Sunday 27 January 2019

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #343 - results

It seems as if we'll finally be settling back into the Snippets Playground routine posts from now on. It was great fun running the Grand Draw, although a bit of a task I admit, and I'm so glad you all seemed to have a good time playing along!

Let's get straight on with the fortnight's picks:
Lesley G has used snippets for her flowers on this lovely card - I know we all have tons of white snippets for sure. The extra clever part is dry embossing the top and bottom parts of the card whilst leaving the centre portion plain - the number of embossing folders I've deliberately bought with plain centre portions and yet just never thought of doing this, great idea Lesley!

I just love this great card for a golfer - shared with us by Janice. Plenty of snippets used and also such a clever design and fun sentiment. Do hop over to Janice's blog and check out how she made it!

Lots of you have been playing with stripes as a way to use up snippets - I really love this card made by Jackie T. Such rich colours and so very Christmassy. This could be the year for using up lots of leftover snippets of patterned paper!

And, snippets aren't only about paper either! Kath used up lots of fabulously coloured snippets of ribbon to create this gorgeous card. The colours do remind me of liquorice allsorts! Kath's ribbons are the self adhesive type although am sure you could adapt her great idea to work using self adhesive sheet adhered to a piece of card and then non-adhesive ribbons laid across - not that I could ever achieve the precision that Kath did!

And here's a fourth pick I really had to include - again using strips of leftover card/paper:
Lynne really came up trumps with this wonderful card, based around an idea she'd seen on Pinterest. It's so elegant and once again uses up lots of snippety strips! Of course I took one look at the beautiful die and raced off to buy myself one (ahem, plus,  as this would be a lovely prize at some point) - this design is brilliant for batch baking! Ask me how I know, I'm making some similar cards, in between other things :)

We had three new Playmates this time:

First of all we had Lynda with a great card but when I added a copy of the image from Instagram I lost almost ALL of this post on Friday and spent a lot of Saturday recreating it! The post was wrecked with reams of HMTL code knocking everything out of sync. So, in the interests of preserving my sanity I'm just going to say that THIS is the link - you may need Instagram to view it of course. It's the very first entry we've had from an Instagram account, probably not the last, but I do need time to work out how not to muck up half a day's work, sigh. I suspect that my quick and easy copy and paste will mean copy, save, fiddle around and then add into a post?

And then I could safely add images so we have:
Meghan K
Welcome to the Snippets Playground - and what stunning colouring as well! Hope you all come back and play really soon.

Including the three new Playmates we had a total of 59 entries - a very healthy number given that many of us were 'just all crafted out' after the pre-Christmas rush. Now it's prize draw time, and our winner of the Creative Expressions 'Snow Flurry' background, Wild Rose Studio 'Snowmen' and Crafters Companion Gemini 'Festive Phrases' stamps is:
Kathy K

Do please send me your address Kathy, with full name at the top as well so I can copy and paste or just write straight from the email onto the envelope - for speed and ease. It's also confirmation that you still would like the prize of course and I'll post your prize once I hear from you. Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always. I'll post the prize off to you this coming week.

Remember folks, there's still almost another week to run on Challenge #344 - you can find it HERE. The prize is a Sizzix 'Love You Tons' (really cute Narwhal) set of stamps and matching dies just perfect for Valentine's Day which was kindly donated by Linby.

We're still having to watch Dudley very closely - he suddenly developed an interest in a couple of low level shelf edges in the kitchen. Luckily Len spotted him straight away but it shows we're certainly nowhere near out of the woods yet! A lot of it is down to the endless teething he's going through so we keep him well supplied with chews of all descriptions. Although I know that opinions are mixed about hide chews, Dudley arrived here with some from his breeder and he adores them, although we never leave him unattended with one.

The other morning, after a restless night he surrounded himself with chews (on OUR bed indeed - the nerve of him!) and promptly fell asleep on his back totally oblivious to the World - with a chew sticking out of his mouth like a cigar. I do wish he'd learn to wipe his (ahem, little tiddle, for himself though ......... it wasn't in my job description to soap and wash his nether regions regularly - actually I do tell fibs, having had Bichons in the past)! And it comes as part of the 'deal' with the whole lovable package as am sure you know. When he sweetly licks you as a thank you your heart just melts! Meanwhile we both were staggering around like a couple of Zombies for the whole day - sleep deprivation is a very cruel form of torture. Gosh, he looks so comfy there:
Hope you all have a lovely week ahead, it's certainly been colder here lately and we did have a very fine layer of snow a couple of times. Dudley thought it was great fun to trot around the patio licking up the fine powder - ha, I wonder what he'll make of it is we get a load of the deep stuff?! We've bought him a sweet little coat to wear in cold/wet weather on his walks - not too girly though, it's sort of Hunting Green a bit like a Barbour jacket and should keep his back, sides and chest warm. When he gets to wear it I'll try and take a photo - we did try it on him the other day but had to keep it low-key in case he thought he was off for another walk! Parsnip and Dudley send their love, as usual - and of course me as well,


  1. Great picks as usual Di and congratulations to Kathy K for winning the lovely prize this time. Sorry I didn't manage to get a card in for this one, but have already linked for the next so feel I have partially redeemed myself. How frustrating to have nearly lost everything when writing this post and having to do most of it again, I bet the air was blue. Little Dudley looks so cute spread eagled on your bed played out, and I was expecting to see you and Len layed out next to him though who would have taken the Hopefully the teething doesn't last much longer. x

  2. Congrats Kathy! And thank you for the warm welcome!!!
    What kind of dog is Dudley? He sleeps like my Maddie... surrounded by Bully Sticks and belly up ready to be scratched :)

  3. Really love the creative way the picks used strips of snippets! Haven't done anything like that in quite awhile, but need to. I really love the gorgeous tree die with the beautiful glitters! Oh that Dudley--such a character! He brings back memories of Fritz who grabbed anything he could reach until he was 2! I don't think I sat in my chair for more than 2 minutes at a time for 1 1/2 yrs! Wish we could walk Fritz & Dudley together in their new coats!

