Sunday 4 March 2012

Pixie's Crafty Snippets - Challenge Number 10

It's roll call day in the playground - firstly here's a really quickly made offering from me:
Only snippets were used in the creation of this - no fresh sheets of paper were harmed at all. It's very simple as I lost three days crafting this week due to other commitments, and it's fine for a chap too:)

I used:

- white 'linen' C6 card stock

- snippets of card and paper

- Papermania 'Vintage Decor' Vinyls sticker, with a little bit of Stickles on the headlights. One thing to be aware of is that these are 'repositionable' stickers - I just added some glue to the back using a glue pen

- card candi, Josy Rose nail heads and a Craftwork cards sentiment

OK, onto the roll call now.

This week has seen a lovely cross section of crafting going on, cards will always be a favourite with most crafters of course but some playmates have brought some goodies to show that are even more adventurous, read on.

Our very first visitor shot in not long after the gates were unlocked, and that's Craftilicious (edited to say I now know it's Tara), with this super card. I was quite stunned by the amount of time it must have taken to piece all the little snippets (0.5 and 1 cm pieces at that!) together to make such a gorgeous patchwork card. It's really terrific so for inspiration do hop over and see - this week we also had the Less Is More Challenge to use up your scraps and a few of you wisely combined the two!

Linby was almost hanging onto Tara's pigtails when she raced in with this beauty - also for the LIM challenge. Oh wow, don't the bright pinks work so well together and those little butterflies are adorable. There's a real knack of getting different shades of the same colour to work well together, and you sure cracked it Linby!

On Tammy's first visit she brought a really lovely card, using lime green and turquoise. You can see it for yourself here - it's absolutely gorgeous. Lime and turquoise work so, so well together Tammy and the addition of pale coffee shades is brilliant! When you go for a peek, I wonder if you'll be like me and think that the doily is actually made of cotton rather than stamped? I did at first! Tammy's next visit was to show a St. Patrick's Day card - I think Tammy sneaked in when I wasn't looking and I feel really bad that I only spied her entry yesterday when I was writing up the roll call - apologies again Tammy! Naturally there's green and shamrock - there are some really cute touches to be seen so do hop over for a look. I love the little leprechaun's hat :) Then, yesterday, Tammy nipped back in with such a happy card - have you seen smiling strawberries? To see, go here. Not only smiling strawberries, paper piecing as well - brilliant Tammy!

Hazel visited a few times, tidying up the skipping ropes on occasion too. This is Hazel's first card - a fabulous Christmas 'stepper' card, once again using up a recycled Christmas card for the main image. That galvanised me into rooting out out Christmas cards - and sure enough, we were sent one with the same jolly Santa image on. Thanks for the prompt Hazel! Next, Hazel brought this Less Is More Easter card with her - lovely greens and lemon make for a beautiful card, a real touch of Spring. Then, on another trip we had this Get Well card using green, grey and lilac/purple from Hazel - sure to make anyone feel better too. Another Easter card here from Hazel was next - I love the olive greens and the cheerful flowers Hazel! Hope the card sale went well and that you raised lots of funds for charity. And, another card from Hazel is here, it's a bright Christmas card, and this week's challenge over at Hazel's Christmas Card Challenge is to 'use red' - I'll be rootling through my Christmas stash with luck again this week - time permitting! The final offering from Hazel this week can be seen here - it's a gorgeous sticky notes holder, so bright and cheerful and sure to inspire you to have a go yourself.

Jules hopped in next, with a really great card, as always, reminding us of Summer and lazy days watching cricket (and wondering how many grass stains there would be to remove from the 'whites' after the match!). Such a great image here and I always look for the heart on Jules' cards of course, this one was a tad sneaky to say the least - I found it though, can you? Jules has been uber busy this week so it's especially good of her to still come and have a swift go on the swings!

