Sunday 9 February 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #371

What a week and a half this has been! More of that later.

But, wisely, I grabbed some time on Wednesday to make my snippets card for this fortnight:
I used:

- 5.25" x 4.25"" white card blank, side opening

- a snippet of daisy patterned paper from the back pocket in an 11 year old Daisy and Dandelion 'Picnic Patch' paper pad, backed with a snippet of SU's 'Perfect Plum' card stock, not even enough to make a full frame so I opted to just have borders at the top and bottom. Adhered them together

-  then a different snippet from the same paper pad, backed with slightly wider 'Perfect Plum' and adhered to the panel - got the pattern centred across the card as well! Trimmed both ends from the back, as usual

- glued the front panel to the card blank

- backed another snippet of 'Perfect Plum' with Stick-it adhesive sheet and die cut the message panel - using a Lil-Inkers die called 'Boxed Up Thanks' and the Altenew Mini Blossom die cutting machine. LOVE that little machine, it's so quick and easy for smaller dies - and so far is working perfectly

- used a lemon coloured lightly patterned snippet of paper from the same 'Picnic Patch' paper pad, backed it with plain white card and trimmed it to a tiny whisker smaller than the die cut message before popping it onto the back of the message square using a small tape runner

- adhered the message square to the card front on top of the band using thin sticky pads - it's very slightly skewed, my trademark these days!

- final touch, a couple of sequins, added to the message square, using Glossy Accents

Once again, the camera picked up a weird thing - both sequins are the same mauve, albeit iridescent.

I mentioned on my Rudolph Days post the other day that Lil'Inkers is closing down. Naturally I had a tootle over to see if I could find any goodies for the Playground Toy Box. Almost fainted when the postage for a handful of very lightweight and heavily discounted items was going to be $29.99 so I left it.

However, Seven Hills Crafts here in the UK (run by Tara and Rick) have a fair amount of Lil'Inkers stuff in stock - not reduced (yet) though. I did buy a few small items for the Toy Box and the die I used today is one of those. I really love it, and it has the Lil'Inkers signature stitched effect on that outer border, just not showing up well in the photo.

And here's the prize for this fortnight:

A Lil'inkers die called 'Boxed Up Thanks' die. My card was made pretty quickly, I bet you can come up with much better designs though. I especially like that it's ideal for making card for chaps as well as the ladies. Unfortunately, even Seven Hills are out of a lot of designs - as a Birthday Wishes one in this style would be really so useful! I've just done another search of Seven Hills and the items I did manage to buy are now out of stock - word has gotten around that Lil'Inkers are closing it seems.

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 22nd February. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

It's a maximum of ONE entry, please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you want to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're only playing for fun - otherwise I don't add you to my little list.

This is quite long but very important - changes to the rules. Please read. 

Up until now I've been very relaxed about our 'rules in the Snippets Challenge. However, some boundaries are being pushed too far by a small minority so I'm clarifying and tightening up a few things.

In future I will delete all 'back linked' entries from Mr Linky, regardless, and they are very easy to spot. You make a card, you post it and you link before posting anything else on your blog and preferably on the day your post goes live - otherwise it's a 'back link' and will be deleted.

From now on you may only enter this challenge plus another nine challenges with your entry - making a total of 10 challenges. That's pretty generous, any more than 10 and your entry will be deleted from Mr Linky.

I also will be looking to see that you have said in your blog post what you've used, as one or more snippets, to qualify you to join in with the Playground. I don't need reams of detail but in the past I often had to give the benefit of the doubt but from now onwards, if it isn't written there for me to see easily, your entry will be deleted from Mr Linky.

Also, I won't take up more of my own time to leave you a comment to explain why an entry has been deleted, I do this on my own and the 'rools' are still few, as well as very clear, so that's the way forward.

So very many of you always play really fairly - and lot of it was down to my relaxed attitude as I wanted the Playground to be as easy going as possible until it suddenly hit me that I needed to rein things in.

