Sunday 22 January 2023


A while ago I bought some goodies from AALL & Create - and this is the first outing for one of the sets - it really tickles my sense of humour - as well as the irony of it. It's get in the sentiment by the way - not Bet as Len read it - and he's not even a man for the gee-gees or such!

The snippets, in the end I didn't use the smaller piece of bright pink

I used:

- 5" x 7" white card blank, tent style

- at that point I die cut the bright pink backing piece using a NBUS die from the now discontinued Lil'Inker 'Fringe scalloped squares' set of dies. So unusual and bought when Seven Hills Crafts were selling their Lil Inker dies on reduction due to the closure of Lil'Inkers

- die cut the image panel using a square stitched die from The Works, just the right size to sit nicely inside the 'fringed scallop' edges of the bright pink square 

- stamped the image and wording using Memento 'Tuxedo Black' ink and stamps from the AALL & Create super fun stamp set called 'Om Dee'

- coloured the image using Polychromos pencils - matching the colours to the spots in the snippet of patterned paper I'd chosen to use (it came from the Back to Basics' 'Bright Spark' set of papers)

- added the image panel to the bright pink die cut square using narrow foam tape with some pieces here and there around the inner part as well as right around the edges  NB - little tip about adding foam tape below!

- then trimmed a strip of the spotty patterned paper for either side of the card and glued it in place

- glued the image panel in place, at the same time flicking up the scallops around the pink panel, just using my finger nail

 - finished!

The little tip I used when adhering the foam tape covered image panel to the bright pink backing panel was picked up from Chrissie's YouTube channel. Add the foam tape to your piece or panel as usual but, once you peel off the backing ready to add it to whatever you're sticking it to - just run a glue stick along the pieces of foam tape to allow a little bit of 'wiggle room' when you pop it in place. Works a treat!

Here's a link to Chrissie's channel - 'Christine Stokes' - in case you want to take a peek - I'm sure loads of us remember from the days when she and Mandi ran 'Less is More'.  

I stamped a little sentiment, from the same stamp set, on the insert for the card - it amused me almost as much as the main sentiment - 'Hurry up inner Peace, I don't have all day'. 

It reminds me of when a friend and I used to shoot out from the office once a week at lunchtimes and catch the Metro into Newcastle to join in a Yoga class run close to the University. Looking back, as we were working flexible hours we could take a longer lunch break, but it was still stressful. We were practically still changing out of our leotards at the end as we ran down a long flight of steps from the class to a bakery shop! They sold THE most wonderful grated cheese, onion and salad cream/mayo stottie sarnies I've EVER tasted. Then, hopping about trying to keep warm whilst eating said stottie sarnies and waiting for a bus back to the office. Metro there and bus back seemed to work best for some mad reason. Aha, I think no eating of food was allowed on the Metro! So we could eat our lunch on the bus back to work. After that - I was finished for the rest of the afternoon! Rinse, repeat - we did the same all over again the following week.

This is my snippets card to kick off challenge #446 is over in the Snippets Playground. Go HERE  to join in the fun!

I'd like to enter this card into the following challenges:

Darnell's NBUS Challenge #46 - the never been used items are the stamps set and also the Lil'Inker fringed frames - I LOVE these!

Allsorts Challenge Week 712 'Spots and/or stripes'. It was pure fluke that I chose a snippet of spotted paper for today's card!

Dudley Pupdate - on his recent walks he's been pulling to come back home at every little shortcut he knows, right now it's too cold and icy for me to go along 'for a ride'. 

Dudley is on a trial (by us) of some herbal calming pills. Our hope is/was that he would become less worried when the doorbell rings, a delivery arrives - or even worse, someone arrives to work in the house or garden. Interestingly, the longer jobs soon become part of his routine or acceptance. Even an engineer to service the boiler is accepted once he has been introduced. But the arrival of a grocerydelivery, Amazon order or post unexpectedly really sends him into a worried little heap - and those are the ones we can't totally/precisely time and predict of course.

So - each morning, in his little breakfast dish, for the past week or so - he's has one of those 'beef flavoured' herbal calming pills. They are BIG as well! He needed to be coaxed and fed them at first - and then, bingo, on Thursday morning he was snuffling around and scrunching the last of his little white bowl contents - and yay - he now takes the pills all on his own! Ironic really - they don't make a ha'porth of difference so far as we can tell but at least his 'pill phobia' seems to have gone. Gotta laugh!

The other night, as usual, Dudley snuggled between Len and I when we were in bed - and he (Dudley!) loves to lie sideways! Both of us must have been uncomfortable - I had his face and nose pushed under my arm and Len had the rear end and his amazingly strong hind legs that push when he wants to turn on his back to really 'spread it out and make himself comfortable'. Neither of us said much about the situation - it is what it is really.  I was quietly reading my Kindle and Len was trying to get to sleep. Suddenly - Dudley the 'bed snatcher' decided HE wasn't comfortable after all and launched himself off the bed to curl up on one side of it. 

In an instant - such a teenage kerfuffle of grabbing and sorting of bed clothes went on as we both almost simultaneously gasped ...................'quick, get the duvet and as much of your own side of the bed as you can whilst he's on the floor ...............  to be able to sleep properly!' Need I say more? We slept.


  1. LOVE zis very zen and fun card. Plus the snippets are pretty zingy too. FAB!

    Oh that Dudley - he’s a scamp for sure - snatching the bed for his own comfort!

