Thursday 7 January 2021

Pixie's Snippets Playground #393 - Prize I

Here's the ninth  and final prize in the 'Snippets Playground Celebration' prize draw (huge little sigh of relief here):  

I used:

- 5.5" x 4.25" white card blank, side opening

- snippet of white card for four squared frame, which I die cut using JustRite's'Set of Four in a Frame' die set - which I've had for years and this is its first outing, shame on me!

- I then cut a snippet of Whimsy's ''Blurry Flurries paper to fit behind the 'windows, which I then backed with another snippet of white card

- then stamped the owls onto another snippet of white card, using a Clearly Besotted 'Christmas Hoot' set of stamps and Memento 'Tuxedo Black' ink

- coloured the images using Faber-Castel Polychromos pencils then fussy cut them using a very small pair of Fiskars scissors 

- before going any further, I stamped the sentiment, using another stamp from the same set and Memento 'Tuxedo Black' ink and also the 'window frame as a guide to positioning the sentiment

- then glued the 'frames panel' on place

- added the owls so they're standing on the dotted outline of the frames, using thin sticky pads, and called it done!

Phew, the final card for the challenge - made in the nick of time. I happened to have the Whimsy snippet of paper lying on my desk but just plain coloured card would have been another option as the owls do fill out the squares. I did eyeball positioning the 'frame panel' but, as suggested by Shaz in Oz when I was whining about my Uniko tree being 'on the wonk', I actually DO have a T square here bought years ago - which I'm generally in too much of a rush to use even though it's in a drawer right beside me! Believe it or not, it's the second one I purchased. The first one was out of alignment and it was a well known brand - so much for precision tools. Once I got the new one I offered the original one to Len - who rightly commented that it would be as much use as a chocolate fireguard!

I do love this set of Clearly Besotted stamps, sadly it doesn't have matching dies but the owls are really easy to cut round. I also  think it would be fabulous for making Christmas gift tags. It has a few other sentiments, including  the rather cheesy 'Owl I want for Christmas is you'.

And of course today's prize is this:

It's the Clearly Besotted 'Christmas Hoot' set of stamps, the same as I used today, and once again you have three chances to win a set!

At the end of all of the celebrations I'll do a massive draw session for all the prizes (21 in total if you include the multiples with three chances) using the one Mr Linky - which is on the main snippets post HERE along with details of exactly how to join in - so you do need to have entered one snippets make over on that post during the three weeks that the challenge runs for to be in with a chance :) Maximum of one entry please - to keep things fair for those who may not have time to craft. Mr Linky closes at 11am on Saturday 9th January so you do need to have added a snippets make by then to be eligible for the draw.

Just leave a comment on this post if you would like the chance to win today's prize.

So we're at the end of the prizes now, although you will still have until 11am on Saturday to add your ONE entry to Mr Linky and also to comment on any prizes you would like to win ................ where I haven't yet turned off commenting yet. Sadly I had to do that due to a rush of consecutive comments from a few people - which is exactly what I didn't want to happen. My faith has been rocked and I don't know what will happen this coming Christmas.This final prize will show who's actually checking the Challenge out regularly I suspect ☺

On Sunday we have a Guest Designer with a snippets card featuring the prize they've donated to the challenge - and we'll be back to a new challenge every fortnight. 

The results from this Grand Draw will be published on Sunday 17th January. And, although I've been closely watching comments and keeping very meaningful notes, I admit to being woefully behind on commenting on your entries. I aim to put that right sharpish!

So far this new lock down seems no different to us - Dudley is cosy and we're staying safe. Hope you are too! Apparently panic buying has reared up again and the toilet roll bandits are out and about! 

Dudley, the little monkey, has a new trick, he finds a new hiding place as evening approaches and time for his daily groom looms up. How he knows is beyond me as the grooming basket isn't in place and life is just the same as usual until it's 'that time of day' - but he certainly knows! 

He's getting quite inventive with the hiding part and yesterday we were really worried he'd managed to get out of the back garden as he was nowhere to be found - and there was absolute silence despite us calling all around the house and garden. It would be impossible for him to 'do a runner' from the back garden, unless he managed to get a set of ladders out, but everything goes through your mind. I eventually found him, pressed absolutely flat lying along the far side of a coffee table, hidden by the lower solid wood shelf. Just a pair of dark brown eyes were peeping at me above said shelf. So hard not to laugh and a huge relief as well. The little scamp actually showed me his teeth when I bent down to pick him up - so I bared mine right back at him! Nicely of course but I do hope the message got home!