Naturally I still love the Playground but I don't want it to be abused, and we were heading that way. If we lose some players then so be it. It's not a huge change - really just making sure that people play nicely as well as fairly!

Our news here:

I didn't manage to finish off my sorting out of my own parcel for Mary as planned. Spent Tuesday afternoon in our local hospital's eye clinic with an emergency appointment, which meant I was at the tail end of a very long list of appointments. The old HSV Keratitis flared up in my left eye after a four year respite - and it's one of those things you can't ignore, much less treat without having to trot off to hospital. Ha, ha - I did say I wanted to get out and about in the car more but didn't bank on that being one of the first destinations. Much less as the car park was overflowing and folk were literally driving round for 20 or more minutes looking for parking spaces. I finally tottered back into the house at almost 6pm.

Thursday afternoon was a bit of a nightmare too. Long story cut short - we discovered that the groomer we had trusted on Dudley's previous visit is more interested in rattling through as many dogs as possible and it seems had given Dudley a very hard time. He'd been caged as well as tethered with a neck loop and was traumatised when we collected him. Basically, she was trying to juggle three dogs at once - on her own. We heard his anguished squeals and also spotted the noose when we arrived back before she expected us. Poor little chap was up in the early hours of Friday morning being sick - purely due to being so stressed. Thankfully he's slowly coming round to being his old self again but isn't venturing too far from one or other of us.

Sadly UK dog groomers aren't regulated, otherwise we'd certainly take it further. All we have been able to do is give her a stinking review (and as a result she set her local coven of groomers on us like a pack of rabid wolves), and we'll find a better groomer, without purely £ signs in their eyes. My firm view now is never to trust a one person 'business' - in future we'll go back to the big boys who may not act as if they know it all but who have more than one person handling things and are not afraid to work in an area where they can be viewed by customers outside a glass walled salon - or even on CCTV, which I found today when looking for other dog groomers. Who knew? It's obviously a known problem if some groomers are making their actions open and clear to owners.

Edit: And just to add to the fun - one of the self appointed 'Head Honchos' of the 'groomers coven', found this blog and had a dig around - in our Playground. So I've had to turn on comment moderation - sorry girls, it's actually very quick and easy for me to check and publish so it matters not here.
For now, Dudley is still clearly affected by the experience, very clingy and sleeping in a tightly coiled ball as if trying to protect himself. Poor little scrap. We do joke that in an emergency we'd both make a grab for Dudley and leave the other one to get out!

Have a lovely week - we have high winds forecast for today, Sunday, so we don't plan on venturing further than Dudley's toilet trips!

I hope that the vast majority of you agree with me spelling out the 'rools' above - I'm trying to keep this place so fair for everyone. It isn't meant to be draconian - in fact it's just the way many challenges already run. And of course, not many challenges have such a free theme as ours, which is 'just use one or more snippets'. I've written it in red text, not to shout but purely as I expect many of you skim through a lot of what I chunter on about :) Story of my life really, sigh.

Lots of love from us all - Parsnip, Dudley (a quiet woof, woof!) and of course me,


  1. Such a pretty card! I love all the purple! The die is really fun but I will be playing just for fun this time, thanks! And good for you spelling out the rules. There are rules for a reason and they do need to be enforced now and then. I wanted to enter this card as I used the set I won during the big giveaway. Super cute!

  2. Lovely card Di, can't go wrong with shades of purple : )
    I can see this die used for mini thank you notes, which I make a lot of, so a definite YES PLEASE for a chance to win the prize draw.

  3. Fab card, and, like you say, that die would be useful for male or female cards.

    Good idea to review the Playground Rools and tighten up where necessary. It's still a very easy challenge to join in with.

    I'd like to ring that dog groomer's neck too. Fancy treating any dog like that, especially the Playground Pup. Simply NOT ON! Hope Dudley recovers from his traumatic experience soon.

