Sunday 13 September 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #385 - results

And here we go once again, heading backwards with COVID restrictions due to the selfishness of others. Until we have a vaccine I have a horrible feeling that this show will run and run - sigh. We even have an outbreak in our local Sainsbury's supermarket, apparently the staff there have almost been waiting for it to happen.

Len and I are scheduled to have our annual 'normal' flu jabs this coming week. The surgery team seem very organised but it remains to be seen how well the arrangements (a 'marquee/tent' in the staff car park of our local GPs surgery!) are adhered to. I went to collect a repeat prescription from our local chemist the other day and almost had to tell someone waiting outside, behind me, to keep further away. They weren't wearing a mask either - I despair.

And now here are my picks for the previous challenge.

And let's begin with a *Gold Star* pick. I think, having seen all the detail in close-up, that this is really worthy of a *Gold Star* - please feel free to help yourself to the badge from the RH sidebar Diane:


What a wonderful bouquet in a teacup this is! It's a while since Diane H came to play and I'm so happy she brought this to share with us. If you hop over to Diane's blog post you'll find a photo which illustrates just how intricate the flowers are - absolutely lovely!

No apologies from me for the fact that Jules is a pick again, her work is always so lovely and she uses snippets so well to layer up her cards. Of course, Jules was the original Snippets Queen and holder of the Playground keys - a lot of years ago now. Needless to say I adore this card - pink is my absolute favourite colour too!

And more pink - this time from Pat who teamed it with lilac. Such a pretty card and I love how the snippety hearts look so much like a flower - very pretty. Some very delicate brayer work as well - mine often looks as if I've been rolling out tough pastry with a heavy pair of hands!

Childhood memory coming up! When we lived in Malta (army brat here) there were odd occasions when my Dad would be on duty on a Saturday evening to allow the younger and more junior guys to go out for some fun in Valletta. Saturday afternoon was Mum's designated weekly baking day and she used to like to walk down to the barracks and take him some of her freshly baked goodies. I was just four years old when we came back to England but from a very early age loved to help Mum with her baking sessions - so I started to always bake a 'special jam tart for Daddy'. I promise you, that pastry took a right hammering, sometimes it ended up on the floor in between being rolled and squashed about for ages. I always went with Mum to take deliver Dad's freshly baked goodies for his evening snack - and needless to say that 'special jam tart' was carried very carefully in the 'boot' of my much loved tricycle.  Apparently, I used to stand beside him and watch closely as he struggled to eat every single morsel of baked, dry, grey pastry with a filling of jam - apparently trying to keep a smile on his face! At the same time I repeatedly asked him if it was nice ☺ when in fact it tasted almost as bad as it looked.

I adore this cute card, made by Katrina. James Bear is such a sweetie and I love how Katrina has matched colouring James so perfectly with the snippets of patterned paper. I actually thought it was paper piecing before reading what Katrina had written in her blog post.

We had 50 entries, and no new Playmates - so lovely to see numbers looking healthier again. Still a bit low in the current challenge (#386) but I know that many folk are struggling with the new blogger interface. I'm no expert but if you have any queries about the interface then please feel free to drop me an email.

Now for the prize draw, which is a Memory Box 'Cream Puff Heart' die and a set of Avery Elle 'And then' sentiment stamps. 

And the winner is:

Rebecca (Yahrling)

Congratulations Becca!! Delighted to see your name pop out - good ole Mr Random was rooting for you! Please send me your address, even if you know that I know it already, with your full name at the top as well so I can copy and paste for speed and ease. It's also confirmation that you still would like the prize of course and I'll do my best to post your prize ASAP this coming week. Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always.

Remember folks, there's still another week to run on Challenge #386 HERE. The prize is a Clarity Stamp 'Word sticker collection'.

Yesterday was my Birthday - very low key but enjoyable. Huge thanks for all your lovely cards and Birthday wishes. I've already thanked a lot of you but need a day or so to get round to everyone. Len (and Dudley) made a fuss of me and a lovely friend surprised me by arriving with a card and beautiful planter filled with deep pink cyclamen plants for our patio table. Dudley fell totally in love with her, to the point he would have happily gone home with her - the little traitor!

However, he'd already redeemed himself with this special Birthday card:

In fact, it's Dudley's Doppelgänger - one of Dudley's tricks is to stick his head between the bannisters and at first I truly was fooled and thought it was him. It always amazes me how Len comes up trumps - next time I'll share his own Birthday card to me - it's the most perfectly detailed 3D Shepherd's hut card!

Love from Parsnip, a happy 'high-five' and woof from Dudley - and of course hugs as always from me. Stay safe, wear those masks - and keep on crafting. 



  1. Lovely picks. Congratulations to them and the winner. A huge happy birthday to you. Sorry it's so late. Love the Dudley card. It's so cute. [Bunny]

  2. Belated Happy Birthday! One of these years I'll actually remember to send your card in time! The wildfires are my excuse this year. Thankfully, the flames aren't coming toward us now--just terrible smoke. Wonderful picks & an incredible card from Len!