  2. Bwahaha! That is definitely the meaning of zen in my house and has been for quite some time! Love the cute card, Di! As always, I can totally relate to the latest episode of Dudley's Escapades! Mwah! Hugs, Darnell

  3. It is indeed a funny sentiment Di! Cheers, Dr Sonia

  4. Oh dear - Dudley really is a bed thief - a bit like my cat some nights - I wake up and he is in the middle of the bed, literally!
    Loving your card and the punny sentiment - it's rather true, sadly!

  5. Hahaha soooo funny, you really should write a book!
    Love the card, that’s funny too, like the fringe, and great that the stitched square fits inside. I just made a card that amused me, I think we need more of these in our lives xxx

  6. Morning Di, just left a message over at the Playground as looks like you used that link by mistake - just to keep us Allsorts girls on our toes, I know your game! As I said there it's perfect for our theme with all those spots and see you've been lured into A&C's world of Miss Dee and done a great job with it.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    B x

  7. Fab deployment of your snippets, cool card - never tried yoga though I did try pilates for a while!

    Fab tales of Dudders though sorry to hear those pills aren't helping his anxiety and hope you can find another solution. Your comments about Dudley the "bed hog" made me chuckle as our beardie (probably a bit bigger than Dudders) used to do the same till she got older and decided our bed was too high to be worth the effort! GOOD LUCK with reclaiming your space on a regular basis too!

    Happy Sunday


  8. A lovely fun card Di. I think that sentiment applies to me! Dudley is so funny, but luckily our 2 sleep downstairs otherwise we wouldn't have any space at all! xx

  9. A really fun card - I do like a bit of zen 😉. Loving the Dudley story as well

  10. Ah ah ah!! :D It's a funny and realistic sentiment, almost to me! Also the one inside! :D LOL Love your design and that 'fringed scallop' edges look great! And thanks for the tip about glue stick and foam tape, soooo useful!
    Funny stories about Dudley and his herbal calming pills :) and the "finally-your-own-bed" Ah ah ah!! :D ....Have you tried to put a comfortable pillow to the bottom of the bed? Perhaps he would love it... :)
    Hugs, have a lovely Sunday!

  11. l just adore your fun card Di and the sentiment is so funny too! great post plenty of reading and Dudley always steals the show for me enjoy your day x

  12. I love this fantastic fun card and the story behind it too. Your Sarnies sound heavenly as well.

    Sue xx

  13. A fabulous card Di and I love the sentiment. Glad to hear Dudley is keeping you on your toes!
    Kath x

  14. This is such a fun card Di and love the brightly coloured snippets and the fun sentiments that accompany that quirky lady in her pretty pink and green outfit, and the two different dies for the mats look great. Your tales of Dudley's doing always make me smile..he is certainly a character. x

  15. This image and sentiment combo is so relatable LOL. Fabulous card! I don't have a dog but if cats could bark I think my cat Thomas would be the same! His tail puffs up every time someone walks up to the house or even walks by closely. And he loves to take up space in bed too!
    Thanks so much for sharing with us at Allsorts challenge!
    Ellibelle's Corner

  16. OH! My Goodness, I laughed out loud, what a great sentiment with the pose. Fabulous card Di. We had a Collie years ago, who used to hide behind the settee when ever anyone came near the house. We were out at work all day, in the end to be kind to her, I gave her back to the breeder, who was grateful, we didn't just abandon her. Turns out she turned out to be the best guard dog he had ever had, for a Security Guard who had her next.

  17. Brilliant card Di ... fab combo of image, papers and sentiment - totally tickled me too!! Not sure which tickled me more actually ... the card, or your descriptuion of the bedtime duvet kerfuffle with Dudley! Thanks so much for joining in this week's Allsorts challenge.
    Pauline xx

  18. Oh what a fab card Di, and that toastie sounded delish!!
    A wee tip for the door we were told (and it did seem to work) was to rap the knocker or ring the bell any time you're passing the door, but then whoever is in the house just totally ignores it and carries on with what they're doing. In theory the dog learns that a noise at the door isn't necessarily something exciting! Might be worth a go. Xx

    1. We've tried that one Lynne. Even to the extent of a doorbell de-sensitising sound, identical to the sound of ours, that I found online. The little monkey know the difference between it being us, online - and the real deal! x

  19. I must have missed this stamp - it's a good one and the sentiment too, as is that unusual fringe die. All makes for a fab card and obviously not much zen bedtime for you all!

  20. Thanks also for sharing with us at Allsorts challenge.

  21. This card is brilliant for the theme, and is such a fun card! All the fantastic dots and the sentiment is truth in laughter. Thank you for sharing at Allsorts.

  22. LOVE your card Di, I can really relate to the sentiment! 😂 Dudley's antics always make me smile when I read your posts. xx

  23. A fun card with all those colorful dots and cute image! I can only imagine bedtime at your house with Dudley and his squirmy ways to get comfy between you and Len! LOL Might want to opt for a king-sized bed soon, eh? Take care!

  24. What a fun post to read with the adorable card, description of your mad yoga/lunch runs and the story of Dudley hogging the bed. I do have to say that you seem to have gotten the better end of the deal, with Dudley's face ..instead of his rear end, haha! I agree with Carol L that you need to get a king-sized bed!

  25. What a brilliant card this is Di and I’m glad I came over to read all about it because hearing about the inside sentiment has set me off all over again!!
    Love the stottie story - that’s my OH’s old stamping ground so I can imagine it very well.
    Love hearing about Dudley and his antics. Have you tried giving him a treat every time the doorbell rings? That can sometimes get a panicky canine to associate the doorbell or knock with good things. Maybe worth a try. Hugs, Vicky xx


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