Sunday 18 July 2021

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #406 - results

Still very hot here and Dudley is alternating between lying cooling off in the back garden, sitting or lying indoors in front of a fan or- wedged between the loo and a tiled wall in our downstairs cloakroom.That's his favourite spot to be - quite unnerving if you hop up to nip to the loo in the evening and he idly turns round to see who the 'trespasser' is!

We have a proper little family of hedgies coming to feed every night. Too late for us to be around to take a photo but Len has caught them coming and going on CCTV. Two adults, Mama and Papa we think, and three teeny little ones!

We're headed into the lifting of most restrictions - even with rising cases of COVID. I know we have to move forward, but stopping compulsory social distancing as well as mask wearing seems potentially like 'throwing the baby out with the bath water'. I only hope I'm just being pessimistic - fingers crossed.

First of all, the picks:

I really love this 'mix of contemporary and more traditional' card - made by Jane W. Wonderful design and colours  - love the lemons and greens with the luscious turquoise.

Everyone loves a rainbow and of course they're great for using up little snippets = such a lovely scene - made and shared with us by Janis.

And as well as rainbows, paper piecing is a great technique to use up lots of little snippets. This card was made by Carol G and I love it! Very clever to also paper piece the sweet little bear.

That's my picks from Challenge 406 in the Playground and I've stuck to the three picks limit although whittling down the list of possibles wasn't easy. We jumped up to 46 entries - wahoo - and no new Playmates.

Now for the prize draw which is a Honey Bee 'Team Tie Dye' set of papers plus a Whimsy 'Big Hugs' set of dies - from me. Another popular prize. And the winner is:


Congratulations Liz! Been a little while since you had a Playground win and I'm sure you'll make some lovely cards with your prize. It's super for fast cards or even more complicated designs - will look forward to seeing the results.

Please send me your address, even if you know that I know it already, with your full name at the top as well so it can be can be copied and pasted for speed and ease. It's also confirmation that you still would like the prize of course.  Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always.

For anyone who is disappointed not to be a prize winner this time around (over 75% of you played for the prize), stay tuned in as I do have a fairly 'similar but slightly different' prize lined up for the future. So good for making quick and easy cards!

Remember folks, there's still almost one more week to run on the current Challenge 407 which you can find HERE. The prize is a Leonie Pujol 'In a Spin' die plus a great set of alphabet stamps in both upper and lower case and a few additional sentiments  - kindly donated by Katrina. And also a popular prize as well!

Dudley's gum is back to normal after his little adventure with that piece of cable covering - phew. He's a little tinker when anyone comes to our front door, he certainly can bark for England. We have a solution when grocery deliveries are expected - just a shame we're not fast enough when it's the postie or Amazon. Len keeps an eye on one of his laptops watching, for the grocery van's arrival to be caught on our front driveway CCTV. That gives us time to whisk Dudley up, pop him into my craft room with me and place one of the removable barriers across the open doorway. This is how he lies during the deliveries, mostly very quiet - apart from some slightly cross doggy grumbling. 

Sorry it's a rear view - Dudley is very fluffy right now and his b*m looks big- and that's his beautiful plume of a tail curled out at the bottom of the photo BTW. Sometimes I need to double check which end is which! His newest Stinky Monkey is beside him, purely as Len dropped it there - so far Dudley will pick him up then change his mind about a good washing and licking session. We had to give him the previous one back as he was pining. So there are two in tandem and hopefully the day will come when he just might switch over the the newest one.

Those moveable barriers are brilliant for puppies and small dog breeds. The legs will turn to just lie flat and, so long as they're against a door or stairway with the legs open at ninety degrees, they're so useful. We actually have five placed in 'easy to grab' strategic points around the house - plus the all important opening gate across the kitchen doorway. Portable enough to take on a UK holiday just lain flat in the car boot.

