Sunday 18 October 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #389

Dudley had his annual vaccination booster on Tuesday just gone - as well as his annual MOT. He hardly squeaked and was a bit quieter during the car journeys as well. Still huffing like a steam train a lot of the time but the yodelling only began when the car stopped at either end of the journey. Baby steps, baby steps.

Then, it was Len's Birthday on Thursday  and of course Dudley had to have a card made for him to give to his 'Best Buddy' - it's my snippets card for this fortnight: 

I used:

- 5.5" x 4.25" white card blank, tent style opening

- white card from which I die cut the frame - the die is from the Avery Elle 'Postage Stamp Elle-ments' set

- snippet of yellow patterned paper found tucked into the back of a Memory Keepers paper pad, a magazine freebie eons ago, die cut at just an eighth of an inch larger, on all four sides, than the opening in the white frame

- then adhered the patterned paper to the back of the frame, using a glue pen

- glued the whole panel to the card front

- used  snippets of white card to stamp a load of little images, using the Misti, Memento 'Tuxedo Black' ink pad and Lawn Fawn's 'Be Hap-pea' set of stamps

- then stamped the sentiment and 'pea tendrils' using the same set of stamps and a Brilliance 'Pearlescent Ivy' ink pad

- coloured the images using Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils

- die cut all the little pieces using the matching set of dies - there's even one to cut the slit across the centre of the pea pod - also fussy cut the word 'birthday' and carefully popped them into an upturned lid from a little plastic box lest they made a bid for freedom! 

- then it was just a matter of positioning everything and adhering it to the card front using a glue pen

- finished!

Len loved the card although I had to point out the subtlety of the little faces in the peas - from the left, yours truly, Len in the middle (although his specs are rimless in real life) and Dudley poking his nose over the pea pod on the right ☺

The trickiest part was adding the stamped features to the faces and also the words in the speech bubbles - having said that, even with my usual 'cackhandedness', they worked perfectly straight away. I did sort of follow the layout of a card I spotted online - but there are umpteen ways to use the set of stamps. I only had a short window of time in which to make the card so I wasn't overly adventurous for a first play.

Also, I have a couple of new toys in my 'armoury' here which I think will make layering loads easier, especially when trying to line up patterned papers. I generally make A2 sized cards these days and during a browsing session I came across some Waffle Flower dies to die cut plain rectangles. There are two sets and I went a bit mad and got both - not cheap, but a really great way to always get perfectly cut rectangles for layering. I used one of the dies to cut the background for today's snippets card and found it so easy to align the pattern. My alignment is straight but not perfectly centred within the frame, that came about when I added the patterned paper rectangle to the back of the frame - the paper itself is lined up spot on thanks to the die, until Dumbo here gets it slightly adrift when glueing it in place! The sets are called 'A2 Layering Die' and 'Additional A2 Layers'. So, from the 5.5" x 4.25" size downwards - each set has 16 dies - going down in literally 16th's of an inch if you combine both sets. Certainly a non-essential addition for card making - but my OCD is 'happy as Larry' with them! I've spotted that they also make other shapes and sizes but for now I'll stick with the ones I have.

Anyhow, here's the prize for this fortnight - which has been waiting patiently in the toy box to be offered for absolutely ages:

Yup, it's a set of Lawn Fawn's 'Be Hap-pea' stamps with matching dies. I love how many different little faces there are - and so easy to stamp as well!

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 31st October. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day. 

It's a maximum of ONE entry, please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you want to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're only playing for fun - otherwise I don't add you to my little list.
And as the Lawn Fawn stamps and dies were having their first outing, I can enter this into Darnell's NBUS Challenge #19

In other news, not a lot is going on needless to say. 

The hedgehogs are still visiting, although less often so they must be getting ready for hibernation.

Whilst at the vet's I asked about seasonal doggy gastroenteritis - and it's around again this Autumn. So Len has changed Dudley's walk routes to avoid the more popular areas for the time being until we get a real cold snap - which will also kill off the last of the ticks as apparently they're out and about still. That's a mild and damp Autumn for you.

Lastly, with the country slipping back into lock down all over the place, I've made an appointment to have my hair chopped on Tuesday just in case Hampshire follows suit. The salon has loads of protective measures in place - but I'll still be glad when the appointment is over!  I think I need a good three inches lopped off and can't face a further six months or so.

