Saturday 12 November 2011

A walk and a loooong detour

On Thursday we decided to walk from the Marina where we're staying, along to Estepona Town itself. It's such a pretty place with lots of interesting back streets and the walk along the promenade is very pleasant. We wandered, had a lovely brunch, shopped a bit (someone got three shirts and I bought a teeny little evening bag sized purse for all of two Euros - who said that it's the women who can shop?!).

By now the sun was really warm (sorry!) and we moseyed back along the promenade to the Marina. The end was in sight when suddenly we were accosted by two beggars, women 'selling' carnations. Having had to firmly refuse (tales of purses being whipped out of your hand and run off with were rife in June when we were here) we realised our route back to the apartment meant having to run the gauntlet so Indiana Jones decided that a diversion was best. BIG mistake!

A lot of maintenance work was going on along our diversionary route and all tracks up the hill were blocked off. Indiana strode out in front whilst I brought up the rear, whining at intervals like Donkey in Shrek 'Are we there yet?'. Trust me, I truly thought we were going to end up in Gibraltar as each pathway was closed. However, we came across such a pretty bay I had to admit that it was worth the hike and after a long, steep trek up the hill at last we finally arrived back on track. This is the view from the top of the hill:
And, if you enlarge the photo, there's a headland of Southern Spain to the very right of the picture and just a little way to the left of that on the horizon, showing faintly through the haze, is Gibraltar - like a crouching lion. See, I knew we were on our way there!!



  1. I hope you had plenty of drinking water with you. It can be hot work, walking out here, even in November. The photo is beautiful. Worth the climb to see that!
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Kate x

  2. Beautiful view. Sounds as if you're having a whale of a time. Enjoy your break x

  3. What a gorgeous snap Di. Wish I was there :-)
    A x

  4. Gorgeous piccy of the sea......jealous muchly! Have a fab time...don't get lost with all that exploring! x

  5. Fab pic and a delicious recipe below! Low cloud over our hills but blue sky for the first time in days here! x Jo

  6. Great pic . . . only bit of sunshine I've had nearly all week! Grrr xxx

  7. Good Morning Di,
    Thanks for the fun story, with a great ending photo. In the end Indianna found the jewel and got the girl:)!!
    Thanks for stopping by

  8. Hi Di

    What a gorgeous photograph.

    We did actually manage a little bit of sunshine here today too!!!

    Hope you are having a lovely time.

    Love Jules xx

  9. Hi Di, Your Photo is just gorgeous!
    nice of you to share this it looks fabulous, we have been having some lovely sunshine and Sunday is suppose to be a lovely day again its so nice to get it nice at this time of the year do enjoy yourselves :) Sandra

  10. Fabulous view, hope you didn't get blisters!

    Kath x

  11. Gorgeous view! Sounds like your having a lovely time.
    Diane xx

  12. Indiana Jones and Donkey from Shrek... yes, I can just about imagine it now... :)
    Di, you are an absolute scream! Keep enjoying your holiday - and take loads of photographs. This one is so pretty - well worth the diversions :)


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