Sadly I wasn't quick enough to catch Dudley's huffing, puffing, sighing and groaning on a movie clip. It's so hard to keep a straight face whilst he expresses his disappointment at being deprived of behaving like a 'crazy barking whirling dervish'! 

Stay cool if you can - and also safe!

Love from Parsnip, myself and the usual happy 'high-five' and woof from Dudley.


  1. Congratulations to Liz.

    Dudley storis crack me up. I love his antics.

  2. Congrats to the winners, they're great cards for all of us to enjoy!

  3. Congratulations Liz, and the lovely picks. Also love the Dudley and Hedgie antics, keep cool all xxx

  4. Three great picks - congrats to all.
    Many congrats to Liz on winning the prize.

    Cute pic of Dudley being deprived!!! Little scamp!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  5. Congratulations to Liz and your "picks", keep up with the tales of Dudders!

    Happy Sunday, stay cool


  6. Great picks as always - people are so ingenious using their snippets. Congratulations of Liz, will be looking out for what she makes using the lovely prize.

  7. Fabulous cards and congratulations to Liz too!
    Kath x

  8. Oh Di, I heard you had record temperatures today - you, and Dudley, must be really feeling it!
    Stay cool, and safe

  9. Congrats to Liz for the win and to Carol, Jane and my crafty friend, Janis, for their top picks!! So well deserved ladies. And a happy hello to you, Di, from across the pond. ;-) Becca xoxo

  10. Congrats Liz. Dudley is so cute and fluffy and white!!! Take care. I think I shall certainly continue to distance, wash hands and wear mask if I am in a strange/crowded place. Can't believe all these people jetting off to foreign parts. Sure it will be another lockdown in the autumn. Sad, cos I would really like to visit my family in the UK, who I haven't seen since November 2019. *sigh* Hugz

  11. Big congrats to Liz!! Great picks as well! How fluffy is Dudley! And the moveable barriers are really a brilliant way to prevent problems with visitors! Well done!
    Hugs, have a lovely Sunday!

  12. Thank you Di and Mr Random Number Generator for picking my number out for this fabulous prize!

    Congratulations to all the picks this week, great choice. I love reading about Dudley's antics, I have a feeling he'll always act like a puppy. 😊 xx

  13. Congratulations Liz enjoy your win beautiful picks Di ....... oh Dudley is like my cats they spread out on the hard floor and would you believe l have a fan on for them in the kitchen 😂 it’s so hot 🥵 xx

  14. Three gorgeous cards Di. Stunning designs. Hugs, Carol S.xx

  15. Heee love that pic of Dudley's butt, he's so white and fluffy! Our Ruby was only ever that colour for about an hour after her bath - often after a trip to the groomers she'd head straight out to the garden for a roll in the grass to undo all his good work ;)
    Great picks and congrats to Liz.

  16. Great picks with cards from Jane, Janis and Carol and congratulations to Liz for winning the prize this time. I think we are all finding this heat a bit difficult and for animals with thick coats it must be even more so, and makes me smile at the different things Dudley does to stay cool. So pleased his gum is fine since the piece of cable covering got caught over his tooth..shows that with animals you always have to keep a close eye on everything, and lovely that you have a family of hedgies visiting with three little ones! x

  17. Congratulations Liz and what wonderful cards you have shown Di, great inspiration also. It really is too hot for the furry friends isn't it? but I'm not complaining!
    Faith x

  18. Congratulations to the gorgeous picks and lucky winner Liz! Ooh a hedgie family, how wonderful. Your Dudley tales do make me laugh. I agree we should keep distancing and masks. I am keeping them both!!! Take care my friend. Hugs xxxxxx

  19. Lovely top picks and congrats to Liz on winning. Pleased to hear Dudley's gum is back to normal. He looks so fluffy in his photo and so cute. We're having to wait till later on at night to take our two for a walk when it is much more bearable. I can't stand it being this warm I'm afraid and have to stay indoors in the cool x


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