Lots of love from us all - Parsnip, Dudley and of course me. Stay safe!


  1. Hap Pea birthday to Len. I mean he should have recognized all y'all right off the bat eh? I didn't realize that dogs could get gastroenteritis. Not having pets, except for the bear and the cicada, there seems to be so many things I never thought about. Maybe because when we were kids I don't ever remember taking a pet to the vet. Oh my gosh, I had every pet my mother would let me drag home. Although she wouldn't let me have a tarantula. I did try though.

    I need to get some hair lopped off too. I haven't had it cut since before February.

    I'm in. So it's a YES for me. Thank you.

  2. Fab card Di.. love the colours.
    Why do I hardly use yellow or lemon?? as I love it!!
    Glad every one is travelling okay and getting hair cut a wise move.
    I personally hate A2 size.
    Drives me nuts.
    I've an Aussie supplier who sells common 5 × 7" dies which is great.
    It's the most common in Aust. A2 is undersize for our standard size. Our sizes differ. I just think A2 looks inadequate when I make them.
    Use 5 x7 pretty much all the time, and buy 100 x 300gsm card packs.
    Going to have buy some more soon. Making loads of Christmas cards.
    No thanks for prize.. will join over later in week as have two cards on go with snippets.
    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  3. Glad to hear Dudley did better his last trip. Your card is adorable & so fun to have personalized the peas! Fritz had a bad tummy day, so had to cancel his haircut. At least these episodes are less severe & less often with his change of food. Cases are going up around us, so hubby cancelled the car service which is 45 miles away. He didn't want to sit inside a waiting room for an hour. I cancelled my hair color as I know she sees family members who don't live with her without social distancing & masks. Back to doing color myself & I'll have her do the cut dry so I'm there a short time. Ah what a world we live in!

  4. That's a very hap-pea card!

    Good luck at hairdresser's.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  5. Such a fun card - happy birthday to Len 🍰. I've not had my hair cut since way before lockdown - almost long enough for 'playground style' two pigtails - harking back to school days a looooong time ago!! Will be back later with a snippets offering

  6. Love the card and glad to hear Dudleys behaving in the car, need to take my old dog for his MOT and jabs latter this month, his great in the car but being a greyhound he is a wimb for his jab, always sounds like the vets killings him, they dont have a lot of fat and she uses the smallest needle she can.

    Good luck with the haircut, I have really short spiky hair and used to pay to have it cut but since lockdown my hubby has done it for me, so thats a saving and his really good, people thought I had gone to the hairdresses.

    I will be back later to play and would love to be in with a chance of the prize, my sort of humour, Hap-pea birthday to Len.

    Stay safe and well and thanks again for running this challenge xx

  7. Ooh l just love Lens card and those faces on the peas are so adorable just love it, Dudley sounds to be in great health and l am sure will get to enjoy the more journeys he makes enjoy your day xx

  8. Happy Birthday to Len, and what a fun card to give him - depicting the 3 of you in a pod - what a cute and novel idea :) So glad Dudley is adjusting well to his vet visits and that you're all healthy and well. Just playing for fun this time, but thanks for another great playground challenge!

  9. Don't you hate when they have to get their shots?! It's like having a child I tell you and you hurt for them. I have to laugh about the vehicle rides as it is the same way with Kahlua. Only she whines really loud. lol Wish Len a very Happy Birthday!!!! I think this card is perfect, love that it signifies the three of you, too cute! Loving the plaid paper and frame around it. You did a great job at stamping those little faces and speech bubbles too! You will enjoy those laying sets, they sound really nice. Might have to check them out myself. Please include me in on the prize Di, but don't faint that I'm here playing for once! lol Hugs, Brenda

  10. Love that card and the little faces, what a great idea. I am with you on the layering dies as I bought them recently too. I can't bare it when things go wonky, but they often do right at the last knockings when I glue it down. It doesn't seem to matter how careful I am! Glad Dudley coped with his vaccines OK and hope you steer clear of all the diseases out there xx

  11. Happy Birthday, Len. I'm so pleased to be in the playground again ... I do call in from time to time, but don't often say anything - it doesn't mean I don't care about you all, the 'all' including dear Dudley, of course. I would love to win the prize this time if my number comes up (wishful thinking, but it has to be someone). Lots of love xxx

  12. Way to brave your vaccination Dudley!!! And Happy Birthday Len!!! I love that you matched the faces to you all! I am definitely playing this week! Such a cute set!