  3. Great picks. Congratulations to Becca on her win.

    Glad to hear you had a lovely birthday surprise.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  4. Great picks as always, some clever people around. Belated birthday wishes and I'm pleased to hear you had a lovely day. The latest Covid news doesn't sound too good and you are right some people are not keeping their distance when out and about, quite worrying.

  5. Congrats everyone, lovely makes, especially like James Bear, the jam tart story made me smile, as did Dudley card, and I can’t wait to see the shepherds hut! Happy Birthday Di! Well it has to last at least a week eh? Xxx

  6. Delighted to be one of your picks Di and I loved the story about the jam tarts. Happy birthday for yesterday xx

  7. Great picks Di and congratulations to your winner Becca enjoy your win ...l just had my flu jab this morning really well organised and Well distanced too! Oh the traitor (Dudley) mind you he is so cute nice surprise for you with a friend calling sounds like you had a great birthday 🍰 enjoy your day xx

  8. Wonderful cards and worthy of winning. Love the 'Dudley' card!!

  9. Saw your opening comments in Blogger this morning so came on to read what you had to say. Must admit the first two paragraphs could have been written my myself. I get so angry about people not wearing masks and wonder why they don't all try for two weeks to just do it and thereby lessen numbers.
    Lovely cards for your Snippets and the one from Dudley is absolutely fantastically gorgeous. Belated Birthday Wishes.
    hugs, Neet xx

  10. First off a belated Happy Birthday Di and sounds like you had a lovely day and Len came up trumps with his cards from himself and Dudley, with that cute Dudley lookalike. Secondly, a big thank you for showing my card, and in illustrious company with Diane, Julie and Katrina, and congratulations to Rebecca for winning the lovely prize this time. x

  11. Great picks and a great post as always. Hope you have had a lovely day.

    Kath x

  12. Congrats to Becca! AND WONDERFUL PICKS! I LOVE the bear one!

  13. A HUGE belated Happy Birthday to you. I am glad your family (Len & Dudley) celebrated. You deserve the best! Hugs from Minnesota.

  14. Lovely picks - very inspirational.
    Love that Dudley doppleganger!
    L x

  15. Oh yay!! Thank you so much, Di! I'll send you an email. And congrats to your wonderful top picks - so well deserved!

  16. Fabulous picks and congrats to Becca. I'm just picturing your poor dad and I bet he was so relieved when you mastered your baking skills xx

  17. PS forgot to say I've just sent you an email xx

  18. First let me say Happy Birthday though late it is, if you are like me, I kind of just let them slip by quietly lol...mine is in Oct and the old age is sure creeping up on me..yikes!
    Thank you so much for the Top pick, what a pleasant surprise to wake up to that this morning!
    congrats to all the other ladies as well with their beautiful cards and to the prize winner, you make it so FUN!!
    I had a god laugh at your jam tarts, honestly mine today would probably be just as 'tasty'..hah!! Your Dudley is the cutest, aren't these 'pups' great to have especially great to have during this time of covid, not that aren't great anytime lol!!

  19. Great picks and congrats to Becca! Happy Belated Birthday! Please don't be discouraged. I feel like sometimes everything is just too much. Too much news, too much decision making, too much worry. My husband and I went to lunch with my daughter who I haven't seen since July and I had to remember to tell her that I was next door the evening before. Just so she could decide whether to have lunch outside with us. Too much! I'm off to make a snippets card today to encourage you and me both.

  20. Happy belated birthday! Your picks were great and congrats to all.

  21. Happy belated birthday, Di. Your picks are worthy and congrats to all. Blogger is being very snippety today.

  22. Hi Miss Di

    Ahh .. .. I was really surprised to see my creation amongst your top picks .. .. thank you for that.

    Love your other picks too and congratulations to Rebecca on her win.

    Belated birthday wishes to you .. .. how cute is your card from Dudley!!

    Love Jules xx

  23. Happy Birthday Di !!

    Great picks from the playground and congrats to the lucky winner.


  24. Happy belated birthday Di! Loved your card from Dudley and can't wait to see Len's :) You brought back a similar memory with your funny jam tart story - the time that we made bread at school. I came home proudly bearing a heavy grey brick and felt very upset when nobody wanted to try it! What a wonderful lot of picks this week as usual, including a very worthy gold star winner and prize winner Rebecca. Congratulations everyone! Vicky xx

  25. Wonderful picks, great inspirations! Loved reading about your childhood memories.
    Congrats to Rebecca.
    I'm later... but want say you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Len made a fabulous card for you!!!

  26. Wonderful gold star and picks! Am smiling at your jam tart story. I am so glad you had a lovely birthday. Congratulations to Rebecca. Take care and stay safe my friend. Hugs xxxxxxx


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