Friday, 25 February 2011

Remembering Don

My OH's older brother took up watercolouring when he retired a few years ago. Sadly his retirement wasn't as long and happy as we'd all hoped and he developed what proved to be a terminal illness. It's four years this weekend since he died and I have no idea what prompted me to stumble across a couple of photos whilst browsing through folders on my laptop today - perhaps subliminal thoughts?

The Summer before he died, Don asked my OH for a copy of a photograph we'd take on a recent holiday to Thailand - and we didn't suspect a thing. On our next visit I remember that day as being so happy - glorious sunshine, Don looking very well and hopefully things going to plan after his chemotherapy and a lot of laughter as Don, his wife Maureen and ourselves spent most of the day in the garden - interspersed with visits from the family.

To our surprise and delight this is what he'd produced for his 'baby brother', taken from the photograph he'd so cleverly asked Len for - and the frame is just so perfect too. He must have had a cunning plan all along and as you can imagine, it's one of our most treasured possessions:

When it was Don's 70th birthday, just a month before he died, this is the card I made for him. It seemed so appropriate to show him how much his painting was appreciated:

How I made it doesn't really need explanation - I took a photo of his picture and added some artists bits and pieces - plus peeloffs.

RIP Don xx



Wipso said...

What teasured memories you have of a very talented artist. Thanks for sharing them.
A x
ps glad you enjoyed the smells from my kitchen....drop in for a bread roll any day :-)

Di said...

Thank you Annie for your very sweet comments. Di xx

Carol D said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, What a lovely Card.

Hugs Carol x

Di said...

Hi Carol! You're an early bird - still flying high after meeting the great Tim H I expect :) Lucky you!!!n Di x

Karen said...

Lovely card and remembering someone special is nice. Makes the world seem a better place to have known them and shared their life. Hugs x