Sunday 20 September 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #387

What a palaver this week just gone, sorting out Feedburner which sends emails out to those folk who've subscribed to this 'ere blog - after it just stopped sending them. It's now been amended and is working properly - phew. I do recommend that any of you with very wordy blogs such as mine (photos and media don't count) have a think about the fact that when you reach 512Kb - Feedburner can't cope if you've left the limit of posts which it scans to the 'default setting'- which is your whole blog. You don't get a warning - it just stops sending emails. For any techno-averse people - don't fret over it as your blog will still remain safe. For anyone who might feel happy digging around inside Feedburner (which is also Google product so need I say more) - if you drop me an email with Feedburner in the header then I'll happily help you out with a few pointers.

I see Blogger has been playing around with the new interface yet again - this time they've changed the icon which appears when you click on an image to change it's size. Previously it was the pencil icon - now they've added a little image icon. The pencil icon is now used to change a link if your image has one. Someone certainly 'designed these changes on the fly and on the back of a fag packet' as we used to say in the olden days!

Anyhow, here's my snippets card for this fortnight. Once again I needed to make a fairly simple card to showcase our prize for this time round - and here it is:

I used:

- 5.75" x 5.75" square white card blank
- a piece of the same white card, trimmed to 5.5" x 5,5"

- longish narrow snippets of mauve, blue and pink card from the snippets folder
- from each snippet I die cut two lengths of 'ric rac' using MFT's 'Stitched Ric Rac' die
- then glued them across the top and bottom of the white panel, using a Zig glue pen
- die cut the word 'Celebrate' from a snippet of black card using the lovely Hunkydory Moonstone Combo set called 'Essential Words - Celebrate' and glued it in place

- then from the same set I used a sentiment stamp to add the words 'your birthday' underneath the die cut 'Celebrate' - used Versafine's Clair 'Nocturne' ink pad 

- finally glued the white panel to the card front and called it done!

I just double checked and the word Celebrate is absolutely straight - the very large letter C draws the eye downwards at the left hand end, but it's an optical illusion. When I added the large die cut word I even drew a fine pencil line to be sure it would be straight! 

Love the ric rac die - first spotted on one of your lovely blogs and a super way to use up snippets for quick and easy cards.

And, here's the prize for this fortnight:

It's a My Favourite Things (MFT) die called 'Stitched Ric Rac' and a Hunkydory Moonstone Combo set called 'Essential Words - Celebrate'. Loads of different words to stamp to go with the huge (five inches wide) 'Celebrate'.

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 3rd October. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day. 

It's a maximum of ONE entry, please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you want to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're only playing for fun - otherwise I don't add you to my little list.

As I used the MFT die as well as the sentiments set for the very first time it means I can join in with Darnell's NBUS #18 challenge HERE
I did wonder if this challenge might need to be delayed - both Len and I felt pretty grim after our flu jabs on Thursday and it was such an effort just to crawl out of bed at first. However, Len was worse than me (for once) so I just bashed on and hoped this would publish as planned. It's Saturday as I'm typing and am finally feeling lots better - so strange that we both felt unwell, along with very sore arms. We had to take Dudley with us and one stayed with him in my car whilst the other one went for their jab then we swopped. Oh boy, did Dudley let rip! He panted, yammered and yodelled all the way there and he only shut up when I joined in the chorus making similar sounds! Thank goodness the roof wasn't open - we'd literally have seemed barking mad! The only time he did go quiet was when Len went in for his jab, after I'd returned to the car, he'd apparently continued his performance all the while I was away. 
We had some fun earlier on in the week. Len always replenishes the hedgehog's food and water later on in the afternoon and all of a sudden he shot up to my craft room looking pretty shocked, waving his arms and saying there was a hedgie sitting inside the feeding station fast asleep. So off I trotted with him and sure enough - there was a huge hedgie actually sitting on the dish of dried food having a good snooze. We have to protect the hedgie food from the local cat population and due to so many hedgies visiting Len had used a second feeding set-up which is an upturned washing up bowl with an entrance cut out. The daft hedgie had obviously squeezed it's way in but couldn't turn round to get back out! We took a good look at the'prickly football' and it was no worse for it's extended visit so Len put it into the front garden underneath the hedgie friendly undergrowth where we suspect it probably lives. I managed to take a photo and although it wasn't going to unfurl again and pose nicely, you can see it's jet black beady eyes. You can see how huge it is as Len is holding it wearing really massive heavy duty gardening gloves. The little patch of white at the bottom right of the photo is Dudley - nosy as usual:

On the subject of hedgehogs, and other wildlife as well - do remember that if/when you dispose of a mask with your waste please be sure to cut the elastic loops. They will end up in landfill (unless you burn them) and could so easily harm or kill wildlife.