Our first surprise of the week was when Brenda arrived with two things to show. The first is a gorgeous card featuring a wheelbarrow full of flowers - really bright and so pretty - being mostly pink it really made me smile. Then, little drum roll please, in the same posting was something I doubt we'll see again in the playground. Mr B (Andrew in fact) is a clever guy and actually has had an idea patented! Brenda had strict instructions for no glitter, grunge or embellishments when she made a layout for the patent ready to be framed for his birthday - yikes, could have been a tall order but Brenda came up with a perfect result! Just scroll down her posting to see what I mean - great isn't it? I'm laughing as I type this 'cos Brenda hopped back later in the week and I commented on her posting, which can be found here, that it was quiet in the playground thinking it was her first trip - it's been a long and busy week here is my excuse!  And wow - what a card, also made for Rudolph Day, love the Scandinavian influence of red and white Brenda! Do go and see for yourself, it's beautiful! And, last in the playground before the gates closed last night was Brenda again. Muttering and tying up the skipping ropes - having brought a real stunner of a card for a man's birthday - lots of work had gone into it and the end result can be seen here. Brenda used a 40% off stamp for the first time (OM Gosh - you girls across the pond are so lucky, I guess that was bought in the super special 1st March sale I've been hearing about?), distress inks and lots of other great elements - including a vintage car not totally unlike the one I used on my snippets card this week :)

Lyn was next to arrive with a really lovely 'cupcake' card. Very clever touch to make the icing from felt and carefully sew seed beads on as 'sprinkles' too. A lot of work went into this card Lyn, and the result is great - hope the duster brush arrived OK and that you're now 'pouncing onto the ink pad' with it and dusting away! Cupcakes are always super on cards and this one is no exception :)

Next in to play was Irene, with two adorable baby gift cards which you can see here. So elegant I think, predominantly white with just the right touches of blue and pink. Irene makes some truly elegant cards - certainly there's a real knack to it and I so admire those of you who manage to pull them off with such flair. Well done Irene.

Carol arrived next, oops sorry, another one I initially missed commenting on, with this really soft and gentle Easter card. What a gorgeous vintage image and so beautifully made - great papers too (including one printed with the words Easter Wishes which is just perfect for the card). Do go and see the really fabulous bow which is the perfect finishing touch. Love it Carol! Carol's been trying to craft around tradesmen and decorators this week - not the easiest of things to do.

It was cupcake week in the playground when Liz hopped in with such a cute Birthday card. The cupcake was sure going to fill the teddy bear's tummy if he tackled it alone! To see what I mean, do take a peek - I love the combination of lilac and mustard yellow too. Tell you what, cupcakes certainly are much better than the big currant bun and mug of cocoa we used to have at school break times! Later in the week, Liz returned for another go on the swings with such a pretty Spring card - you can see it here. It's really fresh looking, with a gorgeous image - and of course using snippets :) Liz's final visit was to show a really effective card, in greens and using a Marianne butterfly die that I really love - a stunning result!

Elizabeth also brought something a bit different this week - an altered notebook. It's to be used for writing ideas in for quotes, sentiments etc. to be used on cards - sure beats my (pink!) plain ole notebook that I use. This would be a joy to have on your craft desk - take a look at what a perfect job Elizabeth has done with it, flowers, birds, butterflies make it almost too nice to use. I'd just want to gaze at it and stroke it!

Next was Gilly with a lovely card, just the splash of turquoise on the browns made this into a stunner! Go and see here - isn't it great? Another wry smile here - Gilly had to take her photo in the kitchen (the tiles were a perfect backdrop in fact!). It made me think that I bet we get up to all sorts of antics trying to find decent light for photographing cards at this time of year! Ooer, also, there was a teensy sneak peek of Gilly's wedding invitations on WOYWW - I'm watching for the full show of them and will link into the roll call once all is revealed :)

Karen had combined her Rudolph Day Christmas card with the snippets playground and what a stunner too - all gold, cream and burgundy - it's truly beautiful. Do hop over here to see what I mean. And, another super way of using ribbon too, plus a lot of work must have gone into all the embossing as well as everything else Karen did when making this card! Love it!

Next to whizz in was Sandra H, with this charming card. Do please go and see if you haven't done so already - and while you're there, take note of such a clever idea - I've had my nose pressed against the laptop screen here and I'm pretty sure the embossing folder that Sandra used is little flowers. Yup, just had another peek and it is - but what a great idea to colour the centres of the flowers using Pro Markers - it really makes them 'pop' and I think it's a tip to store up for future use don't you think? Brilliant Sandra!

Kate arrived next, for her first visit to the playground - aaah, I see that Sarn gave Kate a go on her pogo stick to welcome her! I do love to see you all playing nicely :) To see Kate's lovely collage work, go here. I love both cards, as I said to Kate, if I attempted it the result would just look as if two dogs had been fighting over some scraps of paper! Hope we see you again Kate - really super collages.

Next for a turn on the pogo sticks was Amanda with this lovely Thank You card. Penny Black's cute images are always winners and I love the backing paper, whirly edging and die cutting Amanda. The photo is fine BTW, I've found that it blows up beautifully if you click on the photo and then hit F11. That makes it fill the whole screen and steps it up even bigger :) To get the toolbar back just hit F11 again. I'm guessing that the 'whirly edging' might be a MS punch? Love it!