    Also hope your eye prob clears up soon mate.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  4. It's a pity you've needed to formalise the rules, the playground is such a relaxed happy place for most of us who play here but I think there is a new breed of crafter who is all about the number of clicks they get, not the fun they have. I'm noticing on some of the cards I have to comment on wearing one of my DT hats, they are being entered into 25, 30 or even more challenges without any regard to the themes or rules.
    So sorry to hear about Dudley's experience at the "hairdresser" - I think everyone who works with animals or children should have to be registered and regularly monitored. I hope you find somebody new that he can learn to love and trust

  5. I am soooooo upset with that groomer! How dare she treat members of the family like that, so shameful, and poor Dudley, bless him. Sorry you've had rogue entries too. I had to change mine to comment moderation, so much spam. Hope your eye improves quick smart, big hugs to you, Dudleyand Len xxx

  6. Rules are rules, you delete away hun! Love your card, that looks like a great die for a quickie make, I'll hopefully get a chance to play along.
    Secondly, hope your eye is OK and that you're getting sorted with some meds x I think you got off lightly with an afternoon in the Hosp, often in our local the waiting time in A&E is over 10 hours!
    And thirdly, poor wee Dudley! What a traumatic experience for him :( Our groomer is happy for us to wait while he does Ruby so that's a good sign. I didn't know groomers weren't regulated, but then I suppose human hairdressers aren't either!
    PS I love to read your 'chunterings' ;) x

  7. A great card. I always read right through your posts each time as they are always so interesting, amusing and informative. In my innocence I'd not realised the 'rools' you highlighted in red are being flouted by some people - I suppose I was brought up to think the best of everyone!! Glad you've brought this to the attention of those it may concern. So sorry to hear about Dudley's nasty experience but I'm sure he will soon recover with the loving attention of his owners. Hope your eye soon recovers also. Phew - what a long comment!! Hugs to all, especially Dudley.

  8. A lovely card Di. A good idea to tighten up on the rules too. Like Jane I have noticed people entering a great long list of challenges ( it must take longer to find them all than make the card!) and some don’t even follow the theme either. Poor Dudley, what a dreadful way to treat an animal, hope he recovers soon.

  9. Such a wonderful card and the die and the stitched edges is perfect with the sorry to read of Dudley and the experience he endured hope he gets back to his jolly self soon as l am sure with the love both you give him and l agree with the rules rules are there for a reason .....rain and thunder last night not heard it that loud in my life windy today too hope you have a lovely day xx

  10. A fabulous card Di and I would love a chance to win this super die, please.

    I hope your eye soon improves and that Dudley soon gets over his awful experience (you and Len too). Your rules are still very simple for your lovely challenge.

    Kath x

  11. Lovely card, love the colours.I hope your eye soon improves.
    Hugs, Chantal S

  12. Sounds like your week has not gone well Di, and so sorry to hear about Dudley's mistreatment at the groomers and hope he is soon his happy bouncy self, and also hope your eye is soon better too, a trip to the hospital was the last thing you needed I'm sure. The rules are the rules and you do not make masses of them and people should respect them, so don't feel bad as it sometimes needs to be hammered home a bit. I love your card using the stitched sentiment and the papers are really pretty, but I don't think this is something I personally would be using to any great degree so I will just play for fun this time, that's if I get a card in, and I do apologise for not being a good player recently, but I am aiming to do better. x

  13. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my heart is hurting!! Poor DUDLEY! Maddie has an appointment tomorrow! YOU are freaking me out! I'm going to go early!! Although the entire place is windows so you can see in exactly where the dogs are and what they are doing and she is the sister of my childhood friend so I trust her....
    Love your card! Definitely playing this week.... and please email me if I have ever not followed the rules... I always link back to the challenge and create a new project for each one :)

  14. Love this soft purple card. The die really makes it easy to just pick gorgeous paper and go. I hope your eye is getting better already and doesn't give you any more trouble. It's wise to remind everyone of the rules. If you enter a lot of challenges you tend to forget what rules are for each one. Di, my heart breaks for Dudley. How traumatized he must be and he needs lots of love and cuddles right now.

