Thursday 26 July 2018

I spy with my little eye

When we were over in Germany we took a trip down to The Lake, which is known as Constance/Konstanz, for a lovely family evening meal with our DIL's fabulous and so young at heart parents, right beside the water's edge.

The lake is such a calm and beautiful place and very special to me as, aged just 15 or so, I went camping down there for two whole weeks with my own parents when we lived in Germany. In fact, it rained every day that we camped out (bar three days at the very most) and I do recall my Dad trying to sleep in his sleeping bag holding an umbrella over him as one of the zips had developed a dripping point! AND, he'd snickered when my Mum packed the umbrella in the first place! But, it stayed really nice for our visit the other week.
NOT my photo - but just perfect view of what we saw as the sun went down
After the meal there was time for walks and to watch the sunset and then it was time for our little family to drive back 'home' with two sleepy girls and also trying to keep our much loved daughter in law, who was driving, wide awake. Soooo, we began a game of I Spy - not easy in a moving car but we managed.

The rounds went on and on - with the adults more often than not giving their turns to each of the little girls, Mia and Livi ..... as you do with little ones playing along.

Round and round we went and Len and I seemed to be mind readers at guessing one another's 'spy item' - spooky or what?!

So, this time round Len guessed my word at once (bear in mind these little ones are bi-lingual so it wasn't always easy for them as English is their second language but they did brilliantly) - and so the baton passed to him.

Before Len could even nominate one of the girls, a little voice beside him (Livi) piped up and very definitely said 'I spy with Len's little eye - something beginning with .....). 

Needlesss to say we all cracked up and Grandad Len was scuppered! She totally stole his turn - in such an enchanting way :) Kids, they really are so cute and also wise. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. :)

No card from me right now - with this heat you really gotta be joking'!!


  1. A beautiful sunset and a lovely story Di making memories you will never forget. Hubby got photos of some wonderful sunsets on our recent trip to Pembrokeshire...just the weather for them though a trifle too hot at times. It seems to have been cooler here today but probably because there has been a breeze. x

  2. A place we'd love--so gorgeous! What a funny story from your childhood & the current one is so sweet! Hoping we both get cooler temps soon! Hugs, Greta

  3. Lovely memories, old and new :D Your granddaughters are fun and wise, it's the best of children age isn't it? Amazing photo, I'm sure that you enjoyed so much Constance lake!

  4. What lovely memories to bring back from your trip!

  5. A fabulous photo Di and wonderful memories from your childhood. I spy has got to be a winner for car journeys with kids.

    Sue xx

  6. Sounds like your trip brought you both new and old memories ti cherish. I'm taking a much needed break from work right now, and sometimes I'm better off playing in my craftroom, where it's cooler than outside...
    Marianne x

  7. Beautiful photo and beautiful story xoxo

  8. It sounds like you made some good memories. I love the beautiful picture. [Bunny]

  9. A fabulous photo and lovely memories too.
    Kath x

  10. Thanks for sharing the lovely photo and the story made me smile - kids eh???

  11. So beautiful thank you Di for sharing this x

  12. What a beautiful place the Lake is. It sounds like a great trip and your story about the girls is just precious. Those are the memories that are so sweet and memorable.

  13. Just returned from a lovely long weekend at the Lake. Saw a sunset like that from the Bregenz Seebuhne where we saw "Carmen". Small world!


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