  4. Congratulations Kathy K! Thanks for picking mine Di (blush), can't wait to see Dudley's coat! Xxx

  5. The usual great picks and good to welcome three new visitors to the Playground. How frustrating to have lost the post and having to do it over again - computers are brilliant but they do have a downside at times!!

  6. THANK you Di, for picking my name from the proverbial hat and thank you to the ladies above for your kind comments too - all much appreciated.

    I'm just off to e-mail you

    Dudders looks so adorable that I remain convinced you would not be without him now!!! Awwwwww

    Thanks again


  7. Hi Di, well lots of wonderful picks with our playground folks and congrats to Kathy too! I think embedding just a link to cards from Insta is perfectly fine. If folks are interested they’ll be joined up to it anyway.
    Happy Nippets dear Di and love the Dudley updates, thanks for all your work in playground too.
    Hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}
    {Wonderful Words Of Life - Shaz in Oz}

  8. Great picks Di and just look at Dudley he's looks well and content with his life you have a good friend in him Di l can see you will get many funny moments and serious ones too from that little fella many congrats to Kathy K enjoy your win and enjoy your day Di lots of love xx

  9. Fabulous picks!! Big congrats to the winner, too! Enjoy! :D
    Poor Dudley, those teeth are really awful for him! (and for you, I'm sure... :D No peace, no sleep, and a very busy life, isn't it?)
    But how fun and cute is this photo of Dudley with the chew sticking out of his mouth like a cigar, and the others all around! :D
    A lot of cuddles to him by me... and also to Parsnip, of course :D

  10. Congratulations to the winner and you have some lovely picks.

    Seeing Dudley asleep with he chew in his mouth reminds me of my mother when she was alive always fell asleep with her glasses on and a book in her hand and the light on, When we were younger. If we were out past curfew we didn't take the glasses off or put the book up or turn out the light because then she might wake up and know what time it was. [Bunny]

  11. I'm the one that caused you so much trouble this month. So sorry! I don't have a blog & don't want to start one right now. I would like to enter again though so how about sending you a link from Pinterest or My Gallery at I'll have comments from here sent to my email so I can see your answer.

    1. Hi Lynda I popped over to see your card and welcome you ti the playground! Am following you too. I'm Shaz in Oz, but gumnut66 on insta.
      Bloggy hugs Shaz in Oz.x

  12. Hi Lynda!

    Of course you can enter again! I wish I hadn't said anything now, sigh. You can still use Instagram - if I have you as one of the picks in future then I'll try saving your image to my computer and taking it from there. One blogger already said she will hop over to see your card using the link on my blog post that went live today. The LAST thing I want is for anyone to be put off joining in with us.

    And I can see your point about not wanting a blog right now - once you start it's very easy to get swept along - at one time I was trying to post something every single day! Now it's twice a week or so :)


    Di x

  13. Congrats to Kathy on her win and thank you for having my card as one of your picks. The others are wonderful, I especially like Kath's with the ribbon. I hope Dudley soon gets his grown up teeth and you will be able to sleep better x

  14. Hi Di, what lovely picks, some sunshine on a very stormy day here. Poor you with the lack of sleep...I know the feeling well but it was Jack not a pup causing it the other week when I was on Nanna duty! Keep warm and take care. Hugs xxx

  15. Dudley is so adorable, he looks so content lying there on your bed!
    Fabulous picks again and hi to the new playmates. Congrats too to Kathy xx

  16. Thank you for picking my card as one of your Top Picks this week Di.
    Kath x

  17. Some really super picks Di and a fabulous photo of Dudley.

    Kath x

  18. Hi Di, have been absent for too long, I know, but life has been tough the last year or more.....Congrats on your 7 th year blogaversary! Your challenge is just a lot of fun - expect to see me again, as my life has somewhat improved this month. Hopefully it will stay that way.....Lovely picks, as always! And your little bundle of joy - I wish I could pet him. Too cute!!!!

  19. Had to pop back.. glad Kath gave you a hint Di re your giant world wide blog hop thank YOU at Darnell's was wonderimg what you'd think!!??
    Sending ginormous hugs dear Di do love you dearly. Wish my UK trip included as far south as you but can't be helped.
    Happy Snippets.. not Nippets as I dopily wrote above. It was bedtime.
    May the Lord bless you dear Di for your kind caring heart in Snippets playground for so many years.
    Was excited when realised my first visit was your no 11 challenge early in March 2012 ... felt it has been a while.
    Hugs Shaz in Oz.x

  20. What a nice bunch of people are involved with Di's blog. I really appreciate your welcomes & will for sure be back soon to post a card!

  21. Gorgeous picks and pic of the Dudster. Grin xoxo

  22. Thank you for choosing my card as one of your picks this week Di, really pleased you liked my golfing card. Congratulations to the other ladies and of course to Kathy K. Great photo of Dudley.
    Janice x

  23. Great showcase picks & so pleased for Kathy K who won the prize. 👍

    Waving hello to the newbies. 🤗

    Hilarius pic of Dudley too! He's no shame has he?! Xxx

  24. Fab picks and lots of inspiration for snippet use. Just love the pic of Dudley he looks so much like the Westie I had in that position - i.e. white fluff!

  25. Gorgeous set of inspiring designs, love the idea with the ribbon. Aw Dudley is getting even more hansom by the week:-) Emmax

  26. Thank you for your welcoming words! It's the first time I see this and I really appreciated, specially since you have so many followers. Thanks again, hugs


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