  15. I saw your card and thought that is a very nice and "useful" die to make quick and easy thank you cards (the style that is much more me than very complexed and full-of-everything creations). Then I started to think usually showcase the item we will be having for the prize draw and then realized the die would be the prize. Oh, silly me... :) YES PLEASE for the prize from me.

    Sorry to hear about Dudley's not-so-happy experience and I hope your eye will be better soon.

    Please let me know if I have not followed all the rules. I do try my best and at least not intentionally be a fraud or play with my own rules. I definitely agree that you just kick all badly behaving people out and don't have to spend time leaving everyone a comment if the have not followed the rules correctly. It is definitely nice to get a comment from you on my posts 'cause one can see that you actually have read the post and not just leave a "thanks for taking part on the challenge" copy-paste message.

    Hugs from Finland,

  16. Oh no!!! How bad week you had! I'm shocked by what you discovered about that groomer!! Such bad person!! Poor Dudley!!! :(((... And poor all the other doggies groomed by her!! :(
    When people have only money in their heads, there is no more heart and kindness!! Hope that now Dudley isn't too much scared by the mistreatments!
    Hope your eye improves soon! Also in our hospitals you have to wait hours and hours before that a doctor see you :(
    I agree with the new rules, they sound sage and necessary to have less mess :) I haven't had time to play in the last challenge, hope to enter in time in the new one.
    Sweet card, it seems also quick to make with that sentiment die as topper. Love the patterned paper, how old is it! :) I have to use mine more, too...

    Please, make A LOT OF cuddles to Dudley by me. Big hugs

  17. Love the pretty purple on your card. Sure ready for spring flowers here. Playing for the prize. So sorry for all your trials this week. You are right not to ignore eye problems. Our eyesight is so precious. Poor Dudley. Keeping cuddling and reassuring him.

  18. I think you've done the right things by spelling out the 'rools', Di. It makes it clear for all of us. You do an amazing job running the Playground, you keep it a fun, friendly place to be and I'm sure we all want it to stay that way.

    So sorry to hear about Dudley at the groomers, hope he recovers soon from his bad experience.

    Your card is so pretty and what a super die. Please put my name in the draw for the prize. xx

  19. I absolutely agree with you about the "roolz" but more importantly, I agree with you about that nasty groomer! How dare anyone treat Dudley so insensitively. Poor baby boy. Do give him extra cuddles from us, too. We all love him so dearly.
    I'll play along for the prize this time. I make tons of Thank You cards and any new & different die that makes them quick and easy is on my list of things I love and'need.' :-D

  20. Hi Di, sorry for Dudley. I don't understand working with animals if you aren't going to treat them fair Maybe a call to the RSPCA would be in order. Your card is lovely. A very pretty die. Please include me in the draw when I get my card linked up. Still working hard on scrap mountain range. Must admit I am sometimes a little slow linking up. If projects are scheduled for when I am not online then it is sometimes the day after before I link up. But it's your challenge and your rules so I will bear that in mind when I link up. I do love playing here and thank you for helping me use up the scraps. Hope your eyes and shoulder are better. Hugz

  21. Thank you so much for re-posting and explaining the rules Di. I do apologize if I've been guilty of overstepping my the boundaries at times but it was all very innocent if I did. My understanding of back-linking was different from what you explained so now I get it. I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your lovely projects, as well as appreciate your running the playground so well!
    I'll just play for fun this time around, but your purple and yellow card is just perfect for spring. Of course, we're having cold and windy weather here this week, so spring seems very far away...sigh.
    Your week sounds just horrendous, with your eye flare-up, hours spent having it tended to, and then the traumatic grooming incident with poor Dudley. I have started grooming our Toby myself as he's gotten to be a very senior dog. He has a delicate trachea and bad knees, so I worried so much about him being handled roughly at the groomers (even inadvertently)that I just bought a clipper set with comb attachments and some hair-cutting scissors. Then I watched loads of videos on Youtube. Toby's haircuts won't win any awards, but I can know that he is handled with the gentlest of care. You and Len obviously take your responsibilities as a pet parent very seriously, and sweet Dudley deserves no less. Your description of his behavior after that terrible visit just breaks my heart and I hope both you and he are doing better now. Hugs to that little guy.

