Sunday 19 June 2022

The fence peeker!

Dudley is totally the most nosy dog I've ever come across - just the rustle of a piece of wrapping paper - even if it's not the rustle of a packet of cheese - and he's there beside you, watching. It's the same with all deliveries and, apart from food, it's a ritual that he has to be shown everything as it's unpacked. The same when I make a card - he has to look very seriously at the end product and gently bow his nose to it, before it can be put to one side.

Earlier in the week, he was mooching around the back garden and homed in on his favourite place to have a 'nosy' into next door's garden - through their fence. There's a small gap where the fence panel meets the horizontal gravel board (their house and garden is built lower than ours) and Dudley likes to spy on next door's garden, family, children etc.

So there he was, bent down with his rear end and plume of a tail in the air to have a good 'gander' when all of a sudden he literally shot up into the air, hastily backed off and then began barking at the fence.

Len was in the garden and had seen the whole performance, so he went over to quieten Dudley down. Then, he too, bent down to look through the horizontal small 'gap'. And there, staring right back at him, was a pair of very angry looking eyes ........ belonging to 'Teddy De Shih Tzu' who lives next door! You don't mess with Teddy, so whether he'd tried a little snap at Dudley's nose we don't know - but it was quite comical! That'll teach Dudley to be a 'fence peeker'!

Then, the other day, I was thinking about the incident and remembered I made this card as a result of Len and I spotting a different neighbours' cat, spying on us through a knot hole in the fence - well away from Dudley's 'sneaky peek' position:

This was made way back in January 2012 (HERE on my blog if you really want to know more). At the time, using lots of flowers, pearls and lace was 'the thing' that many aspired to when making their cards. 

Life is much simpler now as new ideas, tool and techniques have entered the card making arena! But, at the time a good few of us thought they were very pretty. And I didn't have a clue about image manipulation - what I took on the camera was what I published!

I prefer how we are now, but suddenly remembered that I have a load of really lovely flowers stored in here. Wild Orchid crafts was a favourite place to shop! Plus lots of flat silk ones, leaves, lace, ribbons and bows - plus more for sure.

IF anyone reading this, sorry UK only though, would like me to fill and post a parcel box of flowers etc. to them - please feel free to email me, using my own email address on the right hand side bar. I would love to send you some totally free Happy Mail.

The Really Useful boxes currently housing all those embellishments are never touched these days and would be better put to use storing other stuff. If there are no takers within a couple of weeks or so then I'll try some online sites that I know of - otherwise they will be heading for the bin, which would be a shame.

Remember, the results of Challenge #429 can be found HERE. And there's still a week to play on the current Snippets Playground challenge!


  1. Wonder what actually happened while Dudley was having a nose? Hope he’s ok.
    Pretty card from back in the day.
    Hope someone takes you up on your kind offer so you can send flowers in the post! Xxx

  2. That must have looked so comical when Dudley jumped!! Yes, the style of cards has certainly changed over the years! I have been making cards for over 20 years now, and my lace, flowers etc rarely come out now....

  3. It made me chuckle when I read about Dudley’s latest antics! A pretty card….. how styles have changed over the years. I hope someone takes you up on your offer. If not, rather than bin them, I’m sure a local preschool or Reception class would love them for the children to use on their art creations. xx

  4. I wonder if the fence episode has discouraged Dudley from being a 'peeping Dudley', doubtful I'd say. Good luck with shifting some of your flower embellishments - reckon Liz's suggestion would be a good solution if there are no takers. It is interesting to look back and see how the card making styles have changed over the years. Freeing up a box or three to hold any new items we might acquire sounds like a good plan

  5. That’s such a sweet card Di, just like fashion these styles go full circle, and I do know some who use lots of ephemera, so I hope your kind offer is taken xxx

  6. Dudley may be a little wary for a while but probably he will still want to know what's going on the other side of the That is a very pretty card Di and yes, the styles have become less fussy including my own, and a very kind offer to send your lovely flowers to a new home. I'm sure someone will take you up on your offer. The same goes for ribbon. I very rarely use any these days and I have masses of the stuff, so I may well do the same thing in the future too as I know there are crafters out there who still do more embellishment on their cards than I do. x

  7. Oh I do love your posts Di, I hope Dudley won't be put off for too long by the hooligan next door!! What a pretty card. I was an avid watcher of Bev Rochester back in 2012 and she favoured all things pearly, lacy, floral and twinkly. Styles have most certainly changed although sometimes I will add a flower or two if the card is to be hand delivered. I rehomed lots of my unused/freebies to our local Messy Church/Youth Group, otherwise I am sure someone will be glad of your pretties xx

  8. Aw Sarah - how lovely of you to say you love my posts - basically it's Dudley that's the star turn! Like you, I too was an avid follower of Bev Rochester back in those days. She too had to move with the times in the end. Her cards were always eye-wateringly expensive yet were snapped up. I'll ask around before even thinking about ditching those embellishments. xx

  9. Dudley's stories made me laugh, what a nice and fun scoundrel! Surely your neighbour’s dog doesn't like to be spied on by Dudley :D
    Your ten years old card is delicious, love the little curious girl and all the pearls and flowers you added! :) I don’t follow fashions (and I'm a bit "vintage" LOL). I'm sure you will find someone that would be happy to have some of your embellishments, with the actual economic crisis!
    Hugs and make some cuddles to Dudley from me, hope that Teddy The Shi Tzu failed to give the little snap at his nose!!

  10. Oh what a fun Dudley story--made me laugh! What an adorable image! I still love lace & pearls, but don't use them much anymore.

  11. Oh that's Dudley for you always makes me laugh too he is just so adorable as is your card Di beautiful and well presented x

  12. Our fur babies keep us entertained. Love hearing your Dudley stories and I can relate as Jessie is very entertaining as well. What would be do without them??!! Your card from 2012 is so pretty Di. I was always amazed by people that could add lots of pretty embellishments to adorn their cards. I have always struggled with that and never use a lot of pearls and flowers that I bought (and still have!). :) Hope you find a good home for them. xx


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