Wednesday 4 November 2015

Origami Christmas Trees

I spotted Carol L's origami Christmas tree card in the Playground recently and just had to have a try for myself - it wasn't until I'd made up six trees that I realised how similar the papers I used are to Carol's as I was looking at a tutorial using totally different papers! Anyhow, this is my version and I know hope that Carol won't mind:
I used:

- 3.75" x 3.75" square white card blank

- backing card by 'unknown', but very similar to Kanban and I got enough to cover the front of six card blanks from one A4 sheet

- paper from the Raspberry Road 'Christmas Collection' paper pad, free with QCME magazine three years ago

- then I followed THIS tutorial, making a mistake along the way - sigh. I cut the largest squares wrongly along one side (yes, I was making six cards the same at once!) and as a result had to scale down each square to one quarter inch smaller all round than the tutorial says. It still worked but what a dumb thing to do!

- after doing all the folding I assembled the trees onto strips of narrow paper which had a length of red tape liner down them - that made it easier to hold things in place. Then I finished off the bottom ends with slightly wider strips of paper to match the tree as little 'trunks' and tucked the top strips up into the bottom layer

- at this point I felt the trees were too 'bouncy' and although it wasn't clear in the tutorial I then carefully added little strips of red liner tape to hold the very back of each tree to the layer in front. That made them more robust yet still left the dimension of the folded down points sitting there free

- next I added the gold star peel offs to the top centre of each card - much easier to do it that way round as it then gives you a centred point underneath which to place the Christmas tree

- took the risk and added three strips of red line tape to the back of each tree - it's unforgiving if you get it wrong but it was the surest way to fix the trees in place - and it worked fine, thanks to that centrally placed star

- had already measured and trimmed the trunks down to size before sticking the trees in place so it was just a case of adding the sentiment banners - bought from Lakeland Limited back in the Dark Ages

Little word of warning though, they will only go through my letter postal gauge with more encouragement than our postal service allows, so it's either large letter postage or making sure they're for hand delivery only.

And another six cards went into the box! Am almost at my target now so am able possibly to spend more time on family cards than usual - we'll see!

Edit: this was written a few days ago, since then I feel like I've had a foot run over by a steam roller and am spending a lot of time lying with said foot in the air :) 

Less than a handful of you know what's going on, for those who don't, it started with a big toe pain a week ago and built up to a full-orchestra crescendo over the weekend. And it wasn't just the piccolos gently playing - it was the big bass drum in full blast!

Current theory is that it's gout (not just reserved for old men then!) and absolutely agonising. On a scale of 1-10 it's a 10+ for sure. And that's from a gal who's had umpteen pretty awful injuries over the years. Have been whipped off some statins pills that I always thought were rather suspect when I reluctantly started them three months ago - and am now hoping for relief - ASAP please!!! 

So, this is a plea to please be patient about your lovely prizes if you won this weekend just gone - right now I can't walk let alone put a shoe on to drive the car! Am padding around when absolutely necessary on crutches with bare feet but will do my best just as soon as am more mobile.

Also, it's a heads up that am not sure how I'll handle the Snippets Playground right now. I have a cosy nook on one of the sofas with cushions under knees etc. and my foot in the air plus a baby laptop to keep in touch - problem is that I can't sit at the main desk for very long at all, crafting is very much out of the window - plus the little laptop is quite slow. So, if my commenting is erotic erratic right now - that's the reason.

 Err, also, I keep falling asleep due to the strong painkillers ................. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



  1. So very sorry to hear about your toe, Di! As if your back problems weren't enough! I wish you a speedy recovery and may the painkillers work quickly!
    Your card is fabulous!

  2. Sorry to hear about the toe Di, that sounds horrendous. I had gout once and the pain was definitely 12 out of 10, I thought my foot was broken. Between me and my GP, we managed to work out that I have a "trigger food", in my case prawns which I'd eaten on 3 days in a row before the attack. Now I only have them a couple of times a year, as a treat, and I've never had another attack thank goodness.

  3. Oh dear me DI, so sorry you are still suffering, poor you.

    I know Statins can cause lots of, problems and hubby battled with the doctors for month until they eventually changed him to something else - reason for not doing so readily, statins are much cheaper, of course they are, silly us. I tried the same but merely got, well you will have pain anyhow from MS so we can't blame the statins, so on them I stay.

