Sunday 6 September 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #386

What a miserable week for weather here in deepest Hampshire. One minute it was too hot and now it's too wet. We British are never happy with our weather I fear.

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments about the future of the Playground. Many of you made very good points, which sort of reassured me to keep going as I am. And we had a jump in the number of entries to challenge 385 as well, hooray. There won't be a switch to Instagram or Facebook if I can help it - it's probably just me but I find it an option I don't wish to embrace. I did giggle when one friend kindly suggested in an email that perhaps I could shorten my posts - nope, ain't gonna happen. Luckily I learned to touch type in some 'spare' lessons in the 6th Form at school and basically can fly along when I'm writing a post, So, what you read is often just me talking through my fingers (I HEARD that snigger!).

Good old blogger continues to evolve - at last they've now made the labels options easier to work with on the new interface - but this is 'end user' testing of something that should have been thoroughly tested prior to release. I guess we get it for free so should be grateful - and in fairness it does seem to be evolving with our issues being resolved.

Anyhow, here's my snippets card for this fortnight. I was really stumped for a prize that wouldn't take ages making a 'sample' card. And was also a bit shocked at the fact I've been unconsciously letting the Playground toy box run low as well. I didn't have time for a very complicated card with masking, colouring etc so in the end, I opted for a card using a recent snippets strips technique - and when it was finished I cocked my head on one side and realised it's by no means as 'random' as it should be. The strip widths ought to vary more - oopsie. And, I need to put a fresh blade and/or channel mat in my trimmer as the cutting is a bit rough looking (picked up by the camera needless to say). No time to make another one though so here it is: 

I used:

- 5" x 5" square white card blank
- snippet of pink card - SU 'Primrose' - as a backing for the strips, left bigger than I wanted as there's trimming to do at the end of the process 

- snippets of monochrome paper from a really ancient Papermania Capsule Collection 'Mono' paper pad - dating back to my very early days of card making

- I then trimmed a load of angled strips from the snippets - sadly making them too uniform (OCD strikes again!)

- then used a glue pen to adhere them to the piece of pink card - almost finished when I realised it was very uniform, sigh

- another snippet of the same pink card, trimmed to just quarter of an inch on two sides smaller than the white card blank (ie. it measures 4.75" square)
- then trimmed the striped panel down to 4.5" on both the top and side measurements

- glued the striped panel to the pink one and then glued that to the card front (all using Collall All Purpose glue as it's so moveable)

- used a snippet strip of the pink card to adhere a white on black sentiment to - from the Clarity Stamps 'Words Sticker' set of quite unusual sentiment strips 
- trimmed it at the ends, added thin strips of sticky pads and popped it onto the card front - finished in the shake of a lamb's tail
And, here's the prize for this fortnight - a smallish one for a change but also an interesting one if you like fairly 'to the point' sentiments:
Clarity Stamps 'Words Sticker Collection' - 460 stickers, 8 sheets with half in white and half black.

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 19th September. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

It's a maximum of ONE entry, please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you want to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're only playing for fun - otherwise I don't add you to my little list.

As I used this particular set of Clarity sentiment stickers for the first time, it means I can join in with Darnell's NBUS #18 challenge HERE! To be honest though, if you decide to buy any, I do think the combined general and Christmas sentiments set is more versatile.
Latest news of Dudley - he's becoming a little tinker! His last trip out into the garden for a 'wee' is around 10:30 to 11:00 pm, before we 'batten down the hatches' for the night here. We may still be awake, but the house is ostensibly closed down - and he knows that ......... unless it was urgent. However, the little tinker has put the jigsaw together and worked out that he often has a sneaky treat when he comes in from the garden after doing 'the late evening biz'. Need I say more? The other night he did the usual and came in - then just TWO hours later was on the bed, and then lying on top of Len, wanting to 'go out' at almost 2am in the morning for goodness sakes! We didn't dare risk not letting him out in case of an accident - but the little monkey only did a tiny dribble then came indoors and pointedly stood where the treats are kept! Naughty, naughty ☺.

