Saturday, 26 May 2012

Special Couple in Monochrome

Saturday's cards are always quickies as I tend to fiddle on more with a Snippets card at the end of each week ready to write the Snippets Playground roll call ready for Sunday - this card is no exception:
A quick rootle through the cupboards here revealed a whole load left from a Kan Ban kit all in white, black and silver. These cards almost fall together as the kits are so well worked out by Kan Ban (the kit came from QVC ages ago by the way).Not even a bit of ribbon needed.

I used:

- A4 white, black and silver card from the kit, scored, slightly trimmed and folded to make an A5 sized card

- pop-out die cut with the birdies on, I just added teensy little diamantes to their eyes

- an additional strip of silver and black card across, with the oval matching sentiment added to it

I hate to 'blow the teachers whistle' in the Snippets Playground and there's no way to say this other than to be quite direct, which goes against the grain for a softy like me :(

If your own blog posting doesn't have a link into the playground it truly isn't really fair to expect me to spend time adding you to the roll call - it's a two-way trip and also one of the very few playground rules. So, I'm really sorry but no link in your own post, no write-up in the roll call. Jumps back down from soap box and scurries off to tidy the skipping ropes :)

Oh dear, that's so not me, but it had to be said :(

Have a great weekend - and the roll call will be done today ready for a new week tomorrow. Oooer, it's already hot outside - move over in the paddling pool!



Catherine said...

Fab card, love all the black and white!!

Amanda said...

Fab card Di, love the sparkly card. And don't faint but I made a snippet card yesterday...after sorting my snippets into colour families I found the card and papers really quickly. Won't post it til next week though as I have to take a picture. Hugs, Amanda x

Anonymous said...

Great card Di, love the monochrome design.

(Quickly checked I'd remembered to link on my blog as I sometimes am a noodle head-phew I had)

Fancy playing some elastic's seeing that my rounders suggestion didn't go down too well ;)? I still can remember the rhyme's-England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales ........

Have a great day Di, big hugs xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Seriously gorgeous card, love the monochrome and sparkles. I'm such a Bling Queen..*sighs* !!
If I came in the paddling pool, there's be no room for anyone else!! So I'll sit on the side sipping some long and cold. Oh, another Singapore Sling?? Don't mind if I do :D
Hugs, LLJ xx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Beautiful card Di. Monochrome and shparkle is always a winner in my book.

I can only guess at the huge amount of time it takes you to go round collecting the info and doing the links for the Sunday Roll Call, so I think it's only fair that Snippet Playmates should link their entry back to YOU if they want a mention and a link back TO THEM on a Sunday.

Air kisses . . . TOO HOT for anything else . . . MWAH MWAH!
Sarn xxx

Bernie said...

What a gorgeous card Di! I love the monochrome, sparkles and those fabulous birds. Wonderful that what looks like took a LOT of work went together so quickly.
I must admit I am guilty of screwing up links. I have been trying to do better. I don’t blame you for taking a stand as I know I am not the only one.
Wish I could send you some of our cool breezes. I’ve had enough of them, still need a sweater to go out here.

MaryH said...

What a gorgeously sparkling card. Your recipient will love it! I fear I am also guilty & accept the reminder most gratefully. I have your notes "to the ready" and will attempt again. Thanks for taking the time to fix errors, and you area AB-SO-lutely right that you should not have to spend your time fixing goof-ups. That time is better spent playing! TFS

Lynn said...

A gorgeous card Di - I do love those birds. Have checked my link works so I don't have to go to the naughty corner. Have a great weekend. Lynn x

Craftilicious said...

Great card Di - you've reminded me I have that kit somewhere too!
Is there still room in the pool? I've got sunstroke ;-)

Kathleen said...

Ooh, Miss, I am really sorry, you said my link didn't work the other week, think it did on last weeks. I know I haven't entered this week had the boys Wednesday to after tea today and had no time and then no energy to try to make a card.
Love this monochrome card, fabulous image and what a change to go with the sentiment, if you know what I mean.
Good luck with the write up's in this weather.

Kath x

Samantha Elliott said...

Lovely card there Di and I will have the same as LLJ!! Maybe just my feet in the pool! I ran out as we had a ginger visitor after my girls and I only had my slipper/sandals on and shorts and I managed to brush past some nettles where Hubby hasn't quite strimmed yet (tho he mowed the path)! I could sure do with a dip in the pool!

Sandra H said...

Hi Di, Beautiful is Monochrome one of my favourites and your card is just amazing, l like the bigger cards too you can add loads and if it was me l would over do l agree too with the other comments enjoy the rest of your day or night as its after nine now.......take care:)x