    But even if you are struggling to find a comfy spot you have still come up with a splendid Christmas card.

    Take care and rest when you can.

    B x

  4. Wonderful card Di love the tartan paper it looks so christmassy. Sorry to read that you may have gout hope you have anti-inflammatory medication and that the pain and swelling settle soon,

  5. LOVE your tartan folded Christmas tree card Di. Between you and Carol, you've persuaded me I need to have a go at this too. Thanks for the link.

    Sending lots of get well wishes your way mate.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  6. Lovely card Di! but sorry to hear you are in agony with your foot and hope it settles soon....I look forward to your company on the bench in the play ground though!! lol ....don't forget the sweeties!...on second thoughts maybe to the dentist today! Chin up , foot up......wishing you well.xx

  7. Oh my goodness, gout is the worst! I do hope you can find some relief, Di. Love the look of this great trees. I was thinking they would look great on place cards for a holiday meal, also!

  8. First get wel wishes !
    Your folded card is great !

    Ineke X

  9. Sorry you are in agony with this gout problem Di and hope it is soon better. I do remember my dad having this flare up now and again and him hopping two foot in the air if anything got anywhere near it. Your plaid origami Christmas tree is a beauty too. x

  10. Oh my Di, this looks fabulous such a clever design.
    Hugs, Veerle

  11. A fabulous card Di - I saw a similar card in a magazine last year and saved the instructions, but have yet to make it!
    Hope your foot is soon feeling better.
    Take care, Kath x

  12. Oh Dear!! I hope that is going to improve very soon. I can imagine the pain!

  13. Love your tree card Di. Sorry to hear about the toe and hope it is starting to mend now. x

  14. Oh no, have heard how painful that is, but maybe some of the bottles behind the shed will help? Fab card, did some similar few years back and were popular. Best wishes xxx

  15. I love your tartan tree Di, and the pretty backing paper.
    So sorry you are suffering with gout, I hope your medication brings some rapid relief.
    Jean x

  16. Oh poor you, I have heard that gout is super painful ... hope you feel better soon.
    Fab card, love the dimension on your tree :)

  17. You have done very busy with this tree, but the result is just wonderful, Di!
    I'm so sorry you are suffering, I wish you a very quick resolution of your healt!

  18. Blooming heck, who's going to light the bonfire?
    Great card, sorry it caused so many problems and now you have even more problems. Haven't we all got things from back in the dark ages? we should get rid but we still hang on, just in case and in this case it word very well.
    It must be all those cocktails, keep away from the back of the bike shed tomorrow night, too much alcohol around to tempt you - oops shouldn't have said that.

    Kath x

  19. oh Di, your card is GORGEOUS and I love the plaid papers! I had to laugh as you chose the exact same path I did - to connect each layer with sticky tape and then run 3 more pieces down the back to adhere it to the card! GMTA!! I'm so honored and flattered that you made this card - it's truly a wonderful feeling to know I've inspired you in some small way.
    I'm so sorry you've had to deal with gout and are having such a horrible time with it, but hopefully it will subside. Take care, catch plenty of Zzzzzzz's and get better soon!

  20. Well done for making these lovely folded trees, especially as you are feeling so rotten. Hope you recover very soon - statins have a lot to answer for IMO!! Take care.

  21. Super christmas tree card . So sorry to hear you're in so much pain with your foot and fingers crossed it gets better very soon. Don't worry about the Playground - I'm sure there won't be too much mischief going on while your having a nap! Oh and no worry or hurry about the prize xx

  22. That C Tree is awesome Honeybun. Now I wanna know how to dot it....last seen waddling off looking for some instructions in the Playground Instruction Book!!
    As for your footie, big owch!!!!! Sowwie to hear about it Lovvie. I am sure we will behave tonight at the Bonfire Party!!!! Pwomise!!

  23. Beautiful again Di is your card what a great tree you created so beautifully put together...........oh Statin have good and bad reports hopefully you will not have so suffer to much pain for too long ........take care sending lots of hugs x

  24. Sorry for late reply, Di...
    This card is gorgeous. Well done for sticking with it. End result looks so professional. x


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