And last but not least, I promised some photos of the lovely laser cut shepherd's hut card I had from Len. I do encourage you to have a look on the website he ordered it from - the detail is incredible and although we love to make our own cards - who wouldn't be delighted with a card from 'Paper D'Art'. BTW, it's a British company, based in the beautiful Cotswolds, with a massive range of gorgeous cards.

The card folds flat and when opened out stands at about 6" long and 6" high. I took one photo trying to show the inside view but it's a bit blurred - although it does give even more of an insight into the beautiful detail and thought that's gone into making the 'hut':

Shepherd's huts are quintessentially English (they were very much based in the South Downs and in this part of England) and their origins go back centuries. Basically, particularly during the lambing season, the shepherds hut could be relocated as necessary and provided shelter for the shepherd to be close to his flock. It would have had space for a pot belly stove, intended for basic cooking and warmth, a bed and sitting area. There was usually a corner cupboard for bare essentials and veterinary medicines. The bed would often accommodate space underneath for unwell or orphaned lambs. 

In recent times they've made a comeback and quite a few enterprising people are buying newly built ones, still sticking to the same principles, albeit some even have washroom facilities on board, to rent out as holiday homes. I've been following one such owner on Instagram and it's fascinating to see how neat and compact a shepherd's hut can be. And Len, when he ordered the card, had absolutely no idea that I even knew about them let alone was fascinated. So it's a double delight of course! Sadly, they're fully built prior to delivery - what a fun summer house one would make. But our back garden is fully enclosed and the only option would be to hire a gigantic crane to lift it into place. Edit - oooer, I just found a company who will build one for you on site. I wonder....................?

Lots of love from us all - Parsnip, Dudley and of course me,


  1. I always enjoy reading your lovely newsy posts, Di, and I think your card from Len is just amazing

  2. Oh, wow!!! That card from Len is AMAZING!!! All the detail is so precise and how it opens and pops up is fantastic!! What a great job he did picking it our for you! Love your little snippets card, too. The rick-rack looks so real! I think when I enter I will be a "yes, please!" Thank you!

  3. Super celebratory card and lovely prize.

    WOW . . . The detail in the shepherd's hut card is amazing.

    Glad hedgie was ok!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  4. Oh wow what a feast of a post. That’s interesting about feedburner, although I wouldn’t have a clue! Glad you’re over the flu jab, yuk. Can just picture you yodelling in the car :) that is one huge hedgehog!!! what an amazing card, and I’m sure a hut would look good in your garden!!! Fabulous prize and card Di, take care xxx

  5. Another brilliant read for a Sunday morning and a great prize - love the ric-rac so it will be a 'yes' please from me for an opportunity. Had a quick trawl around and see it is sold out everywhere.

    The card Len got for you is amazing, such detail and it would be lovely to have a shepherd's hut in your garden, guess it would be a handy craft space? Hope you've both recovered from the flu jabs and the yodelling session - such a hoot!! Brilliant that you look after the hedgehogs so well, bet they've told all their friends. Hugs xx

  6. Hi Di, glad that you have had your flu jabs despite having a few aches afterwards, it is certainly a year to get as many as possible vaccinated. The shepherd's hut sounds great fun as did the games with your sweet hedgepig. Your card is gorgeous from Len. Take care, keep well, I will link up a make but I'll just play along for the fun. Hugs xxx

  7. Love your simple but elegant card Di and love the ric rac, definitely a Yes Please to the prize draw : )

  8. What a wonderful card you received from Len! That shepherd's hut is amazing with wonderful details! Loving your celebration card too with all the ric-rac trim on the top and bottom! Fun pic of the hedgie too, it's amazing you got such a good photo! Playing just for fun this week and I hope you both feel much better in the coming days!