  13. Just posted my card - you might have guessed it is a 'yes please' from me this time.

  14. Hi there lovely Di, a bit of an absence from me but I am popping in and catching up in the playground. I'm glad to hear you are well and yes I have done the same with a haircut. We have been moved up a level which is mad as Sutton our borough is one of the lowest in London but hey ho rules are rules. Happy belated birthday to Len and well done little Dudley. Your card is awesome! Oh and yes please to this lovely prize I have a real thing about peas in pods! I'll be back tomorrow to link up. Take care and stay safe, hugs xxxx

  15. Such fun post! :D Your card makes me giggling, I have never looked at you all in this way LOL ;D It's just adorable! Happy Birthday to Len!
    Poor Dudley isn't a good time of the year for him... Last weeks a grooming, and now a vaccine! I'm not surprised that he don't like journeys in the car :)
    Cuddles to him and hugs to you :)

  16. I think that I could do with a vaccination booster to any sort of booster.
    A really super fun card, great frame and image and I just love the "Yip-Pea'. lovely papers too. Belated Birthday wish to Len or should I say St Len.

    Kath xx

  17. Happy Birthday to Len and love your three little peas in a pod i.e. you, Len and Dudley and a lovely check background and fun sentiment. The layering dies sound like a great idea for getting perfect mats and layers for the A2 sized cards too. If I get my card in I will be playing for fun this time. I'm glad that Dudley is settling down better in the car and given time he may even end up enjoying it. I hope your hair appointment goes OK too. It's not much fun having these sorts of appointments at the moment, but you will be glad to get it done. It's funny but I usually find that my head feels so much lighter and I feel better too. Take care. x

  18. Hi Di - such a sweet card - I hope Len had a lovely day with yourself & Dudley. No thanks to the prize this time - and I will be by later to post. I also have a set of nesting rectangles, squares, circles, hearts, stars etc they make life so much easier when layering... Stay safe & well - Cheers Maurs xxx

  19. Happy Belated Birthday to Len! You made him a super cute "family" card, Di! It's so nice to have Dudley in the pod with you now. I can't imagine Covid without a bit of four-legged fluff of some sort to have as company. I hope your hair appointment goes well. My gal went to a new, brand-new, place and was all excited about how it had been set up after Covid started and it was all safe. Well, I went and she is literally in a closet with another gal! I thought they were plexiglass partitions, but this was a closed-off room. Sure the two chairs are six-feet apart, but when both gals are on the inner sides, they are nearly touching. I was very uncomfortable and now I need to let her know it won't do for me. So sad because I really like her and I don't know who I'll find now. Guess I'll go back to cutting it myself like I did the first four months. Oh, sorry, there's a line behind me now of ladies wanting to comment, so I'll close! Thank you so much for sharing with everyone at NBUS! Keep being careful! Hugs, Darnell xxoo

  20. So glad you are all doing well... in spite of the continuing COVID issues. We are experiencing record increases here in the heartland of the USA, too. Am praying for it to end soon! For now, I'm doing lots of stress management in my craft room. So... yes please to the sweet pea set. Your card inspires me! Kathy A at myasperations

  21. Yes Please for the prize, thanks Di - your generosity is amazing.
    Dudley sounds as though he is gradually starting to mature and quieten in the car - to which you will no doubt be saying thankfully!
    Stay safe

  22. Such a cute card Di, I love the play on words in the stamp set! It’s a yes please from me to be entered into the draw, thank you.
    Janice x

  23. Ha-Pea Birthday Len!Card made m smile - love these sweet peas!!!
    Hope everything OK with you all Di, highest lockdown restrictions reign supreme again here. Have linked up and yes please. xx

  24. I'm sure that Len had a wonderful birthday celebrating with his favorite peas in a pod. I had to laugh when you explained which pea was which, as the Dudley pea looks just like him! The big shoe button eyes and nose are one of my favorite parts of his expression. Great use of the left over bits of white card stock for stamping the bitty stamp parts. I always keep a little box of white card snippets just for that purpose.