On the subject of dogs, in the UK right now there's a really worrying spate of dog thefts going on. I won't go into all the detail but a scarcity of dogs for would be owners to buy due to COVID, along with breeders asking up to three times as much for dogs now, makes it a bit of a lucrative market. Our back garden is now like Fort Knox - plus, although we'd have rarely done it previously, Dudley is never allowed out into the garden now without one or other of us being there at the same time. Dogs have even been stolen with their litters of puppies and some of the cases are utterly heartbreaking. We're pretty sure that Dudley would kick up a real stink if we had an intruder in the garden, when he was indoors let alone outside, but it's a risk we can't take. What a world!

Lots of love from us all - Parsnip, Dudley and of course me,


  1. It's ridiculous to think someone would risk their life taking a pet from someone else. I can tell you now if my mama was still alive she'd be locked and loaded if people were stealing pets. She was still feisty till the end. [Bunny]`

  2. Di, I think your card looks great! And I would have have some fun with the set, so yes please!
    Our pup, Jinx, used to pull things like Dudley to get extra treats. They are so very smart, and cute... except at 2 AM! I'm glad you are keeping him safe. I cannot image the pain of losing a beloved fur baby! So very sad.

  3. I love your card--looks wonderful to me, Di! I'll just play for fun this time. Too funny about Dudley! They are darn smart little critters! Awful what some people in this world do & so scary.

  4. That card is so effective and works well with the monochrome strips on the pink. I always find 'random' difficult to do and normally end up with what I call 'regular random'. Touch typing is such a handy skill to have, I'm pleased it is something I learnt what seems like a century ago, great for writing blog posts as you say. So pleased to hear you are guarding Dudley well when he is outside in the garden. There really are some despicable people about, always ready to cash in on any situation.

  5. Its a great technique and when I tried it, my strips weren't random either! You've made a lovely card with it.

    Fancy Dudley getting finding a way to cure middle of the night munchies!!!!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  6. Your card Di is fabulous l love the strips great use of snippets too! l always knew Dudley was a smart dog fancy him going out again and expecting his little treat they really do try it on don't they....can't have anything theses days Dogs have been targeted for sometime and its really worrying it used to be cats too what do people get out of stealing animals??? keep Dudley safe take care enjoy your day only playing for fun xx

  7. It is easy to forget that Blogger is free, my belief is that google use it as a testing/training ground for junior coders. The fact that they listen and adjust according to our input is a credit to them. I embraced "new" blogger a while back and watch with interest to see what happens next.

    Very wise to keep your tinker safe. Friends of mine are very involved with Save our Spaniels, rescue Brittney Spaniels from Spain. They have been on home visits to assess the suitability of would be adopters and one of the primary concerns is home and garden security. It is surprising how casual some people can be about that. As for Dudley's new "trick" why not say no treat if you ask to go out after the family have gone to bed?

    Love your card will be playing some time this fortnight I'm sure but once again will not be playing for a prize, just praise! x Take care, stay safe, keep well & HAVE FUN

  8. I love your uneven strips die and for me they are not too uniform but just perfect and look great against the pink background, and a great Clarity sentiment too. I'm glad you have decided to leave the Playground as is for now as times are strange at the moment and blogging has its ups and downs, and although I do Instagram now and I do enjoy it, I still want to blog too as having a blog is a diary of my crafting journey and I can look back at everything I've done which is something not easily done on any other platform, and I like to look through older stuff on others blogs sometimes too. I just hope that they sort out the problems with the new format soon as I have returned to the original for now as the double spacing I kept getting was driving me nuts, but I know I will eventually have to succumb to the new one as the will remove the old in time. Dudley is a little monkey and a very savvy, but waking you at 2am needs not to become a regular I know there is quite a lot of dog theft so good that you keep an eye on it and make your garden as difficult for people to get into as possible, but there are a lot of dogs around and if Dudley is encouraged to bark if someone strange gets onto your property then all should be well as they would prefer to dognap a docile animal I'm sure. If I get a card in I will be playing for fun this time. x

  9. Such fabulous and elegant card you made with snippets!! I have to try this technique I saw used here and in the last challenge! Perhaps I could use a bit of my stripes :D
    Thanks for being in the draw, yes please, those stickers sentiment are very useful.
    I'm sure that you take a BIG care of Dudley and take him always near you, but please be very careful, because there are whistles to call dogs and a lot of bad people around :((

    Big hugs and cuddles to Dudley!