  9. I love your card with the pretty ric rac and the large die sentiment and accompanying stamped one Di and if I get a card in I am a 'yes please'. What a fabulous card Len gave you with the detailed shepherd's hut, and I think the real thing would be a fabulous space to have...the most unique crafting space! Wow that hedgie is enormous and no wonder it got wedged in your feeding station. Sorry the flu jabs left you both feeling under the weather but luckily not for too long, and glad you managed to sort the problem with the e-mail notifications, I wouldn't have known where to start personally. x

  10. I love your rick rack card, it is a celebration all by itself. The colors blend so well together. I hope your flu reaction is gone by now and your arm isn't so sore. Mine was sore for a day or so too. That hedgie is huge and so funny he feel asleep in the bowl. That shepherd's hut card is awesome. The detail is amazing. How fun that they are now building them again. I hope you get to visit one in person.

  11. Beautiful card! I got this blog post through email again! YAY!!!!!!!!!! And so sorry to hear about your flu...glad you are both doing better! I hate the new BLOGGER interface!!! I want the old one back! You were able to "revert to legacy" for awhile but they aren't letting us do that anymore. ;(
    The laser cut is amazing! I have never seen anything like that!!! Definitely playing this week! Love that Ric Rac!

  12. Dear Di, I have not participated for a long time, so this time with special pleasure.
    I'm glad that you and your two boys are fine - I am sending a big hug from Slovenia, Majda

    And YES, I’m participating in the draw for the super prize. Your greeting card is wonderful .-)

  13. Great use of the dies, Di. A fantastic card from Len, expect to see you making one like that very shortly.
    Poor little hedgehog. Never heard of a Shepherds hut before. Have a lovely week.

    Kath x

  14. Super card Di, I especially love the ric rac die cuts, I thought as first you'd used facbric ric rac. What a fabulous card from Len. Hope you get a real one in your garden, how amazing that would be! You could hire it out and we could all take it in turns to visit. 😉 Glad you rescued the hedgie and there was no lasting damage. I'll be a Yes Please for the prize this fortnight. xx

  15. So sorry to hear you were both so poorly following the flu jab, hope you are feeling better now though.

    Smashing card and paper engineering project

    YES PLEASE to an entry in the draw this time around, just uploaded my entry!

    Happy Monday


  16. Love those ric rac dies and your colours are lovely Di. I had my flu jab last week too, but luckily just had a sore arm afterwards. Hope you are both fully recovered now. Your card from Len is amazing! Not seen one like that before and so much detail in it too! I would love to be a "Yes please" for this draw, thank you. Have a good week x

  17. Great card, Di! Yes please to the prize :)
    That shepherd's hut card is definitely an eyecatcher. Wow!
    Aw, sweet hedgie. Glad he was okay. Hopefully he doesn't get himself stuck again. x

  18. Love the card Len gave you! And love the photo and story about the hedgehogg. Yes, please enter me for the prize - that's a great die and stamp set.

  19. Wowee - that Shepherd's hut card is amazing!
    Love yousnippets card too...the die cut ric-rac looks fab!
    Helen x

    PS - I'm a 'yes please' for the prize draw.

  20. Hello Di!
    Your card is awesome! Thank you for great challenge! Hugs, Gloria

  21. Wow, that is a superb card you got from Len! Definitely an eye-catcher.

    Lovely creation from you for the playgound. That ric-rac die looks something to compete so it is a big YES please from me for the prize.


  22. It has been sometime since my last entry on the snippet challenge. Feel great to be able to spend some crafting time.
    I have not seen a hedgie curled like a ball, didn't know it can do that. It is not common to find hedgie in our country, I have only seen and touch the hedgie once.
    Yes please, I would love to be in chance to win this prize pack.

