longish floaty skirt and managed to get 'hooked' on the little steps down from the plane at Newcastle, a nice man rescued me whilst trying to stifle his laughter, especially as I was at the point of being one of those dancers who whip their skirts off with a flourish.  But worse was to come. OK, OK - laugh as you wish - when we landed back at Southampton this evening, having been so conscious and flipping careful about said skirt all day each time I went to the loo - whilst washing my paws a young lady (grinning) told me the back was tucked into my knickers! So that skirt is due for the bin if it doesn't behave in future! I just don't get on with longish floaty skirts!!

My step-mum had a good day, sense of humour still there although some memories are dimming - and she still can't get to grips with it being her 80th. But, I sat and did a few little quizzes with her in the afternoon and she was sharp as anything on those! I took some photos of her, I think there's a nice smiling one but it's time for my bed so might post that another time. But hey, what a stroke of luck - the flipping Olympic Torch passes right in front of the Care Home (fabby place BTW if you really have to live there) on Friday 15th!! Yikes, that really could have scuppered plans as roads will be closed tomorrow (or today depending when you read this) - with all the darlings from the home lined up along the road using their zimmer frames.

Also, just for Brenda, it's gone 11pm now on Thursday but at about 10pm when we got home after Len picked me up in the downpour at Southampton Airport, I made us a fried bacon and egg stottie each - yay!! :)) Sorry B, we gobbled them too quickly for me to take a photo :) Lots of them in the freezer though, squashing bags into the plane's overhead lockers on the way back I almost threatened a man with violence if he damaged them :) I think he must have been from the North as he held his hands up in surrender!



  1. An absolutely stunning flourish, Di, and an absolutely hysterical rending of the adventures of your wayward skirt!! I've had my skirt in my bloomers, and once it had crawled up the back and into my purse! On neither occasion did I have a nice young lady to help, no, of course not, only men about. So you were lucky there, but I vote for curtains for the thing! Hope you get a chance to relax and catch up on your rest.

  2. Stunning flourish I do love the pumpkin color in the 2nd one. I have to confess I couldn't stop laughing in your adventures of your skirt. Have a great relaxing weekend :)

  3. Great post Di (titter, titter)and a great card too (in either incarnation).
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  4. Certainly sounds like you had a busy day yesterday, hopefully a long lie in for you this morning and bacon sarnies for elevenses. I think you made her day yesterday and it sounds like you had fun too. I must confess I have never worn a skirt since a similar incident in 1999, I do look at them sometimes, in there floaty wonder and think I wonder if they are still evil lol.

  5. Ok, I'm tired just READING all that! You sure do pack a lot in!

    YES! I want a Stottie Cake picture as I haven't the faintest idea what they are . . . being a Southern softie 'n' all!

    Sniggering about the escapades of your independent-minded skirt. Take it to the charity shop, pronto! You'll never wear it again after this!

    So pleased your visit went well and you got a lucky break on the OT thing! xxx

  6. At least it was spotted in the ladies...... but what an embarrassing thing to happen. We've all been there though! I'm so glad your stotties got home safely - violence or no violence threatened - and that your mum seemed to have a good day. It will have made a difference, even if it wasn't evident. Oh, and I love the bright flourish!

  7. Beautiful flourish Di. Sounds like you enjoyed the bacon and egg stottie. I think it's similar to one they have in Scotland, they are scrummy too!!! Naughty but scrummy!

  8. Ummmm, drooling here eating my breakfast, what wouldn't I give for a ham and pease pudding stottie sarnie right now!?? I can't remember the last time I wore a skirt, I did wear a dress once on holiday in South Carolina and that was the first time in years too! Bet you'll be wearing trousers next time you visit her. Sounds like a really good day and I bet it'll be exciting for them to see the Olympic Flame go by. Have a good weekend, catch up again next week.


  9. Super duper flourish cards

    No idea what stotties are either


  10. LOL at your skirt
    Mum had a similar experience. We were on the QE2 and were able to have a visit up into the bridge. To exit the bridge you went down some outside steps. It was really windy and Mums skrirt whipped up to her chest. The wind was so strong she couldn't get it down, but, from the the bottom of then steps I didn't realise and wondered WHY ON EARTH Mum wouldn.t put it shame! lol

    Terrific card Di

  11. Gosh Di you pull off these CAS cards so beautifully! Love that pumpkin flourish. I like the 2nd one best.
    So happy to hear all went well with your trip. I must admit I couldn't stop laughing at your miss-adventures with your wayward skirt.
    I goggled stottie as I'd never heard of them before. Wikipedia had a photo, looks and sounds yummy. That lead me to look up pease porridge which also sound yummy. That in turn led me to Faggots which sounds iffy at best for my tastes. You folks do have some interesting foods.
    Please do get some rest. I’m exhausted just reading about all your recent adventures you must be dead on your feet.

  12. Great flourish and love your choice of colour and the addition of the pearls but the added on after look is brill too.
    Hope you don't wear that skirt in the playground, could cause a few accidents.
    I could live off bacon sandwiches.

    Kath x

  13. Pants for future great story and a great card well both are brilliant your get too good at these, you'll be in bed by now so hopefully with all this jet setting you will have a great sleep :)x

  14. Hi Di, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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