    Yes please to this adorable set...and a belated happy birthday to Len!

  25. I would love to be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize, I'm so glad I found your blog challenge :) Hayley xx

  26. Such a sweet card, Di! I will get back to entering one day, lol xoxo

  27. Well, happy birthday to Len. Love that you included the whole family in the pea-pod. I'm a yes for the draw.

  28. Thanks for another FUN challenge, Di. I would LOVE this Lawn Fawn set, it's SUPER cute. I do hope you're staying safe and healthy. Please tell Dudley that my Belle said WOOF!

  29. Morning and Happy Wednesday,

    Love the idea of Dudders and his yodelling! Fab make and Happy Birthday Len - hope he had a good day.

    Just uploaded my make, just playing for fun this time around thanks


  30. Glad to hear Dudley is so good with his shots. We will start that fun adventure in the new year when we get our new puppy. Your card is so cute and I love the sweet peas! I would love to play and be included for the prize. Thanks!

  31. Lovely card...I am playing along this challenge for lovely prize.

  32. A lovely cute card Di, fabulous frame and background colour. These browsing sessions can prove expensive :) . Belated birthday wishes to Len. I am playing just for fun this time, thank you x

  33. A lovely cute card Di and I would love a change to win the dies, please.

    Kath x

  34. Your card for Len (happy birthday) is so darn cute. Yes, I really would love to have this prize! Have a wonderful day across the pond. Dudley is still cute as ever.

  35. Happy birthday Len! An adorable card from Dudley, I usually forget to do a birthday card for hubby from our cat.
    Yes please for a chance to win the fabulous prize.

  36. Entered finally! :D I'm very busy in these times.
    Yes please for the chance to win the fun LF set, those peas are just adorable!

  37. Hi there Maureen, haven't been around for a few months, not sure where my mojo has been but I seem to be back on track now, trying out new stuff and using up my bits. Good to read Dudley is doing well, enjoying his outings and helping you out with card making... the virus has really tossed us all about a bit, so I'm hoping for you that restrictions over there aren't too harsh.. we seems to be doing ok in Queensland, Australia, but say no more. Great card for hubbys birthday, but I'll opt out of the prize this month thanks, keep safe, happy crafting Robyn

  38. Yes please for the chance to be the possible winner of this great prize pack!
    Lockdown countinuing in my place, so stamping and colouring some images in craft room bring back some kind of sanity to me.
    Have a pleasant weekend!

  39. Morning Di just playing for fun enjoy your day xx

  40. Such a cute card, Di. Wishing Len a belated Happy Birthday.
    We're not in lockdown yet in our area, although with the partying the students in the two Universities here are doing, that may well change. A number of the students have already been fined for breaking the rules.
    I'll be a Yes Please for the prize this time. xx

  41. Happy belated birthday to Len. What an adorable card, I'd love to go into the hat this time.
    I'd been due for a haircut just as lockdown started - the salon had to close the day before my appointment so I missed it that narrowly. I made sure I was there pretty much as soon as they opened up again, my hair was driving me mad! And I've just had it cut again, just in case.
    In fact as I'm looking around and seeing numbers increasing and more places heading back into lockdown, I've just decided to cook a mini Christmas dinner for the grandchildren this week, just in case we can't see them at Christmas.

  42. Thanks for the fun challenge and YES I would love to be included for a chance of winning this awesome prize package!
    P.S. Glad your trip to the salon went 'fairly' well! My sisters are both hairdressers and I see what they are having to deal with ... not an easy time we are living in and some people insist on making it harder then it needs to be!! Glad you got that 'weight off your shoulders'. Hang in there!

  43. Hi Di and playmates, just playing for fun xxx

  44. That is really cut. I crocheted three little peas in a pod to send to my daughter-in-law, during lock-down. She has three 'children' all in their twenties now, and they are very alike, so I thought it would make her smile. As would a card made with this stamp set. All those cute little faces. So I would love to be in the draw please. I don't make cards all the time like I used to so it is a long time since I visited the playground, but it is nice to be back.
    (I have a covid hair-style too, and it is getting quite long. I wore it long for more years than I car to remember, so I took this opportunity to grow it once more. I expect it will all come off by next summer).
    Kate x

  45. Hi Miss Di

    Oh I sim”pea”ly adore your card - and I bet Len did too. Very late belated birthday wishes!