Sarn makes me laugh at the best of times, this week her comment as she flew into the playground was along on the lines of 'Had to run back for my satchel but here's my homework Miss' - a few little puffs and pink cheeks as well :) And, I'm so glad she did run all the way back home - go and take a look here to see the cutest LOTV image, perfectly teamed with pink and lilac papers plus a pink and lilac flower on Kraft card. Flipping brilliant - and the funnier bit is that we all squealed at the fantastic colouring, only for Sarn to confess it was a pre-coloured image. But, it shows that we truly could have expected her to have coloured the image herself!

Heidi's first card this week is here, it's a Christmas Card for a boy and absolutely right too! Plus, it's an easel card with lots of interesting things going on - Heidi requested a go on the swings, I gave her two for such a great card :) Later on, Heidi returned with one of those cards that sort of makes you gasp - using a Sweet Pea image and stunning white on white. I can't describe it well enough - you'll have to go here and see for yourself - it's really fabulous!

The lovely Bernie had made a beautiful card, covering both Rudolph Day and the Snippets Playground - to see it go here. As always, Bernie has produced a really lovely card, very soft and gentle - for a lady threatening to hammer the snow plough driver with her snow shovel a few weeks ago she does show her inner softness when crafting :) Bernie's husband is undergoing some hospital tests so it would be kind if you keep him in your thoughts right now. Fingers crossed from all of your playmates Bernie!

Jackie whizzed in yesterday with two lovely cards as well, both also for the latest Less Is More challenge which is 'Neutrals' - you can see Jackie's cards here. Both are 50th Birthday cards and so clean and fresh - great use of snippets and a really early start for the LIM challenge too. Hmm, I think there could be some head scratching here thinking of what to make for the LIM challenge, but certainly not the case with Jackie!

Next was Maggie waving three decoupaged cards - all of them gorgeous, and you can see them here. A lot of snipping and clever layering went into making these beauties! Life is really busy for Maggie right now and she's planning a gardening blitz. Her suggestion that we should have a butterfly garden in the playground plus a 'who can grow the tallest sunflower competition' did make me smile at gone midnight when I was finishing off the roll call :) When you hop over to Maggie's, be sure to check out the TV series she writes about - I've noted it down here and will be watching it.

So, another week has gone, and the playground is open again - Mr Linky is below. I've missed commenting immediately on your entries a couple of times this week, sorry and I hope I've caught up OK, bit of tail-chasing been going on here! 


The only conditions to playing nicely in the Snippet Playground are that your card (or anything else you wish to bring here to show) must be made by using up snippets (card, paper, lace and ribbon are all fine), and a link back to here in your own blog posting will mean that you'll be included in the Weekly Roll Call. Oh, and no nipping or hair pulling of course :)


  1. How did cripple old me get to be first into the playground? I want to do teeter totters but you can't do that by yourself. I guess I'll just sit in the corner and chew my leg off until someone else shows up.

    I like your manly car made with 100% snippets. Snippets were the only thing that came through for me today.

  2. Fab male card there Di. I like the colours of it and the vintage car. Super.

    BTW . . . I reckon the notice for the Duckpond should be NO POGO-ING instead of NO SWIMMING! I'll go get a Life buoy x

  3. I had to giggle when I saw the original 'pogo stick' comment and you've set me off again this morning, Di! Love your classy man's card. Not sure when I'll get in the playground, but I'm going to make sure I get a turn on the swings. x

  4. What a brilliant roll call Di - I think the H&S exec would either cover the duck pond with netting, or ban the use of pogo sticks....

    Love your make for this week.
    Tara (aka Craftilicious)

  5. We could all plant our sunflower seeds on the same day, and then measure them at the end of the summer, and we could use the seed heads to feed the birds, having fed the insects with its pollen and nectar during the summer. Thank you for popping in this morning. xx Maggie

  6. Brilliant card Di, love that paper and it goes so well with the image.
    Thanks for your lovely kind comment about my card last week.

