Monday, 7 April 2014

Heath Robinson strikes again!

Stretching ain't easy right now, sitting ain't much fun either :( And my little sporty two-seater car has very wide doors - good for getting in and out of, even with a dodgy back so long as you take it carefully, but an absolute 'so and so' when you do get seated then need to reach one arm well out out to grab the wide open driver's door and close it - ouch!

Yesterday I was determined to go to the supermarket and spent some time musing over just how I'd cope with closing the driver's door on my own. Ha! The in-house critic came up trumps though - nope, he didn't offer to take me there and back (and I'm glad he didn't 'cos I'm so flipping independent at the best of times). THIS is what he produced:
One long-handled shoe (or boot) horn!! :) Absolutely brilliant for hooking onto the inside handle to pull the door closed without doing the dreaded s-t-r-e-t-c-h. And I don't care about any funny looks I got either. Nice one Len, mwah :)

I see the Playground is already busy, I'll catch up with you all today I promise!



Kathyk said...

Feel better soon - gotta love those long shoe horns


scrappymo! said...

Oh what a chuckle I had. I have to use a shoe horn like that to get my shoes on now! lol Aging is a drag!

I hope your back feels better soon. I do know how frustrating it is to have back trouble.I wonder if a massage would help...not the nice gentle kind...but rather a deep muscle stretching, bring tears to your eyes type of massage! That usually helps me with some relief by the next day.

Gentle hugs honey...

Alycia said...

He's a keeper. :)

ike said...

Oh, how brilliant !! I am glad he found you a solution. Sorry your back is giving you trouble - sending some healing vibes xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Annie said...

Hi Di. So sorry to hear your back is playing up again and really hope it improves very soon. I have one of those...brilliant aren't they? Several Christmases ago when Amy asked what I wanted I said a 'helping hand' and had lots of giggles from the family about it but I do have to say it gets used every day...and not only by me :-) treat yourself to will benefit lots.
Big healing hugs,
Annie x

Irene said...

Just brilliant Di, take care of yourself.

Sarn said...

That Len . . . he's a genius! Hope you feel much better very soon Little Miss Independent.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Elizabeth said...

Ingenious!!! Proving the truth of that old adage, necessity is the mother of invention. Len is a star! Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Peggy said...

Genius idea. Well done Len ! Feel better soon Di. Love Dee xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Aw Di sorry indeedy that you're poorly again. ..nasty that long reach.. have that trouble in lots of cars ecen without a back issue.. weak hands. Now hv a shoe horn 'zact same I do and love it along, with helping hand. Both were my muvvers.
When short they work treat in varying ways. Rest up and pray some real relief comes yr way. Shaz on mobile.x

Planetsusie said...

So sorry to hear about the return of your back pain Di, I can empathise and really hope it eases very soon. Just keep of the slide in the Playground!

Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

Greta said...

Brilliant idea--he's a gem! Do be careful--you know it's a must, dear Di!

Jean said...

Sorry to see your back is giving you trouble again and hope you get some relief soon.
The long shoehorn looks like a brilliant idea, we all need a helping hand sometimes.
Jean x

Kathleen said...

Good old Len, have to admit at first I thought it was an enlarged crochet hook lol.
Oops not sure if this was published or not but on my screen when I closed down blogger, silly me.
Hope you are a bit easier today.

Kath xx

Hettie said...

Well done Len! My Mum uses a walking stick for my car door! A bit less conspicuous. Also useful for tripping peeps up!!
PS I have also used it in M&S to reach clothing down on the stupidly high racks!!

Bonnie said...

I might have to nab one of these from my DH. Looks like a handy gadget for reaching that door handle!

Mau xx said...

Hope the back pain eases soon Di, nothing worse! Good on Len to come up with the now see why we Keep them...fella's i
Gentle hugs Mau xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Somehow I missed that you messed up your back and couldn't figure out why you couldn't just close the door. Ah ha! I get it now! And those doors for two-door cars are sooooooo long. Mine used to have the shoulder harness attached to the door so you could just yank the door shut with the strap. Good for bad backs.... or the time some strange man tried to jump into my passenger door. I just yanked the door right out of his hand.

MaryH said...

WTGo Mr. Len! What a genius to think of this (plus know exactly where to find the item). Big score for him on this idea. Hope that bad back soon gets healed all to normal. TFS