    I have still been snipping away at my own hair - it doesn’t look too bad considering. I am paranoid that I will pick something up somewhere and take it back to Mum so keep outings down to a very bare minimum.

    “Pea”lease could I go into the draw this time - I would have hours and hours of fun with your wonderful prize.

    Stay safe everyone!

    Love Jules xx

  46. Oh my goodness, how cute is this card?! What an adorable set and yes, I'd love to play for it. I think we all love Lawn Fawn; they have THE cutest stuff.

  47. oooh, your card is super cute, Di, I like LF so much.
    Wishing Len a belated Happy Birthday.
    And we are in the lockdown again, so staying home although we have school holidays here - a lot of reading books, crafting with the kids and walking in the remote areas, it is so good that my parents have their own little forest.
    Yes please for the prize.
    crafty hugs and stay safe.

  48. Yes please for the drawing. Finally got my card done.

  49. Happy belated birthday to Len, hope you all had a lovely celebration. I love puns on cards, your design turned out fab with the pea family! I use my finger as an acrylic block when working with tiny stamps, a light tap does the trick. Yes, please, for this sweet set.

  50. Cute card - love how you can choose their faces!
    I'm a 'yes please' for the prize draw.
    Helen x

  51. Such a cute set Di and I love your card! Yes Please I would love to be considered for the prize! I have to get to the hairdressers soon,If we have to lock down again, my bad hair days could turn into bad hair months! I wish my hair would grow thicker instead of longer - the stress of this year has not helped either!

  52. Thought I was going to miss this time but am just about to link something after all! now when you say A2 size cards I assume you are taking American sizes? 'cause A2 here is double A3 which in turn is double A4. We will quite often use A4 in half for a larger card or A3 in half. Our DL or Slimline cards are generally A4 with 1/3 sliced off the end. So you can see I am imagining an A2 card as something that would be hard to get through the door! Please don't include me in the draw as usual I'm here for praise not prizes! x

  53. Yes, Peas to the prize ;) I was wondering if those layering dies would be worth it for me. I have been looking at them because my cuts can be slightly off and it drives me crazy! Always love your Dudley story. Take care!

  54. This is so super cute!! I have to say, I am with Len, didn't even notice the little faces until you mentioned it! And then, it was like, "of course!!". I love the little Dudley peeking over the side. I do think this set is adorable, but think I will play just for fun this time, thanks!

  55. So super cute!! Love how you personalized them with the faces, specially that adorable little "Dudley"! Although I do think this set is adorable, I will play just for fun this time, thanks!

  56. Hi DI, YES please count me in. I'd love to hear Dudley doing his yodel ... maybe a little video? CarolG

  57. I'm late to the party, but I'm here! You and Dudley made such an adorable card for Len! Belated birthday greetings to Len! I hope it was a good one, despite all of the lockdown restrictions. I'm a YES for the prize, please; this set is super cute! Thank you for the challenge, the inspiration, and your generosity with prizes! You are very much appreciated,Di!

  58. Please leave me out of the draw this time.

  59. I'm just squeaking in at the last minute Di but just playing for fun this time.

    Love your card with the pretty checked paper, that fabulous postage stamp frame and those adorable little peas in a pod with their little faces!

    I foolishly had my hair cut quite short on my first outing to the hairdresser when they reopened, so it looks as if I may be embracing hats if they suddenly have to close!

    Hugs, Vicky xx

  60. Such a cute card, Di! I really like the colours. Yes please to the prize.

    I think the last time I went to a hairdresser was when I got married, which is 7 years ago! And the last time I had my hair cut was probably about 2 years ago, when my husband helped me cut it from waist length to just below my shoulders. It's waist length again now.

  61. Oh wow, such a beautiful and fun card. Love the image.
    Yes for the prize, please.
    Stay well and safe.
    Valerija xx

  62. The stamps/dies are hilarious and make me smile, just as your great card.
    So I say yes to this prize!
    Stay safe!!
    Lia xx


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