Love from Parsnip, Dudley the Dodger - and of course me,


  1. Ooh I love your cute card and love this stamp set. Yes please! I would love to be in with a chance of winning this lovely cute stamp set! What a little scamp Dudley is! Take care and stay safe my friend hugs xxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh, I like this card, so cute. Yes for the prize, please.
    And I like reading about Dudley, such fun stories.
    Thank you for organizing this huge event, you are so kind and generous.
    Crafty hugs xx

  3. This little gang of owls is so sweet perched in the window you've made for them, fantastic design Di. Stay safe, we have to continue doing what's in everyone's best interest during these challenging times.

  4. Sorry, I forgot to say no thank you for this prize.

  5. Those owl images gave me quite a chuckle. I don't have any owl stamps so yes for this prize. So glad you are well. I will be so glad when this craziness is over. Are you getting in line for vaccine? At least you have Dudley who seems to keep you quite entertained.

  6. Such an adorable card, Di. The little owls are so cute and the frame die cut shows them off perfectly.
    Sounds like Dudley is still playing his little tricks, but I’m sure you wouldn’t want him any other way.
    Thanks for running the Christmas Prize Draw again this year. I’ll be a Yes Please for the final prize. xx

  7. Such an adorable card with the bundled up little owls. What a Hoot! Love the CB critters. Yes, this sweet prize.
    Well, isn't little Dudley just the clever one...and cheeky, too, by baring his teeth. Naughty boy!! LOL at you baring yours right back!! :D :D :D
    Thank you so much for your fun giveaways. You are so sweet and such a bright spot with your cheery blog posts and challenges. Happy New Year to you and much love and hugs!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  8. Super cute card!
    No for the prize, thank you

  9. Oh how I chuckled at the Artful Dodger, Di... he obviously has an excellent body clock at telling the time of day... could come in handy...
    Ahhhh so you do have a T ruler... wonderful indeed. So kind to give the other to Len!! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‡
    No thanks to the prize, and sad to hear of folks commenting more than once.. not playing fair. Glad you're keeping safe. Praying much in that dept for all over there.
    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

    1. PS Di.. thought afterwards.. re body clock timer, routine too consistent... perhaps donit differing times each day prearranged with Len but not Dudley of course!! That would work with less highjinks... thanks for your kind comment too and all your gerousity in the playground.. noticed I failed to say also what a clever design in the card too. Owls really stand out against that blue.
      Love Shaz.xx

  10. Oh I needed a laugh today! I can so relate to what you went through. I've gone into a panic running through the house looking for Fritz even though I know he can't open doors--haha! Sometimes I don't know where he was, but as I make the rounds again he is in the center of a room looking at me wondering what the problem is! Your card is adorable, Di! Please leave me out of the drawing. Never mind the toilet paper--just so you have some booze! You deserve it after once again offering & managing this huge giveaway! Shame on those not paying attention to your clear instructions! Stay healthy!

  11. Super cute little panels and owls Diane. No for the prize. Your little monkey adventures must keep you busy. I think the panic buying in our area has stopped, people are just used to the lock downs after all this time.

    Hugs Diane

  12. Those owls are just the cutest and I can't get over the one in the top hat, lol! As for Dudley and his hiding routine, sounds a lot like my 2 year old son when he doesn't want his nap! He's easier to find than Dudley is, and at least he doesn't growl at me!!
    Yes please to this cute stamp set.

  13. How fun and cute card with these little owls!! It makes me smile, great design! Absolutely yes for the draw.
    It seems that Dudley needs some freedom about his lockdown LOL :D Such a relieve you have founded him! Naughty little Dusley!

  14. Such a cute card Di. I love owls so a YES PLEASE from me : )


  15. Super cute card Di, I will say yes for this one as I am a big owl fan

  16. A lovely card Di and the owls are so cute in their frames. I love Clearly Besotted stamps and would love a chance to win the prize, please.