  7. Love your card Di, perfect for those hard to please males. Your literary skills do make me laugh each Sunday - I'm staying well clear of the pogo sticks (those big girls can keep them lol) - I'll just wear some extra layers to keep warm! I'll be calling tomorrow with a snippet make. Enjoy your day. Carol x

  8. Gosh, Princess Judy is quick of the mark today, I've not even thought of what I'm going to produce snippet-wise today yet! Your card is fab - love the combination of colours and that it is a perfect male card. Off out to visit family now but will be back later to do a bit of snooping through the register of snippeteers :) Elizabeth x

  9. I'm in the playground Di, don't think I have entered this one yet???? With the state of my brain ATM who can tell???? If I have already entered this card, feel free to dish out 'lines' as punishment, I'm not fir enough to do 'laps' of the playground I'm afraid!!!

  10. Brilliant post as always Di, it must take you ages to put it all together, so many, many thanks for doing it all for us [[[hugs]]].

    Love the card, especially the Vintage car and the colour combination.

    Have a fab Sunday, Luv Karen xx

  11. Ooo that's nice! That would be a great Father's day card, too :)

    Loving ELizabeth's altered notebook ;)

  12. Di, thank you for the lovely comments on last weeks snippets hope to get my entry after baby goes home, this card is anoter stunning love the image and the layout ......brilliant:)

  13. Snap on the male card this week. Love that vintage car in the TH set and you're right, yours looks incredibly similar. Love to read the write up, and because of the time you post I get to read it on Saturday evening instead. Mrs A and those pogo sticks, lol! Thought it was always her monkeys that got up to mischief, seems like she's setting the example though!


  14. A gorgeous male card Di, I love the papers the Vintage car.

    I think a bit more practice with the Pogo Sticks is needed before venturing in the playgournd.


  15. Great male card Di, love the choice of papers and colours you have used.
    Hope when visiting your friend the other dy you found a safe place to eat your fish and chips.

    Kath x

  16. Wow what a roll call this week! Lots of players in the playground!
    Sorry I couldn't attend but had quite a busy week. Will try to enter this week if I can :-)
    Your card is great by the way. Hope you had a great weekend, thankyou so much for my parcel ;-)
    Much love,
    Laura xxx

  17. Hi Di - I hope I've got all this right for entering the challenge this week! My first official one and I'm now sitting in the back of the playground feeling a bit scared in case I've done it wrong. I think I'll have a go at the sandpit next and can bury my sorrows if I've got it wrong! Thanks, Karen x

  18. It's fine Karen - just mind the duck pond! Di x

  19. Oh my word Di ... how many playmates???!?!? and it is only day 2!!!

    Gosh what a happy place to visit.

    Loving your card Di. Snippets and a male card. What more could you ask for.

    Thanks for a fantastic role call .. .. it must have taken you ages to put together.

    Love Jules xx

  20. Brilliant post as always Di! You say the sweetest and the funniest things so enjoy the read. Your card is fabulous! Love that vintage car.

  21. Well, l now have some time on my hands and thought l would make a start to this weeks challenges with yours being the 1st Di, l can see the spaces are filling up pretty quickly this week and what a lot of fabulous cards too! another great challenge l have some car images which l might just go and see if l can find so until next time, have a great week:)

  22. Might pull some hair Di as dont have enough of my own!! :D have two cards made up with snippets on my WOYWW post today and have linked over! thanks for your great blog, Shaz in oz.x

  23. Love the card Di......... see the playground is busy but the roundabout is all on it's lonesome and needs a friend ..... weeeeeeeee, round I go, clutching on to my scraf so it doesn't go flying away ....

  24. Please miss ...... the wind mixed up my words and scarf suddenly became scraf ....... oh no, please don't give me pogo jumping to do as a detention LOL

  25. Lovely card there Di. Sorry I missed the playground last week but life has this nasty habit of getting in the way! Hope my contribution this week meets with your approval!

  26. Sniff, snivel, attishoo,attishoo.I gotta code after the dunking I got last week .Snot funny. Taken time off me sick bed to play but stayed by the swings this time. Now wheres me hanky gone. I thought it was tucked safely in me knickers!!!
    Hugs Mrs A.
    p.s love the vintage car sticker on your card.

  27. Another punched flower thingy from me this week Di - it's very simple and easy to make, which fit in nicely with the post-holiday ironing! Loved reading your snippets post - some hilarious stories in there Di!
    Hugs, Sylvia xx

  28. only just made it, for a quick spin on the roundabout. hehe. hugs heid x

  29. Please, Miss, look Miss, look at my seeds, they are all jumping out of the dirt. Come and see Please Miss. Miss, Miss. come on Miss. Miss, Miss, Heidi won't let me on the roundabout. (Only kidding, Heidi)
    xx Maggie


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