  10. OMG DOG thefts!!!! That is crazy!!!
    I will be playing this week but no need for the prize :)

  11. So pleased to see you've had a go at making a card like mine from June, it's lovely and a great way to use snippets eh! Love your colour combo.
    I would love to be entered into the draw please, thank you. They're such a useful set of stickers, I've not seen them before.
    Janice x

  12. DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEElighted to hear you won't be giving up on blogging your challenges, Di.

    Fab make and a terrific use of snippets. Great prize too so YES PLEASE to an entry in this challenges draw.

    So sad to read of the enormous increase in the theft of dogs too, heartbreaking for the owners losing their pets/family members, you do right to keep an eye on the adorable Dudders. My dog used to come in and tap the treats cupboard on the odd occasion we were remiss enough to miss her treat/snack time too!

    Happy Monday


  13. Please don't shorten your posts, the chat is what brings many of us here!
    Good to see that Dudley is getting you well trained.Mark and I were laughing this morning - outside our window, the girl next door was trying to take the dog for a walk she didn't want to go on. It's amazing just how big, heavy and immobile one little Jack Russell can make herself when she sets her mind to it!
    Yes please to those stickers, some great sentiments there.

  14. Lovely use of scraps.
    Yes please for the prize.

  15. Well first of all, your card is gorgeous! You say it was a quick card, but I tried to make one something like this before, and it was hard (for me) to get the angles right - you nailed it! Secondly, I didn't know anything about the Playground being in jeopardy of not continuing. This makes me sad and I'm glad you have been encouraged to continue! I love playing here! It's true I haven't been blogging much this summer as I've been busy with other things, plus it's been too hot and humid to spend time in my craftroom. And yes, the Covid has discouraged a lot us for sure. I'm hoping to do better now that the cooler temps have arrived. But now that you mention the new Blogger, I refuse to even try it so I'm sure I'll have a rude awakening when I must use it. For now I just can't be bothered. There's nothing wrong with the old Blogger! And now I'm reading about the dog-nappings, unbelievable! When will the madness end?! This world has gone crazy! Please keep sweet Dudley safe - losing him would be heartbreaking! He's a clever boy with those treats! I'll definitely be back to play as I've got my card made and I'm surely a YES for the prize! I've been looking for something just like this. I've been making sentiments on the computer just to have some ready, but these stickers are perfect! I will be crossing my fingers on this one! As always, thank you for your generosity and I'll be back later with my entry!

  16. I think you are doing just fine Di. Yes please count me in. CarolG

  17. It's good to be in the playground again. Yes, please xx

  18. A lovely snippets card Di and I will be in the playground soon and would love a chance to win the sticker collection, please.
    Kath x

  19. Gorgeous card, Di, and it's an advance yes please from me as I promise I WILL be entering this fortnight! Kids can be so sneaky and it seems Dudley is no different! xoxo

  20. Lovely card...please count me in for the prize..

  21. It sounds like Dudley has you properly tied around his cute little paws and trained quite well to his advantage LOL Dogs are SMART! Sorry for the dog napping/stealing going on but we live in a challenging world anymore. I love your card with those pretty papers and love the prize on offer too, so it's a yes please for me this time around. Have a good week ahead and I hope you and Len can get a good nights rest soon without interruptions! LOL

  22. Great way to use up a bunch of snippets. You have a very pretty card. I am definitely playing for the prize. Those premade sentiments would be so handy. Please continue the playground. You really encourage us to dig into that pile of snippets that we all seem to have.