    How sad that some people aren't playing along with the rules and are 'block commenting'. Probably the same people who don't think that lockdown rules apply to them either!

    Dudley sounds adorable and certainly keeps you on your toes!

    Take care, Kath x

  17. Wow, this is such a cute card. Love your fun owls.
    Yes for the prize, please.
    Valerija xx

  18. What an adorable card, I love those cute owls and would definitely like to be in the running for this set. You know how I feel about Clearly Besotted - just took delivery of 3 sets of their stamps from the new release and now I'm frustrated that it's Kitchen Cleaning Day when I'm dying to play with them.

  19. A fab make (totally) and a fab prize - YES PLEASE to an entry in a draw for this set - it ROCKS!

    Happy Thursday all


  20. Wow, this event is going out with a really fun card, made me smile this morning. A YES PLEASE for my name to go into 'the hat'. You've done a grand job again against all the odds this year and I'm not surprised you are thinking carefully about doing it again. As usual the thoughtless few seem to spoil things for the fair-minded and considerate people. That applies in this case and also in the panic buying frenzy. Sadly there is no vaccine against stupidity or thoughtlessness. Hugs xx

  21. Oh Di, what a fabulous card. Those owls are super cute and wonderfully coloured and look great against the framed background.... But I will say no thanks to the prize as I'm certain other playmates would use it more than me.
    I'm so sorry to hear that some comments for prizes are being left after the event when you were so clear with the rules at the beginning... Especially when you have put so much work and effort into this and have been so generous with all the fabulous prizes.
    No changes for us here either, just staying in as normal and keeping warm and safe. Sounds like Dudley is keeping you and Len amused.... what about making him brush shaped doggie treats for when it's grooming time! xx

  22. You last card with these cute owls is a whopper!! I like it all the way and say YES to this prize.
    A huge THANK YOU so much for all the work you have done and to give us bloggers the chance to win fab prizes.
    Best wishes for you, hubby and Dudley for 2021!
    Lia xx

  23. ๐Ÿ˜… Dudley sure does keep you on your toes still a worrying time even though you know there’s no escape from the garden all sorts goes through your mind l had a scary moment with one of my grandchildren l couldn’t find her and she actually put herself in the tv unit which had drawers at the bottom half and closed them she wasn’t in any danger but l was so panicky l was in and out of the house looking apparently she did the same at her own house and she thought it was great, love your card and the cute images great prize for another lucky person .you have worked so hard during your massage giveaway time to takes well earned rest take care enjoy your day xx

  24. What a cutie of a card Di! I love the little owls and the sentiment (and have actually become quite fond of silly punning sentiments lately - anything for a laugh!) 'As much use as a chocolate fireguard' also made me laugh! I'm feeling rather guilty as I was really busy at Christmas and left several consecutive comments when I was free to romp about in the playground again. Since then I've been a good girl though, I promise so if possible, I would love to be in with a chance of winning these fun owl stamps. Bless little Dudley - he really doesn't like being groomed does he! Thank goodness Eva loves it as although it's harder for a large dog to hide herself, it's also easier for 40 kilos of dog to say 'no thank you, I don't think I will'!! Vicky xx

  25. Oh, I love these owls... what a cute card, so cute. Yes for the prize, please.
    Oh Dudley! You are so clever!
    Thank you for organizing this amazing event you are so kind and generous.

  26. Yes, please to this adorable set of stamps. I was just calling all around for my one cat this morning because he wasn't in his usual spot. I was starting to worry since we lost his brother right before Christmas and I turned around and there he was. Appearing as if by magic! Thanks so much for all you do and all the chances for these lovely prizes. Stay safe!

