Wednesday 16 November 2011

WOYWW 128 - home sweet home :)

Firstly - my desk today so if you don't want to do other than peek/snoop/nose then you won't need to read too much :)
This is the pickle I left behind last week when we flew off for a break in the sun. Piles of used stuff to put away, that basket of unused things still lurking at the back - and the LOTV stamps I'd been frantically stamping ready to take for a bit of 'colouring in'. I can't move in here today and a real blitz is called for - just wish I was someone who could happily craft away in a riotous mess, regular blitzes waste good crafting time!

Then, to the left:
Pulled out of luggage and just dumped for now - a plastic folder with Aqua Markers in - waiting to be returned to their proper cases when I get turned round, some images I coloured on holiday,  a small plastic 'shot glass' that I use for water only (smile) - when water colouring on hols. Also, there's Norman the Rabbit who travels absolutely everywhere with me. Err, not on a daily basis you understand!

The images need to be finished with some sparkle etc. then used for Christmas cards and Norman needs some first aid. He has his own little carrot - sort of a 'Bunny packed lunch' - which is coming loose.

Norman is a long-serving travel companion who's very well travelled and much loved. I was given him as a little 'good luck' mascot by a wonderful gentleman in his 80's many years ago, also called Norman, when I moved away from the North East. The human Norman is sadly no longer alive but he was one of those people you wish there were more of in this world. He always looked quite shabby and some people used to shy away from him as if he 'didn't really belong', in their eyes - Norman was sharp enough to point this out to me so it must have hurt. But, if they had looked beyond his appearance they would have seen a fascinating chap, a real gentleman and an animal lover. He liked nothing more than a good natter and his eyes lit up if Benjie and Dougal (my little Bichons) alerted me to the fact that he was at our gate making a fuss of them whilst out walking his own dogs. I used to fly up the driveway, often with whatever I'd been baking, and though he wouldn't come in for a cuppa we spent many happy times 'putting the world to rights'. When I moved down South we often chatted on the phone and every Valentine's Day and Christmas he would send me a small bouquet of red roses - this continued to the day he died. The world is a lesser place without him for sure and I can just hear his voice calling me 'Flower' - his pet name for me :) So, Norman the Rabbit is very special and I'd be heartbroken if I ever lose him.

Oooer, this sounds a bit maudlin perhaps for a jolly WOYWW, but sometimes small things like that special friendship are worth sharing.

So, to see what else people are up to today - hop over to Julia's here. More sorting out to do here but I'll be sure to hop around as much as possible!



  1. My very scruffy 80 odd year old neighbour once told me about a road improvement scheme, 'cor how much did that cost?' I said, he replied with 'you can't put a price on life'.
    Sometimes we are so quick to judge on appearance and fail to spot the generous, wise person hidden within.

  2. Well! I'm really disappointed Di....I only called by to see your huge pile of dirty washing :-)
    I love Norman....we should all have a Norman in our lives :-)
    A x

  3. aww - got a lump in me throat!! x

  4. Oh what a great story and I can see why Norman is so precious to you. Have a great crafting day. Laura

  5. Hi Di. You take good care of Norman. He is one in a million! I hope he enjoyed his holiday as much as you seemed to have done.
    I love the little Lily of the Valley images. I have just bought some of their stamps too, and I will be using them for my last run of cards. I need to get them done, as my son is visiting on 4th December and I am hoping he will be taking all my UK cards back with him to post. Kate x

  6. I have mopped up my eyes, yes the world should defo have more 'norman's' in it!!
    Can't wait to see what becomes of the coloured images!!!!!
    Shall I take a pic of my desk????xx

  7. I'm in whole hearted agreement with everyone else.

    A very touching tale Di. Bless ya.


  8. Not at all maudlin, Di, I enjoyed reading about both the Normans and I can quite see how rabbit Norman means so much to you. We have a 'Norman' in our life too and even though we have moved away we still have the pleasure of talking to him on the phone most evenings. He sends all sorts of things up to us - but no red roses. Now that was special. As a fully paid up neatnik I'd say your desk doesn't look so bad from here - I'm sure you'll have it shipshape in no time. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #78

  9. Marvellous story of Norman...sounds like my Mrs Murray, bless them both. So you had a good sunny time without us huh? Colouring looks great - and you can insist about shot glasses and water as much as you like.......the only thing I believe is that your idea of a mess and mine are well, confused!

  10. That was a lovely tale to share - not maudlin at all

    Glad you (and Norman!) had a great time, bet you;re missing hte sun now!

    Debs #102

  11. What a great chap Norman must have been - I agree we need a few more like him in the world today. Now - as for your Norman do stitch his carrot on - I would hate for it to drop off! x Jo

  12. Welcome home. I hope your travels were enjoyable!!

    Norman sounds like a kind soul; isn't it nice to have those memories. As for Norman, the bunny, he couldn't be any more adorable!!!


  13. Hi Di, Your stories are book Great that Norman is such a good companion, and you'll have your desk in order pretty soon l'm sure and l'm looking forward to many of your creations that you have to finish off:) Sandra H

  14. There are lots of lovely people in the world like Norman, if only more people could see this the world would be a much better place.

    My mum also knew a gentleman like Norman, his name was Bernard and he would bring her a bunch of flowers every week.

    Thanks for a lovely WOYWW Post.


  15. Loved reading about 'the Normans' If only there were more folk about like that. Love the images you have coloured. Thanks for sharing.Anne x

  16. Hey, what a lovely memory, it is funny how people are always quick to judge by appearances, sometimes they can be angels in disguise.
    My work desk is in a worse state than your and I haven't been the slightest productive, everything has gone in the bin.
    Thank goodness today, things changed.

    Kath x

  17. Hello Norman!!! Monkey says Hi too!! Did you get my washing to iron? I sent it by carrier pidgeon!! Hope you had a good holiday.
    As for Norman, what a lovely sounding man. I used to know a Mr Jones who must have come out of the same mould!! Reading your post has brought back some lovely thoughts about Mr Jones. Thanks.

  18. Hi Di, Thanks for leaving your message on my blog last week. I’m so sorry that I didn’t repay the visit but time just slipped by me for some reason….but I’ve made it this week and I’m so pleased I did.
    I love your story of Norman (the real one) and your treasured bunny.
    It’s so true that people go on looks alone far too often and miss out on so much because of it. You obviously made an impression on him though if he continued to keep in touch with cards and flowers on a regular bases after you moved away.

    Love your coloured images……….LOTV are such sweet images you can’t really go wrong with them can you.

    Happy Crafting!
    Sue (#65)

  19. Nice to have you back Di, put I see no mess, just a neat pile of stuff to the right! Glad you got some colouring done, I never seem to do much when I go away, even though I take it with me. The real Norman sounds lovely, and I still get called Flower a lot by my Northern Aunts and Uncles, not to mention my mam! And to my Stepfather i'm still and always will be The Bairn!!

    Brenda 86

  20. Hi Di

    Your desk looks all set ready for action .. ..once you have cleared a space!!

    I am pleased I'm not the only one who takes colouring everywhere with me!

    Great story of Norman. I feel like I know him now!

    Love Jules xx

  21. That does not sound in the least maudlin. We don't take enough time these days to appreciate wonderful characters like Norman. Long may his memory last. I loved reading bout him.

  22. SO sorry no timem to WOYWW this week ... just don't know where it has gone really!
    Hope to catch up proper very soon! Debbie x

  23. HOpe you had a great getaway. I didnt even notice the burnt casserole hot pot dish, it just looked so yummy
    Bridget #29


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