Wednesday 30 November 2011


Last day of November today and of course, being a Wednesday, it's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW). Time for the weekly snoop round all the imaginative places that folk do their crafting - no doubt with a lot more going on than here at Pixie's Workshop.........and here's the link to Julia's should you wish to run away right now :)

The good news is that this cold is just lingering and being a nuisance - the bad news is that I flipping well hope it isn't biding its time to put in a full appearance nearer to Christmas. You know what I mean ......Footlights! Strike up the orchestra! Then out onto centre stage, wearing top hats and sparkly suits - tap dancing like mad with the occasional high kick comes....'The Star of the Show' - The Full Blown Cold and all its little friends such as the Cough, Sore Throat and Co. 

Anyhow - this is my desk as I left it yesterday, and on Monday for that matter!
Not very exciting at all and much too neat and tidy:( It was so gloomy I had to use the daylight lamp.  To the back there's a pile of cards waiting to have their inserts printed, and the pile at the front is similar but not posted about on here yet. I only put quite simple double folded inserts into cards but it's easier to take any photos before doing that stage as they don't seem to stay as tightly closed once I stick the inserts in. A little Penny Black hedgie stamp is patiently waiting to be inked up and he's sitting on some slips of paper with the 'recipe' for each card noted down as I make it.....then I usually lose the slips of paper of course :)

This is the top card from the front pile - another Ribbon Tree Card:
I used:

- white 7" x 5" card stock

- Woodware 'Christmas Ribbon Tree' stamp set - coloured with Pro Markers

- deep turquoise backing card from stash

- patterned paper by Nancy Watts, free with Making Cards magazine

- stamped sentiment using a free stamp kit with Simply Cards and Papercraft

- Josy Rose nail heads

This has to be one of my very favourite stamp sets, it's amazing how different it can look just by varying the colour scheme and there are some softer ones somewhere in that pile of cards on the desk.

My chum Kath has thrown down a challenge for Friday Feast - her comment made me hoot with laughter - apparently her 'lesser half' (grin) was saying they eat too much meat so could I please do a recipe bearing that in mind but 'none of that Italian muck'.  Your wish is my command Kath!

Have a great Wednesday folks - and happy snooping!



  1. a very tidy desk indeed but hey you have obviously been busy making lots of gorgeous christmas cards...thanks for the crafty snoop...Happy WOYWW...hugs kath xxx (33)

  2. much too tidy and organised hon.....I'm off to snoop at much messier workstations!!! Great card tho..xxxxx

    p.s. glad you 're feeling better! xx

  3. Love that card, it is fab! hope your cold goes soon and you can mess up that tidy desk!!

  4. I really hope that cold leaves you well before Christmas Di. Love that card and will be really looking forward to your Friday's creation now :-)
    A x

  5. Get well virtual hugs for you my friend.

    GREAT ribbon tree card and perfect colour matching.

    Happy WOYWW xxx

  6. The tail end of colds just become tiresome don't they. Hopefully, you've had your dose for this year. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
    What a neat desk, you are so tidy. Can you come and organise me..... pleeese!!
    I'm loving all your Christmas cards, all so different.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax

  7. Oh Di that desk is far too tidy and organised .. .. LOL!!!

    You missed someone out of the chorus line for the Full Blown Cold .. .. the sore red nose that is such a fetching look alongside breathing through your mouth!!

    On that lovely note I will leave you!!

    Have a good day.

    Love Jules xx

  8. Hi there and thanks for the peek into your creative zone. It looks like there is loads going on so thanks for sharing. Hope you have a brilliant week and have plenty of creative time!
    Neil #24

  9. In reply to your comment the easy answer is.... the fabric panels was a gift from Jo[zarty] for the babes and I'm really sorry but I don't have another one....but of course what I really mean is...even if I did noone could afford one if I made them one :-) :-)....I really wouldn't want to count up the hours I've spent making them....but I love them loads.
    A x

  10. Hi Di, your craft space puts mine to shame. I like to think the mess I leave is the "artist" in me, but no one believes that. I see from the photo that you've been busy with the Christmas cards. Lovely stuff and yet another thing I need to get a shimmy on with.
    I hope you feel better and I'm sending you a Gute Besserung with this post.
    There'S loads of time left to get rid of that cold!