  27. Your card is so cute and those owl stamps are just adorable. Yes please to be included in the draw. It remains very cold and sparkly here in Norway. The sparkle is awesomely pretty but the -8°C days and nights I am well tired of. Our cat has begun to hide when it's time to go out in the evening. Can't blame her, I certainly don't want to go out either, but she has fur and a cosy place in the garage so her hiding is beginning to be a bit of a challenge. Roll on spring..... HUgz

  28. How cute are these festive owls Di, Clearly Besotted do it again!
    Great idea to have them perched on the windows of the frame windows like that.
    It’s a yes please from me for the draw. Thank you so much for your kind generosity with the prizes and for all the organising, you do such a great job!
    Janice x

  29. That Dudley sure is a character!! What a hoot (no pun intended!) he is. And reminds me of my small parrot, Rocky. Sometimes it is sooo quite that I just know he's up to no good somewhere. And sometimes I find him in a spot he's never explored before (He has his full flight wings so can go anywhere in the house). Your card is perfection and just sooo adorable!! And being the 'bird nerd' that I am, I would definitely love to win this; keeping my fingers crossed! And I am just speechless at people commenting all at once when it was so clear from you NOT to do that! Grrrrr! Thanks for ALL you do, Di. I appreciate YOU more than I could ever say. hugs, Becca xoxo

  30. I love the design of your card with each of the sweet owls sitting in their own window and such a fun sentiment too. Thank you for all the work you have put in to this draw and with lots of wonderful prizes, including this one, but I will be a 'no thank you' for this one as I know there will be lots of people who will use these a lot more than I would. Dudley is not short of clever ruses to try to get out of his daily grooming...the little tinker, but hopefully he will get the message that it is something that has to be done for his own good. x

  31. Darling card, Di, sand I adore the window! Fantastic story about Dudley hiding at grooming time. lol Maybe it has to do with waning daylight? If so, think how confused he'll be for a week or so at Daylight Savings time. No prize for me on this one.

  32. Yes please to this cute stamp set! I love the little windows and that sky background that you used in your card too.

    Your story about Dudley's unerring sense of grooming time reminds me of our Toby, who knows (to the minute) when his mealtimes are...and will hunt me down inside the house to remind me if I'm late. Who needs a watch when we have these pups, right?

  33. Yes please for the chance to win this prize. My youngest granddaughter collects things about owls, so this would be great for her next birthday card. Hugs to you and the scamp Dudley! Our dogs can be so fun these dark and trying days.

  34. What a fabulous set of stamps and I just love the card you have made, what a great idea, did Len think of that? kidding, a great background in the windows too.

    Kath x

  35. A super card with these cute owls Di. Dogs certainly get to know their routines, he's a very clever boy to find such a good hiding place :) . I will be a Yes please for this final prize and thank you for all your hard work and generosity x

  36. What an adorable card. Those owls are so sweet.

    1. Sorry forgot to mention- Please include me in this prize drawing.

  37. Love the cute card and beautifully coloured. The stamps are brilliant too. Hugs, Carol

  38. Yes, please, Di. I can't figure out how you keep up with all this! I have a hard enough time trying to remember to say, "Yes, please"! You are so much fun!!

  39. Very cute owls Di - I would love to win them!
    WE have just gone into lockdown here in QLD Australia as a quarantine Hotel worker has been found to have the UK strain of corona about a week or so ago! Very sad for her - she did the right thing but the ripple effect is massive. Our govt has said lockdown for 3 days - however I think this will get extended I'm sure! Stay safe and well - Cheers Maurs xxx

  40. Your card is so cute, Di! Yes, please to the adorable owls! Snowie is always hiding somewhere, on a chair under the table, in the shredder basket, behind pillows on the bed, inside boxes, nothing surprises us any more! Glad you found the little rascal! My cats seem to know the time of day as well! Thank you for another generous prize!

  41. Your card is adorable Di - love those sweet owls!
    I'm a 'yes please' for thie this prize draw.
    Congratulations on making it through another marathon of prizes!
    Helen x

  42. Such cute owls and a lovely card, Di - yes please for the draw. We have had exactly the same thing with each cat. Frantic searching and calling, only to find on each occasion that they were hidden inside the curtain lining! Hugs, April xx

  43. Oooo...I love all these little critters! Great card! Yes please for the prize.

  44. Yes please Di - I am just scraping in, I suspect. So sorry to hear of folks not playing fair :(.
    Love your card - and that young Dudley sounds as though he may be quite a handful at times!
    Stay safe

  45. Ooooooo Owls!!! <3 <3 Adorable card, Di, and fab prize...yes please in the draw for me. 2021 is certainly not turning out how so many thought, or hoped!! As long as we can just ride this out, I keep saying. Stay safe, and thanks for all your hard work, with this, and throughout the year!