Monday 14 November 2011

Do you eat it or not?

I doubt if you do eat this variety of Morning Glory:
It's so pretty and we've seen loads this week. I love the way that the centre of these really lovely flowers glow like a little light bulb :) They're quite easy to grow in the UK and I've had great success in the past from starting them off in the greenhouse - but it's so nice to see them growing wild.

The title of the post isn't as daft as it might seem either. Len and I go to Thailand quite often and over there they have a variety of Morning Glory which grows in water. The green parts of the plant make a gorgeous accompaniment (today's big word!) to a Thai meal - stir-fried with something like oyster sauce. Yummy!

It looks like the weather is changing a bit here in Southern Spain - within the past hour or so, from being like a mill pond, the sea is getting rougher and clouds are gathering. Good job that tomorrow is planned as just a 'mooching around' day and the dreaded packing of course, ready for an early flight on Tuesday. But we've been really lucky with the weather so far so absolutely no complaints on that score!

Shops here, especially the supermarkets, are full of Christmas goodies. You certainly can have a good traditional Christmas - decorations, lights, baubles, artificial trees galore, mincemeat, mince pies, Christmas puddings, crackers - the works! But something I haven't seen at home and absolutely love are little dried whole figs, just a dainty-ish mouthful - really delicious. With luck there'll be a chance to buy some more to take home.....I ate the box we bought already! Err, now I remember why our Mums used to give us Syrup of Figs!! :((

Must rush!!



  1. I too love the morning glory that abounds in the wild here, though ours is mostly in flower much earlier in the year. I ate lots of morning glory in Thailand, but I don't know whether it is related to our plant or not.
    Our village is not in such a 'tourist area' as Estepona, and it is not as geared to the English population, so Christmas items are not easily found until December. The only 'English' shop in the area is the new Iceland in Vera, and they have it all in there, but apart from mincepies, which I make by the hundred to sell, we don't bother with it. I did bring most of my decorations from UK and they will be going up on December 1st as our youngest son is coming out for a week on 3rd. He'll like to see them all again.
    I don't mind a few clouds and like it when the sea is a bit lively, but I hope it doesn't rain for your last day. Safe journey home. Kate x

  2. Hehehe I'm chuckling here Di....I'm sure the exercise will do you good...just remember to eat them one at a time with the next box :-)
    Hope you have a safe journey home.
    A x

  3. Oh you DO make me laugh Di. Thanks for that on a grey Monday morning! xxx

  4. Such a pretty flower
    Di and the colour is gorgeous!!! Enjoy your day and have a safe trip home! Would love to have seen how Spain displays Christmas!

  5. Lovely photo Di and you made me laugh too :o) Hope you enjoy your last day there and have a good journey back. Lisa x

  6. Hi Di, Your picture is so pretty and the colour is so strong truly beautiful:) Sandra H

  7. A definate NOT for me and I did giggle about the figs and your must dash ending. You seem to have done very well with the weather and it has been dark, dismal, damp and foggy here. Bit of advice.. don't travel home in your bikini.

    Kath x

  8. Lovely photo Di, the village sounds really nice. Christmas is everywhere at the moment but I do love it. Hope you've had a lovely relaxing break. My Hubby would do something like that to saying this is a shot cut (laugh ha joke not). Hope you have a safe flight home. Hugs Jenny x


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