  22. Lovely card and die, would make a great shaker card too. Ooh thats horrible with the dog groomer, i hope that dudley can overcome it and not long term damage, these animals can have long memories! The rules sound good and fair to me thank you! Hugs Emmax

  23. Being an animal lover, I'm upset over the way the groomer mistreated your sweet and much-loved Dudley. The only good that came of it is that you went to collect him early and discovered the abusive way she treated him! Thank goodness that's not going to happen again, but I'd like to give her a piece of my mind! I think with your love and tender care, Dudley will soon get past this, but it never should have happened in the first place. Anyway, so sorry about your eye issues, and I hope that gets cleared up soon as well. It's been a rough week for you my friend, I do hope things improve in the coming days! I'm playing just for fun this week, but thanks for another playground challenge!

  24. ... and I'm back with my entry. Just playing for fun this time but of course I really HAD to share this one here since it uses the fab cocktail stamps I won at Christmas.

  25. Such a pretty card, Di. So sorry you've all had such a nightmare. Take it easy xoxo

  26. Beautiful card Di. I love the colours of your choice and the die is so pretty. Yes for the prize please.
    Valerija xx

  27. I'm entering for fun.....I must say I do like the die! And your card perfectly displayed the die. I agree, rules are "tools" and it's very time consuming to have to look for the post. I'm sure your playground is pretty wet and soggy after the weekend weather you've had. Ours is cold and very frozen. Missy was able to stay on top of the snow today as she walked to her favorite spot in the yard. I must say she was very happy. Tell Dudley hello and I am very sorry he had such a terrible experience. I'm trying to comment on everyone's entry, but computer isn't allowing me to do so....I'm lucky to be able to at least comment on a few. Hugs and have a wonderful week.

  28. Hi Di this is a stunning card. That is a fabulous die. I am so sorry about the trauma that Dudley has been through. I am here just for fun this time. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  29. So sorry to hear that Dudley was mistreated. That's horrible.
    Sadly I think just about everyone who runs a challenge has to put up with folks who push the rules. Your rules are more than fair.
    Yes please on the draw.

  30. Thanks so much for the clarification of the rules. I forgot to say Yes to the last challenge, even though I wanted to play! OOPS! I still don't understand the backlinking exactly but I'll do my research and make sure I understand before posting next time.

    I'm sorry about Dudley's experience. My daughter is a Vet Nurse and she sees quite a few snips and cuts from inexperienced groomers. Give Dudley my love!

  31. Well it's sounds like it's been one of those weeks you don't want to repeat in a hurry. I hope your eye is better now and I'm sending lots of hugs for poor little Dudley. Have you thought about one of these mobile groomers for next time?.... and I so agree with you leaving feedback on that nasty woman to let others know what's going on.
    Love your card and the die is super but I'm still being good so a 'no thanks' from me xx

  32. Hello, Di! I'm just seeing this now. So sorry that you've been having trouble with people abusing your rules. You are so generous with your giveaways and challenges that this would be a shame. I have read the new rules and I'm fine with them. The one that stood out to me is the limit of 10 challenges as I like to support as many as I can. However, I will make sure I limit my snippets cards to 10 challenges, not a problem. I can't say I've ever been guilty of backlinking so that's no problem either, and I always mention what my snippets are, so again no worry there. I hope everyone heeds the new rules and that people will play nicely in your playground! Your card is gorgeous and I like how the die is the star of the card, so it makes for a quick one! Poor Dudley! You and he have had quite a week for sure. Hope your eye heals quickly and I hope Dudley will forget about this traumatic grooming experience! Sending hugs to both of you!