  23. Hi Di, was thinking the same thing as I was writing my blog posts, gosh labels are fixed!!!! What a joy. I expect they have a mountain of feedback and are addressing issues gradually. But again, like you say, it is a free service so anyone who complains about it can always chose to go elsewhere. Sad about dog theft. I had hoped the C19 situation would have brought out the good in people, but it seems some still think they can take what they want without thinking of anyone else. Love those stickers so please include me in the prize draw. Love your card too. I always ink my edges. It's amazing how it covers a multitude of sins LOL. Hugz

  24. Hello Di! It’s been a while... and I just realized I am no longer receiving your post e-mails! Blogger is so annoying that way. Your card is fabulous btw. I’ve never worked with stickers and don’t think I will use them, so I’m just playing for fun.

    😂 Oh Dudley... too smart for his own good. All that dog-napping sounds scary. Glad Dudley is happy and safe.
    Take care... Trina 💙

  25. Hi Di your card is gorgeous. I love the prize on offer so it is yes please from me. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  26. Well I am very glad that Dudley did not get a 2am treat, little scamp. As previously warned I'm back! still not looking for a prize. x

  27. Wonderful card. I love these stickers. Yes for the prize please.
    Valerija xx

  28. Hi, finally got time to come and play. Love your card I have issues with doing random as my neat issues gets in the way but you have nailed it. The staff who were furloughed have been brought bck now so hoping to be able to play more often. Glad you're still going to blog as I do not do any other form of social media. Made me laugh to read about Dudleys craftiness, we too give Stanley a treat just before bedtime after his last wee, he now tries to tell me its time for bed at 9pm or earlier, they are cheeky.

  29. Well I wonder who is training who in your household!!!
    Yes please for the sticker prize, they would be so useful to me, so fingers crossed.

  30. Thanks so much Di for the info about the labels on my blog. Simple when someone shows you - and thanks again - it was a minefield of nothingness before.
    Read your post and agree with you about sticking with the blog rather than going down the alternative routes as so many have done. Also about the theft of dogs - disturbing - keep Dudley safe - and Parsnip too if Parsnip is another doggy.
    Hugs & Thanks again
    Neet xx

  31. Yes, I'd love to win. Wow, the sentiments would sure come in handy. Thanks, Di.

  32. Lovely card, Di. Yes please to the prize.

    That is so worrying about the dog thefts. It's such a cruel and heartless thing to do, both for the dogs and the families they're taken from. x

  33. Love your card, Di. Such a simple design, but so striking in black, white and red. Just playing for fun this week. Hope you've had a lovely birthday. xx

  34. Hello and happy birthday!!! Hope you had a beautiful day (since you're several hours ahead of Florida, it's probably over by the time I post this).
    I am just playing for fun this go round. Your card is lovely and I really love the design of it. And the pretty floral papers with the red. AND so happy you're continuing with the playground - yay!!!

  35. Bit later than usual but I got here - playing for fun this time

  36. Your card looks perfectly fine to me, Di! I'm sorry I haven't been playing as often. It's partly because I am just not feeling cheerful, so I don't post as often and partly because when I do post I feel like my cards are too CAS or haven't used any snippets if OLC. I've noticed a big slowdown, too, especially the month of August. I truly don't believe it has anything to do with challenge owners and I'm trying not to take it personally. This year has just been the pits between Covid, the weather, fires, hurricanes, riots, and politics and it's all very wearisome. I do think you should skip doing your generous Christmas routine this year. Just take this year off and see how 2021 goes. I just play for fun and to support you, not for the prizes. Would it matter if the prizes stop? I guess you can tell that by how many participants say yes, please. Hope you had a great Sunday and weren't awakened at 2 a.m. by that clever doglet of yours! Talk soon. Love to all, Darnell

  37. When the new blogger came out, I hated it!! There was no way to create a new post from your dashboard, and I have to admit that I sent some negative feedback to them. That issue has already been fixed, and hopefully the others will soon follow. I just love this challenge, and while the prizes are a nice benefit, I mostly play for fun anyway. Using up scraps is one of my favorite things to do, and getting picked for a top spot or (gasp!) a gold star is good enough prize for me! You are always so generous with us, but I do think you are entitled to take some time off from the work of doing the Christmas giveaway (at least for this year). Anyway, those are my two cents for what they are worth! This is such a pretty card, I always find red (or pink), black and white to be such an elegant color combo. I'm playing along just for fun this week, thanks! (And look! I managed to keep my list of challenges to 10 again. Yeay, me, I can be taught!)

