Saturday, 19 May 2012

Early Snippets Playground closing today

Hi folks. Hope I don't catch anyone on the hop but I'm really struggling with the internet here - it's apparently 20 times slower than BT Infinity at home and it's been one heck of a struggle to write up the roll call. But, it's finished now - yippee - so rather than worry about adding in playmates later on I'm about to have a well earned glass of wine (or three, snort!) and put this little pink notebook/laptop as far away from me as possible :)

The gates will re-open at midnight as usual - and I'll be watching you all still remember:) If I hear one little rev of a go-kart then I'll know exactly who it is!!



Samantha Elliott said...

Vrooom Vrooom!!

Sandra H said...

Hi Di, Oh isn't that so annoying! do enjoy your glass of wine or two or even a you deserve it, will be looking forward to the new snippets tomorrow now l wonder who that can be?!! xx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Christ, I nearly got run over by "you know who" above . . . EEEK! Come back soon and restore some order!

Slow internet is SOOOOOO frustrating. Enjoy your wine . . . .make it a LARGE one xxx

Kathleen said...

Well if she runs over my foot she's in big trouble. Hope she has a licence.

Enjoy the wine, I may just join you, off to the fridge right now.

Kath x