  33. Ooops, forgot to say, whenever I get around to using my snippets, I'm a YES for the lovely prize, thank you! Hope to be back soon!

  34. Hi Di, I think that your rules are more than fair!!! Thanks for doing this, I love reading about Dudley and your family even if I don't always comment. Hugs, Brigitte

  35. Morning Di,

    So sorry to read about your eye issues resurfacing after a break long enough for you to HOPE they weren't coming back too. And then the groomers ....... shocking way to treat an animal that can't fight back - I'm with you about the scathing review - the groomer must have known that this was going to happen and been prepared to take the risk by offering a poor service and the "coven" should perhaps be concentrating on getting groomers to be caring human beings instead of money hungry a*shats! Poor Dudders, hope he will be OK at the next grooming session though. Shame you have had to turn on moderation but totally understand why.

    I've also read your reinforcement of the rules and HOPE I've adhered to them all the while I've been entering your fab challenge. Given that you run this challenge unaided and offer great prizes I'm surprised people (hopefully a very small minority) abuse the privilege.

    Just uploaded today's entry and will say that I'm just playing for fun this week

    Happy Wednesday


  36. Dearest Di,
    YESSSS! Rools are rools, as an old schoolie I 100% concur with you on that!
    I must confess hadn’t noticed folk not playing ball, but then I’m not virtuous enough in commenting, it’s actually a battle to do it as do all on mobile devices as rarely use computer these days. I’m on a new web browser on iPad called DuckDuckGo I downloaded esp to comment on blogs. Tried others no go. It works on Chrome but that’s a sign in with my surname (as have two blogger IDs as had issue signing in in early days). I want that ID private. So working around it.

    Can’t believe what happened to poor Dudley, no wonder he’s poorly afterwards. Don’t they have any compassion? Unreal! Am glad he’s coming better and yes mum and dad will look after the dear little man well.

    Wow it’s teeming here. We’ve had over 500 mm in five days. That’s over 20 inches, prob 22” if looked at gauge, hope it doesn’t overflow.. Yup that’s a lot.
    Praying lots aren’t affected and flooded and rain goes out west, please LORD. Oz is certainly a land of contrasts. As poem says a land of droughts and flooding rains.

    Wow, love that die dear Miss, what a great toy for the playground toy box, so yes please. Beautiful card too!
    I’ve never had any of their dies don’t see them here. Sad how places close down, one of my early DT shops is closing in Bris they always so good.
    Well I’m writing a book again.
    Lots of love and prayers and especially pray for your eye, Di. Eyes are soooo very very important! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🤗
    Thanks for being a blessing, and may God bless you too.
    Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x 😊

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  37. PS aim having spam issues and limited time of commenting without moderation .. going to make it one day, they’re getting blatant there too!

  38. Yay for all that pretty purple! My favorite color. And it's very pretty, too. Lovely die (yes, please, for the prize).
    And I try to follow the rules always, BUT I have a sinking feeling I may have exceeded the 10 challenge limit! I didn't have that marked in parentheses so I overlooked that somewhere - so my apologies and I won't do it again.
    And of course, Miss Di, still not able to upload my card. I tried firefox this time, hoping ... and failing. Here's my link if you would be your kind self:

  39. HI Di

    It sounds like you, Len and Dudley have had a really bad weekl! I am so sorry.

    I hope everyone soon gets over their ordeals.

    I always thought everyone working with humans and animals was subject to inspection .. .. why on earth aren't they?!?!?!!

    Love your card Di .. .. that is a beautiful die .. .. but I am just playing for fun.

    Love Jules xx

  40. Oh, I feel so sorry for poor sweet Dudley. Hope he is completely back to normal now. Good for you for stopping back early and seeing what was really going on. Grrr...for them spamming your blog. The business practices were despicable enough without also stooping to this new low!! Wow....unbelievable.

    Love your pretty card, Di! The background looks like something I might do with my scraps. Yes, please, to the lovely prize!!

