Tuesday 19 June 2012

A Tuesday Tale

Quick one today. Many years ago, whilst I was a very short term office junior at the electricity board in my local area, the TV programme 'Dr Who' was all the rage. We had a dishy electrical engineer called Bill working there, married with a young son - sigh, off limits :(

One Monday Bill came into the office very sheepishly with a huge round red blotch on his forehead. When we asked (we were a nosey lot and not much missed us) this is what had happened:
Bill's little boy had been entranced by Dr Who on the Saturday and at bedtime Bill decided to play games with him. Silly man found the kitchen sink plunger and stuck it onto his own forehead whilst chasing little boy round the bedroom.

Ha, ha - when the time came to remove said plunger, it was firmly stuck to Bill's forehead :) Instead of easing one edge away, his wife grabbed the handle and put her foot against his chest and heaved like mad! Hence the broken blood vessels and one very dishy but silly looking office heartthrob :) Snigger!



  1. There is always one in the office. We had a Boss came back off holiday with Panda eyes where he had fallen asleep on the beach wearing sunglasses bu no suntan cream. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Oh my I bet he didn't want to venture into work that day. When I was 5 there was a doctor who exhibition in longleat, I wanted to go even though I only ever watched from behind the sofa, when you entered there was a life size darlek and i was intrigued until it spoke, that was it i took off running and my mum chased after me all the while laughing her head off. Hugs, Amanda x

  3. Cybermen were the one's that frightened me with their washing machine parts on the side of their heads!

    Another great tale Di, you never fail to make Mike and l laugh on a Tuesday morn :)

    Have a great day xx

  4. So this is how you spend your time now you're "retired"!! Looks like you're having fun being busy - wonder how you ever fitted in the day job eh?
    Thanks for the birthday card - apt as ever! Have fun (and the occasional Mai Tai)

  5. Great Story Di, Always look forward to your Tuesday stories and this is another classic poor man at least he didn't hide or cover it that'll teach him to play with toys boys will be boys......lol!! enjoy your day:)x

  6. It's not exactly the way the Coke advert goes is it!!!!

    Sarn xxx

  7. I'm grabbing a minute to check out the Tuesday tale while the twins are napping in the next room. I really do think they should come with a warning! I have tears here now from holding back the laughter....my darling hubby did exactly the same with a childrens 'wobble globe' and was left with a circular bruise on his extended forehead [bald patch!]. We have never let him forget it. :-)
    A x

  8. Oh yes I remember that Annie!! What are these men like??? Big boys - I know! Thanks for the chuckle Di. x Jo

  9. Well I know there is a certain foreign thing of having a red dot in the middle of the forehead but this is taking it a tad too far (don't mean to offend anyone but can't remember what country or religion)
    But I do remember my girls watching it from behind the sofa.

    Kath x

  10. What was it that I used to have on my keyring? Oh yes.....the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys!!! They just never grow up do they!!


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