  11. Hi Annie. I knew they would be a one off, so intricate - no-one could afford that amount of time and work so it was very much tongue in cheek :)) Di xx

  12. What a great tidy desk, your cards look lovely and you are so organised. Have a great Wednesday. Laura

  13. I kept writing items used on bits of paper and losing them too - now I use a book to keep all the information in but unfortunately I have lost that too at the moment! oh well I am sure it will turn up! Thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl – No 4

  14. I LOVE that ribbon tree card!! I'd buy it to send to my friends and family :)
    Thanks for your kind comments, it has been a very busy week, there's a couple of fairs still to come but mainly it's band that is going to be manic for the next few weeks. Concerts, busking, carols, you name it, we're doing it!
    Hope your cold goes away very soon,
    Hugs, LLJ #40 xx

  15. Oh you are just trying to make us feel bad... just look at all the CARDS you have done or almost done.... WOW!!!
    And the card you showed is so cute too...
    Now that you took the pic you can go back to bein messy again...!!
    Thanks for todays peek!

  16. Wow, you have been busy - lovely C card there. Hope the cold either doesn't develop of it it does then makes a speedy exit.
    Ann B

  17. All so neat and tidy there Di - your cards just waiting for the off! I had my first card here the day before yesterday and another one today!! Mine are still in a very unfinished state but I will enjoy having a day sorting and getting ready although I hate writing them all!Hope you are feeling better. x Jo

  18. Gosh hour desk is so neat and tidy and you have been so busy with your cards. They all look so interesting and that stamp looks very versatile. Hope your cold goes soon!

  19. Loving the different colours of the ribbon stamp, how dare you show such a tidy work desk, I am at the stage where I can't find anything.
    Take plenty of vitamin C, doesn't stop the cold but stops it lasting as long, high dose too.
    Chicken will be fine as it is red meat he moans about. But Mrs Beeton I do have a question for you... what is pork classed as?

    Kath x

  20. Very tidy workstation Di! Quick question, where do you buy your card blanks from? Those and the 6" x 6" cards? I've run out today :-( thanks a lot xx

  21. Definately tidy! Love the versitility of a good stamp! Great colorting! Happy WOYWW! -Amanda #21

  22. Very nice looking work space. Love the Christmas cards! Thanks for sharing and hope you have a great week! Vickie #67

  23. You need to be careful, you almost make that cold sound like fun!! Lovely pile of cards you've got ready, just the chore of writing them now! I long ago came to the conclusion that I love the making more than the giving when it comes to cards, especially at Christmas when you have such a big pile to do!

    Brenda 77

  24. I missed WOYWW this week. Wasn't up to par and can't do the snooping this week because I'm a bit behind. I hate getting sick!! Looks like you've been super busy Di and you've done an awesome job on all those cards - WOW!

  25. Well done, finishing all those cards. Sorry you're still suffering with the cold. I'm much better than I was but feeling totally wiped out today so haven't done anything much. Happy WOYWW, Shoshi #62

  26. Wow you have been busy and you are so tidy. Such lovely cards.
    Diane xx

  27. Your cards are lovely and look so organised. Mine are stuck in a box, still waiting for their inserts. I usually do a separate insert for each person, but this year, I think I ma going to follow your example and do something more simple, and personalise them as I write them. By the way, I love that "Italian muck", so any recipes on that line would suit me fine.

  28. Well, Di, your desk has put me to shame this week - it's so tidy. Funny, but I keep the recipe for each card on little pieces of paper too - never thought of using a wood-mounted stamp as a paperweight though :)And, yes, they do get lost too! Hope your cold has gone off to pastures new by now. If I'm making an insert I do it there and then - it probably wouldn't get done at all otherwise. Oh, and I think we must have been on the same wavelength this week because my recipe is almost meat free and definitely not 'Italian muck' - perhaps Spanish though!! Elizabeth x #111


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