  38. I love your card, brilliant design. Id love to play for the prize this time around please with my card. It is such a worry about all these pet nappings. Hugs Emmax

  39. I posted a comment earlier but forgot to say Yes Please to the prize. So glad to play along.

  40. you sure made great use of your snippets again, Di. Love your creativity on this one. I'm playing along, and of course would love to win. Hope you're doing well. Say WOOF to Dudley on behalf of my Miniature Schnauzer, Belle.

  41. Playing for fun right now. I have been trying to avoid the new blogger - for good reason. Why try to fix what wasn't broke in the first place. Finally tried it today and have already sent in negative feedback. This thing should have been tested really good before rolling out. Ugh!

  42. I love your card Di! It is so beautiful, loving the different shaped snippets and love the snippets you chose to use. Makes for a visually interesting card and a great way to use those snippets! I'm not sure what is going on with the blog, I know I've been bad and haven't been around in a long time! But I'm glad you aren't going to FB or Instagram. I hate FB, but I do do Instagram, but I love it here, right where you are. I don't care how long the posts are, I get "windy" myself on posts at times and comments! Loving the prize, so please add me in to have a go at winning it. I had to laugh at Dubley's night time trip to potty just for a treat, they are smart little buggers! I can't not believe people are stealing dogs! What's the world coming to?!! I am glad that your back garden is know like Fort Knox, can't take any chances!!! Heartbreaking that dogs are taken from their owners and even with the litters of puppies. I feel like the world has gone crazy and there are only a few of us left that have any sense! lol I know you guys will be watching over Dudley well! Love and hugs, Brenda

  43. Fabulous card Miss Di and a supe use of your snippets. Sorry I've been playing truant but I finally got here (using legacy Blogger!)... just playing for fun xx

  44. Hi Diane, in answer to your question, when I saw your
    email I just realized I
    hadn't heard from you in a while. I have not unsubscribed!!
    Sharon in Toronto

  45. Oh Di - I do love your Dudley stories!!
    Yes please for the stickers - they look wonderful
    Stay safe

  46. Love your snippets card, very cool indeed! Dudley is being cheeky, bless him - very clever! These dog thieves are just awful! I don't blame you keeping a close eye on your little cutie. I will play for fun this time as I already have the stickers, but thank you! I hope you keep the blog going. I use Facebook but even though I joined Instagram, I never really go there. I love your chatty posts, they are such fun and we get to know you so well! My posts are always short and very boring. I should try harder! I can touch type too! Take care and Stay safe my friend. Hugs xxxxxxxxx

  47. I adore the style of your card, Di! Wonderful choices of the paper scarps. I don't use lots of sentiment sticker but those are so delightful, I'm going to play for the prize this time. :-D I have to write up my post and then I'll pop over and enter it into the challenge.

  48. Greetings from mainland Europe Di! Hope you manage to stay safe amid this pandemic and some people's utter disregard for others. Yes please to the stickers - how many times have I wanted something like these to finish off a project. I am having trouble linking my card but I think from past experience it can take a while to register. If my link isn't registered, here's a link to my blog

  49. Hmm, thought I had already left a comment but it's still not here/there so I'll try again! Lovely card Di, I would really love to play for the prize - those sentiment stickers look really useful. I hope you continue to stay safe, I can't believe some people believe that their freedom is more important than saving lives! I have breathing difficulties when I wear a mask but it's the least I can do to minimise the spread. Our parents and grandparents went off to fight in wars to protect our way of life and all I have to do is wear a mask?? Really!! Can you imagine if a surgeon pulled you aside before your surgery and said "Look do you mind if I don't wear a surgical mask while performing your surgery? I have breathing difficulties and suffer from anxiety when I wear it and my glasses fog up!"

    Love from Europe, Kate!


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