Saturday, 5 February 2011

Just chilling out card

This is another LOTV cute square card - just so you can see what lovely little designs there are!

I made this for our daughter in law's Dad who is recovering from surgery. It's self-explanatory - I kept it crisp and simple just adding his name at the bottom right. The papers came from my stash - and the hardest bit was writing our message in German on the insert!
Oh how I love these LOTV squares.....and the layers were stuck down correctly despite the piccie making it seem that they're a bit on the low side....I need a better camera sometime, or perhaps I should get down on my knees to take piccies :(



Wipso said...

Love the design of this card Di. Hope the recovering gent makes a speedy recovery. Also hope news of rest of your family is now much better.
A x

Di said...

Thanks Annie! Still battling hospital protocol but what I can find out seems OK/positive. A friend is going to visit to give me a first hand report. Just wish I had my own little helicopter!! Di x

moira said...

looked at that site arent there some clever people out therethanks

Di said...

WOYWW is such a brilliant idea - some craft rooms to die for and as you say, very clever people. I feel like the tail end of the donkey when I go and have a mooch around :( Di x