    Thanks Di and sending warm hugs,

  23. Well my dear what a week you have had, and belated Happy Birthday. Those cards, 3D works of art, from your OH are magical. Do get a little shepherds cottage built in your garden you will make it such a magical place. Dudley has clearly learnt the art of nagging and who to nag! But at least it is all done now helping to make you both safer this winter. As normal no thank you to the prize draw it should go to someone more worthy. x

  24. I'm playing for the prize this time. I know, that's a shock - me, playing for the prize two challenges in a row but I can't resist the chance of that ric rac die. I've never seen one like it!
    Love your "Celebrate" card, Di, and a great big WOW on the one Len got you! Also, fab photo of the hedgie - he IS a big boy. :-D

  25. Gorgeous card from Len - tell him he has my address!
    Love this mahoosive stamp and the ric rac die so yes please!
    (Hope you got happy post this week?) xx

  26. What a fun post this time Di, and I got the last ones. Thanks. YES I would like to be in the draw. I remember ric rac as a kid on my hand sown doll clothes. Have some in my sewing box, I think.

  27. I'm back home after two weeks in Germany. Good to be home again and to get into my craft room.
    Great card from you, as always!
    Yes please, I would like to take place in the draw.
    Hugs, Liv

  28. Hi Di. I love your wonderful card and I would love to be in the draw for prize, please.
    Valerija xx

  29. Gorgeous card and die, id love to play for the prize this time please. Funnily ive just posted about 'my' hedgehogs this year too, had to save a baby the other day in the heat. Hugs Emmax

  30. Di, I've never seen a real hedgehog... so I always love when you feature them! Your card is great... and I'd love to have a Celebrate die... so count me in for the draw. Thanks so much!

  31. Wow Di what a fabulous card l love the Die used and stamps as always you create the best cards ever oh wow he's a big boy hedgehog no snails in your garden only playing for fun take care stay safe xx

  32. Playing just for fun, love your card so stylish. That is one enormous Hogpig maybe he ate all the food and that is why he couldn't get out. What a stunning card Len got you, I'm sure a shepherd hut would be a great addition to the garden, stay safe and take care.

  33. What a wonderful post, Di! I'll start at the bottom or I'll forget. Well done, Len, on the shepherd's hut card! How fascinating to both see it in photos and then read all about them. Do let us know if you get one in the back garden! Or, perhaps two of them, one for you and one for the hedgies! My goodness, the one Len is holding is gigantic! It must be great fun to have your own private hedgie pets!

    I do like your CAS celebrate card bordered with ricrac! I seem to be seeing ricrac used a lot so it must be making a comeback. And finally, thank you for your help with Feedburner! I've followed the directions, so hopefully friends are once again receiving notice when I post. You're the BEST!! Love and hugs, Darnell

  34. Goodness, so much news packed into just one blog post..whew! Sounds like you and Len have been busy with things good and bad. The flu shot reaction sounds so odd, in that you both felt terrible. I always have a sore arm after my flu shot but have never felt ill.. I hope this means that your shot was really giving your immune systems an extra boost.
    That shepards hut card is just incredibly detailed and beautiful. I'm so happy that you gave us a little peek inside, because the interior is even more impressive.
    Now on to that photo of the HUGE hedge hob...oh my! I've never seen one in person (believe it or not), but if I saw something this big and prickly, I'd run the other way. Smart Len to wear his extra tough gardening gloves. Your hedgies are lucky rascals to have you feeding them and caring for them so well.

    Before I forget , YES PLEASE to the prize. That rick-rack die is adorable and the Celebrate set would be so handy to have. I haven't crafted in weeks due to being out of the town and just buried under responsibilities and chores. I managed to sneak away into my craft room tonight and work on a few cards so now I'm happy. Thank you as always for sharing your stories and cards, and for the challenge.

  35. Yes please to the prize. I've never seen a hedgehog in real life. How amazing it must be. The card is wonderful. And if you build a Shepherds hut in your garden, I'm sure you could have card lover visitors all year round. As soon as that's possible again. Thanks again for another lovely post.

  36. Fabulous card you have created, love that rickrack die, how fun is that!! I surely hope you and Len are feeling better from your Flu shot, we are scheduled to go Oct 15th and I dread it as I usually don't get one, haven't had one in 10+ years...ugh! The hedgie is so darn cute, we have porcupines here, well 350 miles north of us! The card Len got you is a magnificent piece of art...WOW, I would display it forever!! The best to you...oh and yes for the prize...thanks much!!!

