Wednesday 12 December 2012


Oh dear, been missing in action again but this is the current mess anyhow - wanna see my undies drawer while you're here? Thought not:
Boring innit - told yah, the undies drawer would be more interesting!

We have - a list of last posting dates, Memory Box already cut dies, a label from a fabby jar of chutney which arrived from May yesterday (now searching for the elusive roll of bubble wrap here to reciprocate with some 'Pickled Lily'), a card box - assembled but card not yet made to fill it, rogue Pro Marker, couple of stamps, currency folder ready for another little trip away, rogue Nesties, bag of new ink pads, cute little penguin stamp and some new oval Nesties.

Ho, ho - I suggested that Santa might wanna pay for them and put them under the tree but he's already spent up apparently! The little dish contains 'holly confetti' which fell out of a card delivered by a neighbour the other day - so I scrabbled round picking it up from the kitchen floor, waste not, want not!

Ooooh, and just behind the glass cutting mat there are a couple of pink Christmas roses - one I sprayed with with Glimmer Mist and the other to the right with, wait for it, 'silver sparkle hairspray' - who remembers that stuff?

Couldn't shift it for weeks from the clothes and bathroom :( Only a total top to toe laundry and cleaning session worked - not to mention the immediate shower and hairwash before even daring to get into bed after a party. I know, talk about a step back in time - I found a can of gold and one of silver in a cupboard the other day - rather than just throw them out I tried the silver one on a Christmas rose........don't bother looking if you think you also have some of this stuff, the rose ended up looking a dirty light grey (albeit sparkly) colour.

The long white packet looking like a tube that should contain a specimen holder or summick is the pack that holds a spare long handled set of tweezers, currently downstairs having been used to unpick the knotted string on umpteen boxes of Christmas decorations.

That's me right now - trying to glide on the surface but paddling like crazy under the water line! Happy WOYWW, and do please go to see what Julia and others are up to this week.



  1. Just popped in before I took myself off to bed, Di. Your desk looks busy - lots of Christmassy things going on. Like the sound of Pickled Lily - and how nice that May's chutney arrived safe and sound ... I'd have expect Royal Mail to do their worst! Have a happy WOYWW. Elizabeth, paddling not gliding, xx - too early for a number :)

  2. You sure produce a lot of cards. I had the same experience with old silver looked like "dead grey" not a glitter in sight.

  3. You produce a lot of cards in last day, all goergeous.
    The working place (your table)looks great.
    Have a lovely 12.12.12 day

  4. Hi Di

    Can't believe it is Wednesday already?!?!

    Your desk looks a hive of activity .. .. saving the holly confetti made me smile.

    Have a good day and stay warm.

    Love Jules xx

  5. Busy busy change there then :-) I do hope you get a few days of rest at some point Di.
    A x #38

  6. Happy WOYWW. Is your undies drawer as busy and creative as your desk?! Now, I remember the glitter sprays. It did end up all over everything and everyone, even if you sprayed a little bit. We have quite a few Euros left from our trip to Spain (not many shops in the area we stayed in!), and they are waiting for January when we plan to go to Tenerife. It is very cold and frosty here for the first time this winter, and I am still huddled in front of the tv (Create & Craft have some good shows on). Ali x #20

  7. Yes you are so busy! I do remember coloured/glittery hairspray, how that takes me back...! Have a good week. Helen, 4

  8. I laughed out load at the glitter hairspray. Yes, I remember that, Di. I loved the stuff. You went out feeling all glamorous and it was only after getting up the next morning and seeing the state of the bed that the realisation of how awful it was hit!!
    Mind you, after making Christmas cards with a class of 6 year olds with glitter in their hands, I had much the same experience on Monday.
    I think you need to treat yourself for Christmas to those dies if Santa has spent up!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #45

  9. Love the desk and full of festive creativity. Glitter hairspray, never wore it saw what happened to others and managed to stay away.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 12

  10. Pickled Lily...ugh. Never quite got my taste buds around that one. Meanwhile, what's a gal to do, if Santa doesn't want to give them to you and you've already brought them home from the shop...? Nice tactics Mrs!!

  11. Christmas or not I bet you get those stash goodies and more soon! Thanks for the chuckle! I'm with you.. I love pickled anything and adore Pickled Lily. could eat it straight from the jar!
    Jo x

  12. Wow, what a busy desk you have there. Lots of goodies to enjoy which is always nice, I have some Birthday ones to use in my bext batch of cards (having given my own to the charities by mistake - oops!). Happy WOYWW! Karen 66 x

  13. your desk looks busy! trace x #9
    good luck with the santa thing!! hope he will x

  14. I bet your undies drawer holds lots of interest! Agent Provocateur maybe, or Victoria's secret??? LOL> I'm a Sloggi girl *grin*
    LLJ #27 xx

  15. Showing our undies drawers, whatever next! Hopefully you're heading out in search of some sun Di, with or without those undies, snigger! I have one of those Wild Rose Studio stamps, they're really cute, and you know I like those little Dew Drop inks too, good choices. Oh, and those rogue nesties are my most used ones too.

    Brenda 73

  16. Mmm, chutney and pickled lily.... both sound yummy! :) You've got some fun stuff going on today. Now I must have those label dies! :) Happy WOYWW! Tammy #80

  17. Hope you managed to rise to the surface soon Di!

    Happy Midweek . . . no worries . . . still PLENNNNNTY of time before Christmas, honest!

  18. Those little Christmas roses are so delicate and pretty. Just a quick trip round the desks today - I should really be finishing off my Christmas picture gifts. Enjoy the fun x Jo

  19. Well your desk is a darn sight more interesting than mine - I nearly didn't bother. I am frantically trying to play 'catch up' don't think I'm winning though. Happy WOYWW Anne x #110

  20. great looking desk...undies drawer really? I bought some of the gold spray for my hair for the holidays so thanks for mentioning how it sticks to everything. Have to go outside or in the shower...WOW a sparkly shower!!! I had a great time on my cruise but now I am so feeling the crunch of the holiday season. I plan on getting the tree and decorations up by Friday and leaving them till...?? I hope you have your holiday plans more in control then I do! Have a great week! Vickie #3

  21. Well Di, I think I need to go and buy a white stick as I can't spot half of what you have mentioned.
    But looks a great desk and far tidier than mine.
    Kath x

  22. I love that you saved the holly confetti. My mom puts confetti in all of her cards and I save it all.

    Happy Wednesday,
    Nadia (WOYWW #58)

  23. A good tour around today, Di! I did not know about glitter hairspray! What a sheltered life I led. Now I must find some and make up for missing that! I am missing my WOYWW tour, too, but just no time. Especially since I stepped in to help with an office emergency so I got nothing done today anyhoozer. Ah, vell.

  24. Nope, Di, it's actually not boring--it's fun to see what's on the desk. Even if there's no project, it's great to see what others create with!

    late this week!

  25. Fun desk...lots going on! I think Mrs Clasu will tuck those nesties under the tree!

    No need to pop back...didn't get in this week...just popping by my favourite WOYWWers! I'm nosy like that!

  26. Ooooh you've mentioned Pickled Lily again Di - I am now drooling again. It would be good to have a 'Pickled' blog for entrepreneurs! As for the Glitter hairspray - yup have some in the drawer together with the body glitter! Oh flippin' heck what did I look like!

    Big hugs Sue Pxxx

  27. Your desk has so many really cool things on it. Wish I lived closer, so I could come for a play date.
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #11


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