    Speaking of scraps....that is what we usu call snippets in the I hope calling them scraps on my blog is okay. I hope I haven't been one that has taken advantage of your challenges. I have upon occasion entered my Snippets card in a whole ton of over 15! But usu it is around 10 or so. I will be diligent to keep it at 10 from now on!! :) I am glad you have spelled out the rules.

    Hope your eyes are better and the condition is back under control. We crafters do give our eyeballs a workout!!

    Thank you for another fun challenge! Hugs to you and Dudley!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  41. A very pretty card Di, lovely paper and my favourite colour too. I hope your eye problem is not too bad and so sorry to hear of Dudley's traumatic experience. I just hope it doesn't make him more reluctant to be groomed next time as they don't seem to forget and I hope he's settled down at home again. I am playing just for fun this time, thank you x

  42. That has been quite a week for you and Dudley. The eyes are the most precious things so take care!! And gosh, that groomer should be ashamed!!!
    I respect your rules ofcourse, you're doing the best job ever!!
    Lia xx

  43. Lovely card Di..playing for fun this time. xx

  44. I came back with my snippets project! Yay! I included a photo of my snippets before I die-cut them and I entered only 8 challenges in total! Hope you like what I made - it's an awesome way to use snippets (we call them scraps here)! Please let me know if I've broken any of the new rules as I definitely want to be on the right track! Hope Dudley is feeling better as each day goes by and I hope your eyes are healing as well!

  45. That's a wonderful card! I just realized that the rules have been updated, please remove my entry #27 as I'm linking my project to multiple challenges.

  46. Done Karthikha. Please feel free to play with 10 or less challenges. x

  47. Pretty card...I am playing for this lovely die...

  48. What a pretty card Di and what a useful die - It's a 'yes please' from me for the draw! I love the daisy paper you've used.

    I'm also a big fan of Seven Hills where the prices are reasonable and the customer service excellent!

    Sorry to hear your eye flared up again. And I'm sick to the stomach about your experience with the groomers. Please don't make the mistake of thinking single traders are the problem though. I am one person who looks after dogs in a home situation and the reason I do so is that a person I trusted with Eva proved to be untrustworthy. I only take one dog at a time and so of course I make very little money, but I do get enormous job satisfaction: sensitive dogs who have not done well in a group situation come to me scared and jittery from previous experiences or because they're just nervous dogs, and with enormous TLC from my gentle Eva and from me, it is wonderful to see the dogs not only relax and begin to enjoy themselves but to look forward to coming to us as a treat :) The trouble is that this isn't a viable job for most people - most people look after dogs to pay bills. I have worked with dogs in groups and know that the dynamic changes every time a dog is added or taken away, just as it would with humans.

    Sorry about writing so much! Sending love and I know you will help Dudley recover from the experience.
    Vicky xx

  49. Oh Vicky - how I wish you lived closer. It would be lovely to know that Dudley would be with someone I know and we can trust. I bet your little visitors don't want to go home!


    Di xx

  50. Di, my heart just breaks thinking of Dudley going through something like that with the groomer! I'm glad you turned them in though and hopefully something good will come out of that and they won't be able to harm other animals. Just makes me sick thinking of this. I hope you can find another groomer and all is better for Dudley. I know my daughter found a good groomer here for her dog by asking a lady that has a dog rescue who she used. You'll find another one for Dudley and it'll be a better experience I'm sure.
    Love your card and that pretty die but I'm not playing for the prize this time - just wanted to play along for the fun or it!