  37. That's a lovely card. Yes please for the prize

  38. Yes Please to this fun prize. I haven't been making many cards this month but my girls and I had a blast punching flowers out of paper scraps the other day so of course I had to put one together for this challenge. I always love seeing what you are up to, and what an amazing photo of that hedgehog. Looks like Len is the hedgie whisperer.

  39. Love your card, Di!! And yes please to be entered for the prize! I literally chuckled out loud, picturing you and Dudley "serenading" each other. Amazing picture of the different from the little guys found in pet stores here!!

  40. Hi Di, I was sure I had commented but looks like it crashed and burned. Love the card. Very brave with the hedgehog handling. Yes please to include me in the draw. Hugz

  41. Enjoy reading your posts and I didn't realize Hedgies were a native animal in your area. I would love to see one in the wild. I would like to play for the prize, thanks! Donna

  42. Well I'm only 7 days late getting over here Di! haha, I'm always late to the party. So sorry about that. I am so loving your card, it is CAS but festive and so pretty! So loving that stitched ric rac die, how cute is it?! The celebrate die stamp set is amazing, I don't think it look crocked at all to my eye, the C isn't throwing me off-I just love it! Such a fun card for sure!

    OUCH on the flu shot side effects! I am glad you are feeling better, hope Len is too. They change so much from year to year so hard to know what side effects one might have. They never used to bother me at all, but one year I had a very sore arm, which I was surprised at. That is so funny about Dudley, he certainly sounds like Kahlua in the car and with certain people not in there with him. lol

    OMGosh, how fun that Len found a "big" hedgie all curled up sleeping on the feeding dish. lol How cute is that! So funny how he/she had squeezed through but couldn't get out. He/she is so cute curled up in Len's hands. Glad he had those thick gloves on! Di, that is such a good reminder for those who wear disposable masks! I don't, but never gave a thought to those ear loops and the wildlife! Another thing that is getting me is seeing disposable masks on the ground. I don't know if people are dropping them and not realizing it or doing it on purpose.

    Wow, that card Len gave you is amazing to say the least! So much detail, just so stunning and so fun! I love those steps! Well I love the whole thing, but those steps just grab my attention. lol There is not one side of this that doesn't wow! My jaw just is hanging! I love the "dog" plant hanger, how cute is that?! I could go on and on. This is just stunning and amazing! I've never heard of a shepherd's hut, but it sure is cute! They must have been the first tiny houses. lol I love that they are making a come back! That is cool that there is a company that would build one on site for you. Now you have my interest peaked, so I am going to be learning more about these little shepherd huts! Hugs, Brenda

  43. YES please count me in. It sounds like you have one very lazy hedgie there that can't be bothered making a real winter nest. CarolG

  44. Wow, what a gorgeous (& detailed!) card you received. I love it! I'm a patient person, but I'd never find the patience to make something like this. lol And your card using the prize dies is sweet. I love ric rac and this one is so different. I'd love to play!

  45. What a wonderful card from Len, so intricate, such attention to detail!
    Just playing for fun this time - I'm going to be busy with sentiments after my win from the previous challenge!

  46. A lovely card Di - I'm just playing for fun this time as I already have ric rac die.
    Kath x

  47. Len Made a fantastic card. All those details...WOW. Your card is great too. Love this rug rag die. And yes I would like to be in the draw for prize.

  48. Whew - I thought I was too late to get in the gate - but I made it !
    No to the prize thanks Di - just happy to be here finally - Cheers Maurs xxx

  49. What a lovely CAS card... Yes please to the prize, and I look forward to checking out all the other entries. Stay safe!

  50. I always love your posts and your cards are stunning, I love this CAS card.
    yes for the prize, please.
    have a great weekend.
    hugs xx

  51. I am laughing lots at the thought of Dudley yodelling and you joining in when you went for your flu jabs! I am definitely not laughing that you both suffered so after you had them, bless you! That is one huge hedgehog, you look after them so well. I love your card and 'yes please' I would love to go into the draw for the fabulous prize, thank you. Take care and Stay safe! xxxxxxxxxx


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