Saturday, 3 March 2012

The gift of love

No card from me today, instead I want to share this with you:
I've written on here a few times about Alice and Frank, who were my guardians when my parents ran away moved back to England and left me at school in Germany.

Sadly, Alice died just over a year ago and my lovely 'Uncle Frank' has just sent me this as a keepsake. It has their photos inside, taken on honeymoon, a lot of years ago now.

They were a totally devoted couple and I feel really honoured that Frank has entrusted such a special locket to me. I feel as if I'm really just looking after it and will wear it with very fond memories of Alice - one of the kindest and gentlest ladies I've ever known.

Thank you again, Uncle Frank!




mamapez5 said...

What a precious gift. I am glad you are going to wear it and not just hide it away. I am so happy this week because I have got back my mum's gold box chain. It has been at the repairers because I have worn it almost constantly since she died, eighteen years ago, and the catch had worn out. It is a very plain little chain, but a very special keepsake. I am sure your locket will be the same. Kate x

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

I can relate to your feelings about that lovely locket. The financial value has no real importance, does it. I have a very similar looking locket, which belonged to my godmother, and as the eldest godchild, the family decided that I should have it. Sadly, it had no picture in it, and it was understood in the family that it had been a present from her fiancé who had died in WW1. She never married, but kept house for her twice widowed brother-in-law (he had married two sisters,and lost both). She wore the locket always. Sadly,I cannot wear it now as I react to the chain. See you later in the playground. xx Maggie

Amanda said...

Such a wonderful and precious gift Di, something to treasure always and remember your wonderful surrogate parents whenever you wear it. Hugs, Amanda x

Sarn said...

Oh what a lovely post. You old softie. What a special treasure. xxx

moira said...

Di it looks a lovely locket and a nice memory

Debbie Rock said...

What a very, very special gift ... I imagine you are just over the moon and blessed to have something so precious. Love Debbie xXx

Anonymous said...

Oh Di,
what canI say? I am so pleased
that you think enough of the
locket that you want to share it
and its story with your friends
Love from you "Uncle" Frank

Di said...

Bit of a damp eyed moment here when I saw Frank's really sweet comment directly above above. No wonder I always thought how lucky I was to have such lovely guardians! Di xx

Elizabeth said...

Hello Di, what a very special keepsake to have. I have one that belonged to my mother which means more than the intrinsic worth will ever be. I'm sure you are going to get much pleasure from wearing it. Elizabeth x

Sandra H said...

Such a beautiful thought Di, l'm sure you will wear it and treasure it with lots of lovely memeories so thoughtful of him to think of you:)

Princess Judy Palmer said...

What a special momento. How wonderful for Frank to think of you and allow you to have such a special memory in your possession.

Mrs Mac said...

THat;s a precious gift. Lockets are extra special because you know they've been held and treasured a little differentlt to 'ordinary' jewellery. I have a little locket that a friend gave me, she no longer with us. It's very special. For some reason she never put a photo in it, instead she cut out a picture of St Michael and put that inside when she was 16. I keep it in there.

Kathleen said...

How wonderful, bet you were choked when you received it.

Kath x

Bernie said...

What a special gift and so sweet of your 'uncle' Frank. Glad to hear you will wear it and wont hide it away. My mother loaned me my grandmother ring when I got married. It was my something old, something borrowed and something blue. I returned it afterward. When I got home from my honey moon Mom gave it to me. It is so very delicate with tiny seed pearls and lovely blue sapphires so like Grandma I only ware it on very special occasions.