  51. I have joined in with my card and say yes to the very nice prize!
    Lia xx

  52. What a fabulous die and card Di! I love the snippets you used. And I am really loving that die, so great and will come in very handy for someone. Yes, always good to reinforce the rules of the playground. I had to think back myself to make sure I played correctly and followed the rules. I think I did, but I'm all for you deleting if I haven't! Oh no, poor Dudley!!! It gets me boiling when I see people miss treating our babies like that! Nor do I like when they take on more than they can handle. These are animals that need to be treated right, as they are part of the family. Thank goodness you won't be taking him back there again. Yes, I'm sure the poor boy is dramatized, I would be too. Hopefully it hasn't scared him for life, especially since he won't be going back there again. But his next hair cut day might bring back those memories for him, so might take a while. I'd like to get my hands on that woman for sure! Give Dudley a hug from me and a little extra treat. Hugs, Brenda

  53. Hi Di: rthanks for the lovely comment on my ladybug. Yes: I used red snippets for the wings and punched the dots out of black snippets!
    HWish you a nice weeksnd,
    Lia xx

  54. Sounds like you all need a hug. YES please count me in. CarolG

  55. great card, so effective.
    I hope Dudley recovers from his traumatic experience soon, uf, this made me really angry how people behave.
    I hope your eyes are better now, we are having problems with our kids eyes at the moment, so a lot of appointments too.
    I understood back linking a bit different, I am sorry but I totally agree with your rules.
    Yes for the prize, please.
    crafty hugs xx

  56. Oh Di I have only just caught up with this today, I have been up to my neck designing before Daisy arrives this afternoon. I'm so sorry about your eyes but OMG what a nightmare for sweet Dudley. Thanks is so awful for the poor sweet boy. Sending calming pats. I am so sorry to be late joining in with the games this fortnight, I would love to be put in the hat, your card is delightful and that looks like a fab die. I'll be back to link up tomorrow, Daisy permitting..LOL. Hugs xxx

  57. PS I totally agree with the rules reminder! Well done you for tightening it up. More hugs xxx

  58. Hi Di, I'm here again. Entered pretty in corner :) Yes for the prize, please.
    Hugs and cuddles to Dudley and Parsnip :)

  59. Oh my goodness--what poor excuses for people!! Must admit, I've been afraid to post a bad review on businesses because of retaliation. So sad, but the truth isn't actually what people want these days. I've got groomer stories, but no need to share. My heart goes out to Dudley & you guys. We feel so lucky to have someone we trust & have used for years. She has even become a Schnauzer mom, although hers are the little guys. Anyway, dogs are so adaptable & able to overcome, I know Dudley will probably be fine long before you guys are! I'm really happy to see the rules spelled out & it's perfectly fine to have them, my friend! Must say, I had a different definition of "back linking" in my mind, so may have inadvertently broken the rules in the past. I'll also be careful to say what the snippet is. You certainly shouldn't have to guess. I agree it's sad Lil' Inker is closing. Love the die & your card, but please leave me out of the draw this time.

  60. Love the colour combination on your card Di - so pretty!
    I'm a 'yes please' for the prize draw.
    Helen x

  61. Finally found the time to catch up with blogland. Its brilliant what you are doing for Mary 😘 I hope your eye is improving and I am so angry over how Dudley has been treated, I hope he is recovering well. I am sure he will forget it before you do, lucky for us Stanley as a greyhound doesn't need a groomer.
    Love your card, die and the colours you picked, I am playing just for fun.

    love to you all

  62. Lovely design on your snippets card, the sentiment really takes centre stage! Glad to hear that Dudley is recovering from his terrible experience at the groomers. We can hope that the coven will learn from the error of their ways, instead of trying to attack you. I hope all is well with your eye and shoulder, continue to take good care of yourself.

  63. I didn't know Lil inkers was closing down until I read your post. As you can see I used my fave die of theirs on my make.
    I'd love to be in the draw for what seems like an endangered die!

    L x

  64. Playing for the prize Di! Hugs, Brenda

  65. Yes please put me in the pot. Hugs Me.

  66. Hello Di!
    I absolutely agree with the rules and said to here about Dudley experience. I love animals too. Fortunately, I have great neighbours, who take care of my cat /dog, when I am away.

    Yes for the prize.

  67. Hello matey.
    Popping in with my card and yes please.
    Hope the horrible groomer gets what she deserves - and as for the rules - your Playground, your rules - if they don't like it they can lump it!!!!


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