Friday 13 November 2015

More cards for Playground prizes

My little stock of cards to pop in with Snippets Playground prizes needed replenishing - so I whipped up some quick and easy makes, using Penny Black Stickeroos:

I used:

- white card blanks, 2 x 3.25" and 1 x 4"

- snippets of red and pink card for the 'frames'

- snippets of white card for the image layer

- Penny Black Stickeroos from the 'A Bunch of Love' sheet

- sentiments from a couple of different sets, stamped using Memento 'Tuxedo Black' ink

- then it was just a matter of layering them together using Collall All Purpose glue

I thought the little hedgies were very appropriate, given the Summertime antics of Spike and Co. here. However, their feeding visits have dropped off dramatically to about one night in three - getting ready for hibernation now, bless them.

Foot update: I'm afraid I was getting a bit too confident and spent yesterday without resting up at all - and suffered for it by the time I woke up this morning. Thankfully already had an appointment booked to see the doc. to check on progress (or lack of it, sigh!). Am now on double the dose of anti-inflammatories for five days to see how that goes - and oh boy,  it hurts as much as it did in the beginning.

Am propped up on the sofa once again and doing my best to keep up with the Playground :)

Oh, on the way back from the health centre, we called at the local Post Office and all prizes to date are now winging their way to you - so at least there's some good news to report.



  1. Hi Di, I love hedge hogs they are so cute. Hope you are feeling better soon ... have a lovely weekend ...Megan

  2. Cute hedgies - Keep that foot up and get better soon!

  3. Oh dear! So sorry you are still in agony Di. Hope the higher dose of anti-inflammatories helps to put it right. I love these hedgie stickeroos, they make such sweet cards. x

  4. These hedgie cards are always so cute and such a welcomed treat when they come in the mail! I'm so sorry you're still having to carry on with that nasty gout, but hopefully it will settle down soon! Sending ((hugs))

  5. Cute cards. Sorry to hear your foot is no better. You need some of The Doc's super action pills. Hugs Mrs A.

  6. Aw, these are so cute! I love hedgies! Sorry about your foot - I hope you soon get some relief!

  7. Sooo cute hedge hogs! Sorry about your foot.

  8. Lovely cards. It is great to see the same message treated in different ways :). Please take care of your foot and hope you will get well soon.

  9. These are so cute, Di.
    Now be a good girl and get some rest!!!

  10. Your mind must have been thinking about your prickly and painful foot and made you choose the adorable, but spiny, hedgies for cards. These are just adorable.

    Do take care of that gout! I have never had it, but I understand it is just agonizing. Prayers and hugs for a quick recovery.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  11. Such a beautiful cards Di. Love the images
    Take care.Gr Elly

  12. Cute cards - hope your foot gets better soon.
    Kath x

  13. Hi Di, I'm so sorry to hear about the setback to your poor foot. I had gout some years ago and it really is the most painful and miserable thing. Do try resting more.

    The little hedgie cards are so cute. Haven't seen ours for a couple of weeks now. Barbxx

  14. Oh so cute little makes Di, love those little hedgehogs. Hope you get some relief from your foot soon......just get hubby to do everything!!

  15. Soo cute! they are too Diane xx

  16. I hope you're all nicely snuggled up on the sofa and that Parsnip is looking after you when he manages to get away from his Playground duties... best just to keep your head down and feet up today seeing as it's Friday 13th!
    Love your sweet hedgie cards... never used any of the PB Stickeroos so will have to add some to my shopping list. Take care xx

  17. Oh no!!!!!!!!!! The Monkees have found the Pogo sticks.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Aww . . . love these cute little hedgie cards. So sweet!

    Sorry to hear about your foot not doing as it's told and sincerely hope you feel better soon.

    Monkeys? PLURAL???? Oh noooooooooo!

    Hugs, Sarn xxxx

  19. Sorry to hear you are not doing so well, Di. It sounds like a really painful condition if you are having to take double the amount of NSAIDs - hope they do the trick and you are able to walk again soon. You know I'm a great fan of Stickeroos so got to love your cards. I have those cute hedgies in my stash already :) Get well soon. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  20. I wish you feel better soon, Di! Love these stickeroos of hedgies, they look very sweet! Your cards are simke but also so pretty!

    1. Ooops...! My fingers failed. .. "simple", not "simke"!!

  21. Hope foot gets better soon (but not well enough to come checking up on us in the Playground just yet.....LOL).
    Great cards - cute hedgies. xx

  22. Parts are filling up thick and fast.! Hugs Mrs A.aka Casting Director.

  23. Hi Di,
    some wonderful snippets creations here.
    Love those very cute Hedggie images and your fab designs.
    ooooooooooooooo! I am so sorry to hear you are still in a lot of pain.
    Love and big hugs from my house to yours to try and help.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  24. So cute Di, maybe they should be the prize!

  25. These are so cute Di, the recipients will love them

    Hope the double dose works quickly for you

    Hugs x

  26. These are so adorable, a lovely selection of hedgie images. xx

  27. Hi Di, just noticed you used Collall all purpose glue on these, doing some research. Have a friend in UK with cancer, another friend and I are getting together some craft things to help her make cards, as her hobbies aren't doable as chemo impaired her use of left arm.
    My query is this, is this glue usable and good for someone one handed do you think? Was going to send her from a Uk seller some tape runners and thought a good easy to use would also be good. Do you have any suggestions there?
    I guess I should've dropped you a line so maybe reply to this but email, dopey me. :)
    Great cards sooooo love hedgies ...
    Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

  28. Mm just read foot update, made me wonder if they're giving you the right treatment by the sound of it...
    It's what happened to Sue (of above comment), she was being given wrong analgesic for ages and in dreadful trouble better on right one. Will pray for you dear friend. Shaz.x


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