Tuesday 25 December 2012

WHY are you here?

Shouldn't you be lounging after lunch, opening parcels or even frantically chasing unpeeled sprouts around the kitchen?

Someone here was out of bed at 4:45 am to check if Santa had been - as a little boy, being very practical, he used to go to bed armed with a torch and a pair of scissors to open parcels. What is he like? I chased him back to bed for a few hours more sleep though - and confiscated his torch and scissors :)

Whatever, this is the Christmas card I made for Len:
It's a bit of a cheat really - one of those multi-layer ones which is really 3-D with loads of layers and gorgeous in real life but such a fiddle to make. Trust me, stamping from scratch would have been a walk in the park (or Playground).

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL DAY - MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank you so much for all the love and support this past year, you bloggers are such a great crowd. OK, time to let someone loose with his scissors now :))



  1. I'm only popping in because I'm nosy :) Great card - appreciate the many layers and the work put into it. By contrast I took the easy way out and just piled on the glitter :)) Got to agree with you that our fellow bloggers are a great crowd and we belong to a wonderful community of crafters. Wishing you and the man with the torch and scissors a wonderful day. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  2. Wishing you a wonderful, blessed Christmas, Di x

  3. Hello Di - I am just popping round some of my fave blogs today and wanted to stop by and wish you and yours a very Happy and crafty New Year. I hope you are njoying yourself today - as if you wouldn't! Don't forget to save me some Pickled Lily and some Oh-nine-ones.

    Bigs hugs to you and I will catch up with you in 2013!

    Sue Pxxx

  4. Gorgeous...I enlarged it to see those gorgeous layers! Looks time consuming but really worth it!

    Merry Christmas Di!

    It is 7:30 am here...too aarly to chase the brussel sprouts and too early for DH who is still snoring upstairs.

    I'm cuddled up with my heating pad waiting to rip open my pressies under the tree!

  5. Happy Christmas Miss Di. The Doc's card was the sixth day of Christmas who I might add had a torch in his hand this morning too!! Checking the guttering for leaks !!!! I went and had a little drinkie to keep me sane. Just sitting here watching Slade at the BBC (not in real time cos we don't do that).did we really dress like that in the 70's. lots of hugs my friend. mrs a.

  6. Merry Christmas Di,
    have a nice week
    hugs Tamara
    great card

  7. OOOH FABBY 3d card Di. Bet Len loved that!

    Er, I'm here because there's nuffin on the TV I wanna watch until 8pm (Blackadder) and the other half is watching a music DVD, so I've come to play in the craft room with my new toys and got sidetracked momentarily!

    I've had a lovely day . . . hope you have too.

    Love n hugs
    Sarn xxx

  8. Hi
    Fabulous card.... Hope you xmas went well
    Hugs Sylvie xxx

  9. BEAUTIFUL card! However, I agree that all those tree branches look quite fiddly. I have a bunch of those 3D papers in a stash somewhere. I really should break them out and use them before I go too blind to cut the darn things out. And why am I here? I am trying to avoid the siren call of sour cream cookies in the other room. I love those things. I hope your day was spectacular!!!!! And how rude confiscating the scissors and torch--what if zombies invade in the night????!

  10. Just having a bit of a catch up. Love the tree you've shown below and this card for Len is lovely (you could enter it for CHNC challenge 104 - still open till Friday evening). The light for the kindle is great - I've got a kindle and have a little light that clips on the side - very handy - I can appreciate why it's such an ace present. x

  11. Sounds like you had a fab Christmas and I love your Kindle Gizmo, what a brill idea. But I have to say, I love this card even more. What a beauty. All the best for 2013. xx


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