Saturday 17 March 2012

Jan and Billy No Mates

Two things, if you seem to have lost your followers from your blog sidebar, apparently it's a known bug and is supposed to be fixed ASAP. You should still be able to see them when you go to your dashboard so they haven't disappeared altogether. There are some tips on the internet about going into HTML and doing it yourself - I'm going to sit tight though and see if it's rectified. It's all to do with domains having to have your country of origin now - best not to play until we see if Mr Blogger comes up with the goods as promised earlier today! Playing with HTML can be tricky business, it's really easy to get wrong! 

Edit: Whoop, whoop - looks as if it's been fixed by Mr Blogger:))

Secondly, after a posting earlier that triggered a few sad memories for so many of you, and some very moving comments, I thought maybe this might make you smile a bit.

Remember the paper sack from Wednesday when I met Julia and Jan. We decided that 'Billy No Mates' the paper sack wasn't needed but he still wanted to play and here he is beside Jan, (sorry the piccie is dark, the sun had also come out to play!) - trying to decide how to eat his lunch :) Nah, that's NOT me inside the bag you daft lot, it's over Jan's hand!!
Oh dear, am surprised we didn't get ejected - with my record that was a distinct possibility!

Have a super weekend y'all!



  1. Looks like all of us crafters are well suited in the madness department. I know I'm a total nutcase, well that's what I'm told. Who wants to be normal...not me!!!! Karen x

  2. Someone said to me only last week, "you are quite, quite potty" and I replied "thank you very much"!!!! D xXx

  3. I can see your followers, hun, so they are all still here - just disguised. Love Billy no mates. A more acceptable laugh than my attempt to turn the tops off two Mcflurrys into a see through bra!

  4. Well, I've been called "crackers" and "barking" all week long so I think that qualifies me into your Mad Gang! Woot woot! xxx

  5. Your followers are showing Di looks like your side bar is up and running again like you say hold fire and hopefully it retifies itself again, no billy mates doesn't apply to you Di and l think the paper hat is great have a lovely weekend:) x

  6. Lovely snap of Jan and Billy. :-) I think a little madness makes the world a better place to be :-)
    A x

  7. Ha! I get the Mad Dogs and Englishmen thing thrown at me quite a bit, a couple of colleagues have politely described me as "eclectic" in the past! All amounts to the same thing, we're all as had as hatters!! I've brought a note to explain my playground absence this week! Actually that Poinsettia card I made for LIM this week was also a snippet (the bit used for the second stamping) card but I wasn't that enamoured with how it turned out, plus the smudge on the camera lens, so I thought I'd better not subject anyone else to that monstrosity! You'll be happy to note though that I made a card today for publishing tomorrow that is all snippets!

    Hope you're having a great weekend, 74F here again, I ate my lunch outside wearing a bikini!!


  8. Yes it did make me giggle as I actually did think you had put it on, which wouldn't have surprised me at all.
    Well if we didn't laugh, what a sad life we would have. I always feel very lucky to have been brought up in the times when there were brilliant, clean and very funny comedians, well maybe just a little double meaning. (can't spell the foreign phrase.
    Stay as sweet as you are.

    Kath x

  9. You trio of nutters - there has to be a word for that in the English Dictionary hasn't there!

    I came over to get in the Playground but it is still shut!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhh! (Crying!!)


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